Trigons - Create and Animate Abstract SVG Images

Trigons - Create and Animate Abstract SVG Images

Trigons is a flexible JS script which lets you create modern and stylish abstract SVG images with optional animations

Trigons script is coded as plugin for d3.js library ( and it uses d3’s build-in method of Delaunay triangulation for creating colored and animated abstract images. No jQuery needed.

Script includes seven (7) methods for creating and animating SVG images and also for cross browser converting these images to PNG ones or use them as ‘background-image’ for elements in your HTML documents.

Please get familiar with the features and explore Trigons demo site for more info.

Main features:

  • The exclusive feature of Trigons images, that they can be animated with 30 built-in effects.
  • Created Trigons SVG images can be responsive.
  • Retina perfect
  • Flexible and powerful settings
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • Any color, any size
  • Clean bright or flat colors or gradients
  • Build-in Color Palette Generator
  • Convert to PNG
  • Use it as “background-image”
  • Dynamic add, update, animate and convert with 7 JavaScript methods
  • Click, Hover and “Viewport” events
  • Separate “In” and “Out” Animations
  • “Force” Animation Methods
  • Use it via JavaScript and/or via HTML5 data attributes
  • Free Support and Updates


  • d3.js lib v3 and up (jQuery not needed)
  • Canvg.js if you want to convert to PNG
  • Read the documentation :)

Important Note:

Trigons script is not a slider, it creates and animates abstract SVG images. You can use these images in sliders without their special animations as usual like any other HTML content. But for using build-in animation effects, your slider must have an API which lets you call Trigons methods when your slides are changed. Or you need to change JS code of your slider by yourself to be able to use the Trigons animations methods.

For example, on my demo site in the intro section at the top the “jquery.superslides.js” is used with extended functionality to produce the animations you can see.


You need to purchase a regular or an extended license of Trigons script for every web project.

Special Thanks:

Change log:

2014, June, 12 - v1.0 - initial release