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Hi, I have a requirement of Purchasing the License Alone. Is there a facility for that or i need to invest again for the full application? I Want to sell this application to another person, is it accepted in this regular license?? If yes, can the purchased username to be different. Kindly help me out of this.

You can purchase licenses for your clients, install for them, charge your services as you like. The only thing is that you need to purchase separate license for each of your clients. Thank you

But the Username would still refer mine right? can that be modified as per the client name or email for each license?

Yes, it will be under your name as you have purchased it. There is no such option to change it. You can list all your purchase code with customer details in your records. Thank you


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Hi, Could you please answer some emails that I have sent to you? I just reinstalled from scratch this and after that it takes me to login but is a subfolder called admin and there is no admin folder installed and therefor is calling a 500 error


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Sorry it is a 404 error

Please check the documentation.pdf for 404 not found error. Thank you

is you managed session expiration ? means am seeing session table get very huge in size

The sessions are handled by framework. The sessions table in database will be truncated with cron job. Thank you


I have an issue, i dont know why suddenly the reference number of the expenses started repeating the last one and not incrementing the sequence number as expected (ad as it was before), i have v3.2.15 installed.

Looking forward to your comments


As I know there is no change for reference number for quite long. Can you please check this on live demo. Thank you


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I have an issue for installing. Already sent you an email as well. Waiting.

- Rishabh


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Hi Mr. Salim, Can you reply please?


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can we make a receipt in this app? i mean, i can select some invoice, then generate it as receipt. so receipt is summary of invoice that i will bill to customer


on demo not have add brands and catogories please fix it

GREAT APP!!! BUT have video toturial how to install??


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hello, After I started to buy and use your script, I realized a huge shortcoming.we work with our suppliers prepaid. For example, we are already paying $ 10,000 for our supplier. then every purchase from my supplier is deducted from this money. When the money is reduced, the supplier is paid again. your system is very nice but there is such a lack. prepaid companies like us can not use this system. and they do not know how much money they have in their supplier. we think that it will become a perfect system if you can rearrange the system so that it can work like this. Thanks.


Dear AUTHOR can you fix it for receipt cuz this receipt not showing symbol iwant buy this app pliss see my share link >>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb1dzw44z57baor/Screenshot%20%2846%29.png?dl=0

ok i see… Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module includes the POS Module, so I need to buy Shop (Shopping Cart) & APIs Modules for Stock Manager Advance, which it is another module, correct? one more question: do i need to buy Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System) as well? i mean, is this an additional add-on? is this include already? or maybe this is something else? thank you.

i can give you hosting on the server and you will have commision for that if you offering that with free installation of the script