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we are very interested in your plugIn.

We want use it for one of our clients and have a question, if there are sites that are automatic created by the plugin. Or if there is the possibility to display data over an short code, like in other “Contact Form Safe to DB” plugins.

The background is the following: We already made bad experience with an other plugin (not yours and not for data saving) that creates sites in background. Now we cannot remove that sites anymore, even while uninstalling the plugin. Unfortunately, the links are already indexed by search engines – so we are still searching for an possible solution to delete the unneeded URLs of the items and the categories created by the plugin :(

If this plugin now automatically creates sites (post, pages, categories ore something else) in background and posts some sensitive data from the input of the forms, we have a wort case scenario. Is there a possibility to avoid creating such sites?

Or is there maybe the possibility to “crypt” the stored data or to store it on a DB on an other server?

Best regards and thanks in advance!

if there are sites that are automatic created by the plugin

No sites are created.

Or did you mean “posts”? We’re storing entries in a private post type that is not accessible on the front-end. It is marked “private” similar to post revisions and other WordPress meta data that is not exposed to public.

Hey, I’m looking at buying this plugin. My worry is that it will only store items from the original “comment section” from Contact form section; and it won’t store the additional custom sections that I added to it. I tried a similar plugin that was free. It only store the original comment section—rendering it pretty much useless.

Please send me an email to and I’ll be happy to provide you with the plugin to check if it works with your setup.

Question about product:

In contact form 7 you can create check boxes. Will this save that data as individual fields when exported to excel or will it dump it all into one field when exporting? I need them separated out so I can sort by which options were checked by my users.


Since the last update of the CF7 plugin the WPCF7_Shortcode class is marked as deprecated, see:

This leads to a PHP notice when a user submits a form. To resolve this, you need to change line 182 in the file /cf7-storage.php to ”$form_fields = $cf7->scan_form_tags();”

Thank you!

Thank you for reporting this! I’ll implement the suggested fix as soon as possible.