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Hi I am trying to Authorize my calendar but it will not get past login. it just times out with

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Web Server at risbeys.co.uk

Any advice very welcome.


The answer (probably) will be inside your server’s error.log file. Are you able to retrieve it? If yes (or no), contact me privately.

Please note: the authorization phase is something that happens between Google and your server, the plugin doesn’t play any role in that. So my general advices are:

1) Try to switch temporary to a basic theme and retry (this was helpful in similar cases)

2) Try to investigate about any kind of firewall block serverside (like modsecurity).


Amazing plugin! Are there any plans in the future for styling the booking form further with Google fonts?

Hi, thank you!

No current plans, but I guess it is already achievable with a proper plugin (like this one). Once the desired Google Fonts are enqueued, you can customize your calendar pretty much in every aspect through some custom CSS rules (assuming that your theme supports custom CSS rules).


Great booking system.

Are there any plans to revise the timezone selector? Right now it’s a drop-down menu that isn’t very obvious to my clients. They keep missing it. :)

Thanks for the consideration.


No plans, actually it is a pretty much common way to pick something from a list… any proposal?


A couple of ideas would be:

- Make it more obvious, like adding “Select your timezone” up near the top OR - Make it a required field when the user advances through the calendar



Not possible to make it a required field because it would add one more step to the process, something you should definitely avoid. About the “Select your timezone”, this shouldn’t be possible neither, because a timezone is already (necessarily) selected: the site one.

What you can do as a “workaround”, it’s to add a custom CSS rule (in the relevant section of your theme settings) like this:

.tbk-setting-button.tbk-timezones:before {
    content: 'Timezone: ';

That will add a “label” inside the button.


Hi, This is just the perfect plugin we were looking for. Thank a lot! How can we add custom field that we have on the form to “Additional dynamic data from the event title” (on Personal availability settings) Regards


You should detail a little bit more what are you trying to achieve. “Additional dynamic data” is something about the event title, while the event description is a different thing. It’s not clear to me where you need those custom field value to be added. About both, anyway, I suggest you to refer to the paragraph 4.4 of the documentation.

P.S. you can add your custom data to the Google Calendar event only if your services are of class “Appointment”. Otherwise, if they are of class “Event”, you can add only the out-of-the-box customer’s data as presented in the service settings (name, e-mail, phone, tickets).


Hi, Yes it’s for an appointment. I would like to add custom field on the event title. We have 3 checkbox for lastname,email,phone but not for custom field. I would like a title like : Vaccination || AnimalName cats John Doe email@email.com +33 6086421 The Paragraph 4.4 show how add custom field on event description (and it’s a good thing that I will use if it’s not possible to add the type or the name of animal on title).

Another thing… Is it possible to override files ? I have change little code on team-booking/src/Teambooking/frontend/Review.php Scedule.php and FormHeader.php

Thanks a lot (after this, no more questions^^)


1) Oh, now I understand. Let me think about a possible implementation.

2) You can do whatever you want with the plugin files, but remember: at any plugin upgrade, you will lose any customization. This is unavoidable.

P.S. you can make any question you need to ;)



Trying to activate the Team Booking – WordPress booking system plugin but it knocks the site out when it does. Do you have a workaround? It seems to be conflicting with something on the site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards Lawson


What do you mean by “it knocks the site out”? What do you experience? A white screen? An error message? How do you re-gain access to the site?

Generic things to check:

+) Your PHP version (it must be >= 5.3)

+) Your server error.log file: if you are able to retrieve it, then please contact me privately via my profile page

+) Your theme (it should be up to date and if it uses the TGMPA library, then ensure that it runs the latest vanilla version of it instead of an old/customized version which could easily lead to conflicts).


Sorted. THanks for your help. Theme conflict now resolved.

Happy to read that :)


Hey man, just wondering how I can get spaces in between paragraphs in the confirmation email that is automatically sent after someone books an appointment. I have tried various methods but the confirmation email always returns the information sentence after sentence in one paragraph.


Do you probably mean break lines. Since the e-mail body content is just HTML, you can insert break lines with this tag:

<br />

Let me know!


Hi there!

I want to customize the description that shows up in Google Calendar when a user books. I want to pull from a custom meta and add an additional note. I’m a fairly savvy developer, but I didn’t see any event customization hooks in the documentation.

Are there any undocumented hooks that would allow me to do this? Or any other way for me to customize the Google Calendar description that is added when a user books?




Your plugin is working great on local test versions of wordpress.

However we seem to have a firewall issue on our production server

In the plugin, on Personal page, clicking Authorise produces this error: Failed to connect to 2404:6800:4006:805::200d: Network is unreachable

error_log & ssl_error_log don’t show anything.

I haven’t been able to find specific firewall requirements anywhere, here or on Google.

Are you able to provide a list of required firewall stuff? (e.g. ports that need to be opened, whitelist urls, or whatever) I need a specific list to get action.

Seems like providing this, or a link to helpful google info, could help others get past firewall issues too.

Best, Jon