Super Sidebar for WordPress

Super Sidebar for WordPress


Super Sidebar is a highly customizable sticky social side menu. It comes with a lot of options that allow it a wide number of different possible configurations while still remaining lightweight and easy to work with.

Here are some of the important features of the sidebar:

  • It comes with over 70 default buttons. + Support to add new custom buttons through the admin.
  • It comes with 28 default share services. + Support to add new share services through the admin.
  • The buttons can have several functions:
    • Share: Open the share window for the specified service.
    • Link: Opens the given link.
    • Mailto: Opens the mailto window.
    • Print: Opens the page print dialog.
    • Window: Opens an overlay window with custom content.
    • Subbar: Opens a sub list of buttons.
  • It has support for Font Awesome which has over 1500 icons available that can be used on buttons and customized with CSS.
  • It has support for windows with custom content that open as overlays on the page.
  • The buttons can be grouped in subbars that open on mouseover or on click.
  • It uses Velocity which makes the animations fast and efficient.
  • It has over 70 settings available that can be used to customize it in different ways.
  • The buttons and labels can have 4 different shapes: square, round, rounded, rounded-out.
  • The button labels have 7 animation effects: fade, slide-out, slide-out-fade, slide-in, slide-out-out, slide-in-in, none.
  • The buttons can be connected to or separated from one another. The button labels can be connected to or separated from the buttons.
  • The colors for each of the following can be controlled individually: button, button over, button icon, button icon over, label, label text, window header.
  • Alongside the default color options, custom colors for each of the above can be set directly from the admin allowing for unique customizations.
  • The subbar can have 3 different positions: under, side and circular.
  • The subbar buttons have 5 animation effects: fade, linear-fade, slide, linear-slide, none.
  • It can be positioned on the left or right side of the page.
  • It can be set to display only after the page has scrolled beyond a certain position.
  • It can be set to automatically hide if the browser window is under a certain width.
  • The properties of all the animations can be customized.
  • Many other options and features.
  • Continued support and updates.

Have a look over the preview page to see the example templates, default buttons and admin screens with all of the available settings.

This is the WordPress plugin version of the sidebar. A jQuery plugin version is also available at the following link: Super Sidebar.


1.0.0 (17 August 2019):
  • Launched.