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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined Seriously using a lib from 2010 ??? * jQuery hashchange event – v1.2 – 2/11/2010 * http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-hashchange-plugin/ It’s using $.browser method which has been removed as of jQuery 1.9…...... Envato quality code check ? What a joke

By default WordPress is using jQuery migrate, so the haschange script should works well. We’re incuding it to provide older browsers support.

Is there a way to export to google sheets? I’m looking for a way to export to google sheets and setup a cron job so the spreadsheet can be used in a progressive web app (mobile) such as AppSheet. Thanks!

Plugin doesn’t provide export to google sheets.

Bought this plugin by accident, the theme I purchased few days before already had this plugin included. Is there any way to get a refund?

Please check the refund policy here. If you haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, you can request a refund.

What a fabulous plugin

... until I found that there is no way to link the book now to a payment gateway such as Stripe or PayPal.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

It would be senseless to use another button on the timetable to link to a payment processor – how would the teacher know who has paid or not for a class? i.e. there would be no interaction back to Timetable.

Also, is it possible to print out a list of all bookings for each event?

Thank you for your kind words!
Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

How do I register an account if I have not yet bought your software?

I will answer here. You can put for each event hour block or booking confirmation popup a custom html code, so you will be able to put there your payment button. You’ll need to process the payment confirmation on your own as timetable doesn’t include integration. There is a list of the bookings in admin area, if you would like to print them you will need to use your web browser print functionality.


Is it possible to have the same Event (eg. Mat Class) multiple times a day? or would I need to create these as separate events for each time slot? Thanks in advance.

You need to create event only once, then you need to set hours for it – each hour block needs to be defined separately. But of course all hours will be assigned to one event then – for example your Mat Class.

Hi, I need to buy this plugin before buying this plugin Is this plugin provides a weekly schedule only or is there any option to show future events or is there any option to select future month or days Thanks Vipin

You’re assigning events to timetable columns not to dates. You can have as many columns as you need and you can set any custom label for a column. It can be a weekday name, date, location etc. So you should be able to display future days.

HI! I love your plugin but I have an important question: is it possible for a person to reserve several places in a class over a time slot?

can I ask you for a customization for this if your plugin does not do it?

Thanks for your answer

For now it is not possible. We’re working on such a functionality and we will release it with next version of the plugin. If you would like to have it sooner, we can add it as a custom job. Please contact us via contact form if you’re interested.

Hi! I’m in trouble, please help: I have created events, with start, end hours and the rows they are supposed to be… but it puts ALL THE EVENTS ON DAY MONDAY… WHY? please help :(

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qwertz27 Purchased

Hello, I updated to the last version and I have the problem that the shortcode generator won’t do anything if I want to show the descriptions in responsive mode : - Event description in responsive mode WHatever I choose -> nothing shows up Same with: Collapse event hours in responsive mode Same with: Use colors in responsive mode

I wanted to ask for help in the forum but you want me to rewnew the support, but I don’t really need support I just need the plugin, for wich i paid ;-) to work …

So it would be helpful if you could write me the parameters the shortcode generator should produce and I will fill them up manually….

Thx a lot ! :-) Greetings, Thomas


qwertz27 Purchased

Btw: Latest WP Version, all updated, PHP Version5.6

Please clear browser cache and try again. Both options works well on my end, so probably there is something wrong in your configuration. You need to use below parameters for the shortcode:

event_description_responsive='description-1-and-description-2' collapse_event_hours_responsive='1'
If you will need more help with that, please renew your support and create new topic on the forum. Our team will check the issue on your end and help you to fix it. Thank you!

Looks like exactly what I am looking for except it cannot be integrated with STRIPE, this renders it useless for my client’s needs and I need a seamless system. Do you have plans to release a version with a payment gateway integration soon?

Yes, we’re planning to add payment integration but we can’t give any estimated time for now. You can try to add payments integration on your own. In each timetable event block you can add custom button to the payment. So if you will be able to generate payment button for each hour, then you can place them in timetable.

Thank you for your reply, I’m afraid our client who has a string of gyms couldn’t be expected to individually add a payment button to each class for each gym that is added by staff. It’s a pity but we will have to build or use another system.

You’re welcome! For now we can add such a functionality for you as a custom job. Please contact us via contact form if you will be interested to discuss the details.


I have a problem with the background color. When I try to change the color of the event it always shows me a different color in the front end. Even if I change anything in the text or add another time or what ever it changes the color…

thanks for the help

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi, nice plugin!

I have a couple of questions before purchase:

1- Is it possible for the admin to book a lesson for a guest? e.g. someone phones at the gym for a trial lesson and the admin manually books the lesson for this person.

2- Is it possible to set maximum number of bookings? e.g. spinning lesson – only 20 bikes available.

Thank you!

Thank you!
1. We’re working on plugin update which will allow the guest booking. So you will be able to do that with next version of plugin.

2. Yes, you can set the number of available slots for each hour.

Hey there, do you provide the search feature for events?

We’re not providing demo admin access, so it is not possible unfortunately.

Is the admin able to allow/disallow the registered users to book the events?

There is not such an option available. We are working on new functionality which will allow to enable guests bookings. This will be added in next update.


hulou Purchased

I removed some time slots, saved. All good! But now it wont let me create any new time slots. My support is outdated, however I have not made changes since last year. It must be to do with the most recent update

Please clear browser cache and try again. If that won’t help, you will need to renew your support and create new topic on our Support Forum so our support team will be able to check what is wrong on your end.

Hello, i need to move to a new site all my events, it’s a easy way to do that ?