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I have two questions.

1. On a US map with States outlined… I have set a Regions. Can I also have label or titles show? Like abbreviations for states but whole region is clickable for popup?

2.Can I adjust the border size or color of the states?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, let me answer your queries as below:

1) I’m afraid the limit of the map style is only limited to Google GeoChart features

2) You can try to use below CSS, for more info you can refer to this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28506718/how-can-i-make-the-borders-of-my-map-thicker-google-geomap

path {
  stroke: #555;

The plugin does not allow to enter region manually. What is my fault?

For your information, there other similar plugins that are suffering the same issue:


Hi there,

The !!!!!!!! sign it means that you will need to use Google Maps API Key and enter it at the settings page. More info available here https://superstorefinder.net/support/knowledgebase/new-google-maps-after-22-june-2016-will-require-google-api-key/

Yes!, now works perfectly. Thanks for your intructions.

Best regards!

I’m having an issue with the popups not showing on a mobile phone or iPad. I’ve tried deactivating all plugins and still does not popup. Also no error in logs. Any ideas?

Also… I’m using Avada theme

Hi there,

If you’re facing issues, you can forward below details via the contact form here https://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden , our technical team should be able to have a closer look

1) url of the issue 2) link to screenshot of the issue 3) FTP access 4) WP admin access

Hi, when i paste a map on a side with the shortcode, npthing is displaying there, only the shortcode text.

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, this is abnormal, have you tried to disable all plugin and theme and enable them back one by one to see if there’s any conflict. If the issue still persist, you can send details below via the contact form here and our technical team will be able to have a closer look.

1) url of map page 2) WP admin access 3) FTP access


chornef Purchased

You found the problem?

We have forwarded the url to our devs so they can have a look, which they should follow up via email.

I would like to “style” the tool tip pop up that comes up when hovering over a location a little differently. Can you tell me where I can change the values for the background color and font color for the tool tip pop up area?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, you can refer to the CSS code below:

   background-color:yellow !important;
   color:red !important;

More info available, by Google CSS Style for Google GeoChart Tooltip i.e http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24233750/css-google-geochart-stick-tooltip-to-bottom-of-box

Thank you for your response. Can you also tell me if there is a way to use a custom PNG file for the map marker?

You’re welcome, as for custom PNG file for map marker is not supported yet by Google GeoChart at this moment.

On the world map on an active page is not every country displayed that I have marked in color. On the preview map everything is shown correctly. I have disabled other plugins but did not correct the error.

Hi there,

Can you reply via email, our technical team seems to have issue to login to WP admin, kindly liaise via email, thanks.


chornef Purchased

Done.Send a second Time.

Our technical team should be able to reply to you via email, thanks.

hi, i want a map of ireland but is not ok how the map how is generate, like you have here: http://superstorefinder.net/superinteractivemaps/interactive-maps-of-ireland/ wihout right side of the map, only just the ireland, and link on every region. how can i get that? thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, you can use the cropping with zoom and pan feature at the administrator to hide the right side of the map. There’s no specific options to just show the island as the maps are generated by Google GeoChart and will be out of our control.

ok, but is looks very bad must look like this (browse our location) http://www.jobs.ie

how your plugin generate map of ireland is bad, even with cropping with zoom and pan feature.


Hi there, unfortunately this is limitation of Google GeoChart API at this moment, you can try to create a white background map and have the regions in color or try to use CSS override to hide the unwanted regions to the right.

display:none !important;

Can I input radius around a map location with this plugin? I can currently do this on my own with “Google My Maps”. I do this by using this website: https://www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm to create a KML file and then import it into a map I have created with “Google My Maps”.

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, for Super Interactive Maps this is using Google GeoChart API and does not have the import feature.

If you’re referring to Super Store Finder plugin here, the import feature is available via CSV file, more info available here.

Hi, how easy is it to add a new country? I want to use Thailand and create permalinks on all the different regions. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, when adding a map, you can search under Map Region for Thailand to create the map of Thailand. More info available in the user guide here http://superstorefinder.net/superinteractivemaps/user-guide/#document-5

hello .. I tried to use the demo to create a map of Libya but couldn’t add regions , before i could buy I need to know is the regions of Libya included or not thanks, thanks

There’s no demo for the admin, if you have the plugin from WP admin, you can add map and select Libya and the map will appear.

so sorry for being troublesome just want to be sure, the map of the country appears but I’m not able to create regions ..

No worries, you can choose the map type ie marker or region then click on the add location button where you can enter the region code.

Hello. Russia map has a regions?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately Google GeoChart only supports Russian country but not states at this current moment and hope they will add in this feature in the near future.

Hi there,

We’ve just added Russian regions, here’s a demo link https://superstorefinder.net/superinteractivemaps/russia/

Aug 15, 2017: Thank you for your tremendous support. We greatly appreciate it!

Hi there, I need a couple of presales questions answered:

Here’s the scenario. Our client has a number of partners worldwide. In some countries, they have multiple partners. We need a simple way to show a world map that can handle two main things:

1) for those countries with just one partner, you click on the region (country) and it takes you directly to that partner’s webpage (within the site) 2) for countries with multiple partners, you click on the region (country) and it opens a tooltip with the name of the partners listed, which can then be clicked on.

There’s a couple of things we need to ensure:

1) the map needs to show the country names on hover (of the countries with partners in), before you click to reveal the tooltips where relevant 2) the regions with partners in (active regions) need to highlight in a different colour on hover, to make it easier to see when an active region is hovered over. 3) the map needs to be zoom-able to allow people to effectively select smaller regions – I can’t see that this is achievable currently? 4) Can we import region details (with redirect links/tooltip info etc) from a CSV?

I have an example of the existing map that we didn’t build and which i’m trying to improve upon (it doesn’t have the two options for clicking directly through to a webpage or opening the tooltip depending on the number of partners): http://globalstartravel.com/global-locations

I’d really appreciate your support in making this happen, as the partners are a key component of this organisation – without them, it doesn’t exist! So the map has to be spot on. Your plugin looks like it could be the solution to my headache!

All the best


Hi John,

Thank you for your inquiry, it looks like some of the items may require customization as the features are not available in the standard plugin yet, for further inquiry, you can send the details via our contact form here https://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden which our technical team would be able to reply to you specifically.

Hi guys,

We’ve just got this plugin (via our business Envato account) and I’m struggling to get do_shortcode to echo out the maps in our template. It just seem to be echoing the shortcode text into the page rather than a map. Is there a separate function I should be calling when working in the template?

Great plugins,


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, if you can send below details via the contact form here https://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden our technical team might be able to assist you.

1) url of store locator 2) temporary WP admin access 3) temporary FTP access

Loving the plugin. Thank you for developing it!

I’d like to remove/change the borders when a region is hovered for a client. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, you can use below CSS override on your WP Theme to remove the hover effect for the map

#super-inter-active-map-block path, #super-inter-active-map-block path:hover {
    stroke-width: 1px !important;

You can change the border color with below CSS example:

#super-inter-active-map-block path, #super-inter-active-map-block path:hover {

Perfect. Thank you!