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Thank you! I try to do my best.

This is pretty neat, could be a great tool for ThemeForest Authors who are going to launch “Creative” Templates, as backgrounds won’t be an issue and they can be easily generated in seconds ? I can just guess.

Yes, it’s awesome !

Good luck with the sales :) !

Thank you!

And yes it’s flexible and not hard to generate Trigons.

I think I can get you a really good “sale” line, maybe I am not right, but these could actually BE, images that can be “given” in the “client-package” after somebody buys a theme or template on themeforest, and this could be an really elegant solution to do so.

Again, really awesome images, I check this one daily :) I love it

Thank you again! Very glad that you like it.

Just an FYI, the antivirus NOD32 pops up as soon as I visit your product page (here at codecanyon) for this product.

Notes that livicons.com is infected. Not sure if false positive, but thought I’d give you the heads up.

Thank you, this is a mistake. Just tested with various services, all are clean.

I think NOD32 make some warning due to shared IP which is delegated to my site by hosting provider.

Hi. Just purchased, looks awesome.

I can’t get the animations to work when using the JavaScript version as a background.

Something like this:

<div class="wrapper">
    <div id="my_trigons"></div>
    <div class="above_content">
        <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</p>
.wrapper {
  positions: relative;
#my_trigons {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  z-index: -1;
.above_content {
  ... styles for your above content ...

You might need additional styles due to your real HTML markup.

Hope this will help.

Ok. That works. Thanks.

You are welcome.

Hi, How can I destroy the initialization of plugin from a div and reinitialise the plugin to another one?


To destroy just use d3.js method .remove();

After purchasing please look at the documentation for all methods for creating, animating and converting of Trigons in any HTML container.

Thanks for the interest.

Awesome. I want a project I can use this on. Favorited.

Thank you!

Hi, is there a chance you could provide the code needed to create the non-click animation effect? Like your slider demo: http://trigons.net

I want to achieve this look on a responsive DIV.


No, I don’t think that I can provide any ready to use code, it’s a complex and custom task.

If you want “non-click” effect you need any other JS event (in case of my demo site this event is slide change) and trigger within it the methods .trigonsAnimOut() and .trigonsAnimIn()

Good luck!

would be awesome as a page transition set in WP. Holy WOW! that would be cool.

Thank you!

Could make an elegant website due to this support.. Its really innovative and catchy..

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and credit goes to trigons..

Good work done..

Thank you! Good luck with your project.

Definitely on my short list. Major props for beautiful product presentation and advertising copy that is correctly spelled and correctly punctuated. Worthy of being featured, for certain.

Thank you very much!

How can I make whole DIV section animated (integrated with icon)? Like in your “Promo 1 example” here http://livicons.com/#features

In your example you do not have to touch icon to animate it.

I see that you post your comment for a wrong item.

In general you need to use ‘onparent’ option. If you have more questions about LivIcons please email me from the LivIcons support tab.

Ok sorry my fault :(

Thank you.