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for Customer Support

The worst support I've ever seen
Don't expect any help from the support team.
I have a problem in Arabic Url when I get from it referral link
And the plugin is too slow on my website


Author response

As the support team tried to explain to you, there is nothing wrong from UAP system side once you've wrong copy-pasted a such arabic url.

This is the way URL is altered during copy-paste process, and is not changed or alterered at all by UAP. UAP use exactly the url have been pasted there and nothing else.

That's is clearly visible into one of your screenshots:

Otherwise, despite of your complain you still use the product on your website and you didn't refund it.

for Bugs

Although plugin works only fine when you operate it as an admin user. But for other users, it results in the redirection.
We were offered a refund option by the author, but we opened to work with author in order to correct any plugin issues.

for Customer Support

So I purchased this platform and absolutely love the flexibility and features this brings to my Wordpress store; HOWEVER, the support is absolutely TERRIBLE!!!! Don't expect any help from the support team when opening a service ticket. They will simply direct you to the lacking knowledge base.

I've began experiencing issues where orders (and subscription orders) are being linked to the wrong affiliate. Also the conversion data is incorrect. No support at ALL from the development team.

for Feature Availability

Its very nice Plugin but i hope they can optimized the code