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fadhlul Purchased

Hi. I purchased the license.

My problems are: 1. cannot export to Excel – it says page not found 2. columns names are missing, instead CF7 codes appear.

Pls assist and regards

Hi! Have you tried selecting a different CSV delimiter character as described here


fadhlul Purchased

Thank you!


afifosh Purchased

hello i want to add the following fields readflag with default value equal to 0 for all contact form like remote_addr …

as well i want to add tihs to the ” ‘show_in_rest’ => true,” is there a way to ??

        'public' => false,
        'label' => __( 'Entries', 'cf7-storage' ),
        'supports' => false,


i want to add the following fields readflag with default value equal to 0 for all contact form like remote_addr …

Could you please elaborate on this. I’m not sure I understand the question. Same with the second question about 'show_in_rest' => true.


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt ( as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards,
Harsh Singh

This plugin is a storage solution for Contact Form 7 form submissions and it doesn’t integrate with MailGet Bolt.


After having your plugin activated, our web forms no longer work and it just gets stuck. It does not submit the entry and it seems to be looping after entering reCaptcha.

Contact form 7 version is – Version 4.1.1 WordPress 4.3

Any help? Do we need to update our Contact form 7 version?


Hi! Yes, you need to be running the latest version of Contact Form 7 plugin which is version 4.7. You should also upgrade WordPress to fix all the security issues that have been fixed since August, 2015.

Hi there, we are using our WordPress as an intranet and I’m looking for a Contact 7 Form database plugin that will allow entries to be viewed online and exported… but only by the form author, selected users and of course the admins. Is this something that you can help with? Thanks, Karen

Form entries can be viewed by users with the wpcf7_read_contact_forms capability. You would need to ensure that those user roles have this capability.

Export to PDF?

Hi! There is only “Export to CSV” functionality to provide the most flexible format for any kind of data manipulation, including viewing in Excel and Google Sheets.


afifosh Purchased

I want to add capabilities to contact form7 storage

to allow specific roles to read and edit and… for cf7_entry

$admins->add_cap( 'edit_cf7_entry' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'edit_cf7_entrys' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'edit_other_cf7_entrys' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'publish_cf7_entrys' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'read_cf7_entry' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'read_private_cf7_entrys' ); 
$admins->add_cap( 'delete_cf7_entry' );

afifosh Purchased

i want to give this permission to specific users ! in a specific role

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! The entries currently can’t be edited so the edit_cf7_entrys and edit_other_cf7_entrys wouldn’t be applicable. However, I will add the other capabilities and their checks to one of the next releases.

Can we also add Manual entries in it? Like if I want to add data of people who call me.. Can I do that manually too? waiting for quick answer

Hi! It works if you simply fill out the form on the front-end of the site just like users would do.

Hi, i just purchased the plugin but have two issues: – the htacces file created in the cf7-storage folder does not allow me to download the files and returns an Internal Server Error. Is there a way to not create the htacces file without modifying directly the plugin? I can’t event delete it because of file permission. – if i put a newline in a form input field the csv return misformatted, it takes the new line and put the content in a new line in the excel file, too!


sorry for the latest reply. I open the csv file with libre office and everything is fine!

the system admin solved the problem adding “AllowOverride Options” to the httpd.conf file. Thanks for your support.

Thanks for sharing that.

Hi I just purchased the plugin because I would like to have the file attachment shortcode [file-field] automatically link to the uploaded file in the notification email.

However, the file link is not generated. It just shows up in the email as plain text (just the name of the file).

Please let me know how to resolve. Thanks!

Hi! Many email clients automatically format URLs into clickable links. The default mail notification format is plain text which is why we don’t format it as an HTML link.

Try the following snippet:

<a href="[file-field]">[file-field]</a>

in_d Purchased

Hi, when i export the data and open it in excel it is a big mess. The data isn’t standing in columns but also in rows. How can i export the data so it is all in columns and i can make a table with it.

The export format requirements depend on the locale setting of your computer. See this FAQ entry on how to try different CSV delimiter character.

Hi, I just bought your plugin and it makes a couple of errors:
  • the entries to the form (I´m using CF7) doesn’t show up
  • when I export entries to a CSV and import them in Excel it is total chaos. One entry appears on many rows. Data is spread out in many coloms.

I you want I can send you some screen shots.

All the best / Staffan Hjalmarsson

The CSV export format depend on the locale setting of your computer. See this FAQ entry on how to try different CSV delimiter character.

Secondly, how do you know that entries are not stored? Can you provide a link to the form? Are you running the latest version of the Contact Form 7 plugin?

Hi Preseto, thank you for you fast reply.

Now I can see some entries, but only the ones that came in after I´ve installed you plugin. And, the entries are only the formal e-mail the the responder sent. Not ALL the information that they sent in… How to make that happen?

I have the latest version of CF7.

I try with different way of exporting, and still it is the same problem…

/ Staffan

Yes, that is correct—before installing this plugin the entries were sent only over email and never stored in the database which is why you don’t see them in the list. Only the new entries submitted after installing the plugin are stored in the database.

All form field values are visible when you open the individual submission:

Individual form field values in Storage for Contact Form 7

All these fields are also available in the exported CSV file:

Field values in export of Contact Form 7 entry from database

Hi there, your plugin looks excellent and I’m keen to try it. Before I do, I have one question. We recently tried another plugin which worked well except on open text fields where the user would enter text which may contain commas. The output would end up being a total mess with the field spread across multiple cells. Before I purchase your plugin I have to be sure it will handle this same scenario correctly, leaving the entire field in one cell?

Many thanks

Hi! Yes, the export does support text fields with values that include commas and render them correctly in the exported CSV file. Here is a screenshot of a sample export I just created:

Storage for Contact Form 7 export in Apple Numbers

Secondly, the Storage for Contact Form 7 plugins allows you to select the CSV delimiter character to ensure that the output is rendered correctly with any locale setting.

Pre sale question:

1: It’s posible to make the messages Read and UnRead on wp-admin? 2: I want to use this for a rent a car and i have 10 websites, It’s posible to have all the messages only in one wp-admin web site?! So, when some one complet one contact form 7 reservation form from any web site, to have him message on another wp-admin web site .

many regards and i wait for your reply.

Hi! That sounds like an interesting use-case. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t provide any of those things out of the box.

any ideea if it’s a plugin who make this posible? or any way?

No, I don’t know of such a plugin.

We are looking into using Storage as a means of saving application submissions to a database, but are unclear on some of the plugin’s functionality.

Sorting – can the admin view sort by field values? Fields – can fields defined in a WPCF7 form be added the the admin view?

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you :)

Hi! (1) Sorting—this plugin doesn’t provide that functionality. (2) All fields are visible under each form entry, however they are not listed in the overview or the list view.

How work the track? i have a lot of contact from google and facebook. Will show where the lead source?

Hi! Could you please provide some additional details on your requirements. I don’t understand what you mean by “How work the track?” and “Will show where the lead source?”

Thank you!


It’s simple.

I get visits from GOOGLE ADWORDS and FACEBOOK ADS. Its possible to show how i get this contact?

I have the information on ADSENSE, but i don’t know where this ‘contact’ come from. Understand?

For exemple;

Bruno comes from ADWORDS and FERNANDO comes from FACEBOOK.

I want to ‘track’ or ‘save’ this information too. its possible?

Hello!, Can this plugin store the submission in another database different than the wp db? in the same server

Hi! This plugin uses the default WordPress APIs for storing the form entries so it doesn’t support other databases without custom coding.


is it possible to add link to the CSV download into the email. So a custom form-tag that would generate a direct link to download a file.



That isn’t possible because the user needs to be logged in the WordPress admin and with appropriate permissions in order to generate the CSV. This is mainly a security feature.


Im interested in buying the plugin, but in advance i would like to know if possible to export from a select date to a select date. For example, export from 1 July to 31 July. Regards. Thanks.

Hi! Yes, you can filter the submissions by month:

Export CF7 submissions by month