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Super Social Content Locker is a WordPress Advertising Plugin used to increase your website worth in many ways. Social Media Content Locker increased your social fan following by liking, sharing, and subscribing to your social media channels. This handy plugin comes with more amazing features which have worth to its customers such as

  • Build your own subscriber list and used them to promote your products.
  • Increased your website members by using become a member feature
  • Increased your video views by forcing them to watch video and then display their content
  • Engage your audience by voting to their pics best for quizzes or contest like Pic of the week.
  • Many More…

Pros of Super Social Content Locker

There are many pros of super social content locker plugin which make it best over other content lockers.

Unlimited Lockers
Unlimited lockers can be created without any limit or restriction with all features & Themes.

Export Emails CSV
You can build your mailing list by using form submission and becoming a member subscription feature and exporting them to CSV files for newsletter purposes.

Mailchimp Integration
Super social content locker is compatible with MailChimp to export the list of emails saved from submission and member subscription features to Mailchimp directly.

User Friendly Backend
Admin Panel is very user-friendly designed to use it 100% effectively.

Easy Customization
Easy and commented, clean code for developers to customize it according to the need.

Free 24×7 Support
Always free 24×7 support to customers via the support portal.

Built-in Themes

Super Social Content Locker has built 4 pre-made themes which match your website layout.

Basic Slim
Slim beautiful with white background crafted for super social content locker, All locker features are customized and ready to use in common grey theme.

Common Grey
Simple but elegant grey theme made for super social content locker, All locker features are customized and ready to use in common grey theme.

Stylish Grey
Stylish Grey is a mesmerizing influencer theme made for a super social content locker, All locker features are customized and ready to use in a stylish grey theme.

Stylish Dark
Stylish Dark is a spectacular theme of dark layouts made for super social content locker, All locker features are customized and ready to use in a stylish grey theme.

Core Features

Super Social Content Locker has been categorized into 3 locker types, all of them are popular and amazing.

Popup Overlay Locker
Display locker as popup on any page inside your website.

Premium Content Locker
Display some text paragraphs and the rest of the text will visible after using unlock feature as premium content.

Exchange Locker
Offer something as to give and take in order to use unlock feature.

Main Features

There are 6 features that can be offered to the customer as a reward to unlock the content.

Social Share / Follow
Helps to increase social media presence with following or sharing.

Form Submission
Helps to build an email list with a couple of other options as form submission.

Video Ads
Helps to promote by forcing visitors to watch your video ads.

X Times Vote Gamifications
Helps to Engage visitors by voting xxx times best for quizzes i.e picture of the week.

Rating Widget
Helps to authenticate your product with posting review.

Member Subscription
Helps to increase your website members by registering member.

Social Networks In Social Share Features

There are 6 social networks features that can be offered to the customer as a reward to unlock the content.

Facebook Like
Helps to increase Facebook Likes of the page with liking to unlock the content.
(Facebook likes no longer works)

Facebook Share
Helps to increase Facebook Shares of the page by sharing to their Facebook page to unlock the content.

Twitter Follow
Helps to increase Twitter Followers of the page by following your Twitter page to unlock the content.
(Twitter Follow no longer works)

Twitter Tweet
Helps to increase Twitter Shares of the page by sharing your content on their Twitter profile to unlock the content.
(Twitter Share no longer works)

Youtube Subscribe
Helps to increase YouTube followers by following your youtube channel to unlock the content.

Linkedin Share
Helps to increase Linkedin Shares of the page with sharing your page into their linkedin profile to unlock content.

Change logs

Version 2.6, May 03, 2023
1. Bug Fixed - Fixed Facebook Login Interface From Spanish To English Language
Version 2.5, November 09, 2022
1. Bug Fixed - Update Facebook API For Sharing Content
Version 2.4, June 07, 2022
1. Bug Fixed - YouTube Subscribe Button (Conflicts with Jquery)
Version 2.3 , April 25, 2022
1. Fixed Publish Button for NON-Gutenberg or Classic Editors
Version 2.2 , January 15, 2022
1. Update Social Share Status by highlighting working as green color and not working as red color (remove customer confusing while using social share features)
Version 2.1 , July 14, 2021
1. Optimized Code According to the latest structure
2.  Remove unwanted code
3.  Added default English language file .pot
4. Convert every single line to a translatable text
5.  Optimized Jquery
Version 2.0 , November 17, 2020
1. Recoded From Scratch
2. Added New Features - Youtube Subscribe & LinkedIn Share
Version 1.6 – May 10, 2017
1. Fix Bug - image upload for image unlock
2. Fix Bug - display link/url after unlock
Version 1.5 – March 21, 2017
1. Add Content Feature (display content or embeded content) after unlock

Version 1.4 – May 12, 2016

1. Fix locker heading css
2. Add control of display views on video locker in admin
3- Make play video once per user
Version 1.3 – April 18, 2016
1. Fix form unlock issue
2. Fix become member form to unlock issue
Version 1.2 – Feb 19, 2016
1. Fix floating css issue
2. Add dynamic heading in locker
Version 1.1 – Aug 28, 2015
1. Make WPML Ready
Version 1.0 – Feb 15, 2015
1. Initial Release


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