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for Design Quality

Great Affiliate Program, we love it and has made such a difference to our online e-commerce business.

for Feature Availability

Using UAP along with UMP and Buddypress. So far everythings tieing in well together.

Support has been great, with a bug fixed here and there for us.

Yet to fully test, but looking at its features and fantastic customisation options (just like UMP), i'm confident we'll grow with it.

We use the Member Plugin so this is the easyest way to affiliate with member win members.
but 1 star lost for not include translatet files. maybe like other plugins on github so everybody can help to translate in every language.
why after so much years is not evan one other language file in the paket? Every user must translate it ba himself. Grrrrrr

for Feature Availability

This plugin is more than what I paid for. I still have so many things to learn in terms of set up and functionality but no regrets, I am glad I found this plugin! I love it!

for Feature Availability

This script is worth more than $1,000 . It's versatile MLM script. which fits plenty of network marketing needs all at once.


Author response

Thanks for your feedback! May we know what set the script under 5 stars from your side? :)

for Customer Support

Do you want an easy to implement, feature rich and complete support affiliate system? Download UAP Now!

This is the most COMPLETE affiliate software out there Bar none!

From the feature rich offering to the VERY SUPPORTIVE staff. You will not regret buying this. Alex is so responsive to anything.

for Feature Availability

It's very good for sales, by follow with focus the steps in the hereunder link:


It's very good for who looking for MLM with sales.


for Feature Availability

1--- I rank it 3 star with respect to its over all capacity, strength, atttributes and many more things that should be associated with an application in todays world.
2--- But I rank it 5 star with respect to its price. In comparison to its price it is no doub great!!!
3--- documentation is very very poor. why? Because doesnot clearly produce the perception that the writer intends to produce in the mind of reader. reader has to struggle too much to under stand what writer wants to say. Example: if documents writer says the word 'AMOUNT" --- reader can not understand what amount? --- the amount that will be taken?, the amount that will be given? the amount that will awarded? the amount that will be used as calculation base? the amount that will be given as direct sponser bonus? the amount that will be given on getting a rank?, the amount that will charged give a rank as a fee? and much much more vagueness. The writer has to struggle too hard for many days to only find what does the word "amount" mean on various places and what are various attributes associated with this word ":amount" and what are various consequences of this word "amount. This happens on many many places in the provided documentations for various words or terminologies. Hence the developer should either provide comprehensive version of of documentation or the best is to provide video tutorial.
3--- if strong documentation or video trainings are provided, then I will better like to rank it as 5 star product in all ways but.

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