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i am searching for following solution with your plugin: Expl: i have 2 or more forms on my website. Actually the content from the users will be saved in the database under “posts”... Is it possible to save them in an own table (all forms) with the name or id of the form as searchable possibility?

The own table with the Field Values would make it greater as it is :)

Thanks and best regards from germany :)

Hi! This plugin doesn’t support custom database tables because we want to support content migration using the standard WordPress import/export functionality.

I think the CFDB plugin uses custom tables, for example.


I have sent a detailed email to outlining an issue I’m having with uploaded files missing from emails and the Contact Form 7 Storage folder intermittently. It works every time for me, but not for every website visitor.

Thank you Tom! Just replied to your email.


Whether this plugin can send a sound notification in wp dashboad, if there is a user submit form?

How many forms can be displayed? I have 5 types of forms like contacts, payment confirmation etc.

Thank You

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add this feature.

Hi, one more last question, if there is no sound notification, is there a bubble notification if there is a submit from cf7? Thank You.

I chose not to include the bubble notifications mainly because the “read” indicator could be used as a global status or a per-user status depending on the use-case.


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I just installed the plugin and when its enabled, the validation does not work anymore and the it keeps spinning to send the message. How can i fix this?

Hi! Could you please email the URL of your contact form to Thanks!

Hello, I need this plugin’s functionality for a client. However the website is a WordPress multisite with contact form 7. Will this plugin still work?

Example I have 3 different sites, within that multisite, all with their own contact form (same exact fields different ID’s) and it has to be viewable and extractable to excel by that site only. So that the sites don’t get to see the other sites’ input data on export/ in the backend

Will this work with this plugin?

Yes, it should work just fine—each site will have its own set of form submission records that will be separate from the rest just like posts and pages are never shared between sites in a multisite setup.

Hello is there any chance that registered users are able to see their previous messages in the frontend? Regards

Hi! This isn’t supported by default because the majority of users keep their contact form submissions private.

However, you can easily write a custom post query that displays the entries since they are stored in the standard WordPress post table.

Hi! This plugin looks great, i’ve just a question. There’s compatibily with CF7 Fields repeater by Ajaxy? Thanks!

I don’t know. Could you please email a copy of that plugin to Or you can just request a refund if it doesn’t work.

Hi, I need such solution: User who has logged in submits a form. Thanks to your plugin I can see submitted form in my back-end dashboard. But I also want this specific user to see his submited forms (at the front-end). Does your CF7 storage plugin gives such possibiilty? If not do ypu have idea if there is some plugins with works with yours to do it? Chris

Hi! CF7 Storage doesn’t support displaying form submissions on the front-end of the site by default because the majority of the users want to keep the submissions protected and private.

However, you could create a shortcode for this because all of the submission data is stored in standard WP post type.

This have been a frequent request so I’ll think about ways to include this by default.

Hi, I have latest version of CF7. How I can view checkbox into your plugin and why don’t see IP and Browser refer?


How I can view checkbox into your plugin

I’m not sure I understand. Could you please elaborate on that?

and why don’t see IP and Browser refer

These are shown in the footer of each entry under Submission Details:

Contact Form 7 Submission

Bug with CF7: on_sent_ok: “location = ‘utlpage’;” don’t work after install your plugin

on_sent_ok is no longer supported and will be removed in the next version of Contact Form 7, see:

However, it should still work. Try changing location to document.location.

Finally, you can install my free plugin Contact Form 7 Controls which adds a URL field for the redirect to each form:

Contact Form 7 Controls

If you want i write into mail admin link with user, ok?

OK, sounds good.

Just an update here—all of the issues were related to old versions of WP core and the Contact Form 7 plugin. An update fixed all the issues.


Pre Purchase Question

We are trying to make Product Registration Page.

When User fills the form and submits after that we would like to add two fields

Can we keep two hidden fields and can we edit once it is submitted? and when we export it will be exported with this two hidden fields.

Can we have separate Database for this as these entries will increase the Database Size.



Can we keep two hidden fields and can we edit once it is submitted?

The fields can’t be edited after the submission. There is also no way to add additional fields after the form has been submitted.

Can we have separate Database for this as these entries will increase the Database Size.

The plugin uses the standard WordPress custom post types so all entries are stored in the same database.


I bought the plugin in order to export feedback as csv file. Whenever I’m going to send message through CF7, the spinning animation just stops and nothing happens. The message never gets to my email but it does go to the entries list of the plugin. Any way to fix this?

The original CF7 plugin is version 4.5.1 and I can’t upgrade it.

Hi! The latest version of CF7 has introduced a lot of breaking changes so we don’t support CF7 4.5.1 from August 2016.

There have been a lot of security related fixes added to the latest version of CF7—I really suggest you update. What are the reasons for not updating, if you don’t mind sharing?

there is a function to delete all emails once exported

Hi! There is an option to delete form entries in bulk—use the “Bulk Actions” dropdown in the top left corner of the form entry list. You will need to repeat that for every 20 entries.


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how i can restrict access to contact form7 for a specefic user role ?

Hi! Access to the Entries sections is limited to users with the wpcf7_read_contact_forms capability which is inherited from the Contact Form 7 plugin.


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I’m bough your plugin and i love it. But i have seen the recent changes with the export, at first a export was separate in all coloms but now it different in 1 colum. I have read your support item but still dont really get it how i get back the old layout for the export?

Best, A

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You should try a different delimiter for the CSV files—comma, semicolon or tab, see

Hi, Does it support external database name (under same account in cPanel, so same IP) ?

I want to add Contact Form quotation directly in my CRM, which use another database, and username.

Hi! The plugin uses core WordPress API for storing all the entries as a custom post type with all the field values going into post meta. Therefore, it isn’t possible use external database for just the entries.

Which CRM are you using? There are several CRM integrations for CF7.