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rowneyo Purchased

Hello. I have managed to install the system and it works perfectly. My question is, is there a way to reduce the ticket sizes? Please assist.

You have to edit the file resources/views/display/index.blade.php

Hi justlabtech, if I have bought it, do you include socket.io in the script that i can download?

we mailed


I had a few issues:

1. After “Start” number is updated at Department, it is still continuing issuing queue ticket with previous “Start” number. It is same on your Demo Site.

2. Department is not able to delete. It just keep saying “Something went wrong”

I’m using version 2.1.1. How to solves these?

Please send your issues to support@justlabtech.com


sdadar Purchased

Dear JL Token Support Team,

We recently purchased JL Token system and have installed it successfully. We have a simple question to ask regarding the use of the system, is it possible for a token to be transferred to another department? If so is this a configuration setting or customization?




sdadar Purchased

JL Token Support Team, I have seen your response on email, please let me know the cost and delivery time of the customization. Regards,

We will reply on email

Hi Sir, Announce Telugu, Hindi And English at a time It’s possible or not Sanjeeva Reddy +919347333331

Hi its not possible telugu. but possible Hindi and english at a time

Thank you

ok in disply scree scrolling customize as for admin

please send your query to support@justlabtech.com


vohra26 Purchased

Hi after installation completed i have got this error

Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: Directory name must not be empty. in C:\XAMPPP\htdocs\queue\vendor\symfony\finder\Iterator\RecursiveDirectoryIterator.php:54 Stack trace: #0

Please help asap. Thanks

i have sent an email with a few queries. Please reply asap

We mailed the details

Hello, I’m hamed ekra IT project manager. We have purchased your platform for queue management system and we will like to add other statistical module and new type of user account. Can you help us with that? If so, then I leave you my email address: ekra@gblgroupe.com Thanks to contact me.

Please check your mail. Thank you

Hello, i’m interested in buying this script, but the Arabic languages looking not good, also it should supported RTL for Arabic language, is this possible or you can let us know how we could do this from our end ?

You can change the language files from resources/lang/

If you want RTL for Arabic, please mail us at support@justlabtech.com

I try yor demo. Is a nice software but I tink ” call next module is a little bit longer. I mean. If on add users I can define department and counter for the user, when He login for make a new Call, system Can associate it and directly he can click on click next button without select everytime user departments and counter. Is possibile to do it?

hi, i can’t login with username admin:admin or staff:staff123, is this application support Indonesian Language? thanks

we checked login credentials.there is no problem in credentials

just before I buy, where do i get the hardware compatible with this software?

Good day dear To be brief, I had to create this account to be able to make a query regarding the software, who could support me ?. We bought the software a month ago we made aesthetic changes of color, signatures and logos but when uploading the project to the cloud shows an error, this error is shown both the original and the custom. Can they support us? This message appears: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

We mailed the details

is it possible to change the display views like department name – counter number – current token if possible can you send me the codes thanks

Please provide your purchase code

Hello how to solve this problem,

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘RuntimeException’ with message ‘Directory name must not be empty.’ in C:\wamp64\www\queue\vendor\symfony\finder\Iterator\RecursiveDirectoryIterator.php on line 54

Please provide your purchase code

can i add 10 counter to display screen at a same time

Please provide your purchase code to support@justlabtech.com

Hi admin,is the demo the same as what we will be purchasing? Does this plugin support digital signage playback alongside while displaying real time queue number ? Are there any specific hardware requirement to host the software? Appreciate if you could help me answer these questions.

Yes You will get same when you purchase.You can use any kind of thermal printer with windows OS