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Can I use a extra field at the guest checkout?

no it is not possible. Fields and their content are associated to the user profile, so it requires the user to be logged.

This is also reported in the plugin description page, under the WooCommerce compatible paragraph:

[...]Note however that Extra fields will not be showed if the guest checkout option is enabled. In this case fields will be automatically displayed only if the ‘create account’ checkbox is checked by the user.[...]


Vikiniki Purchased

Hi, I had lately a few comments that my users have issue entering birthdate while on mobile, when they do the checkout. I use 50% so the birth date and sex are the same line but 2 columns. In the mobile that results that half of the calendar is missing. I attached 2 screenshot from standing and laying position of the phone: Please get back to me about this! Huge thanks and keep up the good work!
unfortuantely it seems that in your installation your theme (or any other 3rd party plugin) is overriding the calendar widget style.

As you can see from the demo site, using a mobile browser: The widget is properly adapted.

I can only advice to try updating the plugin to the latest 12.8 version, to invert the date and gender fields (in this way the date would be on the left) or manually redifine that widget style in order to ovverride the interfering style rule.

Vikiniki Purchased

I have the latest plugin version. I try to swap them and lets see if that will fix it. Thanks

Ok! :)

I’ve just purchase the User Extra Fields plug in but when I try to install it from my wordpress dashboard i see an error message the tell me that the plug in in invalid.

What’s happens?


Ciao marco,
forse è dovuto dal fatto che stai cercando di installare lo zip file sbagliato. Forse stai installando lo zip che contiene sia il plugin che la documentazione. Prova a decompattarlo e al suo interno dovresti trovare un file chiamato Quello è lo zip da installare :)

Fammi sapere!

Ciao, si avevo preso il file zip sbagliato. ora ho un altro problema non so come utilizzarlo :-) come faccio ad aggiungere dei check box nella pagina di registrazione dell’account woocommerce. grazie marco

Per creare un nuovo field clicca sul menu User – > Extra field.
Da la crea un nuovo campo di tipo Checkbox abilitando le opzioni che ti servono. Il nuovo campo verrà automaticamete visualizzato nella pagina di registrazione di WooCommerce.


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Hi. Can you update the plugin to include the custom (extra) fields in the new pop-up quick view that was added to the latest woocommerce update?

The pop-up is the new feature on the latest version of woocommerce, on the order admin page there is a little ‘eyeball’ in the first column that when clicked, shows a pop-up (lightbox) preview of the order details.

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll try to understand if the actions triggered during that popup rendering allow to report the user extra fields before the order billing data.

I’ll let you know here in case of news.

Hi, I’m overriding two woocommerce fields, first and lastname.

Firstname is working fine but the lastname is not saved as woocommerce lastname.

Could you please advie me what to do ?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


I’ve just performed a test and the overwrite option seems to properly working, so the issue may be related to a configuration issue.

To which “woocommerce” last name are you referring? To the Shipping or the Billing? if you just select the last name option, the plugin will overwrite the account last name. So make sure you have selected the right option.

Make also sure to be using the latest 12.8 plugin version. can manually download the new version via codecanyon or receive as automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin: (here the guide that explains how to configure:

Let me know.

Yes you’re right it is working ok with woocommerce billing lastname.

In fact what I would like to do is to overide the account lastname. I can overide account firstname but not lastname, I don’t know why.

Could you please check it ?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


I’ve performed another test using the demo site and as you can see from the following screen:

Once the new last name is enterend and then saved, the original is overridden.

the override option for the account last name works. You can test by your self:
user: demo
pass: demo

Are you running the latest 12.8 plugin version? Could you reproduce the configuration you are using in the demo site and report me if you still experience the issue? If so, could you report me the exact configuration and steps you take to experience the issue?

In case give a look in the demo field configuration and report it to your site and try if it works.


abennett Purchased

Hi, great plugin, perfect for our shop!!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to show one of the fields in the woocommerce orders page in the backend of the site?

We have one field that’s for admin only (not viewable anywhere on the front end) that is called “Customer Code” – this is used by admin as a reference number to allocate a number that’s in our accounts software.

The idea would be that when a new user registers, we type this number in manually to reference their account number.

We’d love to be able to have this field visible and searchable in the woocommerce orders summary so we can quickly search for all orders from that account number.

As there may be 2 or 3 separate users from the same account it would quickly allow us to see all orders.

I hope that makes sense and that you can help / advise.

Thanks again.

thank you for your appreciation :)

For what concerns your request, yes it could be possible. You can create a text field with the folliwing options enabled:

  1. Editable ONLY by Admin
  2. Invisible: the field will not be visible in any page. You must use shortcodes to display
  3. Show field content in users/customers table

Then for search for a particular user, you cannot do via the order table. This is because Extra fields are associated to the user profile, not to the order.
You have to search for user via that code in the user table page. Just go there, then search for the user and copy his email address. Then search for user orders by typing that email in the order search box (in the order table page).

NOTE: make sure you are running the latest 10.5 version that I’ve released today: You can manually download the new version via codecanyon or receive as automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin: (here the guide that explains how to configure:

In this way you should good to go :)

P. S.
If you enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :)
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abennett Purchased

Thanks, that exactly what I did to create the field, was hoping I could show it in the order table as I can see it in the individual order page. As there could be more than one users account with the same customer code it’d have made it a lot easier to filter the orders. Thanks anyway.

You’re welcome :)

Can you make the fields have a function when users type their info to make the text capital or lowercase automatically?

the plugin hasn’t such a feature. However you can use this other plugin of mine WordPress JS & CSS Everywhere! to include a custom JavaScript or CSS of yours on the page where you are displaying those fields.

Your custom JavaScript or CSS can then automatically change the text to lower/upper of the fields your need.

I would suggest to use a CSS rule, it just requires the following statement:
text-transform: uppercase;

If you purchase I can help you configuring it for the fields you need.

We don’t want the styling of text to be uppercase. We want the characters to be stored as uppercase in database also.

The plugin doesn’t have such a feature.

To try to achieve that goal you could then try including a custom javascript that automatically trasform the text in upper case