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bonjour comment utiliser user_id_callback ?

A function like the following can be put at the top of the config file. The session key needs to be customized to your app, of course.

function my_user_id_callback() {
  return @$_SESSION['your_user_id'];

Set the user_id_callback option to 'my_user_id_callback' and the user_login_required option to true.

Hi, I have installed your script in my website, but seems that the script is considered as unsafe and the content is hide. How can I solve it? Thanks

Who are what considers that the script is unsafe? If you want, you can send me the URL of your site, via mail, so I can have a look.

Great script thanks, though you are really going to get some bad reviews from other people. I just modified it to make it and added a new template to it to make it responsive and more 2016 also to get the 25 points it was costing me in pagespeed back.

(not sure if you are aware of the pagespeed issue, but t is huge since google decided to become God of the internet.)

Good thing is it works even after all this time. :)

FYI I added defer to the javascript. I physically included the css also made a template using single inline-block images so I could adjust the spacing between the <inputs to make it mobile friendly.

Also you might want to advise people to use $post->post_name; as the unique identifier

Thank you so much :)




Thanks for the advice, Adrian.

I just released ThumbsUp 2.2. The javascript file is now deferred. Also did some image optimizations and updated the jQuery version in the docs. Should all help a bit to get pagespeed up, I hope.

Actually i am really tired I just found an odd issue. A user can only like or dislike something then nothing? A user can not like something then change their mind?

Is there anyway to fix this?



It’s just not a feature that was built in. It is quite hard to implement correctly, in my opinion, if you allow for anonymous voting.

I guess you are right it’s a bit like election day. After a year has passed most people wish they could change their vote.

How can I disable the voting buttons? Maybe a modified JavaScript to disable them? I’m returning 0 in the call back function but I don’t want any attempts.

It’s only for certain users. I’ll try the option. Will that send an ajax request?

That doesn’t seem to enter the load function

Well, in your case, if it is only for certain users, could you dynamically add the closed class to the class="" attribute of the thumbsup form? That should disable it for those users then.

i would like to use this as election voting system, with geo location,and it should have 6parties

Sorry, ThumbsUp only supports two voting options: up or down. You should look for a real poll script instead, I guess.

I keep getting 500 error after logging into admin area.

HTTP 500 error means internal server problems. It might happen because of problems with the database setup.

I buy a regulat license of THUMBS UP and then install, I get the following message: “Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘Could not find driver’ in …” I asked my hosting provider (Siteground) if the PDO driver was installed and they answered me the following:

PDO and the pdo_sqlite driver is enabled by default as of PHP 5.1.0 Also covers the server and all the other requirements. Please let us know and verify if you need anything else.

How I can fix this? Thank you.

If PDO is installed, you need to create your SQLite or MySQL database and apply the correct settings to the thumbsup/config.php file. Feel free to send me your config file. Maybe it’s a small error in there?

Ok GeertDD, I will send the config.php by email (or contact form), at this moment …


it is working on php 5.6 or 7.0 ?

Should be working with those versions, anything > 5.2. I don’t see why not.

php 7.0 remove mysql on my server get error you can update to mysqli ?

hi mate. i just purchased your thumbs up script yesterday and have installed it. im a bit limited when it comes to php and have a couple of questions. how can i integrate it into my table that pulls info from another data base this is the page i want to add a thumbs up and down to each column

here is my eco string from the table i have already created

echo “

” . $row[‘visitsite’] . “ ” . $row[“paying”]. “ ” . $row[“time”]. “ ” . $row[“notes”]. “ ”;

any help would be appreciated thanks mate.

Hi, you could add the ThumbsUp item in any of the columns in your table. The problem is that I don’t know what your $row array contains. Does $row['visitsite'] contain HTML tags, for example? This stuff is specific to your site, I’m limited in the help I can offer here, not that I don’t want to.

do you have skype? I’m really stuck on this project

for some reason it didn’t let me past the complete string

hi mate. im looking around in the config file and cant seem to figure out how to make it so everyone can vote once per day. what settingss do i adjust and what to?

Hi, it’s tricky what you’re asking. First of all, disable the thumbsup cookies otherwise the cookie will block votes. So set “cookie_check” to FALSE. Then enable the “ip_check”, set it to TRUE. Finally, set the “ip_lifetime” option to 86400 (the number of seconds in a day).

This setup should get you close to what you have in mind. After 24 hours a user can then vote again for an item which he has already voted on. Note that IP based user checking isn’t 100% accurate though.

what if i can make the cookies expire every 24 hour some how aswell will that make for a more acurate voting

What you need to keep in mind with the thumbsup cookie, is that it gets updated for every vote (on different items). So, setting the cookie expiry time to 24h will not work as you intend, unless the user doesn’t vote on any item for 24h.

It’s possible to include this in Wordpress?

Yes. Many people have integrated it succesfully in their WP site. However, be aware that in order to do so you need at least basic PHP/HTML skills and familiarity with WP theme files.

Popular questions for this item (NOT SOLVED)

1- How can I log in to the admin area? You need to configure a username and password in thumbsup/config.php. >>>The username and password has been set in file thumbsup/config.php. >>>I try to access the administration …”mysite/thumbsup/admin/” but happens ERROR 500 – INTERNAL SERVER ERROR

2- It keeps on spinning when I vote. Or why is the ajax request not working? Make sure your “url” setting in thumbsup/config.php ends with a forward slash. Also, only use a single (sub)domain, either with or without “www”. This will prevent problems caused by cross-domain ajax requests. >>>Yes, the URL ends with a slash. >>>Yes, i’m using a single domain (without “www”). >>>The problem continues even done these two things.

3- In the database, only the table “thumbs up items” is being filled. The table “thumbsup_votes” is empty. What is the work of “thumbsup_votes”?

4- What is your email?

1- Indeed, you can set a username and password in the thumbsup/config.php file. The internal 500 error is caused by something else, maybe a misconfigured .htaccess file?

2- Okay, looks like you did fine. I’ll need to have a closer look to see what exactly is going wrong then.

3- The thumbsup_votes table is only used if IP or userID check is enabled, otherwise it will be lef empty.

4- It should be in the readme file.

Hi Geert,

Is there a possibility of getting the thumbs’ balance result only, without displaying the whole form?



Nevermind, I figured it out by myself.

Another thing then. I’m trying to check whether the user is logged in in wordpress, using the following function: function the_user_id() { $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); echo $current_user->ID; } The ID being returned is correct, but TU returns a ‘PARSEERROR’ message. Any advice what might be the cause?

Are you sure the function is available to ThumbsUp? Because during ajax requests not your whole site is loaded, just the thumbsup/init.php file. You (or I, if you send me the link) can always inspect the network requests to debug further.

hi, your plugin seems to do what we need compared to the others. But I wanted to know… are we able to put multiple voting thingys on the same page? My reason for asking is I have an “approved vendor” list and want to put a voting thing under each vendor so they get voted on by people who uses them. Thanks,


Hi Kim, yes, multiple voting boxes on the same page are perfectly possible. Just be sure to use a unique name for each one. Don’t forget to check out the documentation.

Hi, I bought this and tried installing it but it’s not installing. I keep getting this error message: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

This is not a WP plugin. ThumbsUp can be installed on a WP site manually though. You’ll need PHP/HTML skills and know your way around in your theme files.

Hi, thanks for the great plugin,,,,,, was wondering if you can help;;;; I have the following lines in my htaccess

  1. prevent direct access to PHP files RewriteCond %{ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS} ^$ RewriteRule \.php$ – [R=404,L]
  1. rewrite requests for a directory to index.php RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}/index.php -f RewriteRule ^.*$ /$0/index.php [L]
example – instead of

I have modified thumbsup plugin code and it does register the clicks in the database and no errors occur except getting a parse error in the end

can you help? Thank alot

Are you using a single domain name, either with or without “www”? Because mixing those can result in problems related to ajax requests.

Very well!


smr891 Purchased

Is there any easy way to make the thumbs_up_down theme responsive?

Well, you can tweak the styles.css for the ThumbsUp templates yourself if you want to. There’s no checkbox to make it responsive, though. It’s not that easy.

just need to get this working.

will you get it working if i give you my lohin details for my hosting?

I can help you out with specific errors but installing the whole script is not included in standard support. As it says in the docs, you need basic web development skills to pull off the installation (like FTP, setting up a database, edit HTML etc.)