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I followed all the instruction and I installed all the requirements:

But, I see this message: ErrorException (E_WARNING) count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

- PHP >= 7.1.3 - OpenSSL PHP Extension - PDO PHP Extension - Mbstring PHP Extension - Tokenizer PHP Extension - XML PHP Extension - Ctype PHP Extension - JSON PHP Extension

Maybe is a PHP 7.2 issue, but If I downgrade to 7.1 I can’t use some modules for Laravel 5.6.

Do you know what is happening?

I cannot visit any route except /. I tried this: php artisan cache:clear php artisan config:cache php artisan config:clear composer dump-autoload

But I’m still getting this error: Not Found The requested URL /admin was not found on this server.

I need to create a .htaccess? Weird because I change the rout in the site-available as: /var/www/html/smartend/public

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.

Let me know please!



I resolved it haha! I added this on the .conf file: <Directory /var/www/html> AllowOverride All </Directory>

Thanks again!

Yes you need to enable reading .htaccess files on you server. This file ”.htaccess” is already included on the /public folder ( may be hidden on you machine )

will it work on shared hosting?

Yes it can work on any cpanel on shared host. If you face any problems I will help you.


bipeen Purchased

Most of the times, my installed copy shows Symfony \ Component \ Debug \ Exception \ FatalErrorException (E_UNKNOWN) Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded for the line $visitor_ip_details = json_decode(@file_get_contents(“{$visitor_ip}/json”));. I am connected to internet

Hi, You can extend the maximum execution time in your local host server. Also try to make sure you can access this website : because it is used to get the ip info.

If you still face a problem you can stop the visitors ip information collecting by removing the last line in this file:
And also the last line on this file:


elfis Purchased

Hi, what is the future of this script? Do you plan to release some updates in the short future? If yes what changes are in the plan. I’m asking as I’m using your script with bootstrap unify template. It was a lot of work made to replace yours. Now I planning to update it with the latest release so ….. . Please consider adding new feature “thumbnails for images”. p.s links to the images doesn’t work in the product your description.

Hi, no big changes are planned up to now, unless fixing any bugs founded. Thank you for “thumbnails” suggestion, i will Keep them in mind in future updates. Regards

i can prevet next blog page by category?

Please explain more, what do you mean by prevent next blog page?

good job

If technical support tickets and live chat are added

good time

Become the best broker and comprehensive all disciplines

I wish you success

Thank you for suggestions, i will Keep them in mind in future updates. Regards

thank you brother

hİ, can I install this to my localhost, how pls ?

Hi, Yes you can depending on your localhost PHP version choose the suitable version from the project folders and follow installation instructions here:

anwarq81 Purchased

hi I want to bay another license and installation

You are welcome


anwarq81 Purchased

how motch to tack time for installation

Hi, It take just a minute You can check the installation process in details from here

hi sir i have purchase the script am very happy about it sir , but a small thing ,in frontend , on the header that dashboard button, i want to remove it sir can u help me with it

Hi, you are welcome.
you can remove the dashboard link from this file: resources/views/frontend/includes/header.blade.php line 6:9 Remove this:
                        <a href="{{ route(" adminhome=""><i class="fa fa-cog" /> {{trans('frontLang.dashboard')}}

Thank you so much bro ,i removed it with your support …awesome support bro…


elfis Purchased

Hi, when I added thumbnail function to your script (intervention) I notice that removing function only working from the database. Files are still on the server (only for multiple images, for single works fine.)


elfis Purchased

Hello my friend , thank you for your message. I pointing the problem of files not to be deleted from upload folder on the server (from multiple files without my modifications). Can you check on your demo when you delete photo (not from cover but from gallery) and make sure is removed from server..

Hi, I check it and you are right if i check multi photos and choose from bulk action delete it’s OK and delete the file, but if i try to click the delete trash button next to every photo it doesn’t delete the file from /uploads folder.
I found the bug in “TopicsController.php” photosDestroy() function You need to change all “photo_file” to “file
Thank you for help to resolve this bug


elfis Purchased

Yep its fine now,the same problem with bulk remove function.

hello!!! i have one problem. how to fix this error : ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

Hi, I think this is reCAPTCHA error to resolve that you can disable the reCAPTCHA by updating .env file and set
Or you can register your version from and update these in .env file

this code not working shared hostin. how to fix it this error QueryException in Connection.php line 647: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘corpoqsx_joom134.settings’ doesn’t exist (SQL: select * from `settings` where `settings`.`id` = 1 limit 1)

Hi, Your hosting must meet the minimum requirements:
- PHP >= 5.6.4
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension

You can also direct contact me with your hosting details to check if i can help