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is the google feature just a plus 1 or a follow for your google page and is this feature working in your plugin as a i see allot of other plugins this feature is not working since the stream change from google

if google has change something then it will also not worked with this plugin.

Could this plugin allow unlock if they verify a link in the email?

it does display any weblink or image.

Good day, Sorry about my English, the plugin does not work for me, does not submit the form from the website, WordPress version 4.5 Can you help me? thank Miroslav

Yes i can, please email me @ with your website to see why its not working for you.thx

Thank you very much for the help, it works great, I’m happy.

thank you so much for your kind patience, it my pleasure to serve you.

Hi, I have some questions.

Does this work with: - Following a YouTube channel - Following an Instagram account - Following a SoundCloud account

Thanks in advance.

Hi, these options are not yet available in this version but it will be available soon.thx

Hi there,

I bought Super Social Content Locker and it’s working great!

Is there a way I can allow users to only watch an advertisement video once?

Thanks so much, Chrissi

Hi, yes i have checked the issue, will update it asap. may be two days.

Thanks so much for looking into it. How’s everything looking?

Hey iamchrissij, updates has been done, please email me at so i can send you latest updates or wait for approval from envato. thx

Does this have Youtube Subscribe to unlock?

right now its not allow to youtube channel subscribe, but i will be soon.thx

Instagram Unlock: A simple solution (if it proves difficult otherwise) would be to create a popup for instagram that simply displays your Instagram account badge. If they click it to follow, they do. If they NOT, they don’t. But it would at least give the “illusion” that they have the option to unlock via instagram.

A javascript to launch the popup on click > 5 second timer to unlock the content if the Instagram follow / badge is selected on the post/page as the unlock option.

IG Badges are here >

The Plugin wont Work? please feel free to see why..

whats your website where you are using it?

ive wrote you a E-Mail 4 days ago…The Adress is

when you email me then i request you to give me access of your wp-admin dashborad to check the plugin and their files?

Hi.. Is this for FOLLOW Facebook, Twitter and Google + or just LIKE to share?

yes you can use it for follow social media sites, its allow both share and follow

Hey, thank you for the plugin.

I have a problem..

I can’t share withe Facebook. I have a message like the plugin is unable to charge domain because domain is not in the application … Help me asap please

let me see, email me domain name+wp dashboard access to

Hi, i would like to know if it will works for wordpress version 4.6.x ?

Hi wodaabe, it should work, if not just let me know i will make it compatible.

Is there a way to show web-site content and then say after 1 minute of viewing require a facebook login to unlock and continue viewing?

Hi, this is a nice feature, its not added right now but it will be in next update soon.thx

Awesome how long approximately would you say before next update?

Please create a support ticket at so we can discuss this feature

Does the share and Like work with Mobile? Can I turn off the animation?

I tested on a few mobile devices and the Like and Share didnt work. Anyway I can get code to turn off animation in css? Thanks for help and for fast reply!

Worked! Edited css and it works fine now.

That’s great

Q1. Can we set to share a different domain page for Facebook share? Q2. Can we set something that the visitor gets redirected to a specific other page after sharing?


Q1-You can set different domains in this plugin through contacting support right now direct integration not available

Q2-Redirect not possible after sharing in this version.


Hi, I was wondering if the option is available to unlock content by following on instagram, subscribing youtube etc. thanks.

Hi right now Facebook Twitter and Google plus is added but will be add other options soon like Instagram and others.thx

I am looking for a content locker plugin that will allow me to set the total number of shares (across all users/platforms) required to unlock content. Like “This content needs 1000 shares to be unlocked.” Is this possible?

Hi, thanks for taking interest on this plugin. It will be possible if you buy this and create a support ticket l, in this way it will be done soon. Otherwise if you wait for this features then it’s up to you.thx

Hello, i want to ask you if this plugin work with WIX as html code, i dont know if someone tried, its possible to do it? Thanks

I don’t think so it will work with wix. Thx

demo isnt working

which part is not working,i am already working on it, you can buy and contact me i will fix it for you.thx

I want to lock content, but I want them to share a certain URL (on Facebook), NOT the URL of the page they are on. Can you set a custom share URL with this plugin?

right now custom url is not included in this plugin. thx