Reviews for The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

Reviews for The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

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Not only does this plugin not allow many simple areas to be customised in the app like font sixes for responsive, the features it offer are very badly implemented.

Want to filter your posts using a filter option, sure go for it, but if you only wnat to show 10 on the page (as showing more has serious memory leaks and will break your site loading more than 20).

Then the only filters this plugin will illogically pick up are for posts shown on each page (so if you show ten and have 40 so 4 more pages to see other grid posts, the filter will never show what is from any of teh other 3 pages) crazy!

So no one will see any other category options etc in the filter meaning it is basically useless.

Oh yes and the filter drop down will not work on mobile as it will pick whatever you touch as you start to scroll and then you have to mess about resetting that to get it back.

And the best part is the provider here will never help you and just say this is not a dedicated plugin for that, thanks.

And will not answer any of your other actual issues with basic performance and features of a paid-for plugin.

All in all VERY poor, I am using it as I need a non ajax feature but wish they could be bothered to help people with clear needs and make this a good plugin.

for Other

The plugin has a fake layout in which it is not informed.

When trying to configure, you will not be able to reproduce everything that is demonstrated on the website before making the purchase.

I recommend that you do not buy the support of The Grid and it is done in a generic way through a ticket in which the analyst does not check if the configuration was done correctly or not.

You buy and go practically without assistance.

The search form results are accurate; this means that it does not support the use of "tilde accent". Many Spanish words have accents; that means that if a client wants to find an article/product, if he/she doesn't write the name exactly as it appears in the post title, the article won't appear. It is a very serious error, since, from the mobile phone, customers do not always write with accent.

In conclusion, the plugin is only supported for the English language. It does not support Spanish, French, Portuguese, as well as any other language than English. This problem is serious, as this compatibility problem is not noticed.

I just contracted an extension of the support to solve this compatibility problem, but I have not received any solution to the problem.

I have invested many hours of work in creating custom skins and in implementing my online store, to find that unpleasant problem without a solution. No one will find the products if the search system does not work well!

It is a real shame.

for Customer Support

A few days ago I put my 1 STAR REVIEW complaining about the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE that the Theme one group has. Now I see that they have removed the comment without even notifying me. IS THIS SOME KIND OF MOB?

for Feature Availability

I would give a 0 star if I could. The Instagram Feed DOES NOT WORK - I saw someone review 23 days ago about it and they responded saying The Grid works well with Instagram.

Well mine breaks every second day and this is the response from The Grid Support:

The token can expires. This is a non official way to get Instagram feed because of all the changes happens to Instagram recently. Instagram restrict a lot access to content.


I don't believe my token expires every 2 days. And they admitted this in a nonofficial way. It is very misleading to have this broken feature in the product. They didn't care about my issue.

They now have responded saying that it was included in the initial release many years ago but now a year ago it stopped working well. Yet they still leave it in there and keep advertising it. No Thanks.

for Customer Support

I tried again to see if this had been updated recently so that Instagram would work.. It still doesn't, and I have now moved to a different plugin that does a grid style layout and actually does everything better. Don't waste your money or time on this plugin, I have wasted hours trying to get it to work with Instagram and I have a lot of experince in web programing.

Author response


The Grid works well with Instagram. You will find in our documentation a detailed guide on how to use Instgram with The Grid plugin. If you need help, you should open a ticket on our support forum.
Thank you.