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xousef Purchased

I decided to stick to regular license I don’t want to make it complicated. but As you have said above you don’t need to setup anything in backend , well It looks like You have to install api plugin or json for the wordpress site !!! and I can’t access the site like I told you. Seems like now the template is worhless , Also I cannot put the youtube videos of a channel only playlist. Other then that the app crashes because there is something wrong with pinterest setup. The only thing that works is the rss , tumblr and radio. Dude even facebook and twitter are NOT working. I have done exactly what the documentation said. Seems like many people delete pinterest and delete many things they face. I also noticed that assest were not clearly put in a folder and the documention in the main first section has no images or videos. Even the documentation has no videos at least one video for the customers . the support I guess is the only article thats it no chat or online by email at least I guess its here maybe ? I’m a new swift developer and this still confusesing for me. I feel sorry for beginners. I think you should make this more simplfied and create a demo app ready in the xcode project so people can see what you made and able to change things easy by replacing them. Also I think you should comment on the json and editable files . Lastly I think you should run the project in your xcode and see the issues and the errors of the project. Like I said the crash happen at pinterest setup. Last thing if it keeps crashing with all things I try , as of courtesy policy I will contact envato support for refund

I’m sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

With Universal, we don’t offer a backend, but you can (optionally) connect to existing backends, like your Wordpress website if you’d like to show wordpress posts. Similarly, you if you would like to show Youtube videos, you will need to link to the Youtube API and enter a Youtube API key.

For all services and APIs, we provide instructions on how to setup and how to obtain an API key. If you have any problems with this, you can contact our support and we can help you.

With Universal for IOS, we don’t offer videos (as configuration is different for everyone, depending on your need). But instead, we provide instructions that you can follow depending on your needs.

If you have any problems, crashes, or any questions, please do support a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/ and we’ll assist you.

If there is a true bug or error in the project, that our support can’t solve for you, you are of course entitled to a refund per the Envato Refund Policy.


xousef Purchased

What do you mean we don’t offer any backend ?? seems like you don’t understand. Your project won’t work without backend api meaning if you have wordpress you have to have a PLUGIN or API on your wordpres other then that the app Won’t WORK !. But you said you don’t have to have a backend setup go back and check your comments mate.

Hi! I’m happy to extend on this. Please note that Universal doesn’t offer any backend: A backend isn’t included in your download, and there isn’t a ‘Universal branded’ backend to setup.

We do offer, a completely optional if you want it, an option to connect to an existing Wordpress blog, from this blog, you can then manage the posts that appear in Universal (if, and only if, you decide to use Universal with Wordpress). If you want to use Wordpress, you need an API plugin. We provide full instructions for this.

the app Won’t WORK
If you have any trouble using API plugins, please feel free to submit a ticket with us and I’d be happy to look into this for you.

kalak Purchased

Rejected by Apple Review Team: “We noticed that your app only includes links, images, or content aggregated from the Internet with limited or no native iOS functionality. We understand that this content may be curated from the web specifically for your users, but since it does not sufficiently differ from a mobile web browsing experience, it is not appropriate for the App Store.”. So it seems this is “waste of time and money”.


kalak Purchased

Yes I am trying to show offline file in my local file. But your KB don’t have this “offline” guide: https://sherdle.com/help/knowledge-base/universal-ios-knowledge-base/

Drag all the local files you would like to show in your app to the Local directory in XCode as shown in the image below. Make sure that any file you would like to load from the menu is in the root of the ‘Local’ directory.

After you’ve done this, you can use refer to these files in your Configuration file. If you would like to use the ‘index.html’ page of the example, simply add a WebView tab to your application and enter the value ‘index’ for the url parameter to load.


kalak Purchased

Thank you very much. Exactly what I was looking for. I hope adding some “local” pages will help to get the app to be accepted. Thanks again for the support!


xousef Purchased

hey I would like to add a sound effect when a tab is click with haptic feedback how can I do this with objective-c

Thank you for contacting us. You’re always free to extend and customize the template. However, please keep in mind these customizations are not covered by our support.

For more information about what’s included in our support, please visit CodeCanyon’s support policy: http://codecanyon.net/page/item_support_policy

Hello, I have some questions before I purchase this.

1. Will this App play audio in background, in other word, if I post an audio (html5 audio) in Wordpress, will this app be able to play the audio in background play mode, which means even the app goes in background, it will still play the audio in background in both iPhone and Android phone?

2. If I post some images in a post in WordPress, can users zoom in and out on each image?

3. is this app will work with BuddyPress plugin?

4. Instead of using Wordpress REST API, can this app display post or category list as it is, as we see the posts in web browser? (I don’t know how to call this, WebView, or something like iframe?)


Hi! To answer your questions: 1) For WebView we don’t support background audio playback. We do have a build in audio player for SoundCloud and Radio that support background playback. 2) We currently don’t offer a dedicated image viewer with zooming 3) The native WooCommerce provider won’t work with Buddypress, but you can use the WebView provider to show your Buddypress powered site. 4) Yes certainly, the use of the REST API is fully optional. You can definately use WebView (indeed, sort of like iFrame) to show your site just as in the browser.

Thanks for the quick answer. so then, do you support the background audio playback for Shoutcast?

The radio player supports most streams. I’ve also tested it with some shoutcast streams and I’ve them to be supported :)


xousef Purchased

Hey there, I follow your guide here https://sherdle.com/help/youtube-channel-id/ on how to add youtube channel, however, i’m not sure what do you mean by server key?

Getting the playlist ID of the uploads of a youtube channel You can request the Playlist ID of your channel (to show your uploads within the app) by executing the query below in your browser and retrieve the value for “uploads”.

https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=contentDetails&id=YOUR_CHANNEL_ID&key=YOUR_SERVER_KEY << what this?

I add twitter facebook and other social media all I get is ” No more items to load ” any help?

I’ve replied to your other comment. Please note that you don’t need to follow these


xousef Purchased

Please know that I have another issue with the template itself after a lot of research and trying things out I have come to conclusion that :

Blogs > works great!

Radio> works great!

Live Tv > works great!

RSS > works great!

Podcast > works with feeds.nature.com only

tumblr > works great

SoundCloud > Doesn’t work!

Twitter > Doesn’t work!

facebook>Doesn’t work!

nstagram >Doesn’t work!

youtube >Doesn’t work!

pinterest >Doesn’t work! = crashes Thread 1: signal SIGABRT

webview > works

categories > works

other WordPress > works

location > crashes Doesn’t work! Thread 1: signal SIGABRT

Thanks for your hardwork I know you work hard on this and you have so much customers , I hope you can also help me


xousef Purchased

I think i found the solution on the other page of docs , but the problem the docs is horrible it says “Now enter your own API key for YOUTUBE_CONTENT_KEY (between the quotes).” it did not mention what file should the user put the API key at?

brother, you should specify it’s the AppDelegate.h you would have saved me a long time.

also, the content page should be after configuration,

the Youtube API explanation is outdated. Google has changed the design of the APIs

if you guys want to hire me I can update it for you. Trust me you can make this more easy and friendly you have everything ready but it seems like you got stressed out on the documentation

Yes, all the services that didn’t work for you require an API key and if you didn’t enter one this will break your app. Make sure to read the ‘Configuring’ section of our documentation carefully, it should contain all information you need to know (first or second sentence should state that these edits are done in AppDelegate.h).

If you have any questions regarding setting up youtube, please feel free to leave a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/

Hi! Could you tell me please what I need to configure this template? A mac of course… What else? a software…??? Sorry for this stupid question but I have never used mobile app before…

Hi! You need Xcode, it’s free software that you can get in the app store. Rest assured that all information you need to setup your app will be provided by us in your documentation.

P.s. you don’t even need a mac. Some of our users use MacInCloud.com. If you’d like to publish to the app store, you do need an apple developer account.


xousef Purchased

Hi , Mike I want to work with you guys, do you guys hire sorry if this is too awkward

Hi! Great to hear you’d like to work with us! Unfortunately, I currently can’t afford more team members. Sorry, but best of luck with further jobs :)


congha86 Purchased

When I added my latest build for internal testing with TestFlight, I saw that it had a “Missing Compliance” status. How to overcome it? Thanks for the support !!

I’ve reviewed stack overflow and found the following resource that might be of help to your issue: https://stackoverflow.com/a/35842359/1683141


xousef Purchased

Hi, I can only see 10 items in RSS why is that ? the rss feed i have has more then 25+

If you are using an RSS feed in your app, for example of a blog or a news website, it might be that you notice that not all entries/articles are showing up in your app.

The most common cause for this is that an RSS feed can only contain a limited number of items, usually predefined by you RSS source. In most cases, an RSS feed will only contain 10-15 entires/articles. Universal will always displays all (valid) articles in an RSS feed, but we can only display the articles as included in your feed and no more.

Let’s say you have a blog, with 215 posts. And you enter the RSS feed of your blog into Universal and find that only 15 posts are showing. The the reason for this is that the RSS feed of your blog only contains 15 posts. You can verify this by taking the same RSS feed you have entered into Universal and enter it in an XML viewer/formatter and counting the valid entries inside.


xousef Purchased

Thanks for replying, So you mean I have to make new RSS by myself? I tried a lot of RSS for a lot of sites, it seems like its a bug in universal.

As in the post, Universal will always display all valid entries in an RSS feed. But the feed may show less items than you think (RSS is most times limited to 10-15 entries), there is unfortunately little that can be done about this.

I’m interested in purchasing this, I presently have the android version and am looking to expand to iOS as well, but it seems that this version does not offer the same functionality as the android one. Do you plan to update the iOS version with the same features? I’m mainly looking for the Woocommerce integration.

Hi! We are working on WooCommerce for Universal for IOS as we speak (though, I currently cannot provide you with an ETA). Almost all features of Universal for Android are already available on Universal for IOS.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any further quesitons.


This is a great and useful app. I have a request. I created a geojson to display the map in the app. It is working just fine. I want to use the same geojson in my wordpress website. Is there a way?

There might be plugins for this. A quick search yielded this hit: https://wordpress.org/plugins/geojson-maps/


Can you send me a example of an app in the app store with this theme. Also do links like share in whatsapp or open in snapchat work on this or will it be redirected to the webpage?


Hi! We don’t offer a demo app in the store. But you can see our video and browse our screenshots and videos to get an idea of the template!

The current version does will open links to whatsapp/snapchat inside the webview. But the next version will support you to define which links open outside the app (in development).

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

Hey there.

Was wondering with this template, can you have more that one sidebar? So you click on a page and it loads a completely different one?