STL3D Viewer

STL3D Viewer

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Intended Audience

Printed 3D products marketplace like ShapeWays for instance. This is a point-of-sale plugin for your customers to examine the 3D object before they hit “add to cart”. The STL file and the meta-information come from the server-side. See “Un-intended audience” at the very bottom, for further clarification.


  • Supports ASCII and Binary STL files.
  • Supports OBJ files (beta).

High definition rendering:

STL3D Viewer - 1

Lightweight 3D Viewer with a Bootstrap based Controller

STL3D Viewer - 2

3 Instant Rendering Modes

STL3D Viewer - 3


  • Zoom
  • Rotate
  • Pan / Move


  • Free updates forever \\)” title=” :)” />
  • A Demo page is included for newbies B-)
  • Known issues are dealt with on the Support page

Demo Video

STL3D Viewer

In next release

  • PHP based JSON generator snippet.
  • Official OBJ format support
Dec 2014 :
Tested rendering of OBJ format 3D files (beta)

Nov 2014 : 
High Definition 3D rendering
Migrated the UI controller to use Bootstrap
Translucent interaction tip overlay onMouseHover <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />

Un-intended audience

NO, this is not a browse-and-view-and-upload kind of product. That kind of product will have a significantly different workflow than the one this product is meant for. You are actually looking for 3D Printing Pipeline ! Go get it now B-)