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Just tried to update to latest version (uninstalled old version and installed latest) and getting the following error when I try to activate. “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Wordpress version: 4.7.2 PHP Version 5.6.30

any ideas on what may be wrong?

Nevermind, I deactivated all plugins and activated Timetable and did not get the error and then activated all my other plugins and it appears to be working now. Not sure where the conflict was.

Thank you for an update on that!

Hi, how can I create 1 table with 2 filter? I want to create a class schedule with first filter by class name and second filter by locations.

It’s possible. Please send us a ticket via our Support Forum after purchase and we’ll help you with that.

Do you have the ability to import?

You can import demo content tables. The import from external sources is not available.


maxjam Purchased

Hi, I bought this plugin a long time ago installed it and kinda forgot about it as it worked perfectly! I have just downloaded a new custom wordpress theme however and notice that the event widget doesn’t fill the available space in the footer – is this something you can help with?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

I’m looking for a calendar / booking app which allows us to have several staff members with their own price and their own calendar that preferably syncs between google calendar. I would also like the customer to be able to choose book reoccurring appointments. They can setup either a number of appointments per week say 1-5. Or they can setup less regular appointments, for example 1 appointment per fortnight or 1 appointment per month. They then pay via preferably stripe, or alternatively paypal and that reoccurring payment is setup.

Timetable unfortunately doesn’t offer booking and payments integration. So you can use it to create your calendar and add booking button inside each event block. But for booking and payment process you’ll need to integrate some additionall plugin.


shiroko Purchased

You should warn customers that your plugin deregisters sidebars to replace it with your plugin’s one called “Sidebar Event” used for “Upcoming Events” widget (which can be added in any other sidebar you want though). Ruined hours of work thanks to poor coding, outdated guides and lack of information. Updating your guides to match the plugin version would be a big improvement.

Plugin is registering new sidebar but it should not remove your current configuration. If that happens on your end, please create new topic on our Support Forum and our support team will check this for you. Probably you’ll just need to deregister the sidebar event and your previous configuration will be back.

Hi, I have been looking everywhere for a calendar to function the way my client requires it to:

She needs a basic calendar that we can add in events on certain days, just as text and manually put a link in, to a page on the site (not an event page, a pre-made page of our choice).

My question is: Is this possible with your plugin, if so how would you go about doing it? Kind regards

sorry: Does it show as a monthly calendar too?

No, monthly view is not available.

Oh no :( thanks for getting back to me.

Timetable will not post events properly if they don’t fit into hour long blocks. Events that begin at half past the hour, for example, will not populate on the schedule properly. Is there any support for this?

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Presale Q:

Good day, is their no 3rd party plugin to integrate with your Time Table to allow customers to book a weekly recurring time slot from the front end. (NO NEED for payment gateways, only a booking system)?

Thanks, Wzz

You can integrate any plugin with timetable. You can for example put ‘Book’ button in event hours block which will be redirecting to booking form. Anyway I’m not able to make any recommendation as I haven’t integrated any yet.

Hi there, we are interested in your plugin. Could you please answer the following pre-sale questions:

(1) Is your plugin fully compatible with the latest version of the avada theme ?

(2) Is it possible to display various events, which start at the same time or are overlapping each other in the time schedule?

(3) How many files (css, js, imgs etc.) will be loaded using your plugin without caching them?

Kind Regards, I’m looking forward to your answer! :)

1. Yes, it should work with every theme.

2. Yes, but they will be displayed one after another. Please check Saturday 5pm here: http://quanticalabs.com/script/timetable-responsive-schedule-for-wordpress/7010836

3. 4 css files and 3 js files.

Hi, I need a scheduler/timetable for planning for a radio broadcast station. I do like the design very much! Only thing, I don’t use WP and never did. So my question is: can I just purchase the template and use the html/css/js ? Or is this specially created for WP (like some templating language or so)?

Pre-Sales was your add-on use to create this page http://atlanta.digitalsummit.com/agenda/