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Hi, I have created fields but I don’t see into Registration Form of Woocommerce. Where is problem? I have only Woocommerce and WPML.

Ciao, suppongo tu sia italiano, quindi ti rispondo in italiano :)

Il problema potrebbe dipendere da una configurazione errata dei campi. Per favore assicurati di non aver abilitato le seguenti opzioni:
    Hide in the register page
  1. Invisible: the field will not be visible in any page. You must use shortcodes to display.
Inoltre tieni presente che il campo verra visualizzato solo nella pagina di registrazione di default di woocommerce (my-account) e nel checkout (in caso l’utente non sia loggato).
Il plugin non supporta pagine custom o custom form (che generalmente non richiamano le action di default di woocommerce e quindi il plugin non è in grado di eseguire l’hook renderizzando i propri campi).

Per ulteriore supporto, dovresti inviarmi tramite messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome ed utilizza il box in basso a destra) un accesso admin al sito e linkarmi la pagina di registrazione. In questo modo posso fare un po di live debug al plugin e capire cosa non va nella tua installazione.

Ciao, si sono italiano…complimenti per la celere risposta…ti mando tutto per messaggio privato. Ho notato che i campi sono visualizzati all’interno della pagina “Il Mio Account” ma se sono loggato, mentre devono essere visibili nel form di registrazione. Ti mando tutto per messaggio, grazie!

Oh no! I just realized I made a huge mistake. I tried different plug-ins which failed, so I thought this one could do the trick. But it turns out that you do not offer conditional logic (!). I needed extra fields depending solely on the content of the cart :(

Also, some fields needed logic like “How may we contact you”. And if they choose Cell-phone, they should be prompted for their cell-phone number.

I have been in contact with you before and I really thought I had done my homework, but your plug-in seemed so alike other plug-ins :( So I somehow expected those features to be standard for such a plug-in of this kind.

Any chance I can get a refund, as the plug-in does not full-fill my needs? Thank you very much!


Unfortunately Envato policy doesn’t grant refound for reason like this. The plugin has a full demo site that has to be used to test the software before purchasing to be sure it really fits the customer needs and expectations.

Once purcased, refound can only be granted for real and serious software malfunctionings. This is done because otherwise any user could purchase a plugin, claim to have changed his mind or to have done a mistake, get a refound and continue using for free.
This also could be a precedent for any user to ask a refound for reason like this in future. I’m sorry but refound cannot be granted.

OK, and you will not consider develop further on your plug-in? I mean like, your plug-in is in the heavier end and only supports half of what other plug-ins do…

For now there isn’t any plan for other features implementation.

Hi Will your plugin show the extra fields in the back-end? Dashboard/users

extra field is showed directly in the users table (by enabling the Show field content in users/customers table option while configuring the field) and in the user details page. In this latter page they can also be edited by the admin.

In alternative, using this other plugin of mine: WooCommerce Customers Manager fields will be listed both on customers list (if the enabling the Show field content in users/customers table option has been enabled) and in the customer details page as showed here:


I have two questions using this form:

The fields I add are not using 100% of with and are not equal to WordPress defaults. Is there a way to make them like that?


Can I create a page (on the site itself) with a shortcode for registiration?

Thank you in advance.

for what concerns the registration form shortcode, unfortunately has any feature like that.

However can you link me the registration page where you are using it? I can analyze it and release a new version that should fix the width issue. You can link the page here or send me a privae message (click on my name then use the low-right box).
Thank you.


I just send you a message. :)


Congrats for your great plugin User Extra Fields! We need to add a text as a separator between rows. Is this possible? If not, do you plan on adding this feature?

It would be great to have a placeholder field to add html content

thank you for your appreciation. :)

For now there isn’t any plan to add row separators, however you can edit the form template adding the css rules or the code you need. You find the templates inside the templates folder inside the plugin.
For example if you whant to edit the form rendered in the register page, edit the register_form_extra_fields.php. Inside you will find a foreach that renders each item in its row. The row is < p > element with a wpuef_field_row associated to it. In this example the row is rendered from 61 and it is clodes on 187.

I hope this helps :) If you need furher info, feel free to ask.

P. S.
If you have enjoyed my plugin and/or my support please consider to leave the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)

In a Woocommerce shop, I need to have 2 registration forms for 2 profiles : one for individuals and the other for professionals. For the professionnals form, there is more fields that the indivuduals form. Is User Extra Fields able to handle this case ?

no unfortunately the plugin doesn’t allows you to create register forms. It only allows you to create extra fields that lately can be displayed on user profile, woocommerce pages, register page etc.
There isn’t any option to bound fields to a particular user role for now. It is in the work, but actually is unavailable and I cannot give you any ETA.
In case of news about this feature I’ll reply to this commet.

Hello, i have checked the demo version. where does files uploaded during registrations save themselves? I need to know before i make purchase. Thank you.

files are stored in the wp-content/uploads/wpuef/{user_id} folder.


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Hi! I have installed and successfully added four user fields using your plugin. Two are dropdown fields. When I do an export of the users (using a plugin Export User Data) the dropdown fields show as numbers rather than their actual value. I assume they are stored this way. How would I access the actual value when doing an export rather than a number?? Is there a cleverer way to approach this issue? What if they were check boxes instead?

because the plugin saves the index value of the option, not its label. This is not an issue but is the common approach when saving dropdown menu values. In this way if the label value can be safely edited.

If you want to know the label value, you can use the wpuef_get_field($field_id, $user_id) functon. During the export process, call it passing the field id for which you want to export the data and the user id of the user you are exporting the data. The value returned value will be the selected label value of the field.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this plugin but I would like a question answered. Lets say I create a custom field in account details and when a customer on my site purchases a product will the custom filed be saved in woocommerce orders? And when I make an export of the orders will the custom field be displayed?


I’ll send to you tomorrow!

Hi, did you get my email? thanks

Yes, I’ve also answered!
Got it! Thank you for the purchasing!! :)


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i purchased the plugin, installed it and created new fields for the registration. But after installing the plugin, i have a checkout error “500 internal server error” and a code on the bottom of the frontpage “string(13) “expression-56” can you help me to solve the problem?

the site is

best regards

it sounds strange. Could you enable the wordpress debug mode ( ) in order to see if some more clues are printed? Otherwise it is quite hard to understand which is the cause of the generic 500 internal server error.

Which plugin version are you running? and Which WooCommerce version are you running? Can you try updating the plugin to the latest 8.9 version?

Hi, I’m just after perhaps a little guidance. What would be useful to know is how to best to go about showing a result based on the value of a field. I have created this statement but something seems to be a miss.

$sector_id = wpuef_get_field('c2');
if ($sector_id == '14') { ?>


<?php } ?>
yes the wpuef_get_field() returns the value of the field. Note that if the field is a dropdown or a radio type, that value will be the index of the selected option.

If you want to show the content of the value (even if dropdown), you can use the following method:
do_shortcode('[wpuef_show_field_value field_id="c2"]');
I hope this helps :)

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Is this plugin used specifically for and with BuddyPress?

If Not:

We are currently using an extra fields for users plugin that I would like to replace but we have a lot of users and we don’t want to have to reenter all of the extra field data. Is there a way to export and map fields to corresponding fields in your plugin? The program we use now is:



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Thanks. What is the db prefix for the user fields created


jimisme Purchased

Skip that, found it.

For anyone looking it’s wpuef_cid_cX (x=the number of the field when stting up)

yes :)

Hello, I would like to find out if this plugin supports the following: I want to make several custom fields to better identify our customers. Let’s say for example, what their favorite sports team is. If they select Atlanta Braves, then later, we hope to use MailChimp to send an email blast to all those that selected Atlanta Braves as their favorite team. So my question is, is this field that we create, something that can be seen as a regular field on the user table? I understand that there is no support for mailchimp, but just curious if the field can be accessed like any other user field or not?

yes. To do that, while configuring an extra field,under the Admin Users table / WooCommerce Customers table visibility options section just enable the Show field content in users/customers table option.

In this way the option selected by the user will be displayed in the user table.


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UH-OH I have a problem. When I disable the plugin the errors go away.

I am getting the following error with new registration:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, array must have exactly two members in /home/mypath/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 300

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mypath/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:300) in /home/mypath/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1179


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Hi, I enable WPUEF and get the message but disable and I don’t get the message.

Can you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box)? I’ve released the 9.1 yesterday that maybe fixes that error. It has published 17 hours ago, but still under CodeCanyon approval (it should be ready in 4-5 days). However if you send me your email, I can send directly to you.


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Thanks, just sent

This would be awesome if it supported Sensei and Sensei Certificates.

Thank you for suggesting. I’ll see what will be possible in a future release :)