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HI, am having issue with the username, if i added username to the registration form, how can duplicate it with the username in wordpress.

the username is making me issue in the backend…wordpress is taking the first part of the email so i need to adjust that by adding in the extra field username and duplicate it with the wordpress one.

please advice.

it worked…perfect that’s what i wanted.

last question, i know it’s lot of details…but the star (required field with wocommerce) is grey color…while urs is red. what css i can write to make it as woocommerce grey.

thank you

to modify that color, edit the wpuef-common-html-styles.css. On line 11 you will find the following rule:
.wpuef_label.wpuef_required:after { content:" *";  color:red;}

edit it or redefine in the css you wish! :)

thank you very much

Hi, I have several pre-sales questions:

I’m building a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that is using WordPress, WP Job Manager, WooCommerce (with a time based booking plugin, RnB Rental & Bookings System), WC Marketplace (a multi-vendor plugin), WooCommerce Frontend Manager (which allows vendors to add products and manage store from front-end).

Now, these are the things I need 1) I need to edit and add in new fields onto the My Account and Login/Register page, can your plugin do what I require? Will it conflict with my installed plugins? 2) As well, I need to edit and add extra fields to my listing submission page which is using WP Job Manager, is your plugin compatible to WP Job Manager?


  1. yes
  2. I don’t know, the plugin has not been tested with those ones. It should not, however I cannot assure you anything so procede at your own risk
  3. no, it hasn’t any support for it and its features

Hi, we have installed plugin here , when plugin activated after a while the whole site goes down and a ” 503 service anavailiable” message appears. This strange problem occurs only when pretty urls are activated and plugin is activated at the same time. If we switch permalinks to a simple form (example ) then there is no problem when plugin is active. But having pretty links (example ) is more important for us. We would like to be able to use the plugin with pretty links as well.

It is very strange that it affects only the forntend (all pages?) and only if you are using a particular permalink option. It sounds strange because the plugin does its tasks (inject extra fields and save them) only when a register or my account page is rendered, otherwise it is never triggered. So no additional computation is performed by the server to execute plugin code.
The complete list of hooks used by the plugin for frontend pages can be seen by editing the:
  1. WPUEF_UserProfileFormsAddon.php
file you find inside the classes\frontend folder. You will see those are action triggered only when a register page (wordpress, woocommerce or buddy press) or a my account page is rendered.

Have you tried to leave the plugin active and try disabling one by one the other plugins to see if the issue still happens?
How many plugins are you using? it could be that you are simply overloading your server (503 error is due to overload error), so the issue is related to the number of plugins you are using not to a specific plugin.

Yes we know that this is extremely strange thing, this is the first time we encounter something like this but we need a solution. We cannot leave the plugin active and try disabling one by one the other plugins because soon enough site goes down. Please any other solution????

Actually I’m not able to suggest any other solution because as far as I know I’m not even sure that it is the plugin that causes this. Infact as you can see the plugin has been active more than one year on the demo site without causing this issue, futhermore no one user reported this kind of issue.

Without any further clue about the real causes that raise the issue for me is quite impossible to suggest a solution.

When it is happening, have you tryed to leave the WPUEF plugin active but to disable any other plugin ? As I said it seems that the server is overloaded but it could be just to the fact you are using too many plugin (so it doesn’t just depend on one specific plugin). Have you performed this test? what do you mean with “We cannot leave the plugin active and try disabling one by one the other plugins because soon enough site goes down” ? To temporarly disable other plugin, if you cannot access the backend, just log via FTP and temporarly rename the other plugin folders.

At last, have you tryed to check your web server error log? usually for this kind of error should report you some more details about the issue.


speango Purchased

Hello. Prior to buying this plugin I wish you to confirm that it in-degrades with existing woocommerce registration form

in case of theme or woocommerce updates you will not lose any setting related to the plugin.

The same is for the registration form fields you created. If you deactivate or delete the plugin, those info (few bytes) are stored in the wordpress options table. In this way if you reactivate the plugin you will find back all the fileds settings you configured. However while the plugin is deactivated, its fields will be not added to the registration form. This is because the plugin dinamically adds extra field while WooCommerce renders the form. If the plugin is not active, the field will be not dynamically inserted in the form.

For what concerns the email display, field values will be showed on woocommerce according to the Include in WooCommerce emails setting. For each field you can enable/disable that option.


speango Purchased

Thank you – I have just purchased the plugin. I will test and I will come back to you if I have any issues. Thank you for immediate responses.

You’re welcome :)

Hi, is it possible for Option Number to make it appear on all browsers the same input (somewhere in the code to adjust) At the moment I’m chrome when I enter 000004 shows it, and on mozzili only 4, it is important for me to be the value = 00004

unfortunately it doesn’t depend by the plugin. It depends on how the browser manage the number value inside the html element it create. Usually zeros before a integer number are ignored, however there isn’t any code I can suggest to make some browser to not ignore those zeroes.


Thanks for your great plugin.

In a field, i ask the mobile phone of the user. I want to verify the field : it must be numeric and begin by 06 or 07, do you have an idea to do this ?

Thanks a lot

Regards, Régis

Hi, for this you should custom modify the plugin because it hasn’t any feature to achieve that.

I would suggest to do that via javascript, search the field by its name using the following snippet:
var x = document.getElementsByName("wpuef_options[c21]");
where c21 is the field id you wish to validate. Then perform the validation during the form submit, or before the “place order” button is clicked or if the “register” button is clicked ( is up then to where you are displaying the form).
If the field fails the validation, prevent them post action to be performed.

Hi. How can I show my field on registration page, but hide it on Checkout page (field is required * for registration page)? Also want customer to be able to edit on registration opage and in my account page, but not show on Checkout.

have you updated the plugin to the latest version? The option I’m referring is available only in the latest plugin versions
Once done you have just to enable the Hide from Checkout registration form in this way the field will be visible only in the registration page.
if you will enable the Visible on Checkout page option too, the field will be visible only for registered user, after the billin form.

The Visible ONLY in the register page as reported in its description will make the field visible only in registration form (register page and checkout registration form).

Hi, yes please see above. I have updated the plugin by uninstallling, and re-installing new one.

I know about the Settings > “User Extra Fields” config settings…. And I know about the Users > “Extra Fields” area where you add fields and have config options for each field. Can I skype you… or email? There is no “Hide from Checkout registration form” option showing on my page, just the ” Visible on Checkout page” and others. I have 12 checkboxes available. ?

Got your email, I’ll reply there.


kasaph Purchased


I am having a problem, not being able to view file uploads on the back end user page (admin view).

It shows there is an upload but when clicked leads to “404 Not Found”

I’ve tried different files types and sizes all with same result.

Please help!


without any further clue it is quite determine the cause. Is this the first time you experience the issue? Could you try updating the plugin to the latest 10.7 version? to do that just redownload the plugin from codecanyon, delete the old version and install the new one. You won’t lose any setting.

In case you still experience the issue I will need then to perform some further analysis on your installation. To do that I need:
  1. admin access to the wp-area
  2. FTP access
  3. detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue
  4. If you can send me that data, use a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Report also your email address.Thank you.

I tried to answare to your private message, but it seems that you are not using a valid email address.
I got a 550 error by your email provider, it says your email address doesn’t exists.

however here the answer:

Hello, thank you for the access.
The issue you are experience it seems to depend on a server issue. It seems that your serve it is not able to write files in the /wp-content/uploads/wpuef folder. Make sure that folder is writable and can be accessed by the plugin scripts. Make also sure that none of the 3rd party plugin is interfering. Try then disabling all of them and then reperform an upload to see if the file is properly stored and it can be retrieved without the 404 error.

For further investigations, please share a valid FTP access to your site. I’ll try to perform some further tests to see if it possible to give you more clues about the issue.

Regards, Domenico


mWilkiePM Purchased


We’ve been running this plugin for around 12months now and no issues under the Sports Theme and with Woocommerce – very happy with the results.

What has been discovered is that the ‘required’ fields on our checkout page dont seem to stop a customer and as a result a purchase can be made without the need to fill these fields. Version 7.3 we are running, WP 4.9.1 and Theme Sport 2.7 by Theme Canon. Perhaps theres something you can suggest to look into.

Can you try updating the plugin to the latest 10.7? You can manually download it from codecanyon. Then delete the old version and install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.

To receive automatic updates instead install the Envato updater plugin: (download clicking: ). Activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

If even after updating you are still experience the issue, please send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box):

  1. Your email address
  2. admin access to the wp-area
  3. FTP access
  4. detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue
I can perform some tests to try to see how your theme interfers and if a workaround can be implemented.
Thank you.

mWilkiePM Purchased

Hi there,

All appears resolved. Very greatful for your help.

Very glad to hear that! :)

If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really really appreciate! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Have a nice day! :)


jimisme Purchased

Hi, should the plugins page be telling me that there is an update? I get no notification. Thanks.


jimisme Purchased

I’ve just updated support – I’ll send you a private message in a bit.


jimisme Purchased

Can you tell me how to send a secure message with admin details that you’re requested?

send me via private message: click on my name then use the low-right box.


Vikiniki Purchased

Hi, this is the second product I purchase from you and it looks great but I run into an issue. I added the custom fields. They show up nicely but i cannot save the changes on the my account page, nor place the order in the checkout page. I get the message of “Please fill all the required fields.” even tho everything is filled out, even the not required fields. I tried to look for the comments didnt see anyone with the same issue. Any idea what could cause this? Thanks

I released a new version today that should fix that issue. It happened when there was at least one file field. Was this your case?

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version to test!
In alternative you can download from codecanyon in 1 or 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to publish new updates)


Vikiniki Purchased

Hi, well it is not that urgent, i am on a testing site. If it is already on approval will update and keep you posted if it fixed the issue or not. Yes i have 2 file field in my extra fields. Thanks for the quick reply.

no problem, you’re welcome! :)

Let me know if even updating you will still experience the issue.

Meanwhile, If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


Vikiniki Purchased

Hi again, I found another small bug. When I use the extra fields the layout of the customer page become one column, instead of the 2 column design. I prefer to have the 2 column it is more visual, things are more nicely in front of you. Tried to align all the extra fields to the left as “half” in case the full width cause the issue but it didn’t change at all. Did you notice this bug before? Thanks

thank you for reporting the issue! I’ve just released the new 10.9 version that addresses it. The new version will be available to download in 1 – 2 days.
If you wish to receive it, send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email.