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How many products can be managed with this Stock Manager?

You can have any number of products ranging from 1 to 20,000

How can I translate into other language?

Please translate language file and email me at saleem@tecdiary.com I will add it to next update and if you have already bought the script. I will add this to your installation.

How do SMA handle out bounds?

Products will be automatically subtracted from the warehouse quantity once the invoice created.
Quotation, Estimates and other draft invoice types will not change the quantity.

Note: If you don’t have product in stock, Invoice will be created and warehouse quantity will be set in negative i.e -10 or whatever was the quantity in invoice.

How do SMA handle in bounds?

New Inventory will add the products in the selected warehouse.

How can I move products from one warehouse to another?

From Products -> Transfer Products, you can move/transfer the products quantity from one warehouse to another.

Will I get the full source code?

Yes, You will get 100% source code including php, sql, js, html and css.

Are you using a PHP Framework for this?

Yes, I used CodeIgniter – A Fully Baked PHP Framework by EllisLab

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