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Hi, Would like to purchase this system if all the Indian GST details is incorporated with this. Including Indian GST Template for Invoice(Automatic Calaculation of invoice of IGST if the seller and customer are from different state and CGST+SGST if the seller and buyer from same state)

If you enable invoice view to Indian GST, system will calculate igst or cgst and sgst automatically. Please check the docs and test it. Thank you


v4tech Purchased

Still not able to install. Getting 500 error. Read the documentation and done what should be done. Called the hosting company 1and1.co.uk and they could not see any issue telling me to check our side. so stuck in the middle. Any other solution or advice would be very helpful.


v4tech Purchased

Installed on localhost- Failed (500 error) Installed on shared hosting on 1and1.co.uk hosting company- Failed (500 error) installed on a dedicated server 1and1.co.uk- failed with 500 error.

Now don’t know what to do :(

Contacted hosting company and they are displaying the error on the page whih are mentioned above.

see the errors at http://sma.v4tech.co.uk

can you please install it for me? and the cost and details reqd for installation.

A quick response into this would be highly appreciated.


v4tech Purchased

I have sent the installation cost via Paypal and sent email to support as well.

You request was proceed and you were replied. Thank you

what is the difference between this script and this Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module? Does it has all the features of this software in addition to POS module or the two is totally different?

This item doesn’t come with POS Module. However the item name mentioned in comment come with POS as name suggested. Thank you

Hi, GST for india is not working what it suppose to be, in fact GST is classified into CGST + SGST + IGST, but in your case only it is showing IGST, for example, if the tax is 5% then it should show (CGST 2.5% + SGST 2.5%) in invoice, which is not happening in your software, more ever it is not showing in POS invoice, but it is showing only in Sales invoice, please check and update me.

You need to check the biller state and customer state for sale/quotes, supplier state and business state for purchase? If the states are same system will calculate CGST and SGST otherwise it will be IGST. Please check the docs before posting. Thank you

Thanks Bro, well, i check documentation but not mention how to change all settings, Thanks. But this is working fine perfectly for Sales, what about POS? I have done settings in software, and “After SAle Page” should be “receipt” or “POS” to see GST bill? let me know plz

I am updating the views for hsn code and pos receipt will be updated too. Thank you


Also please help us to know how to use HSN Code for POS Sales? i have added HSN code but not showing any where

HI There,

I have simple question, every time you update software, but you know there are things we modify software from our side, once i update your code complete my code will get modify, can i know how to update your software without effecting my custom code?

do you have any idea for solving this issues

The pos receipt view is being updated for Indian GST. I am sorry as the changes are on code and update will always replace them. There is no solution for this :(

Hi Saleem does your script support Exchange of Product in POS Sales Module, in fact if any customer want to exchange any product with purchased one, please let me know how to do it, i know there is option to sales return, but any idea about exchange plz

No, there is no such option. Thank you


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HSN Code Should be come on Invoice Print. need quantity, description like column for it. its not showing on bill please update that ASAP. Thank you in Advance.. its compulsory on billing invoice as per gov rule.

Yes, HSN code is being added in this week update. Thank you

Owner/Admin Login is NOT working. http://sma.tecdiary.my/ is opening the Shop front end.. Do you provide Frontend shop, recurring Orders. Example : customer can buy a product every monday till next 1 month. Or every day till next 1 year and billing will be every month OR…etc

Yes, you can access the backend at http://sma.tecdiary.my/admin/

No, there is no recurring order option available yet. Thank you

Seller VAT number is there…But Seller GST number also needs to be there..Please do let me know how and where do I entered the Seller GST? Or shall I use Seller VAT for the Seller GST number?

You can use custom fields. Thank you

In your demo, under POS, if the same item is clicked more than once the quantity should be updated instead of creating the new row of the product.

Please check ‘Cart Item Addition Method’ in your system setting.

Business State and Customer State are same and even the GST comes as IGST.

If state are same it should be CGST & SGST. Please test on live demo. Thank you

Hi, I purchased stock manager and installed it successfully. After getting this message: -Installation completed! -You can login now using the following credential: —Username: owner@tecdiary.com -Password: 12345678

-Please don’t forget to change username and password. —Go to Login

The URL is correct but I can’t find the admin folder in my stock manager folder even after hard refreshing. Where is it?

Thank you in advance for your answer

You don’t have to find the admin folder. If you are getting 404 not found error, please check documentation.pdf Thank you

Hi if we use chinese characters, under sales invoice, we cant seem to search the product, it does not appear on the list, it says product not found.

Is there an option to refund by cash instead of return sale per product? So we return cash amount of the invoice instead?

I will check about Chinese chars. Once you added the return sales, you can add payment by any method. Thank you


You new update 3.2.6, is this made any changes in POS Sales Receipt, because i see still GST is not showing in POS Sales, but in sales page is showing.. please confirm it.

The GST is showing on POS too, please test on live demo. Thank you

hi please check the attached screenshot . problem with product report, how it’s possible ?


The current stock could be due to adjustment or first quantity. Is there any quantity adjustments for this item?

Hi There, before I make a purchase, please let me know if you can integrate PayFast.co.za payment mechanism? Thank you.

I am sorry as are not accepting custom modification jobs yet. Thank you

I don’t mean 404 There is a blank page after all Pass installed Please check our website :Http://Sma.321kk.com I don’t know what problem is

I have seen the login page is showing up. I hope you have figured out the issue. If no, please check your server error log and let us know the error details there. Thank you

Hello, If I buy this script can I use the POS module as in preview it shows with POS. But You have another script named Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module.

This item doesn’t come with POS Module, you can purchase POS Module separately . Thank you

Cannot Login to my admin account. I have reset the password, received the email and tried to add the new password but this error appears?

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