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Excel is showing all entries in one column in the CSV export

The version 1.5.0 now includes a dropdown selector for choosing the delimiter character before doing the export. Try selecting comma, semicolon and tab to determine which is the preferred separator by your version of Excel.

Specify the CSV delimiter when exporting Contact Form 7 entries

How to exclude columns from the export CSV

You will need to use the following filter in functions.php of your theme:

add_filter( 'cf7_storage_csv_columns', function( $rows ) {
    $form_id = filter_input( INPUT_POST, 'form_id', FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT );

    // Do this only for this form ID
    if ( 123 !== $form_id ) {
        return $rows;

     // Specify the field names you wish to remove
    $unset_fields = array(
        'field-name', // use field-YOURFIELDNAME for all custom fields

    foreach ( $rows as &$row ) {
        foreach ( $unset_fields as $field_name ) {
            if ( isset( $row[ $field_name ] ) ) {
                unset( $row[ $field_name ] );     

    return $rows;
} );

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