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It doesn’t build. It has 2 errors.

Universal/Config.h:11:12: Unknown property attribute ‘class’

Universal/SlideMenu/TabNavigationController.m:61:77: No known class method for selector ‘config’

Please tell me if there is any solution to that.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Could you please submit a ticket with us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket? Please include a screenshot of the error, as well as the the version of Xcode you are using.

Hello guys, you make a great job with the application:) When comes out a new updates for ios 11?

The update for Universal for IOS is next on our list. However, I can’t give a timeline yet (as it depends on how much time is needed to prepare and review this update).


josemarq Purchased

Please, you can tell me what is the time for the remote configuration cache?. I mean when I update my json file in the server, how many time take for update the app menu?. Thanks.

Hi! We cache configurations for 24 hours.


ivpt Purchased

Any chances to build WordPress plugin for easy generating/pulling remote configuration for both iOS and Android app and to configure cache time in it?

Hi! At this time we don’t have any plans for this


musuko Purchased

The App is showing some thumbnails but not all of them, all posts have a feature image, please advice.

Hi! A featured image is different from an attachment. Make sure that your post has both a thumbnail set and a featured image (or that your post has attachment, available in the thumbnail size) so Universal has an image it can use as thumbnail.


Hello, is it ready for some offline content, like documents (pdf) or offile html files? “this question for both android and iOS” Thanks

Yes, with Universal for Android and IOS you can display offline html files in your app using WebView.

Hi, about radio section why not implements the cover art from iTunes? it will a very good app!!

Hi! At this time we do not yet provide album art for IOS. We do support this feature on Universal for Android.