Universal for IOS - Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

Universal for IOS - Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

Content Providers
    Show of your Wordpress blog! With built-in support for categories. Shown in beautiful media enhanced layouts.

    i Show your users any Playlist or Channel. You can even play videos within the application.

    We have created an amazing RSS feed parser, that will support millions of feeds. Enhanced with thumbnails.

    Live Radio
    Play live radio within your app. With integration for Control Center and Lock Screen controls. Verified support for ShoutCast.

    Show a user’s recent tweets from within your app. Support for deeplinks, retweet count and favorite count.

    Show a Facebook page it’s posts within your app. With support for deeplinks, comment count and likes count.

    Show a Instagram feed within your app. With support for deeplinks, comment count and likes count.

    Streaming TV/Video
    Play live tv or video streams directly within your app. With fullscreen support for a more engaging video experience.

    Show a user’s SoundCloud uploads and let your users play their songs directly from the app. Complete with background playing and immersive album art.

    Show latest Tumblr Images in GridView and swipeable pager. Easily set save to device and share.

    Show pins on a board, with information on the metadata and full width imagery.

    Show any webpage or site inside your app. With build in navigation support. Also supports local pages.

    Want to show your users a location or a set of locations? We fully support GeoJSON, so you can easily load locations & overlays onto a map. Each pin can also show a description, show a title, link to a url and be navigated to.
  • Unlimited Items – You can use & combine as many Blogs, Timelines, Feeds, Channels, Playlists, Stations, Webpages, etc as you want. Optionally add icons and create sections.
  • Beautiful Design – We took great care of the UI of this template to make sure it is focussed on your content. Display the articles and videos in styled detail views with parallax scrolling header images and fading navigation bars.
  • Completely native – The app is completely based on pure Objective C and layout files and designed for the latest version of IOS.
  • Notifications build-in – Support for notifications by OneSignal is completely build in, all you have to do is configure your OneSignal ID and configure your certificates and you can send notifications to your users.
  • Admob Banners & Interstitial – It just takes a few seconds to enable banners throughout you app and instantly monetize your application. Also supports interstitials shown during navigation on a configurable interval.
  • Customizable & Brand-able – Easily make your app yours by translations and by customizing colors & using your own icons for menu items. You can also choose between multiple styles for your Navigation drawer, for example by setting a header image.
  • Tabs & Sliding Menu – Got a lot of content to show? Not a problem, you can use tabs and the sliding menu to show a lot of content in your in an organised and intuitive manner.
  • The latest content, endless – Get the latest content using official API’s and display them in media-enhanced endless lists, just scroll down to load more. No server required.
  • In App Purchases* – Provide your users with the option to remove ads and/or unlock additional content with a quick in-app purchase to monetise your app.
  • NativeWeb Technology™ – Never before has the Web been this beautiful. We inject custom CSS to HTML based descriptions of RSS and Wordpress descriptions to optimize the page for the device’s screen and create an unified look.
  • Social – Let your users share content and promote your app at the same time.
  • Connection Manager – No connection message when no internet. Error handling is also integrated.
  • In-App Videoplayer – Let users play youtube videos without even having to leave your application!
  • About Dialog – Display about dialog with a link to your own contact page.
  • Internet handling – No connection? No problem, we’ll let your users know.
  • Great Documentation – Step by step instructions on how to configure your template from scratch.


Works with the most popular RSS XML sources & formats, our parser will even search for a thumbnail in the description if none are provided by the feed. Works with Youtube Channels & Playlists. Works with self hosted Wordpress sites with version 2.8 or higher. While most Wordpress themes and plugins should be compatible with our plugin, we can not guarantee full 3rd party plugin and theme support. Radio player works with media formats supported by AVPlayer. In order to comply with App Store submission guidelines, all hosted remote resources you use with Universal need to be IPV6 compatible. Universal for IOS currently has no RTL support built-in.

Universal is compatible with all iDevices and uses Storyboards & Autolayouts. Please keep in mind that the compatibility and features of Universal for IOS may be different from Universal for Android. We recommend to edit Universal for IOS in at least Xcode 8.

Questions & Demo

If you have any questions regarding this template, you can always ask your question in the comments section.

Can I run this on Windows? Compiling the template requires XCode, which can only run on OSX. However, you can install OSX on your machine as a dual boot or in a virtual machine. Alternative, you can use a service like like MacInCloud to run OSX and Xcode from the cloud. And finally, you can consider hiring to compile the template for you, you can hire us or hire someone elsewhere.


For support, please visit our support website.


-IOS 11 & Xcode 9 support
-Iphone X support

-Content defined in configuration files
-Support for remote configuration!
-Overview screens
-GeoJSON support for maps
-IAP for unlocking menu items
-Basic support for RSS podcasts
-WP Rest API featured images support
-Bugfixes and stability improvements

- Support for SoundCloud Playlists 
- Support for Custom Items (launch apps/urls) 
- Bugfix for when using more than 5 tabs
- Stability improvements and optimisations

- Support for Tabs!
- Pinterest!
- Live Video Stream Support (TV)!
- Support for!
- Basic Support for WP Rest API.
- In-app purchases (to remove advertisements)
- Admob Interstitials
- Sliding Menu header logo (optional)
- WebView file upload support
- Layout improvements for Youtube & RSS
- Bugfixes and performance improvements
- New Youtube Player
- Updated OneSignal/Admob/SDWebImage/etc
- Basic WP REST API support 

- IOS10 & XCode 8 optimisations
- Stability improvements

- Wordpress Comments over Disqus
- Search for Wordpress & Youtube
- Bug fixes and optimizations

-Notifications over OneSignal 
-New Radio layout with metadata support (now playing info) for Shoutcast. 
-WebView pull-to-refresh 
-WebView optimizations for loading and navigation buttons 
-Drawer is hidden when only 1 item is added 
-Language translation support 
-Wordpress Imagery improvements 
-Instagram Token fix 
-Documentation & code optimizations

-Rewritten with StoryBoard & Autolayout
-Support for all devices (iPad mini, iPad air, iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone plus)
-Support for Split-View
-Improved for IOS9
-In-App background radio playing
-Bug fixes

- Admob
- IOS 9 & XCode 7 support
- Bugfixes and improvements

- iAd integration
- Minor improvements

Initial release
*In-App purchases require an extended license.
Icons used in the Demo and Promotional Images are retrieved from and are not distributed with the template.