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flopppy Purchased

Where do I download the updates from? I have version 24 and it says version 26 is available. Are the updates hidden so well or you don’t provide them at all or?

Please visit updates page under settings. Thank you


ourag Purchased

Curious if this is able to allow me as the owner to set different prices for different users? Example I have a sales person A that I will charge my normal dealer price but I have another sales person B that I am wanting to give a discount to?

Would be awesome if I am able to set up different prices for an item and then when setting up the dealer selecting which pricing set they will be able to use

You can’t setup price for staff but for customers, warehouses. You can allowed staff to give discount and assign them a warehouse and biller. The price groups can be added and you can set the product price as you need then assign the price group to customer/warehouse. Please try in on live demo to get familiar. Thank you


ereyesg Purchased

plz help me, the installation show 500 server error, currente permison are: folder 775, files 664

Please check your error log for details and let us know the error there. Thank you

Does the POS have Z & X Reading/Printing Report option?

I am sorry as I am not familiar with Z & X reading :( and there is no printing report. Thank you

There is no such reporting available. You can view the cash register details any time and close the register at the end of the shift. Thank you


exdev Purchased

Hi! I get the following error in the last step: Error while validating your purchase code!

My Purchase code is correct. I am installing it on a local mac system with php 7

Are you contacted to internet? Internet connectivity is required to install the item. Thank you

Dear is this support api for android app, are you providing any android app

No, there is no app and api feature available yet. Thank you

I want to purchase but I need discount offers, and discount level for different products on different days

There is no such option available. You can apply any discount while selling the products OR check the promo option on demo. Thank you


inwebmtc Purchased

Help me, The barcode reader does not see the underscore of the product code example: xxxx_yy! You read it with ”?” How can I fix it?


inwebmtc Purchased

example: xxxx?yy

You can try to change the barcode separator in system settings. Thank you


Jacob_h Purchased

1. under variation you write “size and/or color”, I could find only one level of variation to use either for size or color. can you briefly explain or direct me to the instruction for the method to use 2 variations type. 2. On invoice list, when u use deposit as payment method you get error message that the amount exceed the sales amount whatever amount you use.

Yes, item only have 1 level of variants. There is no option for multi-level variants. Please check documentation.pdf (page 23). Thank you


Jacob_h Purchased

Thanks for the reply. I understand your point but after clicking the download button it’s actually looking for this directory which does not exist /system_settings/install_update/79e9cd2371aec2ae70b9xxxxxxx/0 ( I didn’t replace the actual path with path description)

The link is not directory but route url and this look fine to me. Can you check if you have php-zip extension installed? If no, please install it as updated require php-zip to be enabled. Thank you

Do we have an idea to read barcode with tablet device???

The item does’t offer such functionality. However, you can search app store for third-party barcode reader apps. Thank you


Jacob_h Purchased

People>Customer list>List addresses > add address . what the use of those addresses ? it does not update in the customer card or anything else i could think about.

Those are for front-end shop/cart that will be available as add-on soon. Thank you


Jacob_h Purchased

for your future consideration, non of the document have title (i.e. sales invoice, Purchase order etc…) simple but important.

I am sorry as I did’t get you. The page titles are fine.

hi, i am looking for accounting module.. do you have any plan for add accounting module..

Item doesn’t have any accounting feature and no plan yet too. We will check after front-end shop completed. Thank you

noted with thanks.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. You state your Beta / RC versions are not for production use, but the latest non-RC version of your software on your Change Log is “Update v2.3 (26th December 2013)”. Is this incorrect?

The RC3.0.2.26 is quite stable and can be used for production. Thank you

Hello Mian, i hope you fine?

As you know i have already purchased all your products, really very good products you have, now i am planning to buy again new license from you for my new clients., but i have one question which is really important for all customers.

1.) I will buy License for Head Office, and i have 3 Outlets in different area, so is it possible with your present software, all 3 outlets should connect to HO?

2.) If i install software in Local Server, and i have 4 computers in same building, with 4 computers and 4 thermal printer, how can i connect all 4 computers with each printer, each system will have to print to specific printer?

Let me know if both are possible, if so , i can buy new licenses from you..



You can instal it on live server and any number of outlet/warehouse can access the same installation.

You can setup LAN and install it on one machine and access from that from any other local machine. For printing, if you use web browser, it will be fine but php printing option won’t be able to handle receipt printing as it will only print to default system printer that will be same for all. I will check in future update about this situation. If you install it separately on all 4 machine then php printing will be fine too but that’s not good idea to manage 4 installation for single business. The first option is more reliable at this moment.

Thank you


Jacob_h Purchased

I’m trying to update from .2.24 to 2.25 before updating to 2.26 using update under setting. update try to redirect to noon exist path and I’m getting error. Domain/InstalledDirectory/system_settings/install_update/79e9cd2371aec2ae70b9xxxxxxx/0/


Jacob_h Purchased



Jacob_h Purchased

I found similar problem with products. adding products is okay but if you try to view the product it stay for ever on loading. if you try to edit it redirect you to /products/edit/1 which does not exist. the product updated in the database table. It does not happen with suppliers. I can not test add sales because it can not find the item i added (with stock)


Jacob_h Purchased

Hi Salim. Are you going to help to solve the problem ? Or questions that does not promote more sales does not deserve answer?

Hello, this is using HMVC for codeigniter; what is codeigniter version to custom updates?

The CI 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 will be in next update. Thank you

Can this work with multi-store? each store has own operators and recipe details, but same products, prices, etc…

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You clever guy, stolen other people idea and now come to same place to advertise. i will check with Envato about your actions.