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I’m having issues, I’m sending an email to xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com

Got the email and replied.


since installing, the site is very slow but only loading the ajax filters in both widget manger and shop page.


I get “The products could not be loaded. Error: timeout”

Hello David,

Kindly send a refund request from your codecanyon account. I will proceed it.


done, thanks for understanding.

No problem. Refund approved.


Hi, I was wondering if this plugin has an ajax search engine to include in the header or somewhere on the website.

Hello foxmediaweb,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. Unfortunately, the ajax search feature is not available in this plugin.


HI I am having issues with trying to install the plug in I have no idea what the contain ID i should put for the widget and product container. My website is

Please advise

Hello johnny6667,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. The product container selector will be .kallyas-productlist-wrapper and widget container selector will be .sidebar


Hi I have just tried and its not working

Hello johnny6667,

The selectors seem correct, but the “Enable filtering per selection” is un-checked. You will need to enable this option because you have hidden the “Apply” button for widgets inside widget setting. Either enable the Product action buttons in widget settings, or enable filtering per selection in Plugin settings. That will work.


Hi This plugin is killing the site in the latest version of WP 4.9 woocomm 3.24

PHP Catchable fatal error:  Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in public_html/wp-content/plugins/ss-woocommerce-ajax-filters/includes/ss-wcaf-functions.php on line 78

Hello mattcrane,

Apologies for this inconvenience. I have submitted an update to codecanyon with this fix. The update will be approved in two days. In the meanwhile you can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the updated archive.


$this->tree_type seems to be the cause of the issue….I’ve also discussed our root store page seems to take a long while to load whilst the plugin is active.

Hi, When are you planning to support WPML?

Hello unitedonline,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. It is fully translation ready and supports translation through poEdit, Loco Traslate, qTranslateX, etc. I have not tested it with WPML yet. But you can still translate it with any of the above mentioned plugins.


Hi Saurabh,

Just bought your plugin because it seems to be the only one I could find that featured a sliding filter bar for mobile.

Unfortunately, this is what I’m now struggling with. I don’t know how to upload screenshots to the comments page, but even though I believe all the settings are properly set up on the settings page (correct mobile sidebar, correct classes indicated for sidebar and products), the filter is not working on mobile.

More specifically, when I navigate to the shop page of my site on mobile, the filter toggle bar still runs across the bottom, but when I click it, all that happens is the entire screen is slightly grayed out and I can’t click on any of the actual filters. With certain configurations, the attribute boxes aren’t even visible (I only see my “Top Rated” products widget).

My site is I have to launch today (and can’t risk having product filters that don’t work on mobile), so I’m going to take the widgets down in a couple of hours for now and replace them with the one I was using previously. But if you could help me figure it out today, that would be AMAZING…otherwise, you’ll have to let me know when you might go in to poke around so I can put them back in. If we could talk via email, I could give you login info as well.

PLEASE help me figure this out ASAP.

Thanks so much, Michelle

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin, and congratulations for your website.

As you have already figured out, the grey overlay has higher z-index than the theme’s sidebar containers, so it was overlapping on all other elements. In order to fix this, kindly add these CSS rules inside your theme’s style.css or additional CSS: {
  position: fixed;
  transform: translateX(272px);

Next, save these changes and then check the site by clearing all browser caches and plugin caches (if using any caching plugin).

Do let me know if you find any further issue. You can email me too at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com if you need to send screen shots.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’ll try that and let you know. In the mean time, have you figured out a fix for the second issue I mentioned? How when I select impossible criteria, the plugin still shows results.

Hello Michelle,

I just checked the site again. Can you include one filter with non existing product please? Like, a non existing price range. I just checked by entering the price range manually in browser. The page shows “No products found” message. Check this example. So create a new filter parameter and let me know; I will check again.


Good afternoon, presale question. I use the import of products on the site. And when creating a variative products, individual attributes (like Size) are created without the possibility of selection and filtering on them. It creates “custom attributes” as I understand. Can I use your filter for full filtering including those “custom attributes” as well?

I apologize for the delay, tried the plug-ins of other developers and could not find what I need, looks like remains only your plug-in, how can I try it? The others do not see the uploaded custom attribute “Size”. It is very important for me to be able to filter on it. These attributes are nowhere else. They are uploaded only in the product.

Hello virtualtribe,

I just tried this thing at my end. The plugin will not detect such custom attributes. Even the WooCommerce’ native widget “Filter products by attribute” doesn’t detect such attributes. The only possible way would be to manually create those attributes as pre defined ones.


Hi i look ajax product filter, but it must have one function, could you tell me WooCommerce Ajax Product Filters has it?

for example: we have product in WC:

- product A: size 36 (storage 1), size 37 (storage 2) - product B: size 36 (storage 0), size 38 (storage 1)

when i click i sidebar in filter SIZE 36, filter should show me only product A, is it possible ? we have another product filter, but this function work so bad, when we click size 36 filter show product A and product B because product B is avaiable in another varation…

your plugin have it function ?

Regards :)

Ok, I understand that now. I just tested with similar variations at my end. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hide products which are out fo stock at variation level. If you set out of stock at product level, it will work. The same applies in native WooCommerce widgets too.


are you planning to implement patch to your plugin, that the filter work with different stock on variation level ? if yes i buy your plugin :)


I think such functionality will be a bit difficult to achieve. This plugin uses WooCommerce’ native filtering system (but with ajax support). So unless WooCommerce add this feature, it will be difficult for me to add it separately.


Hello, there’s some trouble with the plugin’s compatibility with a load more plugin, by default there’s no auto load more option in your plugin which the client requested, so we had to use another plugin called Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll but in some pages when there’s 180+ products.

Is there a way to actívate auto load more on the default load more you offer with SS WooCommerce Ajax Filters because according to our developper there might be a class being used by both plugins which creates conflict.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello partnercom,

The plugin replaces WordPress’ pagination links with a loadmore button. We can disable it so that another plugin can be used for loadmore feature. For that, kindly send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you an updated archive.



edstl Purchased


Can I have a refund please this apps dont work for me.

Hello edstl,

Please submit a refund request from your account. I will process it.