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Hey! This is a great working demo.. but I feel like I’m missing a step, most likely just doing something wrong.

I have setup my config.php, including the access to the admin with username and password. I can successfully get to my admin screen, but have no luck getting a page with vote buttons to actually display proper vote counts, or connect to the database.

I have some buttons set up on a page, but when I click them, it displays ERROR. I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong, I’ve never worked with SQL databases before.

I can email you my config.php and a demo page I have setup, will that help you troubleshoot with me?

Thank you!!


Are you using a single domain on your site? Either with or without “www”, for example. Otherwise this can result in cross-domain issues related to ajax requests in many browsers. If you want, you could send me your demo page and config file as well so I can have a look.

Yesterday I bought the tool and am very surprised how easy it is to use. Thank you for the exellent work. It fulfills exactly my requirements.

I’m glad to hear that. Thank you.

I think it’s not work with Wordpress.. I tested all ways but it want show. So if you had ne Tutorial i’m think you know thats not work?!

I want test to include your script in an HTML Homepage. But it want work.. Please can you check my Code:

It works fine on the link you sent me. I don’t see the problem.

As for WordPress, it can work there too. You just need to know your way around in your theme files because it is not a WordPress plugin. So, HTML/PHP skills are required then.

Can this show below the excerpts in my homepage?

Yes, ThumbsUp is quite flexible as to where you include it. Just be sure to give each item a unique ID.

Hi, I have a database with lots of Apps in it, would I be able to use the script as a sort of rating system for the items in my database??

Yes, if you make sure to give each ThumbsUp item a unique name, you’re good to go. You can do that using a PHP loop and inserting each item ID in the name, for example.


moe_ie Purchased

The demo site template/theme isn’t included with the purchase. I cannot find it anywhere. Could you please let me know if I’m missing something here :D

I’m not sure what you mean, but if you are looking for the demos and the documentation, have a look here :

Hi Can thumbs up be setup like toplist with most thumbs up listings going to top? Thanks?


smr891 Purchased

Is it possible to display a list but instead of counting all the thumbs up restrict it to the last week or the last month? For example listing all items you can rank by total number of likes but what if I only want the total number of likes from the last week or month? Is it possible to do this?

It’s definitely not a built-in feature, but if you know your way around with PHP and database queries you could make it work. It would require you to track the date of each separate vote. This is what the thumbsup_votes table is for, but it is only used for IP tracking, if enabled in the options. Then write custom queries filtering on the date field…