sPlayer - Super HTML5 Music Player

sPlayer - Super HTML5 Music Player

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Introducing sPlayer – Super HTML5 Music Player for jQuery.

sPlayer is pushing HTML5 to the limit, it’s almost certainly the first HTML5 music player of it’s kind, Making it the most feature-rich JavaScript Audio library.

sPlayer allows you to create a Fully-fledged All-in-one music player with Supercharged features (HTML5 Storage, ID3 Tags Reader, Import Local Files, Offline-Ready and even more.20+ more).

It also allows you to create a Cross-platform HTML5 Music Desktop App with powerful capabilities.
Supports Desktop Web, Mobile Web and Node.js.
and It’s even lightweight.

HTML5 is Awesome! sPlayer is Super!

Announcement: The long-awaited all-new SPlayer 2 is here: SPlayer: Supercharged HTML5 Music Player

Create Powerful AIO Music Player

Multiple Playlists Support

Radio / Live Stream

Starred Music

Import Local Music with ID3 Tags

Music Genre Iconset

Mobile UI

HTML5 Desktop App Ready


  • Pure HTML5: Taking advantage of HTML5 power and speed, No Flash, just pure HTML5.
  • Playlist: Multiple playlists support.
  • Audio Controls: Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Seekbar, loop, duration, current time.
  • Radio / Live Stream: Radio / Live Stream Remote URLs / Broadcasts such as SHOUTcast and Icecast are also supported.
  • Multiple Audio Formats: MP3, OGG, OGA, AAC, M4A and MP4.
  • HTML5 Desktop App Ready: Build powerful HTML5 Music Desktop app with sPlayer and (Atom-shell) / (Node-webkit).
  • Live Search: Built-in Instant search to find a specific song in your playlists.
  • ID3 Tags Reader: Reading and parsing ID3 tags of songs files (Title, Album, Artist, Genre, Cover art, etc..).
  • Smart Cover: Getting the Embedded ID3 album artwork using ID3 tags reader, and retrieving the album artwork using Spotify API as a fallback.
  • Import Local Files: Music player without your music library doesn’t make sense. with sPlayer, you can import your songs or your music folder, It’s very fast, you can import 100 local songs in less than 20 seconds!, and storing them in the Web Storage to retrieve them again on load.
  • Download Songs: Download songs from sPlayer to your drive.
  • Starred Music: Save the music you love to your starred music.
  • Share Links: you can generate share links to specific songs.
    i.e., Opens #sID001 Album and plays it instantly.
  • HTML5 Storage: The last played song and your starred music are stored in the Web Storage, and It will retrieve them on load.
  • Advanced HTML5 Storage: sPlayer uses external HTML5 Storage library (IndexedDB / WebSQL or localstorage as a fallback) to provide the best experience, It’s used especially for storing the Imported local files.
  • Offline-Ready: No internet connection. No problem.
  • Node.js Support: Node.js friendly.
  • Dynamic Content Support: You can add music dynamically to sPlayer (i.e. JSON playlists).
  • Cross-Browser: The web browsers you love are supported.
    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, Edge, Any HTML5 Browser
  • Mobile Compatible: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile
  • Lightweight: Small size just as small as ~17kb minified.
  • Built for Performance: Coded with the best JavaScript & jQuery techniques for speed and size.
  • Maintainability in Mind: jQuery based maintainable well documented JavaScript library.
  • Highly Customizable: Customize it with CSS/HTML just the way you like it. You can also Customize sPlayer variables and components just for your needs.
  • Well Documented & Extensible Architecture: The Sky’s the limit.

Extra / Custom Examples Features:

  • Modern, Touch-friendly, Retina-ready & Responsive design: Designed for the 21st Century.
  • Albums: Music albums (Album name, Artist name, Album playlist, Album Artwork).
  • Genres: Music Genre Iconset (20 Icons) are included.
  • Mobile UI: Togglable Mobile UI.
  • Pages / Menu Lists: Discover, Radio, Starred and Music.
  • Tabs: Top Songs, New Releases, Recommended and Genres.
  • Other: Current playing album & more…


More Screenshots

Click on the Screenshots button to view the gallery.

Live Preview

Click on the Live Preview button to view the demo.
Note: Live preview is just an sPlayer demo (Custom sPlayer demo, not the FULL sPlayer and not all what you get), the fully-fledged sPlayer examples are included in examples folder.

Usage & Setup

To create a custom music player based on sPlayer, read sPlayer Developer Guide for more info.

What You Get

  • sPlayer Source Files for Debug (18 JavaScript files) (+ Ready Grunt concat/uglify)
  • sPlayer Production-Ready JavaScript Audio Library (Uncompressed & Minified)
  • sPlayer Developer Guide (PDF Documents, Google Docs)
  • Colorful Music Genre Icons (20 icons)
  • More Examples (Fully Responsive sPlayer for Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, HTML5 Music Desktop App, Centered sPlayer Togglable Tablet/Mobile UI)

One more thing

You also get free updates that include new features and you also get free support.
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v1.0.1 build 10170: Important bug fixes & more (Read changelog.txt for more info)    
v1.0.1 Build 10120: Read changelog.txt for more info    
v1.0.1: Bug fixes and more examples (Read changelog.txt for more info)    
v1.0.0: Initial release