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french accent is not display correctly on the result of map after add

Thanks, can you send me the correct French accent so I can update it. Cheers.

Hum. Just use UTF8 to correct this

I wanted to know if this can be used for display of otherthings instead of store? Also can I pay for you to set up?

Hi there,

Yes, this can be used to display any other things besides stores. Yup, sure. Kindly message me via my profile page (http://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden – scroll to bottom right and fill up the form) here and I will assist you.

Hi, i have just bought this add-on, but the previous add-on exact location that i bought is missing..please help…urgent..


Hi there, Can you send me a message via my profile page with temp ftp and live url so I can troubleshoot. Thanks.

Hi !! I ve just setted the script , in admin is working , a add the category , but then if i filter the research i cannot see my shop … Probably there is a conflict with the others script , i bought all your script , and i found a bug using this one and the exact position .


Hi there,

Send me temp ftp, live url and database access via my profile page. I’ll help you trouble shoot from there.


Hi, I have added this script but unfortunately when i select numerous categories in the admin section and click save it only saves one (the earliest one in the alphabet).

Any idea on what could be wrong please?

Hi there,

Provide me your live url with screenshots of the errors via my profile page so I can have a look.


If you could get back to me on my problem please? Its been a week now and I can’t afford to be held up. Thank you.

Hi there, Can you forward your email with reference to your username Souvraya I’ll look into it ASAP. Thanks. Cheers.

subcategories would be a nice addon

It will be included in the multicategories addon next patch

Hey, how can I get the multiple selected categories show in the results. Please help.. Thanks

Nice to hear that. Do you already know when the next update comes?

In a couple of weeks time. Cheers.

Hi Fabsy, The frontend for multi categories patch is available for download. Cheers.


I bought Super Store Finder and Multi Categories Add-on and the installation process was ok. In admin I add some categorys but i can’t see my shop when I select one of them. It’s working only when I select all. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi there,

Can you message me via my profile page and provide a screenshot on how to replicate the issue?


Cheers, Joe Iz

Hi. I have purchased.

Is there a way of assigning a category to multiple stores. At the moment I have to go into every store and manually add that store to a category.


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. At the feature is not available at GUI but you may do this by importing via CSV into a specific category. You may refer to this video guide for more info http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R784bmcW0hw&list=UUpsQDWcUMi90MblBlbL4M_g

Cheers, Joe Iz

Great Script.

However, I can only apply one category to each store. I can select multiple categories in the Add/Edit” store section in the Admin and it all looks OK

But when I go an edit the store again only ONE of the categories I applied has ‘stuck’

By the way I am also using ‘custom marker’ add-on.

Can you help please?

*EDIT UPDATE* I have identified the problem.

Everything is FINE until I install the Custom Markers Add-on. After that both the front end and Admin do not show the categories correctly. In admin, the categories do not ‘stick’ On the front end, any search just one category does not display results. Plus you can’t search successfully for two categories.

Any chance of a fix please?


Hi there, have you updated your database which is stores table you will need to ALTER the cat_id field. If you’re having issues you may pm your server details to my profile page.

Thanks for getting this working for me. When do you think a version showing all category icons in the list will be available?

Great tool!

No problem, glad that it helped. That’s a great suggestion, at the moment it’s only available in Mega Locator Theme http://codecanyon.net/item/mega-locator-theme-super-store-finder/11099221 and also the upcoming Wordpress plugin http://superstorefinder.net/superstorefinderwp/

In WP, there’s a feature settings at admin, to show by default Show All Stores upon visitor loading the map. Reference here: http://superstorefinder.net/superstorefinderwp/user-guide/#document-13

Hi I have a problem , I ‘m not found cat-Id in my database SQL ? Thanks

Hi there,

The cat_id should be available after you install the core Super Store Finder http://codecanyon.net/item/super-store-finder/3630922

If not you may need to share the url and temporary ftp and phpmyadmin access to my profile page so I can have a look.

Cheer, Joe Iz

Yes i send you ftp and password to your profil page . Thank you

Hello, can we translate the categories with selected language ? Many thanks

Hi there,

This is not possible yet, it might be a possible feature in the future.

Hi there, I purchased and custom markers and everything worked fine, then I purchased the multi-category and my custom markers stop working, and the locations only show up on initial view. Nothing display if you pick any of the categories. Please advise. Thanks!

Okay, just sent you purchase codes for the store, the custom markers and the multi-category. : )

Do you need FTP info as well? Or you’re just sending a new package?

We’ve sent you the zip file via email, kindly check if you get it.