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when will you support swift3?

At this point in time I can’t tell anything about Swift 3 support.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any other questions.

Hi Sherdleapps, Compatibility Icecast Server v2 ( iOS & Android ) Regards, Julien Sindatry

Yes, we support mp3 stream as does IceCast.

Where do I change drawer menu font color from white to black?

At this time, we don’t offer the option to change the font color to black at one time (instead, use a non-white color).

Of course, you can always manually edit the template to have a custom font colour yourself, but please keep in mind these changes aren’t covered by our support.

WHERE can I do this non-white color change for the sidebar Fonts?

As stated above, any support with customisations is unfortunately not covered by our support (you’ll have to edit the SlidingMenu classes yourself). Thank you for understanding.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any other questions.

Can I buy the Regular License and try it then pay the difference to upgrade to the extended license? So buy Regular then pay the difference of Regular to Extended?

CodeCanyon does not offer this option at the moment, however it is possible to purchase the regular license and then contact our support for a swap (you’ll have to re-purchase the extended version and you’ll be refunded the regular license).

Hi, I got a small issue. In the webview the pull to refresh loads above my site header and shows a white background. Which mismatches my website header and the app status bar color.

Can I change the color of the webview background behind the loader spinner so it matches the one I’ve set with the status bar ?

Also which view controller do I edit for the slide/side menu tap/open (line) icon? I need to change that button

If you’d like to change the appearance of your site, you should edit this on your site itself. The WebView is designed to show web pages as they are, just like a browser.

The best thing to do would probably be to detect the user agent of the WebView from your site, and if the user agent is equal to the WebView user agent, customise your site as you’d like. You can also consider to load your site under a specific subdomain in the WebView, and then customise the site. (E.g. when visiting webview.yoursite.com, hide the header).

Regarding your second question, you should find a drawable that represents this icon in your project. Simply replace this drawable with a drawable of your own to change the icon.

That will make the android and ios app look different, the pull to refresh in android does not do this. It loads as an overlay on the webpage content not prior to.

Please consider making custom change for this in a future update.

I will for now resort to some articles I saw on stackflow about customizing the UiRefresh background