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Salve ho appena aggiornato il supporto perché con woocommerce 3.05 non compariva alcun campo nella pagina di registrazione. Con l’ultimo aggiornamento il plugin funziona di nuovo. Purtroppo nella pagina cassa mi compare la scritta “Please fill all the required fields.”, vicino il campo c.a.p.. Puoi aiutarmi ad eliminare la scritta? Grazie.

In caso affermativo, ho trovato il problema.

Il tuo sito sembra caricare la vecchia versione di un css: view-source:

invece che nuova: view-source:

Stai usando per caso qualche plugin che effettua caching? potresti ripulirla e riprovare? grazie :)

fatto ma il problema persiste. comunque la pagina cassa non ha al cuna cache.

Purtroppo via plugin non posso fare molto altro. Come vedi dalla sorgente della pagina checkout (ctrl + u ):
il tuo sistema continua a caricare una versione in cache del file wpuef-common-html-styles.css ( ) invece che quello effettivamente incluso nel plugin, che sempre nel tuo sito si trova all’indirizzo

Il problema è che nella vecchia versione di quel css manca la regola per il div #wpuef_required_fields_warning_message (cioè il div che contiene la dicitura Please fill all the required fields ) che appunto lo nasconde.

Per risolvere dovresti fare in modo che il tuo sistema carichi correttamente i file del plugin e non versione in cache. Usi per caso qualche plugin che “minimizza” in automatico i css e i js? in caso forza il ricalcolo dei file.

PRESALE Question: All I want to achieve is adding custom fields to registration within the normal woocommerce checkout process. the information gathered here should be accessible to the admin as well as be shown for the user under the “my-account” page. will that work with your plugin?

yes. Fields are showed both on the register page and in the checkout page if the create account check box has been checked (once checked, registration fields will be shoed). All fields will be visible (if the special options has been enabled) in the my account page (in the customer details tab and/or billing/shipping address tab).
The admin can see this data, by accessing the user admin profile page. Optionally fields can be showed directly on the users table, each field in its own column.

Before purchasing, do some tests using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
to be sure that it actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

I updated everything in my site and now your plugin doesn’t work. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp?

Glad to hear that, thank you :)

unfortunately the confirmation email doesn’t offer any hook to allow 3rd party plugin to inject info. So for now it is not possible :(
However I’ll see if any workaround will be possible and I’ll let you know by replying here!

Fantastic thank you! Gave you 5 stars :)

Thank you! I really appreciate!!!! :)

is this plugin compatible with woocommerce Version 2.6.14 ?

Yes, it is!


una domanda, vorrei creare tramite questo plugin di Checkout Multi step (codecanyon) uno step aggiuntivo in cui inserire 5 campi nuovi di registrazione che ho creato con il tuo plugin.

A questo indirizzo la guida su come inserire nello Step aggiuntivo i campi che si vogliono:

Volevo chiederti, visto che non riesco a capirlo, quale codice PHP devo inserire per mostrare i campi da compilare? Sono riuscito a far comparire i dati già inseriti dall’utente, ma non i campi vuoi da compilare,

Il gestore del plugin multi step mi chiedeva un codice PHP “to display fields as html(visual).”

Grazie mille Michele

Ciao, allora ho commentato i campi che mi hai indicato, adesso però ho un piccolo problema nel senso che sono spariti dalla sezione fatturazione anche i due campi Codice Fiscale e Partita Iva che erano stati inseriti dal plugin di fattura24. Come si può risolvere secondo te? Grazie mille Michele

è strano che spariscano due campi che non gestiti dall’User Extra Fields.

La linea che ti ho fatto commentare semplicemente impedisce al plugin di “agganciarsi” e iniettare i propri campi dopo che il form fatturazione di default è stato renderizzato. Piu nel dettaglio: WordPress e WooCommerce, mentre renderizzano le varie parti di una pagina, lanciano delle action. I plugin possono effettuare lo hook (agganciarsi) a queste action inserendo del codice html e/o php (in questo caso inserendo dei campi extra).
Il fatto che un plugin si agganci o no è trasparente agli altri plugin (in questo caso il fatto che lo Extra Field non si agganci più non impedisce a Fattura24 di continuare ad agganciarsi inserendo i propri campi).

Quindi non saprei bene cosa dirti, in quanto mi sembra strano che la causa che quel plugin non inserisca più i propri campi sia il fatto che di aver commentato una riga di codice che modifica solo il comportamento interno del mio plugin. Verifica quindi che il plugin Fattura24 sia correttamente attivato e che funzioni correttamente anche quando lo Extra Fields è disattivato.


ceposs Purchased

Grazie mille, effettivamente adesso funziona. Ti ho inviato un email con una domanda, grazie mille Michele

hi! Can this plugin be used to add an age-check at the registration form? When not over 18, not registration? Thanks!!

yes you could create a required check box labeled I’m over 18. In this way the user to registered has to check that field.

The plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
perform all the tests you need to be sure that it actually fits your needs and expectations before purchasing. If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

Hi Im currently getting this error when I try to view a users order in woo commerce order tab – If i deactivate the plugin the order preview works…

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_customer_id() on null in /usr/www/users/branducwnm/clients/v-collection/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-extra-fields/classes/com/WPUEF_Order.php on line 16

Glad to hear that :)

If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Done and thanks again

Thank you :)

I want the styling to be the same as the Email/Password and the custom fields. Is it possible to remove the email/password section and replace with a custom email/password field? Or is it possible to remove the First Name/Last Name to match the default styling?

Also, what is the loading icon between the country/state? It does not appear to go away.

yes to that you can customize that by customizing the css.

To hide the label, use the following css rule:
display: none;
to hid the loading icon:

In alternative you can also modify the form template. Edit the register_form_extra_fields.php file you find inside the templates folder inside the plugin. To remove the label, remove the line 63:
<label class="wpuef_label <?php if($required) echo "wpuef_required";?> "><?php echo $extra_field->label; ?></label>
and to remove the loader, remove line 137:
<img class="wpuef_preloader_image" id="wpuef_preloader_image_<?php echo $extra_field->cid; ?>" src="<?php echo WPUEF_PLUGIN_PATH.'/img/loader.gif' ?>" />

I’ll advice to use the CSS approach rather than the template modification approach. However do as you prefear :)

Hi! I have a pre sale question: I saw in another comment that this plugin doesn’t have any feature to allow searching users by extra field value. Do you know if this plugin works with Better User Search? thanks!

the plugin for now hasn’t the feature to search for user by extra field. It is on the work but I cannot give you an eta.

For what concerns the better user search, the plugin hasn’t any particular support for it.
It could work, because fields value are stored as usermeta data with the following key name format: wpuef_cid_{field_id}. However some fields are not storing its value as human readable value but as a serialized array (like file fields) or numeric index (like select box. the value is the index of the selected value).

So I cannot assure that that plugin will work as you expect. Procede at your own risk.

ok! thanks a lot!

you’re welcome :)


i have installed the plugin, and it has changed ALL styling of my site. How to avoid this effect?

A backup site looks like this The site after installing the plugin (and deactivating and deleting the plugin again) looks like this:

How can I turn this back to the correct styling (with the plugin active)?

This is really annoying, since at the moment of installation a reasonably large amount of changes had not been backed up.

Please respond quickly.

And can you report a more detailed description of the fix you have implemented?

Once again there is no need of reset due to the fact that the plugin is not implement any system permanent modification. CSS are loaded on the fly so no reset is needed. It very strange that you are experience the issue when no CSS is loaded.

can u pls refund my purchase? this is not working. thank you

To request a refound you have to use the special refound page, not the comment system because authors are not allowed to directly emit refound.
Envato team will investigate further.

I have created “test field” and I am displaying it on a register page( using Shortcode([wpuef_extra_fields_custom_form field_ids=”c6”]). But its not showing. Please lemme know what is the issue with the same.

to request support you have to use the account you used to purchase the plugin.

Hmm, Actually my client purchased the extension and I am a developer. Please help with this if possible.

I have created “test field” and I am displaying it on a register page( using Shortcode([wpuef_extra_fields_custom_form field_ids=”c6”]). But its not showing. Please lemme know what is the issue with the same.

because you cannot use that shortcode to show a field in the registration form.

That shorcode simply shows the field content for the current logged user.

To show the field in the register form you have just to create it and be sure to have NOT enabled the option to hide it in the register form.
Please make sure that the form is triggering all the needed wordpress hooks.