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where can i generate menus? i had login support page. there is no option for this.

Instructions on how to add content to your side menu can be found here: https://sherdle.com/help/content-3/

Oh ok. And menu icon not show. I follow the tut on your site and add icon for web view but it’s not show. Any ideas?

Could you submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ and show how you’ve attempted to add an icon to your project & configuration? Also include a screenshot of the result if possible.

How i can add icons on menus as demo

Perhaps you are looking for the following section in your documentation: https://sherdle.com/help/preparing-for-publishment/#ipt_kb_toc_252_4

Thank you so much, Can you please guide me is the correct code for TEXT US and EMAIL US

[“Text Message us”, "CUSTOM", ["sms://018438000230"], “Reply”], [“Prayer Requests”, "CUSTOM", ["mailto:prayer@christmission.org"], “pray_2”], [“Email Us”, "CUSTOM", ["mailto:info@christmission.org"], “Reply”],

It appears to be correct (but it’s hard to validate any formatting over codecanyon comments).

I’m in love with the dynamics of your app. congratulations !!

I have only a few questions before buying:

- I use a pipocaplayfm.com domain in wordpress on the homepage and after clicking the button that invites the user to enter the site, it is directing to a subdomain in php – which is no longer wordpress. is there any problem ?

- my site has a player and runs the danger that it does not work – do I have support for this?

First of all, thank you for kind words. I am happy to answer your questions.

1) If you use WebView this doesn’t matter. 2) You should check if your player is WebView compatible. If you player isn’t WebView compatible, you should consider switching to a different Player that’s webview compatible or hide the player when it is visited from a WebView.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

hi new version supports the multi swipe tabs for wp and rss like android version ? ?

We do support multiple tabs (for WP, RSS and all other content providers). However, swiping between tabs is not supported (as is default behaviour for IOS tabs).

IOS10.3 because webview was rejected, the next version can cancel webview to get the content?

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with the details of the rejection?

Hello, just a quick question, i registered a custom post type to be supported by the JSON API, when i type http://domain.com/api/get_recent_posts/?post_type=custom_post_type/ i can see in the browser that it actually works, How can i “decompose” that URL to work with the structure of the strings added to this app? Based on the strings you use: [“Example”, "WORDPRESS", ["http://domain.com/api/", —????—“]], Thank you

At this time, we don’t offer out of the box support for Custom Posts (i.e. configurable from configuration files). If you’d like support for custom posts, you’d have to customise the template to support them.

Hi , Interested in your project have few questions.

1. I am having multiple feed , want to only use that. Should i need to add those feed manually in menu icon. 2.My rss feed are in arabic language. do you guys support for layout RTL. and have some more questions please contact me on ahmedhussainmohammad@Gmail.com

Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to answer your questions:
1) You can add as many RSS feeds as you’d like (with or without icons) to your configuration file.
2) We do not support RTL on Universal for IOS at the moment. This is also stated in our description.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

How to make make layout from RTL. Mainly Menu and RSS feed page

Thank you for your purchase. I am happy to answer your question.

At this time, Universal for IOS has no RTL support, this is also stated in our description. If you’d like support for RLT, you’d manually have to edit the layouts to be RTL compatible.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.


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Hi there, great App! would it also be possible to have a direct link to a Wordpress page from the menu. Is see only an example for news categories?

@[@"My Wordpress Page", @"WORDPRESS", @[@"www.site.com", @"page1"], @"mypage"],



vidal Purchased

Ok, the button border is ok.

I already changed the Global Tint of the storyboard. But the navbar it is still blue?


vidal Purchased

Thanks I found it somewhere else @ Front Navigator Controller Screen > Tab Bar Image Tint

Great to hear, best of luck building your app!

Can you please consider a swift version of this fantastic app.

We do plan to migrate to Swift somewhere in the future, but at this time we have not started development or have set any specific date for this.

can I set app to open certain domain links in Safari? I have my own website and then I want that external links from my website would open in new window. Now I see the only way is to set all links to open in new window. second question: how can I translate menu and the menu links? I tried to understand but it didn’t work. Thanks in advance.

The configuration file currently only supports 1 single language for configurations. We’ll be working into support multiple languages in the future.

For submitting your app’s localised information, please check Apple’s documentation on this: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/iTunesConnect_Guide/Chapters/DisplayInMoreLanguages.html

It’s a pity I can’t translate menu. I assume that menu is one of main localization elements and it should be included, at least that’s how I perceived it before buying: “Language localization support”. Where’s the point to translate strings if I can’t actually create content in different languages: create menu in local language and use it for webview.

about app store languages: “The list of languages displayed in the store under Languages is set in the app build.” I saw this in apple documentation already – I wonder where and how I should add this language configuration and at the same time keep the app in good shape. thanks.

I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed to find out the menu doesn’t support multi-language localisation. With “Language localization support” we meant to say that you can translate the app into any language (but not per definition multiple languages at the same time). I’ll check if I can improve this statement to clarify this.

Have you set your localisation both in your project settings as well as project info (info.plist)? http://stackoverflow.com/a/17887842/1683141

Does this app support Deep Links, Deep Linking, AppLink, Universal Links.

A how-to guide can be found here – http://blog.hokolinks.com/how-to-implement-apple-universal-links-on-ios-9/

Just curious, as this is something I would need. Does your app also support social login? Or a modal popup for webview social login?


We do not support Deep Links, Deep Linking, AppLink, Universal Links.

Social logins within your WebView should work, just as they would work in a mobile browser. However, native content providers don’t have any additional support integrated for social login.


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Hi, My Wordpress JetPack API output displays everything fine. However in my App the image of a webcam is not shown.

Why doesn’t it show img tags? everything is shown through the api except the img tag? Can you please tell me how I can show the image?

This image is in the Json <img class="\"aligncenter\"" src="\"http:\/\/\/mjpg\/video.mjpg\"" alt="\"Webcam" in="" tyreso="" width="\"640\"" height="\"480\"" />

There is unfortunately very little I can say about this, but that we simply display the HTML as passed by your api in the posts body.


vidal Purchased

Thanks, I’m using the official JetPack plugin which is supported by default in your Universal for iOS! I just send you an email and ticket.

Hi, Currently it is very tricky to upgrade app that has been customised. Do you have any suggestion how to go about upgrading?

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of upgrading is that you lose the customisations of older versions.

We always try to ensure that the upgrade process is as easy as possible, by trying to keep the configuration files (AppDelegate.h and Config.m) as consistent as possible.

The best way to upgrade is to completely start with a fresh copy from CodeCanyon, and applying the Config.m and AppDelegate.h configurations of your older versions to the new version.

HI, Since Wordpress has REST API built in now, how get use that instead of a plugin?

Hi! The following Article might be of help to you: https://sherdle.com/help/what-about-the-rest-api-build-in-wp-4-7/

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Hello, how to disable push notifications ?

By default, push notifications are disabled. If you do not want to use push notifications in your app, no further action is required.


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when i run the app in the simulator, appear push notification prompt, also when i uploaded the build to itunes, they told me that push notification in the build is active.

You could try removing the following code from AppDelegate.m:
- (void)application:(UIApplication*)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData*)deviceToken
    NSString *newToken = [deviceToken description];
    newToken = [newToken stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet characterSetWithCharactersInString:@"<>"]];
    newToken = [newToken stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@" " withString:@""];

    NSLog(@"My token is: %@", newToken);

- (void)application:(UIApplication*)application didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError:(NSError*)error
    NSLog(@"Failed to get token, error: %@", error);

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I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with this

hi sherdleapps,

have some presales question : 1. what programme used to edit this app ? 2. does appstore allows developer to publish webview apps ? thanks

I’m happy to answer your questions:
1) We used Xcode
2) The following FAQ might be of help: https://codecanyon.net/item/web2app-for-ios-quickest-featurerich-ios-webview/14994362/faqs/27706


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Hi, I am facing below error. Using google map sdk 2.2.0 Most of the frameworks do not have header files.(One signal framework, Google ads, Google Map) Please resolve the issue.


I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. It sounds like this could possible be the following issue: https://sherdle.com/help/import-is-not-found/#acpwd-352

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/

i had added multi tabs to display images from few users, but some of the tumblr username does not work and some work fine. keep loading no image displayed. any idea why??

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

If there are no images displaying for a certain Tumblr username, make sure that the user actually has images posted (text posts, embedded images, links, videos etc won’t work) and that these image posts are public and accessible. You should also find API Request URI’s in your log that you can use to validate this.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.