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Pre-purchasing question, Hello, I liked your plugin capability and but I wonder if it would support my user extra fields to show in frontend user profile/dashboard area. For example ,I have installed recently a third party author box plugin that put own social web sites link such as facebook and linkedin in user account . Next I want to put avatar picture change in user dashaboard. Does your plugin support the third party plugin custom fields embdded in user account in order to add user profile so that users could edit their own info (avatar picture, social links, phone or email ) ?

no the plugin hasn’t any particular support for 3rd party plugins.

Are all fields of registration stored in the database, if so, whether each field has its own field?

Thanks for the answer, but with this code I do not get any value ..

$result = wpuef_get_field(‘c2’); $value=$result->value;

what can I do?

Sorry my mistake, I found a solution :) thanks for everything

You’re welcome :)

HI, in my woocommerce registration can i put the (first name and last name in the first line) because it’s by default the email and password are first.

thank you for the help

to do that just co in the Settings -> User Extra Fields menu and under the WooCommerce registration page field positioning section you will find the option to render the Extra fields form before or after the default field form:

Hi, is there a possibility to set the regex to the textbox?

No, unfortunately that is not possible

Is there a possibility that extra fields will be stored in account first name and account last name, (I do not mean in extra fields of extra field than in the existing field of woocommerce)? thanks for your help

Actually there already is that feature. The First name and Last name options refer to the WordPress account first and last name.

Hi i am using your plugin but with the latest woocommerce update, fields are no longer displaying in registration page. Please Advise

Unfortunately without any further clues it is quite impossible to understand the cause of the issue.
As you can see from the demo site, latest version of the plugin + latest WooCommerce version is properly working showing extra fields on register page:

Make sure that for your fields you have not enable options like Hide in the register page, Invisible and Editable ONLY by Admin.

For further investigation I need:
  1. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  2. FTP access
  3. A link to the page where you are experiencing the issue
If you can send me that data, do via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Thank you.

I was able to make it work by reverting back to Woocommerce 3.1.2. So this issue ls with your plugin and the newest update to Woo. I will keep it like this for now just an FYI

Actually the demo site runs the latest Woocommerce 3.2 version

Hello, will it be possible to search by information from fields? For example, if I added a field for a country/location, would it be possible to search members by their location?

no unfortuantely that feature is not available.

Hi, I have one question, I need to send the value of the field in xml format, and now I take values from these fields, I managed to do it with this code ($resultPostleitzahl = wpuef_get_field(‘c31’); $value=$resultPostleitzahl->value; echo $value, “
“), how can I get the code in this form (<postal-code>”.$order->get_billing_postcode().”</postal-code>)as a value?

that I have only a variable in one line…

I’m not sure what you are asking :)
Would you like to print a field value inside a xml node during the xml file generation?
to do that you have just to do the following:
$resultPostleitzahl = wpuef_get_field(‘c31’); 
$xml_node = "<postal-code>”.$resultPostleitzahl->value.”</postal-code>";


We use your plugin on our e-commerce website which also utilises the Woocommerce Square Plugin for Credit Card transactions. When your plugin is activated it interferes with the Square plugin and prevents customers from completing credit card transactions. When we deactivate your plugin Square works as expected.

We love your plugin as it meets our needs perfectly so if we can solve the problem that would be our preference rather than going with another plugin. Is there any known clash with Woocommerce/Square at all or would you have any idea how your plugin may be clashing?

unfortunately no other user reported such an interference, so I have not clue about this issue.
I can try to make it compatible, but I need a more detailed explanation of the interference you are experiencing.

I also need:
  1. FTP access to my plugin folder (or to the site root) in order to perform some tests
  2. a link to the page where you are experiencing the issue
  3. a step by step guide on how to experience it and how it should work
Thank you.

P. S.
if you can send me that login data, use a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box. Thank you.

is there a possibility to hide the registration fields on shiping, that I do not repeat when I make a registration required? I want to show only certain fields when signing up from the checkout..

I’m not sure to understand at 100%. Would you like to know where to find the code that saves the fields data once they are creted via the configuration menu?


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Yes. I want to know where the code is from the button that keeps extra fields from the user panel

The save process is managed on WPUEF_Option.php file you find inside the classes\com folder.

The method is the ajax_save_fields that recalls save_option saving the $_POST[‘json_fields_string’] object in the option called json_fields_string.

The $_POST[‘json_fields_string’] (and the json_fields_string option) is an array containing all the fied data.


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