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mrpoe Purchased

Hi, first of all thanks for this great plugin! I need help with 2 questions: 1- Can you tell me how to add fields on admin listing? i’ll use this with just 1 form and i need to show its fields on table 2- Any suggestion how to use a shortcode to let it work on frontend?


Ps: “preview”button has some issue with 4.7.8


1. Fields in the admin listing are added automatically depending on the fields in the form submission. Adding new fields to the form will make them show up in the admin listing automatically.

2. This plugin doesn’t provide any shortcodes for submission display on the front-end mainly because the default use-case is to keep all submissions private and secure. However, all entries are stored in a custom post type cf7_entry with the individual input field values in the form_fields post meta. The form ID is stored in the post_parent value of the post.

3. I just confirmed that the “Preview” link works as expected with the latest version of WordPress 4.9.2. I highly suggest you upgrade from 4.7.8 for security reasons.


mrpoe Purchased

Hi, thank you for the reply. By admin listing i mean this table:

I’d like to add some field as column or next to email.

Thanks again

I am interested in your plugin, sent you a private message yesterday (from

Hi Anna! Just sent you a reply. Unfortunately the Storage for CF7 plugin doesn’t integrate with the WP Sabai Directory plugin.

Thanks anyway!

Hi i would like to show only my custom fields inside the csv export.

Which code do i need to insert to function.php for showing only my 10 custom fields?

this are my fields/shortcodes:

Vorname: [Vorname] Nachname: [Nachname] Wohnort: [Wohnort] Straße: [Strasse]

Email: [Email] Telefon: [Telefon]

Geschlecht: [Geschlecht] Alter: [Alter] Größe: [Groesse] Branche: [Kategorie]

Bilder: Siehe Anhang!

Hi! Those fields should be added automatically to the CSV export—be sure to scroll to the right when viewing the exported file. For excluding the default email and date fields, please see this article

Hi there we are collecting a number of large attachments through CF7 and when we delete the forms after a period, the file uploads remain on our web server. Will this plugin automatically remove the associated files uploaded on our web server, when we delete the forms submissions?



Yes, deleting entries (after trashing) will also delete the associated attachments.

Is it possible to download or display entries made before the plugin was installed? If so, how?

Other than that the plugin is working great and thank you for making it.

Hi! Unfortunately that is not possible because there is no logic in the core CF7 plugin that would do that. Only submissions made after activating the Storage for CF7 plugin will be captured and displayed.

Sorry for the same question. I forgot to check the box below to get an answer.

How can I download or display entries that were made before I installed your plugin?

Hi! Unfortunately that isn’t possible because the CF7 plugin doesn’t store them without this plugin. Only form submissions after the Storage for CF7 plugin was installed will be captured in your database.

Hi! it seems an interesting plugin. To which extent is it GDPR compliant?

That is a great question—I should probably add this information to the main readme file.

- Recording consent: This plugin won’t add a consent checkbox to each form so it must be done manually.

- Recording consent: After adding the consent checkbox the consent checkbox value will be stored in the DB together with all other fields.

- Managing consent: there is no way for the user to delete the form submission without getting in touch with the site owner or admin. This must be a manual process.

- Managing consent: Deleting the form submission will delete the record from the database along with any associated attachments. It won’t delete it from any of the backups you or the hosting provider has created.

- Managing consent: The Storage for CF7 plugins has methods for exporting the form submission data as CSV. The plugin doesn’t store information about each export and you’re not able to track every exported file.

Let me know if you had any specific questions.

Hello, I just want to know if is possibile to set an expiration time for files attached in the contact form storage.

Thank you!


Hi! Unfortunately that isn’t possible by default. Could you please elaborate on the use-case for this feature?

Note that trashing and then deleting any entry will also delete the attachments.

Thank you! My client would like the system to auto-delete items older than 6 months. Is there a way to make this possible?

That would require custom code that runs at regular intervals (once a day via WP cron, for example) and deletes all attachments older than 6 month.

Hi I can’t find the ZIP-File for installation in the downloaded files. Hoe can I get the zip-file?

Regards René

Hi Rene! Were you able to find the plugin ZIP file? I’ve never heard of this issue before so I suggest you re-download a fresh copy from the CodeCanyon website. Could you please email me the purchased ZIP file to if that doesn’t work?

Hi I can’t find the ZIP-File for installation in the downloaded files. Hoe can I get the zip-file?

Regards René

Hi! Were you able to resolve this with Envato support?

hi, i m trying to use your plugin but the CSV export doesn’t work properly because i see alla datas in different rows, not as in your example screenshot. Like this it is impossible to export the forms. Please could you help me ?

Update: if i export as “semicolumn” delimited, it looks good. If i export as Tab or comma delimited the CSV doesnt work

Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad you were able to figure it out. This usually depends on the locale setting of your computer and one of those options always works.


dondela Purchased

Is there a way to bulk-delete all entries before a given date?

The only option is to use the pagination feature and delete them starting from the oldest posts. This sounds like a very useful feature so I’m sorry we don’t have it implemented.

With the new data protection laws coming into force on the 25th of May does this mean that this plugin will be illegal to use in that it stores information on the server?

Hi! No, storing any user information on the server is legal and permitted as long as you get a consent from the user. Here is a nice overview of how it applies to contact forms.

pre-sale question – I only allow uploading images. Is it possible to save images in wp-admin media library? I have a dynamic script that shows all media on another page. thank you

Hi! The images are not stored as WP attachments to prevent them from showing up at the attachment permalink URL which is public and probably even included in sitemaps. The images are uploaded to wp-content/uploads/cf7-storage. The list of uploaded images for each form entry is stored in the cf7_storage_uploads_stored post meta.

is there a way i can customize it to store images in media library? like i said, i will be using it for images only.

There is no simple way of doing that, unfortunately. You could hook into the cf7_storage_capture action, loop through the uploaded file paths (in the cf7_storage_uploads_stored post meta of the $entry_id) and call wp_insert_attachment() to create an attachment post linking to the uploaded file and the relevant form entry ID.