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ndayala Purchased

how much do you charge for customization. also please what printers would you recommend. thanks

Please send your customization requirement to support@justlabtech.com It will work with all thermal printers

I have purchased JLTOCKEN . I have installed it in a RaspberryPi ad it work great. I need to day To know if is possible click “CALL NEXT” from command line. I pay for this information. Thanks Sandro

Yes it possible.please send your requirements to support@justlabtech.com

Hello, I would like to deploy this to heroku. How can I do this ?


Please check your mail

hello i am try install but i have this message : Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Please make sure you follow the instructions in documentation

i am sure for follow the instructions in documentation still problem ? :(

Please check your mail

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Please make sure you follow the instructions in documentation.

If you want RTL for Arabic, please mail us at support@justlabtech.com

i am sure for follow the instructions in documentation still problem ? i am still wating :( :(:(:(

Please check your mail

how can i use the token generation printing using android tablet?

apakah ada suara nya di system antriannya ketika memanggil ?

Please explain your doubt in english

is there a sound in his queue system when calling?

Yes there is. You can check it in the demo.


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Hi Please send your issue to support@justlabtech.com

is it possible, if translate to indonesian language?

Yes it is possible.

i get this error when i trying install it

Ooops… Error 404 We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist.


datakraf Purchased


Is there any voice for Malaysia Language?