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How to see what are the latest updates in the released version.? what are the item added / modified etc

Want to buy this what about the outcome is this product is good to buy??

Which printers we can use to print receipt?

Hello, I bought the system on October 15, I performed the steps exactly as it says in the document, at the end I deleted the folder INSTALL and when I run the system doesn’t open anything, it leaves the page blank. At every step he told me that everything was fine. Please, what can I do?

as I see in the log file, this is the error, but what is it? as I said in all the steps I appeared that everything was fine.

[16-Oct-2017 08:37:27 America/Bogota] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in /home/pzpableins/public_html/sistema/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/functions.php on line 232

I solved it .. thanks

1. My purchase unit is dozen box 2. My sell unit is piece.

Hi, I have purchased chocolate 2 dozen boxes and sell 5 pieces. But here is my product report is showing…, purchased -> (24)24.00$ sold -> (5)10.00$ profit or/Loss -> -14.00$ stock(Qty) Amt -> (19)228.00$ I am surprised to see this amount. why is that 228$ ? It suppose to be (19) 19$ or somthing…!!!