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Is there any other way of code to embed the banner code? Because i use the link directory & toplist script from codecanyon on my site and i have added the lines in the head section and then added the embed code of the banner, but the banner becomes not visible.

Or is there a way to cancel the purchase and to refund me so that i can buy the wordpress banner manager plugin from you? Because the standalone script is useless for me and to difficult. I think the wordpress version will be much easier for me to use. And it would be stupid to buy the two because a script that is useless or too difficult for me to use, so i will uninstall it from my server and will not use it again. At least, it would be a good service from you to me, if you would refund me so that i can buy the wordpress version from you.

Ok thanks for the link. I have requested a refund through the link you sended and i hope i may receive a refund from this script on my account so that i can buy the wordpress version as soon as possible. Kindly regards, De Smedt Guy

the admins demo page comes with a 404 error

I replaced this link by new one. Probably I missed it somewhere. Please let me know where you found it.

I’ve update link on this page.

presale question, can i add payperclick link / script on banner ? tq

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is there a way to test with the Paypal Sandbox? Trying to test – and since we just cant approve or change a banner to paid status hard to test emails being sent etc…

On that note, is there a way to see pending new clients? or is it just they do not pay their account is not created?

1. Unfortunately, there is no PayPal Sandbox feature.

2. Banner is not visible in admin panel until user completed the payment.

Thanks, I ended up going with a different pay order form and will enter in manually.


I never had an issue in the past with your script but now that i’m re-installing it on a ssl domain/PHP 7 i get a blank page.

I have v2.66 still installed in a different folder on the same server and there no problems. But v2.67 shows a blank page.


Hi. Please extend your support period and provide url where I can see the problem. Also provide ftp access where script installed. I’ll check.

Hello my server has done a update PHP7 your script has to be converted to use mysqli functions not mysql can you i have white page can you tell me what I can do thank you!! best regards

Hi. Please download latest version. It works with mysqli.

I had already done the update!

I sent on my server your latest version ..

it’s the same I have a blank page! can you help me please!

URL please.

does ads resize to website size or it stays as it is? Thanks

Banners are resized to fit into parent container (where you inserted it).

Sounds good. Thank you

how to extend the time for a BAnner – i need here 30 Days for Price xx – but default and only is 10 Days ??? So is there a way to do it, like i need for times to show ? Kasi

Edit file inc/settings.php. It has parameter REFERENCE_PERIOD_DAYS


cozmir Purchased

I cannot get the ads to show on my website. I can see the admin panel and I am uploading the ads as I can see them on the server.


cozmir Purchased

http://wochamber.com/ Towards the bottom of the page you will see an ad, but I placed that in there below the embed code. So there should be two showing.

Need anything else?

On Settings page you set “Accept PayPal”, but didn’t set your PayPal ID. I unticked this checkbox. Now check your banner. ;-) http://wochamber.com/

cozmir Purchased

Thanks. I got that error, but had no clue that it would affect the ad. I appreciate your help.

Can this be installed on http://example.net and run on httpS://example.com website ? Thank you

No. Browser blocks all http resources when you open page through https.

Hi, question about Payza. I get price and all ok except: Button configuration is incorrect. Whoops! Looks like something isn’t quite right.

IPN Status Disabled xEnabled Enable IPN Version 2 xDisabled Enabled Allow Encrypted Payment Details (EPD) xDisabled Enabled Alert URL https://subdomain.domain.com/ipn.php?method=payza Transaction update notifications Disabled xEnabled

What can be wrong here?

Thank you

As well do I need to setup paypal IPN with some specific url or just keep it off?

Replied by email. ;-)

What about pornographic, gamble, etc. content security? The Banners are immediatly shown. Would be better to activate after Admin has reviewed and verified. The links could be forwarded to anywhere..

No problem with that. Plugin has approval mechanism.

Any updates and new features coming in the near future?

If so what kind of features and when?

Other question,

what is with the 10 day´s advertising you have the same in your wp plugin?

I mean it looks so stupid if you put the minimum on 1 month then it still shows the text, you can buy this ad for 10 days or more.

Nobody sells a ad for 10 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, but 10 days??

Why you do not make this that the owner can put himself the amount of days, weeks, months, that can not be so hard to code for you.

And then not a price by 10 days but by the day in the settings so it will calculate it self how much it is by the week etc etc etc…...

That is a job done in no time for a good Author or you did not code this your self?

Final question, why is this not working on php7., it is 2017 man almost everybody needs the speed and features of php7.?

Regards Levt

Thanks for your ideas. I’ll let you know later.

Presale question… Can I see the Statistics page for admins? I couldnt find its appearence in demo. Also the look of the email statistics template (I mean, how the statistics info containing email looks like)? Thanks.

Ok, thanx. I will check this out. Three more questions…

1.Is it possible to make the submission free? I live in Turkey and I am not sure these payment gateways will work here. The politicians have unfortunatly blocked Paypal and many many others here. So, if ever payment gateways dont work, I want to be still able to use this wonderful script…

2. Do you planify to integrate the Bank transfert payment option in the future?

3. Are there email templates ready to be send automaticcaly at different publish stages ? I mean like: before admin approval, after payment, after admin approval, etc.

One more thing :)

I also bought your other plugin Layered Popups and I adore it ! Thanks for all the scripts you design. It’s always a pleasure to use your plugins.

Take care and GLWS ;)

Hi. 1,2. Unfortunately, there are no such features and I don’t plan to integrate them at that moment. 3. You can set text for thanksgiving email, and for emails when banner approved or not approved by admin.

Ok, thanx a lot for the quick reply. I will think about it… Take care :)

Can you update coinbase api ?

Thanks for your request. I’ll learn more about coinbase when I have time.


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Is there anyway to place banner and count clicks/impressions without AJAX/JS for AMP compliant pages?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.