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rhoyle Purchased

for some reason the model phone number is showing up in the Email: link at the foot of the page; not able to find the code to remedy the problem.

was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? I looked in the frontEnd.includes.footer file but was unable to see what to change to fix this problem. If you could fix the problem or let me know where to go so I can fix it I would appreciate it.

Richard A. Hoyle

Hi, Sorry for that. You need to edit this file :
find: contact_t5 and change it to contact_t6

looks so great!... really good job! im interested, do you think include google fonts?... and the events (Calendar section public) ? :) Good Job!

Hi, I don’t understand you good can you explain more please? if you mean changing fonts by including abother Google fonts , yes this is easy.

sure! you have in frontend: Audio, Video, News, Products, Missing ( Events ).... and google fonts Selector in the Style Settings :)

Ok .. you can add sectins like events, projects … as you like from the dashboard. Fonts will be good to add this. thank you for suggestions.


Looks good, it is posible to include other tables or modules on the backend to manage customers like an small CRM?

We have double check for common security vulnerabilities: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF etc.
Passwords are encrypted but no logs.

how I could create new tables and add them to the script

You need to follow Laravel issues, you can create new tables using Laravel migrations and remigrate your application again and it will be inserted. Details about migrations here :
Also you can add them directly to the MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin or any other GUI app.

hey, is there a way to enable user registration etc ?

Hi, registration is not available on current version, you can add users from the dashboard to choose the permissions. But it is easy to enable it I can send you the register view file and how to enable it if you need that.


imango Purchased


I bought from you SmartEnd and I have a little problem with the founding of a new language. Is it even possible in this application? If Yes, I’m very glad for advice on how to do it. Translation Manager, I managed to add another item cs Czech language, but you can not choose the Theme Editor, there is still only in English and Chinese. I do not know if not we need to add new language to the database column, but so far I have managed to translate only činsý language, but that’s not what I need.

Thank you for your advice and especially thank you for the excellent work done on this in your products.



imango Purchased

I do not know how to do it, I would greatly help me some simple instructions on how to do this. Concrete steps to add a new language and how to activate the system. Columns in tables I can add cool, just do not know how within the system of the language to reach out and start it.

It’s a great system, it would be a shame if it was not possible to use it in another language.

Good day and thank you very much in advance for your help



imango Purchased Now I actually broke frontend. And when you choose a clean link so I will not boot anything.

Thank you

Hi, sorry for being late
You will find here the full guide to add a new language