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I am interested in purchasing this plugin but I have one pre-sale question. Currently on your demo site – http://quanticalabs.com/script/timetable-responsive-schedule-for-wordpress/7010836

My client would like ALL the classes to have a popup on hover like your currently do on your demo for “Open Gym”. Is it possible to have that popup on hover on ALL classes?

Hi navindesigns, yes, it is possible to have it on all classes.

I received this great plugin as part of my theme, Dance Studio (http://cmsmasters.net/project/dance-studio-wordpress-theme)

I would like to rename “Events” to “Classes” but the related topic on the Support Forum (http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum/topic/11291/changing-url-slug) isn’t available to me (I found this link from an old post here).

What can I do?

To get access to our support you need to purchase a license. Otherwise, please ask theme author for help on that. Thank you!

Thank you for your prompt response. I don’t need full access to support, I just need to know this one answer. Can you send me a private message with the details?

We’re not providing support for bundled versions of the plugin.

Hi, great plugin. Is there any way to set a ” – ” between start and end hours, so there’s no confusion about when the events start and end?

Okay thanks, but can you please tell me what is this option in shortcode settings?

Also, if you look at my event schedule – http://www.teixma.lv/dejas/nodarbibu-saraksts-dejas/#all-events – I need the days to be sticky as I scroll down, because people can’t see the days when they have to scroll down.

Could you please create new topic on our Support Forum – http://support.quanticalabs.com ? Our support team will help you. Thank you!

I’ve been working with this plugin for the last few days, and found a number of issues that I believe should be investigated. Since I don’t have access to the support forum (understandably), I will post them here, and you can decide whether to include them into a future release (or not). Trying to be helpful :)

This is with v3.8

1. When filtering by event, events are displayed by ID desc, not by name ASC (or a “filter by” would be useful)

2. Description 1 and Description 2 does not appear on event details page (useful for details like level or instructor)

3. Cannot use html links in Description 1 and Description 2 (useful to link to instructor’s profile)

4. Cannot use html links in Value in Event Details (useful to link to instructor’s profile)

5. Timetable has border around the div inside the td, not the td itself, which can lead to rows with different heights

6. Cannot filter by Hour Category (useful for filtering level, e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Maybe you’ll be able to switch this editor to text mode and set appropriate parameters there. Thank you for an update!

Sure, but the minute I switch back to the content composer and update the timetable, the edits are removed.

This doesn’t make things easy for my client, and hinders the purpose of using the content composer altogether.

Anyway, thanks for your input.

You’ll need to speak with theme author in this case. You’re welcome!


The client has 2 different activities and two different ways of applying:

can the displayed list of events be displayed this way: 1. London / City Hall / Sunday / 10:00 2. London / City Hall – Trainer Tom / 25.8.2016 / Sunday / 10.00

Because the client has business that sells sport activities in the country in different cities and different starts of sport activity.

For each event hour you can specify custom text using 2 description fields, so you can use them to display some additional informations like trainer or/and date.


Is this works for many doctors? Can I add recurrence of bookings? for example a have a person who wants to book every monday at 9am with a doctor.

You can use description fields to add the doctors informations and you can have as many as you need. The booking functionality is not available in the plugin.

I have a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check after updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your product on my localsite and on a real site with one purchase code?
Will I be available all the features without entering a key in the localsite? (except auto-update, because I don’t need it on my localsite)

Hi, Yes, you will be able to do.

Minor issue. Going crazy on why it doesn’t create a gap between events and has a green color underneath… http://tinypic.com/r/16j0hu9/9

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Will this plugin be updated for PHP 7? There are a couple of deprecation errors in the current version.

Yes, we’ll check this and provide an update.

We’ve made some tests and found few php notices and one deprecation notice during dummy content import. Have you found something else? If yes, could you give me some more details? Thank you!


Adigold Purchased

suddenly my event categories are missing, Can you please help me?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi, I’m very interested in your plugin. Our company runs courses on an irregular schedule depending on demand on availability of instructors. Will this plugin allow me to set specific date and times for the recurrence of events? (instead of on weekly or monthly schedule)

Thank you

Timetable is recurring by default. The events will be displayed as long as you won’t change the hours. You’re assigning events to timetable columns, not to dates.

Hi! I am interested in your plugin. I want to use it for a School classes but I have a limited number of seats in each classroom. Is it possible to stablish that number? Thanks

You can show the number of seats or any custom information using description fields for each hour block. Please note that timetable doesn’t offer booking/reservation functionality.

Ok. Have you tested some third plugin for that functionality? I want to buy your plugin but I need that extra. Thanks

Unfortunately I’m not able to help with that. I haven’t tested/integrated any.

It is possible that you design a reservation room table css as https://rentl.io/en or http://enjoyinspiration.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Kudos2.jpg for example?

Timetable plugin doesn’t offer such view and for now we’re not planning to add a view like that.

Hi, how do I update to v3.8? I’m stuck on v3.4 and it won’t let me update. I don’t want to loose the timetable content by reinstalling. please help

Well, I couldn’t wait and have reinstalled it already. Now I can’t get then new option (show description 1 and 2 on mobile) to work.

Can you please help me return on this standard function?


Thanks, I have done a fresh reinstall and still having issues with descriptions not appearing in mobile view. I have turned it on in the menu, but it’s till not appearing.