Discussion on SmartEnd CMS - Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API

Discussion on SmartEnd CMS - Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API

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can a mobile phone number registration method be easily added on to the website?

You need to have a good knowledge about Laravel framework to be able to update the source code.

Do it support mobile phone number registration?

Sorry, this is not available.

Ok can this be easily added on to the website?

Another question, all tables was started with smartend_tablename, but i need to remove the smartend, I know that was in Model, but i can not find the table name, how can change this?

The easiest way to change all tables prefix on production mode:
1. From PhpMyAdmin select all tables and choose “Replace table prefix” then type the old and new prefix
2. You will need to update the table prefix on config file ”/core/.env” to the new one


Hope this helps. Regards

Thank you for your prompt response and detailed explanation.

I just purchase the script, it is very nice and clean, and when i review it i have error when i go “” the error says: “Invalid ‘items’ configuration value for feed ‘main’.”.

Ok thanks, but we can replace it if no posts active with empty xml page, is that possible, if possible how?

You can change two lines on this file
change this
            ->title(@$this->{"title_" . $lang})
            ->summary(@$this->{"details_" . $lang})
            ->title((@$this->{"title_" . $lang} != "") ? @$this->{"title_" . $lang} : "None")
            ->summary((@$this->{"details_" . $lang} != "") ? @$this->{"details_" . $lang} : "None")

Thank You ;)


bizino Purchased

Hi, Users can enter their own data.

Hi, you are welcome.
Yes, You can set permission for users to add and manage their data only.
Dashboard >> Website Settings >> Users & Permissions >> Edit Role Group


bizino Purchased

your response is very fast, thank you

If, i buy the product. can i used it for multiple products?

Hi, you are welcome. You will need to buy an extended license if you want to use it for multiple clients/websites without limitation.
You can choose the Extended license ( 325USD ) instead of regular license ( 35USD ) on buying the item.

Niklo Purchased

Hi, do you have any instructions on how to add reCaptcha to login page? Thanks

Hi, you are welcome.
You can just download and overwrite these two files on your website and it will be added to the login page when you enable it.


Or Here is the full Guide if you want to code manually.
1. You need to activate the Google reCAPTCHA from
Dashboard >> Webmaster >> General Settings >> Google reCAPTCHA

2. Add the reCAPTCHA display code on the login form
On this file :

Add this code before the submit button like
                @if(env('NOCAPTCHA_STATUS', false))
                    <div class="form-group">
                        {!! NoCaptcha::renderJs(@Helper::currentLanguage()->code) !!}
                        {!! NoCaptcha::display() !!}

3. Add the validate to login controller on this file
Add this code
        if (env('NOCAPTCHA_STATUS', false)) {
            $this->validate($request, [
                'g-recaptcha-response' => 'required|captcha'

Hope this helps. Regrads

Niklo Purchased


Thank you for your prompt response and detailed explanation.

I have a query regarding visitor analytics it doesn’t work well even when I put the API key in the project control panel what is the solution to this problem ??

Hi, you are welcome.
If your version of smartend is older than Version 9.1.0.
Then you will need to update to the latest version because this point has been changed and fixed.
If you already updated and still the same issue you will need to empty these analytics tables to obtain a new fresh data.


Hi, From where can i add mobile number with web whats app in footer Your product is very user friendly,

Thank you,
You can add the mobile number from Dashboard >> Website Settings >> General Settings >> Social Links
Add it without 00 or + then the big Icon will appear on front like

Hi, i created a new form from site section. on submission, in email it gives a link ‘View All Details’ – i don’t want this link, how do i remove this link

Hi, You can remove it from this file
Find this line
$message_details = "<h3>" . $tpc_title . "</h3>" . $FromTopicTitle . $fields_details . "<hr /><a href="" . route("topicsEdit", [@$WebmasterSection->id, @$Topic->id]) . "">View All Details</a>";
Change it to:
$message_details = "<h3>" . $tpc_title . "</h3>" . $FromTopicTitle . $fields_details;


Hello are you avaible for payed customization?

Sorry, this is depending on my time.
Currently I can not accept new custom work because I’m already working on some big projects.

ok, is there a way to pay a consult with my developer for the job?

Sure, you can contact me if you have any questions or need clarification for source code.
You can contact me from here
Or via support email:

Hello, very good morning, afternoon or evening!

I follow you daily from here in Brazil, I admire your work and I would like to share with you the official PT/BR translation soon.

Tell me if I can merge the technology from the demo: into the following version: , the idea is to port the functions to see if we can have both statements equal.

Thanks for interest. You can send translation files, I will check and merge within the next release.
You can get in touch via this email:
For you question about the real estate version, no it is not updated to the latest version of Smartend, still on laravel 6.0 and not support multi languages.

hello i have tried to update the script but it has refused i really need your support please

Hi, I have replied to your email.
You can send your website details or the DB sql file to make the update for you.
Please continue contacting via Email.


bizino Purchased

Hello, how do you change the menu icons?

Hi, There is no option to change these icons. It is prepared to have specific icon for icon every section type.
If you want to change it manually you find find this part on the menu view file
You can find list of all available icon code here
Hope this helps. Regards

Are you planning to add a woocommerce feature?

Yes, we have a plan to add small internal store with payment and sales features, It may be a separate plugin.

about how long will you update that feature

Sorry, there is no due date yet.

Does it have unit test / feature test suite?

Hi, you are welcome.
Sorry, no unit test is not available. Regards

HI I would love to buy this theme. But i have a question. Do you support Bootstrap 5.x?

Sorry, the current dashboard is built using bootstrap v4, and frontend is built using bootstrap v3. Regards

Hi, I have a problem. I created a new language. Then I click on the blog article and it does NOT open. It works in English and French, but in the newly created language the article does NOT open. Can you help me.

Hi, I have replied to your direct email. You was just need to click Repair URLs form:
Dashboard >> Webmaster >> General Settings >> SEO Settings
Regards > can we show the video list at side bar more than 3 videos?
Hi, You can change the limit from the controller file:
You will find it like
 ....->orderby('visits', 'desc')->limit(3)->get();
Find this part and Change 3 to any number you want in all places.

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