Discussion on Storage for Contact Form CF7

Discussion on Storage for Contact Form CF7

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Hello, I just bought your plugin but I can’t figure out how to send the generated form CSV as mail attachement like you mentioned in the description.

The shortcode [storage_entry_url] is only sending an url to the saved backend entry.

Sorry for the confusion — the plugin only supports CSV export from the WP dashboard at the moment. It is impossible to include the form entry as a CSV attachment to the confirmation emails.

Would this be a useful feature? Would you like to include just the current submission as an attachment or also send daily reports of all submissions for the past day/week/month?

Oh okay I understand, no problem. To be honest that’s the main feature I expected, in my case simply as attachement to the sent emails. Would absolutely be a useful feature, surely also for other users.

Is it possible to get a refund for my purchase? Unfortunately I have no usage for the plugin now. Would really appreciate this.

Hi i cant get exact path of attached files.

Its going to same temp folder of contact form 7

and file path is from server


not with site link please help

I am not getting the correct file path and files are going into tempraroywpcf7_uploads folder. Please advise.

Hi Preseto, can i get the ID of attachment in the thank you page? I use “Redirection for Contact Form 7”

The storage plugin is only interacting with the data from the form before it gets sent via email. The data on the thank you page is related to the “Redirection for Contact Form 7” functionality so you should reach out to their support.

We’re getting what appear to be memory related errors from Storage for Contact Form 7. There are 10’s of thousands of submissions stored but I see no way to delete more than 25 at a time? Is there anyway to remove whole years worth (they currently date back to 2015), or otherwise delete submissions in bulk?

Hi Preseto,

I am looking for a way to include a unique incrementing number in the Subject line. I read in one of your replies in the comment that you have a field called [storage_entry_id].

I wonder if this is a unique value for every new email? The unique incrementing number will help the emails not group together like replies in gmail.

Hi! Yes, the [storage_entry_id] field should be replaced with a unique value per submission. For example, if there are two emails setup for each submission—they both will have the same ID there since they refer to the same submission.

Hello Preseto. Thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear that [storage_entry_id] will have the same ID for the two emails with same submission since this is the kind of set up that I have.

Hello, I have a problem. I thought the uploaded files would be visible as a file in the storaged entry, but it’s not. How can I access that files? And can I send the csv with entries automatically to an e-mail?

I also have problems with the standard CF7 mail, because that also don’t give attachments. I don’t know where it goes wrong

Yes, the links to uploaded files should show up in the entry for the submission. Can you please send screenshots of the form backend and the entry page for a sample submission where files were uploaded to

Hi, we use CF7 storage plugin, which works as desired – thank you for that. But we had a spam attack and now we want to bulk delete entries (> 20.000). Can you give me a hint how this could be done? I could delete the entries directly in the database – or is this kind of bad idea?

Thany you. Melanie

Sorry to hear that your site went through a spam attack. The storage plugin currently offers delete option for the 25 entries shown in the table. Unfortunately, there is no option to select more entries at one time so going through 20k entries would take a lot of time.

The plugin stores the entries as custom post type “cf7_entry” with several of data in the post meta of the associated posts so you could use any tool such as WP CLI or plugin that allows batch delete of specific post types. Deleting directly in the database is also possible but that won’t remove the associated post meta which could be a problem in some cases.

Dear Preseto,

Does your plugin supports a scheduled report (for example a one time report) for the submissions of a specific form?

Hi! The plugin currently doesn’t support any scheduling. Can you please elaborate on your use-case? Are you thinking of getting an email of all the form submissions attached for a period of time delivery on daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Hi! I was thinking of sending a report from all the submissions of a specific form to some emails.

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to dowload a previous version compatible with Contact Form 7 Version 4.7 ?

Sure! Happy to send you a copy. Can you please send an email to

What is the error you’re getting when trying to use the storage plugin with that version of the plugin? I’ve tried to keep the storage plugin compatible with all previous versions of CF7 so I would like to know if there is an issue with that potentially.


Thank you for your quick answer, I will send email to with screenshot of the error

Any method to auto delete submissions after 12months?

That’s a great suggestion, thank you! I’ve added this to the backlog of our tasks and will include that in the next release by registering a cron job if a checkbox is enabled in the backend. How does that sound?

AWESOME! This would be really useful! Especially with career etc forms where personal data needs to be deleted on regular intervals.

Your plugin seems perfect for me. just one pre-sales question regarding access to file attachments: For example a user attaches a file “personal-data-01.pdf” to a form. If I understand it correct, this file gets saved to ”/wp-content/uploads/cf7-storage/”. Is file access only limited to admins as well as anybody that has access to contact form 7? Or is anybody able to view the uploaded file, if they have the correct URL (http://.../wp-content/uploads/cf7-storage/personal-data-01.pdf)? Regards, Simon

The uploaded files are public just like all files uploaded to WP. That was a decision to ensure that files can be stored in the majority of WP installs since wp-content/uploads is technically the only directory that would allow writes by the server.

However, we add an additional suffix to the filenames to avoid guessing. All files are stored in the wp-content/uploads/cf7-storage directory and have the following format DD-SS.EXT where DD is the submission post ID, SS is the hash of the absolute file path before uploading and EXT is the original extension.

So, yes—everybody able to guess (or enumerate) the submission ID and the hash, can access the files.

The plugin does try to put an .htaccess file in the root of the wp-content/uploads/cf7-storage directory that prevents the listing of files on Apache web servers but it can’t do anything about Nginx servers, for example.

I’m happy to refund your purchase if this plugin doesn’t work out for you.

Hey, I just purchase your plugin, which seems to be working well :-) except for one thing :

I want to modify the columns in the admin. I found your comment : Use the “manage_contact_page_cf7_storage_columns” filter to add extra columns.

I tried to add and array of my fields but I did not work. I cannot find your filter in your code. As a temp passthrough, I tried to alter your function get_columns(), but the columns remain empty. The values are not extracted from my custom fields. Could you help me, please ? Frederic

Hello, I am still stuck. Thanks, F.

Hi Frederic! I’m really sorry for missing your original message!

Adjusting the columns is only possible through code as you already discovered. The manage_contact_page_cf7_storage_columns filter is generated dynamically by WordPress based on admin page IDs contact_page for the Contact Form 7 top-level page and cf7_storage subpage that contains the entries.

However, it looks like the plugin is missing the manage_{$this->screen->id}_custom_column so it doesn’t support a way to add the actual output for the column content. I’ve added this to the list of issues and will fix in the next release. Unfortunately, I don’t have an estimate for when this could be.

Ok, thank you for your answer. I will try other things and wait for your update. Frederic

A few questions:

-We have a plugin by you called “Contact Form 7 Storage” v1.4.3 installed is this the same product and if so,, why hasn’t it been updating?

- We have nearly30,000 entries which we’ve downloaded and I’d like to clear them. Do I really have to delete them on page of 100 entries at a time? This times 30k entries times a dozen websites would be quite an undertaking.

- If this product is an update to a formerly free version that we have? What is the licensing? I see $29 is that a year? a month? per site? unlimited sites? or?

- I saw something about another free plugin that works with this CF7 Controls? Any more info on the “automatic Google Analytics Tracking?

- Any integration with Salesforce?

Thank you, very much?


Hi! Thanks for reaching out!

The Contact Form 7 Storage plugin is only available as a paid product so maybe your developer installed it when configuring the site and didn’t enable the automatic updates as described in the “Automatic Updates” section of the product page. You only need a valid API token and this plugin which enables automatic updates for all your Envato products.

There was never a free version of the plugin but it could be that somebody made a copy as it is allowed according to the GPL license. However, in that case you don’t get the automatic updates and support.

The $29 is a one time fee for unlimited sites and unlimited future updates so I would highly encourage you to consider purchasing the license.

The integration with Google Analytics is available as part of this free plugin Note that it doesn’t have an integration with Salesforce, though.

Deleting entries currently does require that you go through every paginated view of the items in the admin and select the items to delete. I realize that this isn’t great when there are many entries. Having a batch delete button is a great idea and I will add that to the feature requests. For now, you could use this plugin to delete all posts of the CF7 Storage type.

Sir, does your plugin compatible with Multisite? Can I have site name and site url column in it? Because each of site have exact same field, so I need these additional column.

Hi! Yes, the plugin is compatible with Multisite but it doesn’t provide a central listing of all submissions across the network because entries are stored on per-site basis similar to WordPress posts and pages.

And the table doesn’t list the site name or URL.

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to have a data support system and to have a customer account validation system, with validiton or refusal of access request compliance

it is to know if our use is past via another website to validate their registration and if the user is validated we will need to have an automatic response by email to pass in validated or refused status

Since Version Wordpress 5.6 the Storage Tool is not working when its aktiv in the Wordpress Installation, the Contact form is not sending. So when its deactivate the Contact Form 7 is sending. Can you bring a Update for Wordpress Version 5.6

Ok thanks, so we look again, when we find anything we give you feedback.

Dear Preseto, so we have check again the problem with the storage tool. So under Google Console this error is come:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () and this is the error file: https://**/wp-json/contact-form-7/v1/contact-forms/131/feedback

Dear Preseto, we finde the problem. Thanks your tool working well. Greats


1. almost perfect plugin I look for but… could you update the plugin with the data view options like that plugin?

2. No data entry edit option, could you please add that? – see the Ninja team plugin.

3. Long time, no update of the plugin. PHP 8 compatiblity will be an issue soon as well.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I’ve released an update to address the upload API changes introduced in Contact Form 7 version 5.4.

Before buy the plugin i need to know one thing: There is a way to edit data from entries?


Thanks for the question!

No, there is no way to edit the submitted data in the form entries. The only option is to export them or delete the entries.

Let me know if you have any another questions!


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