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Pre-sales question.

We have a PHP-based website that connects to a database which has STL files added to it from a web-based interface.

We want to display these STL files and interact with it as per your example.

But our site does not sell these items to the public. It is part of a larger infrastructure that is used internally in our company.

Do you have a product that we can use in this scenario…??

Ideally, we would take your product and plug it into our system and then hook our database to display our files in your viewer.

Let me know if this is something that is possible with one of your product(s).

Thanks in advance.

This is the ideal product for your use-case. Post-purchase I can modify the view so that price information (or the entire meta-information area) is not displayed. Thank you for your interest. Cheers!

Ok, good to know.

Are you available to customize this, IF NEEDED, when we do integrate it with our system.

I am happy to pay extra for quality work and for a customized product.

Yes. Please feel free to get in touch for customization/s.

Question we would love to integrate your PHP script into our shop but how do you calculate the time ? We can prepare an shell script local where we really slice the stl file because the price will be printer time ? if that works we would love to integrate thx thomas

hi ,

this script is work for .obj file format?