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Hello, It appears that this tool does not work with jQuery 3 (only with jQuery 2). Can you please verify? If it will not work with jQuery 3, please issue me a refund as I will not be able to use it in my project.

I was able to find the issue for why it wasn’t working with jQuery 3.

You have references to ”$(document).on(‘ready’, function () {” in your example’s ‘other.js’ file(s), but these calls were never firing if the DOM is already ready when the file is executed (which is often the case with jQuery 3). I replaced these, using ”$(document).ready(function() {” instead, which is guaranteed to always fire, and the examples are now working for me.



Hey Manarkamel, great plugin—do you have a release date in mind for V2.0? Also, is it possible to upload my own genre images?

Hi Manarkamel—what’s the latest on V2? I’d be very interested in talking with you about the development, maybe we could help speed things up.


Thank you for the offering.

It can only be added to radio stations ?


Could you please rephrase your question?

I have coded a backend to allow EASY adding of songs and other features, and have connected it to splayer front end. I had no choice after he left us all out to hang. Please pm me to buy it.


We did the same thing for sPlayer 2.

yes, but we dont have it!


makhmed Purchased

Hello! How can I translate the menu and the entire site? After translated menu information will not be displayed


This is JS problem. the front end and the player are both connected.

Hello – just a quick question. Is there any way to turn off autoplay? I am using sPlayer for a musician’s recording catalog. I prefer to have the visitor click the play button instead of the first track automatically playing. Is there any way to do that? I read the documentation and I’m just not seeing that option.

You need to edit example JavaScript files.

If I have a JSON file which contains artist name, song title, music preview locations (.m4a files)

How hard would it be to import this into your system?

It requires a little work by your side.

However, in the upcoming version of sPlayer, It will be made for both for developers and non-developers, It will be a lot easier to add songs/albums/artists to sPlayer, and control and customize the whole player.

Can show the cover and tittle song from shoutcast v2 acc stream radio? Thanks

Can i use this plugin in wordpress?

I’d like to use the sPlayer to cycle through the songs in 1 album only. Is there a way to skip the first screen the sPlayer shows (a list of all the albums) and, on load, go straight to the album screen itself (where all the songs within that album are listed)?

You need to edit demo files in order to archive this we don’t provide options to control this.

Looks really great, but the only thing holding me back from purchasing this is the fact that is doesn’t have a volume bar…

Looks really great, but the only thing holding me back from purchasing this is the fact that is doesn’t have a volume bar…


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I want to simply list my own music in the HTML instead of having to import them. I don’t want the other features like importing your own music, radio, discover etc. Are you available for hire? I need someone to do this easy customisation since I don’t know too much about web apart from basic html and css.

Or if you’re not available, could you please tell me the easiest way of having the page load to the local music playlist player page instead of the “discover” page? I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi I am thinking about purchasing this player but from what I have read, you mentioned that sPlayer 2 is in development. Any idea as to when that will be ready?