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I activated your plugin so that the user would have to upload their ID (file) when they were registering and it worked great. However, my client wanted to go another route and wanted to drop that idea of uploading the file.

I went inside the plugin and deleted the upload file field, and it was still there. Then I went to deactivated the plugin, and the upload file was still there in the registration. Then, I deleted the plugin, and it was strangely still there. Do you know what is the reason for this is?

I can give you my WP login credentials for you to quickly check it out.


This is quite strange. Once the plugin is deativated, WordPress doesn’t propagate actions to it, so it is unable to hooks itself to any action or filter (so it cannot inject any html or manipulate any data).

The issue you are experiencing usually is related to a caching issue. It may happen that a caching plugin (or any server related caching mechanism) is serving an old page where there was present the extra html injected by the plugin.

Please make sure to have cleared you server cache generated by any plugin and to force clear your browser cache.


hesam12 Purchased

Yes, you’re right. Silly me.

No problem :)

Hi i love your plugin, but ihave a question : i want specify class and id in css to my label and input, how do that please ? i need this because i develop js code to make conditionnal field ; thanks a lot !

yes you can do that. You have just to open the templates folder and there you will find all the form templates rendered in the various pages, edit the one you need.

The label is common for all input fields, and you find it on the top of the template file. it is something like:
<label class="wpuef_label <?php if($required) echo "wpuef_required";?> "><?php echo $extra_field->label; ?></label>
input fields are rendered according to the field type. you will find various if.

To add an unique ID to the fields you have just to add the attribute id maybe using the fied unique id:
So it could be something like:
id="<?php echo $extra_field->cid; ?>" 
I hope this helps :)

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fine !! really good ! thanks !

Thank you so much for the rating :) :)

My extra fields are all required and work fine in Windows. but in iOS on an ipad I get an error message “Required fields cannot be left empty” even though they are all filled out. You can test at

I’ll try to investigate further, but if it is browser dependent issue there isn’t much to fix via software.

Can you also try using Chrome for iOs and report me if you experience the same issue? can you also update the plugin to the latest 7.8 version (you can download from its page) and completely clear the browser cache?

Thank you.

Hey the new version did it! Tada! Thanks!

Very very glad to hear that :) :) (it then was related an old bug I fixed and I didn’t remember :P )

P. S.
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Hi there, can I email all shop managers with the new user’s registration information with this plugin?

the plugin allows you only to embed extra fields info on all outgoing woocommerce emails (by enabling the special option during the field configuration).
There is any other option to notify other shop managers with new user infos.

Hello, sorry I need to understand the value of this plugin for buddypress. Right now I am able to add a set of new fields (with free extended profile plugin) in the primary tab of users profiles and these will appear in registration… So what is your plugin bringing ? I am sure it is bringing sth more based on your ratings… but I need to find out :) Thanks a lot, H

for BuddyPress the plugin adds the following features:
  1. Creation of extra fields visible in registration and/or in profile page: So you can choose a field to be visible only in one of those pages or in both.
  2. Fields optionally can be editable only by admin. In this way the user can see that field content in its profile, but cannot edit that.
  3. Field contents can be optionally visible directly in the admin users list in their own column
  4. Fields that are completely invisible to users. Those fields will be visible and editable only in the user admin area by the admin
  5. Fields can optionally overwrite default wordpress fields
I hope that those features could interest you :)
In case give also a try to demo site to do some tests:
user: demo
pass: demo

Have a nice day! :)

Dear Support, I just installed your Plugin User Extra Fields, however I cant find any additional tab in the users menu in the back-end.

I just have under Settings – User Extra Fields General Options.

I use the template flatsome.

could you please help me with that?

kind regards, Christian

as you can see in the demo site, once installed you should see a Extra fields voice under the Users menu:

Please make sure you are using a Shop Manager or Admin account and that you are not using a multisite wordpress installation (the plugin has been designed to work on standard single wordpress installations).

For further help I need a full admin access to your site to do some live debug (to send me login data use a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box).