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Software Licensing | TrialMaker + License Generator

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TrialMaker is a library that provides both trial and premium licensing for .NET applications. It provides a simplified and easy way to integrate secure license generation and copy protection features. It also supports premium offline license generation for expired free-trials with its own License Generator utility.

NEW! You can now purchase the Extended License to get the entire source code + License Generator. Once purchased, please reach out via email. Online Activation package is also available!


  • Supports .NET Framework 4.0 and higher.
  • Super easy integration with signed and secured library.
  • Provides a simplified yet powerful licensing model as compared to other libraries.
  • Generates secure free-trial licenses with configurable trial periods.
  • Encrypts licenses with strong military grade AES-256 encryption.
  • Generates unique Hardware IDs per customer for license validation.
  • Generates hardware-locked trial and premium licenses based on clients’ Hardware IDs.
  • Generates unique license keys based on clients’ Hardware IDs.
  • Supports activation of single and multiple devices with individual licenses.
  • Organizes multiple products and their licenses automagically.
  • Prevents multiple free-trial uses with its Proof Of Use (POU) feature.
  • Determines whether clients have backdated their System Date/Time even when offline.
  • Ability to restrict or limit the number of trial uses, e.g. 12 times (daily or till expiry).
  • Ability to restrict or limit the usage time per running instance.
  • Provides support for premium license activation using its own License Generator utility.
  • Lets you provide a direct link to your product’s purchase page that can be launched once a free-trial expires.
  • Includes other additional properties and methods for handling licenses and license validation tasks.
  • Very low memory footprint and impressively fast license validation tasks (refer to demo).
  • Designed for both lightweight and enterprise applications.
  • Includes a well documented guide book for reference and licensing purposes.

✔️ Security Checks

  • All the core classes have been sealed to prevent inheritance.
  • The library has been strong-named, obfuscated, and signed to prevent tampering.
  • Licenses are generated using a secured cryptographic key to prevent any third-party license regeneration.
  • Each product requires a unique Product ID, preventing anyone from recreating a similar product or its derived licenses. This also prevents anyone with the sources from generating licenses of a particular product.
  • The Proof Of Use (POU) feature prevents multiple free-trials once licenses have expired.
  • The License Generator utility (provided separately) has also been secured and signed to prevent disassembling.


TrialMaker includes a sample C# demo project that will help you easily get started.

Quick Usage

Once you have the library, first ensure you import the library’s core namespaces in your project:

using WK.Libraries.TrialMakerNS;
using WK.Libraries.TrialMakerNS.Models;

...then instantiate the main class and add the following code:

var tm = new TrialMaker();

// Add your product's information.
tm.ProductInfo = new ProductInfo()
    ID = "#MyVeryUniqueProductID#"               // A unique product ID string.
    Name = "My App",                             // Your product's name.
    Owner = "My Company",                        // Your company or alias name.   
    TotalDays = 30,                              // How many trial days?
    PurchasePage = ""  // Your product's purchase page (optional).

// This validates an existing license or creates a new one.
License lic = tm.Validate();

if (lic.Status == LicenseStatus.Active)
    if (lic.Type == LicenseTypes.FreeTrial)
        // Free trial license.
    else if (lic.Type == LicenseTypes.Premium)
        // Premium license.
else if (lic.Status == LicenseStatus.Expired)
    // The license has expired.
else if (lic.Status == LicenseStatus.Invalid)
    // The installed license is invalid.
    // Use 'ValidationErrors' property to determine which errors were captured.
    // You can choose to exit your application to prevent usage.

Simple! That’s just about it for the basic implementation of licensing in your apps. There are tons of other features as described in the Features section and demo preview.

More information is provided in the documentation.


Below are the minimum requirements for using the library:

Need Help?

We have ensured we provide the easiest setups possible when licensing your applications. Once purchased, kindly see the demo attached for a guided process. You can also refer to the complete Documentation for more information.

Have any questions, issues, or doubts? Feel free to reach out via the comments section or email for direct consultations: wilskym[at]live[dot]com.


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