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please can u tell me if i can use the file without coding skils and also i would like to use it on a sub domain of my website and my website is on a shared server.

Yes you can use it without coding skills and it can use in sub domains

will it all work on shared server ? as it seems you are saying it not going to work on shared server

it will work all servers

Hi Justlabtech, Kindly help me to set up the mailer. I want users to get passwords in their emails when they forget. I also need them to be notified when profiles are created. my email is waluvengo@gmail.com

WHEN USERS PRESS CALL THEY GET Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

it will work if you install properly with all dependencies


I purchased your JL Token Queue Management script and it is been working fine. Thank you for the great work!

However, we see the following message that pops up everyday: DataTables warning: table id=call-table – Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/1

Can you please help fix it? Also, how do you set the Today’s Queue to show 100 by default?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

hi am intrested in the script Questions 1. can i change language to Swahili/East African Language 2.Is it possible for me to be able to add a picture of the doctor that the patient is going to see on the display screen 3.I dint see where the staff after attending a client it shows the clients has been finished attending .

Can I have Haitian creole for the speaking?, just need 2 language, french and Haitian creole

Haitian creole voice is not available

I solved this problem but now I have another problem:

I need urgent help. I purchased on CodeCanyon your software. I did the install but when I press “Call next”, the display does not refresh automatically , but just doing it manually. Also I would need some changes. Thank you

- Messaggio inoltrato da sc@mediasistemi.pro - Data: Fri, 14 Apr 2017 19:35:19 +0000 Da: sc@mediasistemi.pro Oggetto: Help please A: support@justlabtech.com

Help me please:

DataTables warning: table id=call-table – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7

Thanks Sandro

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— Sandro Casponi Mediasistemi Project manager

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I need urgent help. I purchased on CodeCanyon your software. I did the install but when I press “Call next”, the display does not refresh automatically , but just doing it manually. Also I would need some changes. Important: I have installed your script in raspberrypi 3. Thanks

it will work perfectly,if you install clearly. Did you tried in normal pc


wahono Purchased

I need uncompressed plugins.min.js, you don’t include it in distribution. I want to call fullscreen automatically when window loaded


you can UNMINIFY plugins.min.js by using any online unminify tools


When I try in your example in http://tokenq.justlabtech.com/queue I just see “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” , when click in the button to print.

I’m trying to understand which printers and browsers are compatible, but I can not find any information. Also, the printing technique used is not being informed so I can better research and understand the limitations. Can you help me understand the compatibility issues?


Please check now.we resolved above issue.

It will work with all thermal printers and most of the browsers like chrome,firefox etc. Chrome is recommended

In my case, i have my server in cloud. Can I use a local printer?

yes .you can use it with local printer by using chrome kiosk mode or universal printer extension for firefox


TTarek Purchased

Can you please introduce an update whereby an attendant can transfer the ticket to the next desk when needed (add a button and pull down menu probably)

please send your requirements to support@justlabtech.com

Hi. On a call display call frame is posible have a butons like Click one department to Issue Token to call customers by one click?

yes .it will possible through customization

hey, i have a question , can i use the display on an android tablet, i tried it with my phone but it produces no sounds ? is there a solution for this one, also do you do custom edits?

ok i’ll send them but can u please answer the first question , also sir is there a way to link a user profile with a specific “service counter”

also sir, these voices are google translate voices right ? is it programmed through a certified api or the unofficial api ?


No voice on mobile or tablet .

voice is taken from responsive voice (https://responsivevoice.org/).

user cant be assigned to a counter; customization needed.

Thank you

Hey Sir, .. I’m Interested To Buy Your Product, But There’s A Something Is Wrong In Your Script When I Apply French Language As Default , It Can’t Refrech Automatically, No Sounds And No Female Voice , But The Others Languages Are Working Fine , It Can Fix That ?


We will fix it and update. Thank you for notifying us

I see you use Responsivevoice for the read out, I assume that is the free version and is limited, I want to know If I pay for the full version and only need English/French, will you help to install it?will I need a Domain?and as I see the Demo, can you disable certain action for the staff like unable to change the Scrolling Text and remove the “Click one department to Issue Token” Tab and the Links Tab


Please contact us at support@justlabtech.com

Thank you

muy buen día saludos cordiales… mi pregunta seria. ¿sera posible que el usuario elija el departamento luego le salga para colocar nombre y de esa manera sea llamado por numero y nombre????... gracias y agradeciendo pronta respuesta

Please send the details in english

Very good day Best regards … my QUESTION would be serious. Will it be possible for the user to select the department THEN EXIT him to place Name and from THAT Way will be Called by number and name ???? Thank you and thanking you.

Please send your question clearly to support@justlabtech.com

Hello, Pre-sale Questions 1) How can i include the Albanian Language 2) Can i Remove the Powered by Justlab Technologies in the footer or replace it by my own? 3) I have different businesses so ill plan on installing this in different sub domains is that a problem or not? Thank You


Please contact us at support@justlabtech.com

Thank you

Hi you can change default language from Settings Menu

Thank you

Hi, Sir i like to purchase this script, 1. i want to announce at a time Hindi,English And Telugu Language 2. Scrolling under token display Customize please send solutions as early as possible send me your skype i’d Thank you Sanjeeva Reddy +919347333331

Please send your requirements to support@justlabtech.com

pre-sale question can forward tokens to multiple screen example counter 1 will be called by screen 1 only and counter 2 will be byt screen 2 …?