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Hello, is it possible to open the side menu with gesture (drag left to right) ?

Yes certainly, this behaviour is should even be enabled by default. However, this only applies on certain content providers (i.e. tumblr, maps & webview don’t support this).


jrbecart Purchased

I’m looking for this behaviour in the webview, why it’s not possible in the webview?

The touch gesture to open the menu would conflict with the touch gesture in the webview. (in developer terms: The WebView consumes the gesture)

hi sherdleapps,

have some presale questions :
  1. what is control center ?
  2. does it use your website to customize the app ?
  3. i am using wordpress self hosted, can it work with wp menu ?
  4. is it using WordPress REST API (Version 2)?
  5. what do you mean by “basic Support for WP Rest API” ?
  6. can i configure the drawer menu ? delete some menu, rearrange ?
  7. can i configure the tabs menu ? delete some menu, rearrange ?
  8. found problem with webView file upload support on android 4.4 and some android 6.0. it doesn’t work. have you ever experienced the same problem with any ios version ?
  9. search function for wp, also work with wp self hosted ?
  10. facebook, instagram and some kind of menu, how is it work ? using key, url, api or others ?
  11. i notice on wp menu, at the bottom : recent, theme, security, event. can i customize it ? what limitation can do and cannot do?
  12. for facebook, instagram, google+ etc. how user can interact? example : give like, share, and comment? login within this app or any other option?

thank you. amazing app you’ve made

Hi! To answer your questions:
1) This is where you can control media playback. I.e. pause / play a radio station.
2) No, it does not use our site. But we do offer a copy of our documentation online
3) No, not with the native content provider. But it will work with WebView.
4 & 5) We also support the REST API, but we recommend JetPack.
The REST API for instance does not support images / thumbnails and the JetPack API does.
6 & 7) You can do this in the Config.m file, all the steps to do this are documented.
8 ) No, this problem does not occur on IOS.
9) Yes
10) Yes, you need to enter ID’s and API tokens. This is all documented.
11) There are no limitations. The current setup is for sample purposes only. You can use any combination of tabs & menu items.
12) There are no options for interaction at this time.

hi, thank for your fast response.

i am using wp self hosted, everything I’ve posted (using post menu wp) will be display on wp menu (in the app)?

I’m not quite familiar what you mean with ‘menu wp’. If you’d like to use the menu as displayed on your site you can use WebView. If you use WebView, your site will look just as it looks in the mobile browser.

The Native Wordpress will look as seen in our demo app’s wordpress example.


is there any way how to change colour of text in menu?

And if there is not a way, can you please point me to some resource where can I learn how to change it by myself? At least I need to know what to look for.

I have already learned this in the Android version of app, but now need to have the same ability in iOS version.

This is really a must and I guess it should not be that hard to implement this option.

Thanks a lot.


My apologies for the late reply, I must have missed your message somehow.

On IOS, we currently do not offer an option to change the menu item color. If you’d like to change this color, you would need to open the reartableviewcontroller files of the sliding menu and change the definition of the label layouts in code manually.

No problem. I have already found it. It’s pretty easy to implement and it can also be configured in the config files just like theme accent color for example.

Okay, great to hear! Enjoy your app!


vannova Purchased


Why I can’t add multi Facebook fanpage into one feed?
  • [“Facebook”, "FACEBOOK", ["221317851322226", “231975130481351”]]

Hi! At this time, we only support 1 Facebook page/feed per menu item. If you’d like to show multiple Facebook pages inside your app, you can to add additional menu items for each page.


vannova Purchased

Thank you.

Hi, Overview screen like Android version is supported in iOs version?

Hi! No, overviews are currently not supported on IOS. But we’re working hard to bring more features of Universal for Android to IOS. Stay tuned!


vbctv Purchased

Is there a way to change the size of the icons on the sliding menu? They look very big and are bigger than the text. I’m using 100×100 size and have tried 50×50 also and no difference in size.

Hi! Try adding @2x or @3x to the end of your file name. I.e. change icon.png to icon@2x.png.


vbctv Purchased

I’ll go ahead and try that and let you know if it works. Will we ever get a Windows Universal app version of Universal?

At this time we don’t have a Windows Universal app version planned. But you might be able to use the Windows Bridge for IOS to port your app to Windows manually.

any new update soon? i m still waiting for the bugs fix.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Could you submit a ticket with the bugs you are having?

already bought android version do you have any discount to buy ios version

Due to CodeCanyon regulations, I can’t provide a discount on products or sell products outside of CodeCanyon.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions for you.


HTeitge Purchased

” [[UINavigationBar appearance] setBarTintColor:APP_THEME_COLOR]; ” error how to fix?

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. If you are having an error in this line, it is possible that you might have made a mistake changing the value for APP_THEME_COLOR in AppDelegate.h.

Try undoing any changes you’ve made to APP_THEME_COLOR in AppDelegate.h, or restore AppDelegate.h altogether to see if this resolves your issue.

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/


incafra Purchased

hi, Until a few days ago I was able to build all the project based upon your template but suddenly I’m not able to do anymore because XCode seems to not find the included Google Maps framework, I’m always getting the following error: ld framework not found GoogleMaps clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

In the past I was to solve that by removing and putting again that framework in the Link Binary With Libraries of Build Phases, but it does not function anymore.

This problem is affecting all the project, which all of them were compiled correctly at the time and now not anymore. The XCode version used are 8.3.2 and 8.3.3.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

First, make sure to download a fresh copy of the template and check if the problem persists, also read the following FAQ: https://sherdle.com/help/umbrella-header-googlemobileads-h-not-found-andor-could-not-build-module-googlemobileads/

Next, please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with a screenshot and full copy of the error log if the problem persists and I’ll look into it.

Finally, I’ll also update XCode and see if I can reproduce the problem myself.

Does this product support an audio player for usage with external XML playlists? I would like to retrieve an XML file and play the mp3’s on this application. Thanks!

Hi! To answer your question: At this time we don’t offer the option to retrieve audio from an XML playlist. Perhaps you can use an RSS feed with embedded html5 audio as an alternative?


tenkovr Purchased

OneSignal/OneSignal.h’ file not found

Hi! The follow KB Article can be of help: https://sherdle.com/help/onesignal-h-not-found/

tenkovr Purchased

There is no file in the project

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand your question.

Could you please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with more details about your issue and possible a screenshot of your issue?

hi I would like to make a purchase I wanted to know can I add the logo?

Yes definately, you can change the logo on the splash screen, the logo in the sliding menu (or disable the logo there altogether) and you can change the app icon. It’s all documented too.


colinwo Purchased

Hi, thanks for the app. 3 questions:

1) For some reason, the app is not pulling the date from my WordPress articles. It shows NULL. Any idea why?

2) Can I change fonts?

3) Can I change font color/sizes?



colinwo Purchased

That worked thanks. I would be willing to pay a bit more for some customized stuff. Would you be able?

Thank you for considering us for your custom job!

For freelances services, we have a dedicated department that can help you with your request. Send us an email at freelance@sherdle.com with the details of your job and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Make sure to include as much details about the job as possible (e.g. the template you are using, the customizations/changes you’d like in detail and, if you prefer, the details on the implementation of your changes) so we can help you better with your request.

If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know.


colinwo Purchased

I sent you an e-mail, thanks.

How to fetch better quality images from instagram, in instagramviewcontroller i see objectForKey:@”low_resolution”]. I would like to have images from tweeter,fb and instagram to be same width and only with IG images i’m having this problem

High, you can change the ‘low_resolution’ key to any key you’d like as you wish. All images for FB, Twitter & Instagram should be full width.