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Hi vanquish,

you got any examples with: wpuef_set_field($field_id, $value, $user_id = null)

i will connect CF7 with your fields…. hook into the sending process and fill the fields…

do you have a better solution for custom wpuef input forms?


I have no example for that function, however to use it just pass the following parameters:
  1. $field_id: that is the id that you can retrieve in the field editor. For example: c32, c33, etc
  2. $value: is the current field value. For text fields is the text inputted by the user, for select/radio fields will be is the index of the selected value starting from 0
  3. $user_id: is the user id for which you want to associate the value. If null, will be used the current user id

Are these fields exportable when we export customers?

custom field values are stored in the usermeta table using this format:
  1. meta_key: wpuef_cid_{field_id}. The field id will be the id of the field that you can retrieve in the field configuration tool. For example it will be c12, c13, c4, etc.
  2. meta_value: field value. For text fields it will be the text content for select/radio it will be the index of the seleceted ooption, end so on


I want to import customer data I have in a csv file but I can’t make “WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite” see the fields I created before with you’re plugin. Would you know a way to do it ?

Best regards

That’s what i did but i’m surprised : the plugin is almost ‘the “official” one : WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite bought on Woocommerce website…

Unfortunately I’m not able to say why it is not properly woring.
Make sure that the meta_key value it is a valid one respecting the format I’ve reported in the previous comment.

OK thanks

[wpuef_extra_fields_custom_form field_ids=”c12,c20,c30,c82”]

Field c82 is an Radio Button Field with 5 values…. this field got no update after saving…. last Version of Plugins, WP etc.

can you confirm, please?

Form tag with radio, save, reload form, last item selected instead of choosen one.

thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve just released the new 11.5 version that fixes it!
It will be officially available to download on codecanyon in 1 – 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!

Hello support, I’m having problems translating the date piker for birthday. I couldn’t find the string to translate via WPML. Can you guide me?

Thank you! Best regards, Bianca

are you referring to the javascript datapicker? unfortunately it cannot be translated via the the WPML menu.
That picker already has translated file contained in the js\time\translations that should be loaded according to your system language. If your system language is not present please create a translation using the same naming convention used by the other file.

If present and not loaded, I need to analyze your installation to try to figure out which is the cause of the issue. For that I need you to send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) with the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue
make also sure you are running the latest 11.5 version that you can download from codecanyon.

Harlock_ Purchased

Hi, how can a shop manager see uploaded files on an order page? Are missing priviledges for him? Thanks, Francesco

No special setting are required to display upload files among the other extra fields in the order details page:

Be sure to be running the latest 11.5 plugin version.


I’d like to add a field that the user MUST enter on registration but afterwards, they should be unable to edit it. Only admins should be able to do this. How can I do this?

for this purpose you can use the uneditable option that you will find among the field options:

Check that option and the field will be visible in the registration page and if you enable any option to display in one of the profile pages (Account details, billing or shipping address pages) that field will be not editable.

The admin however will be always able to edit user value through the admin user edit page.

Hi I have purchased this plugin and have created the fields that I require which have been added to the profile. I now need to import a large amount of data and found in small writing ‘after purchasing’ the plugin that I need to purchase another plugin to import a csv. I also feel that I did not need to purchase extended support as each request is added to comments and I could send a comment at any time! I feel as though I have been mis-sold on 2 counts. What can you do to rectify these issues please?

I’m not sure to fully understand your issue. Where did you exactly found the “after purchasing” text? The plugin actually doesn’t offer any setting to import field data via CSV (infact in its desciption page this feature is not reported).
And how exactly is this related with the extended support and the comment system? and what exactly you mean that you “have been mis-sold on 2 counts”?

Thank you for your quick reply.

There needs to be a notice that states that an additional plugin is required if you need to import via CSV leaving it out of the description does not make it clear.

The text saying I need to purchase an additional plugin is on the bottom of the Settings ->User Extra fields, at the very bottom just before the Red text which distracts you from the small sized text note. I only found this after purchasing the plugin.

Also I have purchased extended support and feel as though anyone can send a comment even if they haven’t purchased extended support hence the mention of 2 counts. Once for not knowing I needed an additional plugin and also feel as though I didn’t need to purchase additional support.

Thank you

usually in software description are just reported the features they offer. It is more simple than reporting also the thousand features they do not offer. Furthermore the plugin has a full demo site in which the user can test the feature it offers in order to be sure they actually fits his needs and expectations.

That text you are referring it just an advertise. The plugin allows you to import and export field settings. However actually yours is a nice suggestion. I’ll report that advertise in the plugin description page too.

Yes anyone can leave a message on comment system, I however in my admin dashboard I see if an user has a valid support license associated to his accound. So in case they are requesting support with an expired license, I can invite them to renew the support license befor asking for support.

hi i was testing your demo and found out that ur plugins is something i am looking for! but i only have concern before i proceed, we have around 7800 client extra field in excel file, how do we import those data to the extra field we created on the site? any plugins or ways that can speed up rather than key in one by one?

Please do not oper different thread for each question. Just reply to your own thread.
For what concerns the “first name” question, no it cannot be done.
For what concerns the import process, the plugin doesn’t have any feature to allow user data import via Excell.

hi sorry for the multiple thread, may i know base on your experience is that any way to import mass excel database? i am worry after i install ur plugins i am unable to import it.

To achieve such purpose I would suggest to convert the Excel in a CSV file format and then use any plugin to import user metadata.

Extra field values are stored in user metadata table using the following format:
  1. meta_key: wpuef_cid_{field_id}. Field id can be retrieved once created in the user extra field menu
  2. meta_vale: the value of the field. In case of checkbox however it is a serialized array containing the index of the selected value. In case of select box, it will contain just the index of the selected option
Here an example (taken from the demo site): . You see the field with id c6 is a checkbox field and its conted is a serialized array that has this structure:

If you plan to use just numeric or text field, there isn’t any particular attention you have to pay. If you need more info about content format, let me know.

Can i also add “first name” field on reset password page?

P/S: i am using buddypress


iodpa Purchased

Hi, I’m looking for a plugin where I can add a number of file fields to the user profile. I do not want the fields to be visible at all to the user, and only updateable by admin. The fields only need to be accessible through the backend.

We use MemberPress and Woocommerce. Looking at your plugin, it appears as though it will do as I want, but i’m not sure about hiding the fields from the user. Can you advise please?

yes you can do that by enabling the option to hide the field from the register page and to make it invisible:

It will be then visible only by the admin and via the user admin edit page. You can try those feature by using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
Perform all the tests you need to be sure that the plugin fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask! :)


Is it possible to create forms per user role?

Let’s say jobseeker, employer and so on… each role gets own fields.

Thank you.

I’m sorry but unfortuantely for now that feature is not available.

Good news! I’ve just released a new plugin version that now allows to show fields only for selected user role!

You can have a preview of the feature in the demo! I hope you enjoy! :)

Thanks will check the new demo tonight.

Is there anyway to add sorting to Admin Users table / WooCommerce Customers table visibility options? When I click the checkbox I get the column on the users page which is great, but is there anyway to sort – similar to email & username?

Thank you very much

I’m sorry but unfortunately it is not possible.


I added some field to the user registration form. Now I need to customize the “registration form” page.

Can I insert the the form in other page using a shortcode? Is there any advice you can give me to get this?

no unfortunately I don’t know how to do that. I’m quite sure it can be done, infact some plugin like theme my login ( ) are customizing the register page but I don’t know how they are performing that process.

I can only advice to try to reverse engineering that plugin and/or the native wordpress/woocommerce register page to have more clues on how to achieve what you wish :)

I tried a couple of plugins, but all of them allows me to use shortcode to insert form created by those plugins. I see no way to insert your form using a shortcode. I think this is needed feature for your plugin. Thanks.

Maybe I missunderstord. If you just want to create a form containing the extra fields in any page, you can use the [wpuef_extra_fields_custom_form field_ids=”“] shortocode. You find the detailed description in the plugin description page.

Hi, this is a cool plugin. I’m using it with WooCommerce. At the moment the custom fields show up under Account Details in the My-Account page. Please could you suggest how we could have them show up under a separate tab? Thanks

thank you for your appreication :)

For what you ask it is not an easy operation that I can suggest on the fly.
You have to search some documentation on how to create a custom end point for woocommerce, how to extend the my account menu to add the new page tab and then finally in the new page render the extra fields by firing the custom_form shortcode.