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Where can you customize the background and text colors for the tabs filter?

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Is it possible to create events with a duration of 45 minutes?

Yes, it is possible. You will find some examples with 15min measure here: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/timetable/timetable-for-wordpress-sample-2/

Was the feature mentioned in this comment reply from 2 years ago ever implmented? – https://codecanyon.net/comments/11926560

Unfortunately not, the event is present in the timetable as long as you will remove it manually.

Hi! I use your plugin, but the button “Copy to clipboard” doesn’t work. Browser’s console says: new ZeroClipboard(elements, options)` is deprecated. Please fix it.

And some other questions: 1) How can I deactivate your styles? I wanna use only my 2) How can I translate plugin?

The button is based on flash, so you need to have flash enabled in your browser:

Please ask your other questions on our Support Forum. Thank you!

Pre-Sales Question: It’s possible to filter a existing table using categories. Is it also possible to switch between two or more different tables?

Yes, you can filter by categories, please check example 4: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/timetable/timetable-for-wordpress-sample-4/
If you would like to have many timetables on one page and switch between them, simply use some tabs plugin to do that.

Prebuy-question: Is this plugin really fully WPML-compatible?

Yes, it is. If you’ll have any problems, please let us know and we will help you.

Prebuy-question: I saw the widget in the sidebar on the page: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/timetable/events/open-gym/ There only shows 3 events with or others in auto scrool. Is it possible to display all the events of the day without scrool?

Yes, it is possible but you will need to edit timetable.js file on line 139:

visible: (self.children().length>2 ? 3
you need to change 3 in this line to higher number.

So im having some problems with my mobile version, the end times of the classes on my mobile website are all ending at 12:00 AM. Ive had this issue before and you guys helped me out, but now its happening again, its probably the new update. http://www.bellinghamfitness.com/class-schedules/ Oh and the desktop website is perfect, it doesn’t show a end time, which is what I want, but he mobile one is trippin man.

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Well the thing is that I had support and the problem was fixed, but after my support expired, it came back… Im not going to pay for support for something thats not supposed to happen… If you guys can look up the old ticket that I had created, I can possible grab the code from there, but I can’t access it because support has expired.

You can still access support forum in read only mode and check your previous tickets.

Hi!! Can events be prioritized so they show up first?

Events are showing up by hours and there is no additional parameter to prioritize some of them.

Hi! another question, Regarding the schedules for events that are listed on the timetable from top to bottom, can these start at “half-hours”? (i.e. 16:30 – 17:30)

Yes, you need to set the half hour measure in settings. Please check this example: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/timetable/timetable-for-wordpress-sample-2/

It would be a nice option if the column headers (eg days of the week) could “stick” to the top once they hit the top of the screen as the user scrolls. That way the column headings are always on the screen.

We can do this for you as a custom job. Please contact us via contact form if you’re interested.

Pre-sale question: is it possible to export a class schedule as PDF download? Our fitness members are currently used to downloading schedules by PDF for their convenience.

Export to PDF is not available in the current version but we have this functionality ready and it will be added in next version which should be available in this month.

Great, thanks!

You’re welcome!