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does it work on mobile devices.. eg iphone, ipad, and android?

There is no intended support for those platforms. Pushkar

thanks for the reply man, but,, is there a way you can adjust the code a little more to support mobile browsers.. the whole world is running on mobile these days.. i can pay you extra for that. can you reconfigure them to support mobile?


This product is now compatible with mobile device browsers that support HTML5.

Cheers! Pushkar

is there a way you can adjust the code a little more to support mobile browsers.. the whole world is running on mobile these days.. i can pay you extra for that. can you reconfigure them to support mobile?

Right now I am swamped with other work. But I will defintely consider your suggestion :) I will contact you in the future once I develope such a thing. Cheers! Pushkar


There has been a major release since you last checked in.

We now support mobile browsers that are HTML5 capable.

You are welcome to go ahead and try it out now.

Please do leave me a PM to tell me how it went.



how easy is to add OBJ support to it?


Send me a PM. I will enable it for you.

Cheers! Pushkar

Thank you! Works perfectly! Great support!

You are welcome. Thanks :)

Cheers! Pushkar

Hey Pushkar,

Just bought this STLView, great bit of function. I noticed in the video you had a view that showed 2D images of the models. Is the STL3D Viewer capable of displaying a 2D image of a 3D model? Like Thingiverse does?

If not is that something you could add for me to use?

Many thanks

Thank you !

Please send me a PM. We will iron out the details there.

Cheers! Pushkar

Hi. do you have any sample ex: live website, video for demo?



Send me a PM. i will send you one.

Cheers! Pushkar

hi, i want to use it to dynamically load stl files and the path is stored in database . can it be used to load files dynamically? I’m also using php as well as MongoDB but the db isn’t important unless you are familiar with it. . I’m having a heck of a time trying to get this to work. Everything renders except the actual stl file.

I also purchased your other 2 plugins and this.  I got the others to work in minutes but not as good of luck with this one.

I also see from your comments you have a way to support OBJ files. Can you please share?


Thanks for your feedback. Looks like a path resolution error. Please send me a PM and we will provide support over email. Let’s get your viewer working :)

Cheers! Pushkar

i sent a message

Hi! Did you manage to integrate it in your app ? According to the diagnostics our product seems to run perfectly.

I have left you messages on email. Kindly reply there.

Cheers! Pushkar

Hi, I have file uploader, STL Volume Weight Calculator and STL3D Viewer. I would like to use it to dynamically on uploaded file. Could you help me? Ty

Hello! Please send me a PM. We will take it from there. Cheers! Pushkar


how can we integrate that with prestashop for example?

please let me know


Please send us a PM to discuss this.

Cheers! Pushkar

hi can i see any online demo for this project

Replied you on email. You can also check this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGw0zf030YQ


Hi, I am looking to buy this. Could you please advise if this supports wordpress site?

Hello! It is compatible. But tho use it directly with WP you will have to package it as a plugin/theme.

How do we see volume of uploaded model ?

I have a huge problem with clculator and viewer.Tell me please how can i UPLOAD the model into your calculator ?Thanks

Couple of questions, Does this allow me to apply the output data to my own template? Is there a PHP class that I can work with? The Data we are looking for is: Overall dimensions, Volume, an Image of the model, and possibly a 3D viewer… does this do all that? Thank you.

hii pushkarparanjpe can u get volume and surface area of .obj ant other format of 3d object

Hello, Why textures do not appear? (A file with a .obj file .mtl (+ folder textures). Do you know how it is displayed? Its very important..

is there a demo from where I can see it in action?

Hello Sir,

i already purchase this item but when i run this code

product can’t move in 3D

Nothing happened to 3D view

please help me ?

Here is my URL : http://hetalchirag.com/3d/

In data.json change the model to 40mmcube.stl

Hi, it’s possible to convert your plugin for joomla ??

Hello, please send me a PM for custom mods. Thanks for your interest.

I send you a PM last week ! Can you reply for this project ? Thanks !


Grifone Purchased

hi, loading bar doesn’t work http://yndetech.imind.it/

Hi, I have a file uploader and want to use STL3D Viewer dinamic.Could you help me? Thanks, Rodolfo.

I am unavailable for custom work currently. Thanks for your message though!

ok thanks, but loading bar doesn’t work on chrome but yes on mobile browser like iphone/ipad, can you fix it? thanks it’s really important