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for Design Quality

Everything you could possibly need and then some.

My only criticisms would be for the author to 1.) make changing the texts easier than having to edit the language files, and 2.) fix the performance best practices issues (e.g. adding Google Fonts via @import and the odd Fontawesome dependencies that don't allow one to dequeue the plugin's Fontawesome even when it is already being loaded by, say, one's theme).

Having a native English speaker comb-through the plugin's front end and back end to clean up the grammar, spelling and syntax would be great as well.

All-in-all worth every penny and saves us the $119/month we were spending on an externally-hosted solution.

Be well,

for Feature Availability

Lots of features I was looking for, all in one plugin. At last, I've found what I need.

for Other

I chose other because the customer service was superior, and the product is tremendous in terms of usability, appearance, and ease. I've tried other affiliate plugins in the past, and this is by far the best.

for Customizability

If this works perfectly with my Flatsome theme !! this might be the long carving plugin for our business.
Looks great allready.
I'll translate it in french, if you like to have the files just hit me up!! i'll contribute for free !!!
Thank you

for Customer Support

A powerful plugin with incredible functions. A complete plugin.
The support is incredible. I got help with every question I had.

for Feature Availability

I haven't tried other affiliate plugins but I did a research prior to my purchase. And now after using it for some time I'm happy I picked UAP. There are plenty of features so sometimes I struggled configuring them properly in which case support helped. Overall I'm very happy with the plugin.

for Customer Support

We have to fix the issue caused by the plugin on our own. After that, the plugin works well.
Tried to get help but the author tried to *backfire* and argue instead of trying to offer some help or at least ask about the issue.
- 5 stars for Feature Availability & Flexibility
- 4 stars for Bugs
- 1 star for the Support.

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