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Uhelp - Helpdesk Support Ticketing System

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Uhelp – Helpdesk Laravel Support Ticketing System.

The UHelp is best support system for a customers support and management solutions laravel application solution. That keeps track of customers’ requests and solves the issues of customers based on issue type, priority, and category. It allows customers to receive service as quickly as possible while keeping track of their requests. With the UHelp-Support Desk, you can provide a uniform support experience to your customers.

Laravel Installer

The Uhelp ticket management system can be installed using the easy-to-use, step-by-step laravel wizard installer. It does not require any programming knowledge. You can follow the documentation and install it.

Extremely Secured

When it comes to security, UHelp helpdesk application allows you to whitelist or blacklist countries from accessing the application. It also protects against DOS attacks and also prevent CSRF attacks

Clean UI

This Help looking helpdesk admin dashboard UI Design More professional and Clean. This Helpdesk available three main dashboards designs included.

RTL Layout With Arabic Language change

RTL-compatible: Convert into right-to-left (RTL) layout with just one click. The whole application will be converted into RTL and also change the language to Arabic.

Report Analysis

Monitor all your employees’ activities and analyse their performance with the rating provided by the customers. And improve customer service. And also monitor the total count of all types of tickets and customers.

Team Work Using Groups

Build the teams using the Group feature. Employees can be included in groups. And then assign those groups to categories. You can give better service to your customers by keeping a proper flow of tickets using groups.

Envato Authors

UHelp is best choice forever this is best support system for envato authors. Because we have included license varification manually and verification in ticket submition usefull features for envato authors.

Non Envato Authors

Also This is best support system for non Envato authors best choice. Because You can simply turnoff > General Setting > Envato On / Off. Then you can use multipurpose use.

Does the Uhelp application require a license?

Yes, the Uhelp application requires a license. Basically, the application works based on a license. After purchasing the Uhelp application, if you have any queries or issues related to it, our support team will assist you only after verifying your valid software instalation license.

Advanced Features of the Uhelp Application

• Roles Management
• Envato Support System
• Knowledge
• Groups
• Projects
• Security
• Login as Customer
• Custom CSS & JS
• External Chat
• Captcha
• File Import
• Multiple Delete
• Admin Note
• Google Analytics
• IP Address
• Force SSL
• Admin Note
• Social Logins
• File Uploads management
• Automation Functions
• Send Custom Notifications
• Announcement
• Articles
• Email Templates
• LTR to RTL
• Custom Pages
• Under maintenance
• User Rating
• Report
• Auto Reload
• Infinity Scrolling


You need to must have sufficient expertise to use the item. Free installation support is not available..As per Support policy Installation & Update Support not included. For one time installation or update charges $80.


For security reasons, we are not managing any application reset license anymore. So we do not have a license reset option.

We advise you to go for a refund for the present application. After approval of the refund, you can purchase a new one to activate with a new purchase code.

Refund request link:

Please keep in mind that the application can only be installed once. You cannot install this application on multiple domains using the same purchase code.

Instalation Video

Demo Credentinals
Admin Dashboard:
Email :
Password: 123456789

Agent Dashboard:
This application is based on roles, so you can create a custom role, e.g., manager, team leader, etc. For demo purposes, we have created an agent role.
Email :
Password: 123456789

Customer Dashboard:
Email :
Password: 123456789

Files Included

• JS

Php Software Version = 8 or above 8 (Used in the application 8.0.2). The application does not support below 8 php version

Version V.3.0 - Update  03rd- February-2023. 
Updates : 
1. OTP-based guest email verification.
2. The names of employees working on a ticket will be visible to other employees.
3. Announcements with a customizable first day of the week.
4. A new section "Assign Activity" is added in ticket information page where complete "Ticket-Timeline" or "Ticket-History" is available.
5. Added only Social Logins page.
6. Rating Page for users after the ticket is closed.
7. Reset Employee Passwords in the Admin Panel.
8. The application's maintenance mode has been updated. 
9. "Customer Login" and "Customer Registration" Enable/Disable Toggle has been added to the Admin Panel.
10. Notification sound on every notification for admin panel users and customers.
11. Employees will now get e-mails regarding each ticket.
12. Create Canned Responses for faster replies with dynamic variables.
13. Multiple Super Admins can now be created.
14. Designating different dashboards for various employees.
15. Employees can now "Self assign" a ticket.
16. Assign a single ticket to multiple employees.
17. Send an email and notification the administrator and employee when a ticket is assigned, closed, overdue, or on hold.
18. Added a print-ticket option to the customer panel and export as a pdf.
19. No access to the application using a fake e-mail(Spam email security improved).
20. Suspended tickets go into disabled mode until they are un-suspended.
21. The "Trashed Tickets" menu is added to the admin panel with auto delete.
22. Ticket-To-Article conversion feature added to employees' and admin panel.
23. Added a Clear Cache button to the Admin Dashboard. 
24. Custom fields have been added to the create ticket and registration pages.
25. Live notifications for Admin, Employees, & Customers.
26. CC option for tickets while creating tickets.
27. Deleting inactive customers after a fixed time-period(by admin).
28. Assigned tickets or self-assigned tickets are not accessible by other employees.
29. Captcha enabled admin login has been added. 
30. Departments menu added to the admin dashboard.
31. Importing Customers' List to the Application
32. The application includes an in-built language converter with LTR and RTL converter. 
33. Business Hours or Support Hours is now displayed on customer panel.
34. Updated reports page with two new charts(Ticket priority chart, Knowledge-Base chart) and added Ratings for Employees. 
35. Admin can delete employee ratings given by customer. 
36. Time on admin dashboard will change dynamically now. 
37. Limited Characters in "Ticket Title" in "Create Ticket".
38. Support-Team Name Privacy.
39. Skip rating page link for customers if needed.
40. Summer note text in the ticket reply page will be saved until replied.
41. Announcement can now be added only on specific day/days of the week.
42. Admin can decide to whom they want to show the announcement (registered, non-registered, and all users). 
43. Added purchase code encryption (Envato only).
44. Users with the role Super admin can edit recent replies of other employees.
45. Ticket attachments now have a new view & with view & download buttons.
46. Article views count can be hidden.
47. Now Admin can restrict customers from creating multiple tickets.
48. Admins can restrict their customers from replying to ticket continuously.
49. An email will be sent to super admin when a note is added to the ticket.
50. Added all the Envato settings under Envato menu.
51. Files uploaded while creating a ticket or in ticket conversation have a default view, with view and download buttons.
52. Added customer ticket delete permission in ticket settings.
53. Side-menu to Icon-Side-Menu toggle has been added to the Admin Panel
54. Added Domain list to security settings in admin panel to block or allow specific domain emails.
55. Documentation is updated.


56. Customer Ticket URL is protected.
57. Guest Ticket URL is protected.
58. Tickets' attachments are also protected.
59. Localhost installation is blocked.


60. "Feature Box" in "Landing Page Settings" has a new feature of including a URL to the feature box.
61. The ability to auto-generate passwords in the profile settings page for both the Employee and user panels has been added.
62. The Category Delete option is added. A category can now be deleted.
63. The Delete-Group option is added in the groups list. The specific group can now be deleted.
64. The Cookie image is added (the Cookie notice is implemented with the image).
65. Answered tickets gets a background colour of green in the Admin and Customer panels respectively. Un-answered tickets are as usual with the default theme background.
66. Implemented "Country" list in the customer profile section.
67. "Time Zone" List implemented in the Customer Profile Section.
68. "Notification" delete feature is added in the Notifications section.
69. The UI on the Login, Register, and Forgot Password pages has been updated. The Captcha UI was also updated.
70. A new page(All-Notifications) is designed for customers to see all their notifications, just like admins and employees.
71. The user interface on the All-Notifications page has been updated. Day-wise notification grouping is also implemented. The status of the tickets is also visible in the All-Notifications page. The manual filter option is also added to fetch the ticket based on status, and manual search is also integrated.
72. FAQs with "Group Title" are implemented.
73. "Delete-ticket" button added to the Ticket-Information page.
74. Customers can delete their profiles themselves. The Admin controls whether or not customers can delete their profiles.
75. If the guest closes the ticket window/tab (in progress/closed/on-hold), to get access to that ticket again, the guest requires an OTP to unlock the ticket page(same guest). Guest OTP Authentication is implemented to view the ticket.
76. UI in the Create Role & Permissions page is changed completely. Permissions are grouped based on the parent menu.
77. In edit employee details, if role selected is super admin, by default Admin Dashboard will be selected.
78. When the category is changed from the ticket view page, a mail is sent to the group members assigned to that category.
79. Updated date and time format in ticket conversations for admin panel users only.
80. Blocked installation on local machines. Now you cannot use application on localhost.
81. The application will now work with and without www.
82. Added a bunch of new permissions in the roles and permissions page.
83. Announcement UI on the landing, login and register pages is updated.
84. Minor changes in the Captcha Settings page.
85. Ticket notes added by any employee can be deleted by the Super admin.
86. Captcha settings page is updated.
87. Minor UI fixes.
88. Minor bug fixes.
Version V.1.2.2 - Update  10th-August-2022. 
Updates : 
1. IMPORTANT UPDATE : A few files were updated in order to improve the security of our "Uhelp" application.
Version V.1.2.1 - Update  29th-April-2022. 
Updates : 
1. Update: On the Email to tickets page, IMAP Password field updated. Visible to hidden format. 
2. Update: On the Email setting page, Mail Password field updated. Visible to hidden format. 
3. Update: On General Setting page, Select time format is updated.
4. Update: Language dropdown style updated.
5. Gender field is removed.
6. Minor bugs are fixed.
7. Added: Two more language is added (vietnamese and czech).
Version V.1.2 - Update  27th-April-2022. 
Updates : 

1. Added: A new menu "Categories" with two sub-menus, "category" and "subcategory", are added in the Admin Panel (New Feature).
2. Added: A New "Create Page" Button is added in" Pages" page.
3. Added: A New "Delete icon" Button is added in" Pages" page.
4. Added: A New Section added in "General Setting" terms of service custom "Page URL" .
5. Added: A New Section added in "General Setting" custom "Global Date & Time" format.
6. Added: A new function is added named "Envato Expired On".
7. Added: A new function is added named "Purchase code enable to agent".
8. Added: A new function is added named "Default Login".
9. Updated: In "Admin Panel/App Setting/Social Logins & Secruity Setting"  design view is updated.
10. Implemented: In Category Page is implemented in modalpopup
11. Implemented: Guest Ticket is implemented, when guestuser to create a ticket it will send a otp to request email
12. Updated: The article url is changed to seo-friendly.
13. Updated: The category url is changed to seo-friendly.
14. Added: The "Max File Upload" option has been added to the ticket settings page.
15. Added: Five more languages is added to the language list.
16. Added: One more email template is added to the email template page with the name "Guest Verification".
17. Added: On the category list page, one more column is added to the table list.
18. Added: On the sticky, a ticket for guest viewing was applied.
19. Added: On the sticky, a ticket for Customer viewing was applied.
20. Added: On the customer panel in the ticket view page, Added a new button named "Create Ticket." 
21. Added: Create a ticket-related page and add article page. Your data will be stored locally.
22. Updated: Documentation
23. Fixed: Minor UI Issues Fixed
Version V.1 - Update  18th-March-2022. 
Updates : 
1. Added: A new menu "Envato" with two sub-menus, "Envato API Token" and "Envato License Verification", are added in the Admin Panel (New Feature).
2. Added: A new menu "App Info" with a sub-menu "App Purchase Code" has been added in the Admin Panel (New Feature).
3. Added: Added Canned Responses in the Admin Panel (New Feature).
4. Added: A New "Envato Api Assign" Button is added in" Category List" page.
5. Added: On the "Ticket View" page of the Customer Panel, Added a "solved" radio button feature (New Feature).
6. Added: Added a "Private Mode" radio check box in the Admin Panel/knowledge/Articles, "New Article" and "Edit Article" pages (New Feature).
7. Added: Added "Private Mode" radio check box and "Status" switch in Admin Panel/Landing Page Settings/FAQ's, "Add New FAQ" and "Edit FAQ" pop-up pages (New Feature).
8. Added: Eight ( more language are added : Danish, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish
9. Updated: In Admin Panel/App Setting/General Setting, the "App Title & Logos" section design view is updated.
10. Updated: Documentation
11. Fixed: Group List bug in Admin Panel/Groups
12. Fixed: Minor UI Issues Fixed


SOURCES : All images are just used for DEMO Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

How do I get Support ? :

We have an expert team to provide you with the best support whenever needed on business working days. We are also trying to assist non-technical support on the remaining days. Our Company’s technical support team will provide fast and reliable support assistance within response time or sooner.

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