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how do i change the frontend template? Can it ?

This not a feature you can change from the dashboard, But you can build your own frontend template and change the HTML in views & controller prepared for the frontend. Also I suggest to check this external frontend template: You can use the same technique to build a new one.

error at the time of home click and appear link #Home “http: // localhost: 8000 / uploads / home”

Hi, I think i found a solution for this problem try to replace these 2 updated files
on this path :
download link:


For the Menus I would like the ability to drag and drop so i can manager the order dynamically like nestable js. Any idea on how to achieve this?

For username or email login please check this discuss on laracasts

You can disable Arabic from the dashboard >> Webmaster >> General Settings
Arabic language fields : Disable
Active Languages : One Language ( Default in .env )

I have this massive error:

jquery.flot.spline.min.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'quadraticCurveTo' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': 4 arguments required, but only 0 present. at d (jquery.flot.spline.min.js:1) at f (jquery.flot.spline.min.js:1) at executeHooks (jquery.flot.js:717) at draw (jquery.flot.js:1882) at new Plot (jquery.flot.js:710) at Function.$.plot (jquery.flot.js:3146) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.flot.js:3159) at Function.each (app.html.js:402) at _.fn.init.each (app.html.js:352) at _.fn.init.$.fn.plot (jquery.flot.js:3158)

The dashboard analytics and charts aren’t showing.

How do i get this fixed?

This may be appear on dashboard if on local machine or no analytics data and will disappear automatically on live version when it gain visitors info.

Hello, I buy this code but not installes in my server, i red the install, and not work.

Hi, You are welcome, I think you need to check which version suitable for your hosting depending on your PHP version. I can install it for you please send me your hosting login info.
Also replay sent to your email.

Hola no consigo que funcione la instalación. Sigo los pasos y nada… tengo Php7, me sale el error 403: Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. ¿Envío por e-mail el archivo .env e información de la configuración php de mi servidor?

Sorry I don’t understand your Language. English please. I guess you have a problem with installation. You can direct contact me from here with your hosting information and I will install it for you.


yazan17 Purchased

Hi I get this error

ErrorException (E_ERROR) Call to undefined function Illuminate\Support\mb_strimwidth() (View: /home/ubj69gzc/public_html/resources/views/frontEnd/home.blade.php)


yazan17 Purchased

PHP version 7 and I picked smartend 5.5


yazan17 Purchased

and what I should write in MAIL_ENCRYPTION in env file

Hi, This mean mb_string extension not active.
You need to make sure you have these requirements:
- PHP >= 7.0.0
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension

Regarding Mail settings it depend on your mail server settings and generally will be like:

Custom PHP on topics page Hi, I am new to LARAVEL and SmartEnd. I want to add custom PHP code in site pages section, Say like in news with ID 10,( Is there any option to add my custome PHP script, to show from database ? Thanks for your support!

Hi mmondi, I wants to add few more fields on user profile. Like, User name in Arabic and Mobile number etc… Could you please guide me on this. Its very urgent and hopes you can help me ASAP. Thanks. Shameer P.

Hi, You can do that in 3 steps:
1. Adding the new fields to the Database.
You can do that directly from PhpMyAdmin and add all new fields to this table “smartend_users”.
Or as another way you can do that by updating this migration:
And remigrate your app after that.

2. Adding updating the HTML forms for adding & Editing on these views:
Add all new fields to the from on these views.

3. Updating the Model & Controller
go to thus model: app/User.php
and add your new fields to the fillable list.
Finally update the users controller :
Update the “store” & “update” methods and add all your new fields to be saved on adding and editing.

Thanks, Let me try.

Hi, My Purchase code for SmartEnd – Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend is : Will provide as on request. I am new to LARAVEL and SmartEnd , I would like to add some Custom PHP on topics page I want to add custom PHP code in site pages section, Say like in news with ID 10,( Is there any option to add my custome PHP script, to show data from database ? Thanks for your support!


pmecloud Purchased

Hello, Can i create therd level menu from The dashboard , if so how can i do it Thanks

Hi, This is easy you can add your new “li” to the menu like this one: <li> {{--Level 1 --}} <a> <span class="nav-caret"><i class="fa fa-caret-down" /></span> <span class="nav-icon"><i class="material-icons"></i></span> <span class="nav-text">Level 1</span> </a> <ul class="nav-sub"> {{--Level 2 --}} <li> <a href="#"> <span class="nav-text">Level2</span> </a> </li> {{--Level 2 with sub links --}} <li> <a> <span class="nav-caret"><i class="fa fa-caret-down" /></span> <span class="nav-text">level 2</span> </a> <ul class="nav-sub"> {{--Level 3 --}} <li> <a href="#"> <span class="nav-text">level 3</span> </a> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li>

Add this on the menu View:

Hello, I am wonder if there is like anyway to change color schema to like color I define. It seems like the files are compiled or minified in some way. In guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Logan

Hi, You can change the frontend colors from the dashboard at:
Settings >> General Settings >> Style Settings
Also the dashboard has predefined multi colors you can change from the cogs icon at the top right. Regards