Discussion on UnGrabber – Content Protection for WordPress

Discussion on UnGrabber – Content Protection for WordPress

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You written amazing codes but there is trick which is still showing page source.

If I use chrome browser and click on url address then I do CLTR+U, it showing me page source.

Once you finish this bug then please release html version for pure HTML websites.

What browser do you use? can it be reproduced on our demo?

Chrome Version 106.0.5249.121

We will consider the issue in more detail and fix if necessary in the next update.

- Is the plugin DSGVO compliant ? - Is it compatible with their plugin “UnGrabber – Content Protection for WordPress” ? E.g. if you lock the text marking. But with this plugin would like to mark for text read aloud? or goes only one of the two?

Hello! The Ungrabber plugin allows you to leave the text selection function available, but at the same time blocks the copy function


D3xxter Purchased

Hello, If the ‘Text Selection’ option is disabled in the settings, but other functions are enabled, then for example in Chrome browser the user can select text, but cannot copy it, as it should work. However, in the dextop version of the Opera browser, as well as in all mobile browsers, this function does not work correctly, as when you highlight text in them buttons to copy the text appear. Can this be fixed in future updates? Otherwise a great plugin, thanks for making it.

Hello! The copy functions that are provided by Opera and iOS when the Text Selection option is enabled can not be regulated on our plugin side. That is, it can not be fixed because we can not influence this level of functionality. The best solution in this case would be to disable text selection.

Hi, I just intalled the plugin and i like it very much.

First, I hope you guys keep supporting and updating it.

Second, i have a small problem activating it. It keep saying “Not activated” even i did input the purchase code.

Hello! Please go to UnGrabber>Updates>press Clear cache and after that try to activate the plugin again via your purchase code. Otherwise, please provide your purchase code and site access details via to consider the issue.

Looking to buy this plugin, but AdGuard (The version you install on your mac – not browser based) – disables the plugin. Not sure if the browser version also disables the plugin. Will this ever be fixed?

Hello! The main purpose of the plugin is to work with the regular browser functions(blocking a right-click button, hotkeys, dev tools, etc). The plugin works fine with the AdGuard browser extension but is not provided to work with desktop extensions.

No worries, I’ll add this to my watch list and see if that’s ever added. The other popular content protector on codecanyon does block desktop ad blockers like adguard. I’ll keep using that plugin until this one is updated.

The plugin needs an update. Because it can be copied very easily. Firefox: Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy

Hello! I can’t reproduce the issues on our demo. Make sure all the necessary options for content protection are enabled and provide your site link via to consider the issue.

Hi again… Will this plugin stop scrapers and crawlers that steal content ? Or will this work only manual stealers… ?

Hello, the main purpose of the plugin is to work with the regular browser functions(blocking a right-click button, hotkeys, dev tools, etc) and it will not be able to prevent content parsing.

Thanks a lot dear author. The plugin looks amazing.

Hello, is it Adsense safe? Also… is it SEO safe? Thx.

Hello! We did not get any queries or complaints from our customer about Adsense compatibility. It is SEO safe as well.

Hello, are screenshots on the smartphone (iphone) also blocked?

Hello! The main purpose of the plugin is to work with the regular browser functions, it can not block screenshot feature on mobile.

I have a problem activating the license for multisite

Hello! Please go UnGrabber>Update and press Check Updates. Then try to activate the plugin again.

still the same

Please check the Status tab and make sure that all specifications meet the requirements. Otherwise, please contact us via and provide your site/staging copy admin access to consider the issue.


Two questions:

- Can this plugin disable Microsoft Edge native reader? It’s a increasingly popular browser and it could be a great feature.

- I was using your demo and when I opened developer tools, all content vanished and I could only see a blank page. Is this an extra protection feature or just an error?

Thanks in advance!


You are talking about the mode that opens when you press F9, if I understand correctly. Yes, we block hotkeys, then it remains possible to open the mode from the menu.

This is not a bug. The page is vanished when the developer tools window is opened.

Thanks for your fast answer!

- The thing is that Microsoft Edge shows a icon next to the web adress bar, so users can easily use reader mode to download images and copy text. Is there anyway to disable that button option hiding the HTML or vanishing the content?

- This feature is reaaaaaally cool, but there is one little problem: if you open developer tools trough browser corner menu, the content dissapears correctly. However, if you use “device emulation” option and change it to a mobile device, the content is visible again. Could you fix that?

Thanks again.

1. We’ll see what we can do. But most likely due to the fact that no scripts are loaded in read mode, this cannot be fixed.

2. Thank you for paying attention to this. We are investigating this problem.


does it work correctly with wordpress version 5.8?


Hello! Yes, the plugin is absolutely compatible with the WordPress 5.8.

does multisite support?

Hello, we have not encountered any problems related to multisite.

Why is there a white page after entering a website with an active plugin. This is what happens on an iphone, safari 14.1.1 with an M1 processor. How to fix it?

Hello! Try to disable the Windows blur and Tab change options

I have these options turned off and still not working.

We can’t reproduce the issue on our side. You can disable Developer Tools as well.

Sir, redirect page when user opens developer tools. Can I do this?

Hello! For now, this feature is not provided in the plugin but we can consider it as a custom service

I just found a way to copy text from the live preview lmaao. I have a Reader Mode extension on Chrome, and when I activate it, it puts the page in reader mode, and then allows me to copy the text. Maybe you should consider adding protection against such extensions as well

Hello! The main purpose of the plugin is to work with the regular browser functions as advertised in the description. We can’t check the compatibility with different extensions and adapt the plugin for them since they update often and add new ones. In any way, we have noted this and will consider the compatibility extension in the next update.

Black screen when access through incognito mode

Hello! Can you provide your site link to see the issue?

Hi, Is it possible to set allow copy but append copyright warning with article as short link or bitly link?

Hello! Please pay attention to the Appender plugin that suits your purpose better.

Sir, Is it possible to redirect page as soon as user tries to open developer tools.

Hello! For now, this feature is not provided in the plugin but we can consider it as a custom service

I mean it would be great if this feature will come in next update. :)

We are considering adding new features according to multiple customer requests or as custom services. As soon as we receive more requests from our users about such a redirect function, most likely it will be added to the next versions. Thank you for understanding :)

Thank you for choosing our products. Let us know if you have any questions.


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