Discussion on Advanced Charts Builder

Discussion on Advanced Charts Builder

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Plugin needs to be updated again, also some of the changelog bugs still exist.

Could you please create a support ticket at with addressing all bugs you are facing so i can fix it for you. Thanks

The link to the documentation is not working , is there any youtube video with infos about how the plugin works ?

Please create a support ticket at with new domain and purchase code i will migrate it for you. Also will check documentation link. Thx

I am trying to send you a message but the form does not work and the message is not sent to you, is there any other way to send you the message?


Email at i will also check what happened with support portal.


KingIB Purchased


You first unzip the file thèn inside there is another zip file which is actually plugin files. Or create a support ticket at to fix the issue

How can I change the font? I would like for the Artist to be above the song title instead of Artist – Song Title. Reason being, this script looks terrible on mobile devices because it cuts the information off on small screen.

NEXT: How do I like a song to a chart. For example, Song #1 for Week #1 needs to be song #5 on the chart for the following week.

Please help because the support documentation is very vague on this plugin. Thanks

For song position just go to individual song page add song position from 0 to any thing it will push the song position.

For now fonts if you have some knowledge then i will guide you to edit otherwise i will do it for you. I will make update soon for this to be handle from admin area.

Please create a support ticket at so more information or guide or help.



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Pre sale

Can you present the result of voting for a specific week or between days ? as a short code in a post to present previous week top 50 ?

Will you be able to create a vote based on top 50 from the previous week ? and listed in the same order based result of previous week or is it automatically created so only the short code needs to be updated to show the new voting options on the voting page.

Can you hide the result on the voting page ? so only admin can see the result in the admin area of Wordpress.

Can you limit how many votes per week or day by Ip address ?

Question 1# no Question 2# no Question 3# yes Question 4# one ip one vote in 24 hours

The link to the documentation is not working

I will update this today. Thanks for notifying me.


homme Purchased

Just purchased and documentation is incomplete

Hi, thanks for buying advanced charts builder. I will update documentation this week. If you face any issue then please create a support ticket at so your issue can be resolved.

HI, what is the best way to add signers and music creators information to each song? is it this option at this plugin or we need to create new post type and … ?

Thanks for your answer, i mean not just singer name.. we want to have an page for each singer like biography and…

the another question is, can we calculate the votes? for example i want to show best musics in last 2 months or best musics..

my proposal: add year, singer, arrangment and… to show vote chart results as: best of “singer name” on “year” best of “year” musics..

ok i will work on it.

Perfect! im wating for it!

Hi, my site is

I have more songs added to the charts in the backoffice however on the site only 2 are showing.

Can you guide me on what I might be missing here please?

It does not mention you purchase this item. Please provide license key to verify then i can able to look into this.

Purchase code: fc5577d0-b213-4f1c-941a-6e702ca56a1f

This purchase code is registered with rakishflycrew. Please create a support ticket at Thanks

Hi, I am using the Magazine Template and wanted to add a shop page. When I did so I lost the logo and other settings and the site became like a template again. How can I get back the previous settings and how can I do this again without losing data?

I am using Elementor.


Hi are you using my plugin advanced charts builder?

Hi, I would like to use the SHOP template to this page however I am using elementor. How can I do so? The instructions on the site only show WP bakery.


May be they have a block for shortcode?


A song in a chart is ranked first because it has the highest cumulative number of votes from an N number of weeks or because it has the highest number of votes accumulated in a respective week?


Does this plugin work with Elementor?



This plugin is standalone and is compatible with elementor plugin.

Its according to the most voted in a week.


Hello Can I insert in a Widget? That is, in the left or right part of my WordPress as the Chart of most played songs?

Hi, yes you can use as widget.thx

Is any update coming soon?

like what? do you facing any issue. Please email to for now because support website has malware attack and not working right now. we are trying to fix this asap.thx

hi, I am unable to edit my chart pages anymore and I am unable to create new ones. I keep getting the following errors “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

Please help

Hi, Could you please create a support ticket at so your issue can be resolved.thx

Hello a pre-sale question.

Does your plugin have the same functionalities as

Almost similar for more please check demo.thx

Hi. I have problem with displaying LWP – have try to contact via support and nobody respond since 2 weeks time.

Hi sorry for inconvenience, i will check it with the developer. Thx

My client bought this plugin but it’s causing an error.

Hi, what tyoe of error, could you please create a support ticket at so your issue can be solved. Thx

preorder question:

Hey, is it possible to open a new tab instead of a pop-up when someone clicks on the title or cover?

Right now its open as popup bit its a good suggestion i will implement this soon.thx

Information request – 1. Does this plugin also has the ability to close the voting after any given time? 2. Does this plugin has the ability to change colors to match my theme, instead of dark or bright only?

Hi Colors can be changed i can help you. Voting close option czn be added.


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