Reviews for The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Reviews for The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

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for Bugs

This is the worst addons I have used, the styling conflicts with everything in Elementor, and the look on the editor has nothing to do with the front end. they have to fix all bugs if they want to stay in the market.

Author response

We are sorry to know about that. We work closely with Elementor Team to make sure all things work perfectly fine with them. Would you mind sharing which plugin version are you using? Are you having latest version of our and elementor's plugin?

for Documentation Quality


its a WOW Plugin.

Until you need the Documentation.

Even if tons of people comment by YouTube that they cannot understand the speaker and that they explain only some parts of a widget but often times not what the users really need to know, thy don't care it seems.

they justify and discuss with the people.
this- for me- is a lack of respect to us the customer, so we are all wrong?

If you cannot invest in a documentation / Videos which ALL of your INTERNATIONAL customers can understand and use.... than for me it means that you are kind of ignorant.

you are more expensive than Elementor itself and they have perfect tutorials. they explain ALL you need and the speaker have a neutral accent.

sorry guys, but this is not customer friendly service!!
This is my first bad Comment ever here...

Best Regards, Natali

for Customer Support

Plugin has not been updated for months now and is no longer supported or functioning with the current versions of WordPress and Elementor despite the author offering it for sale and updated outside of Envato. The author promised an update over a month ago, but now fails to respond to any comments on this matter. Reporting to the Envato team for review as the plugin is useless. Avoid.

Author response

Hello Hester,

We can feel your pain and reason behind this review. We are so sorry for the delay. We are working on some things which needs to include based on envato's policies and which at some level breaks some functionality. Which delays whole process. We request you to submit your need at our helpdesk at or main us on, We will help you all the possible way with latest updated plugin as well.

In the meantime, We are literally on this new update and We will release it soon.

for Customizability

A great plugin. congratulations for the work done and very good support thank you so much

for Design Quality

Really great addon for Elementor that provides some awesome tools to help with creative design layouts.

for Design Quality

My first thought was nice quality and I was impressed, UNTIL I realized how much bloat there is. I counted more than to 700Kb of overhead loaded, even when I had only 2 widgets selected. Even really sloppy things like loading fontawesome again even though it's already loaded with Elementor.

Really bad...unfortunately I just can't use these widgets with that page-load-speed-killing design.

The other thing that people should be aware of is the instructional videos (ie. the only real documentation) are recorded by someone with such a strong accent that--as a North American--I found I couldn't make sense of most of what was being said, so they weren't really helpful.

Author response

Hello Deralict,

Thanks for your feedback. Hope you have used our support forum before putting this review.

1. Speed Issue : This plugin have more than 50 Widgets, We already setup few CSS/JS with the combination of some widgets. That Means, After research, We have categorised most popular widgets (Which normally used by each site owner), Semi Popular and Less Popular. We have setup separate JS/CSS for each category. Also, For some heavy widgets, We have setup individual JS/CSS.

Why We can't setup individual JS/CSS for each?
- We can setup that but as per our research and client feedback, Majority users likes to use full plugin instead of just limited number of widgets. If we consider that point of view, They will have 50+ CSS and JS separate files and If all gets loaded, It will have higher page requests per page. Still, We are not giving upon on performance any day, We are planning to improve that as well.

What is the solution of this issue If I want to use just few elements?
- You can use just few, If your selection will be under heavy widgets in that case You will have individual JS/CSS which will not cause any issue. But If you have another requirement, We might need to look in to that. Please reach us through our customer support : and We will look in to further to discuss with you, How we can make is as optimum as possible.

2. Font Awesome Issue : Thanks for your mention. We have resolved that issue. And Tested other things too, Which might be causing loading issues. We are grateful for your mention.

3. Video Tutorials : We can understand your concern on fluency, tone and pronunciation differences. Most of our competitors have mute video tutorials and We have tried to setup with audio instructions. Yes. It might be issue for some native english speakers. We will try to find proper solution for that so You don't have difficulties due to that voice difference.
- Best thing in elementor is, You can easily update any value and see results in front of you. Only at few points, You need documentation.
- We recommend you to reach our customer support center, We are going to resolve each of your questions. We will even explain things step by step over there too.

We totally understand your disappointment due to above issues. But, We would love to welcome you at our support center and We will give you our best there to resolve each issue, You are facing. We are in a mission to make this addon set biggest and most loved addon set for elementor.

Warm Regards,

for Feature Availability

Great add for Elementor. I Wait new options. Is Great solution

Author response

We are very glad you liked our addon. We always try to improve addons as frequent as possible to make it better.

for Feature Availability

The best Elementor addon! Perfect support.
Highly recommended for purchase. The author constantly develops the plugin. Good luck, POSIMYTH!

Author response

Thanks a lot for your kind words. Also, We are very happy to know, Our customer support was helpful to you.

for Design Quality

Best Elementor add-ons I have ever seen.

Author response

Thanks a lot for your inspiring words. We are improving it everyday to make it better. Our team is grateful for your review and appreciation.


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