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Hi, great job. I did several tests, but I checked that in products the subcategory (Father Section) when created is not appearing in the frontend menu. You can fix this.

Hi, I will fix it next release soon. Thank you.

OK, Thank’s

is this ready to go analitics and all?

Sorry i’m not available for custom work these days because i’m already working on another projects.

is fine im mean is it posible?

Yes, it is possible.


I need the assets uncompressed and unminified files. I can’t find javascripts nor original css or scss files. I have to modify some styles and also I have to add additional things to javascript. Please provide these files ASAP.

Hi, You use the online to unminified any files you need.
Or Please send me a direct message from here with your needs so I can send it to you.

Why didn’t you mention in the product description that the frontend script is written in AngularJS? I really think this is a very relevant information for a buyer before this item is bought. I am not very familiar with AngularJS for example and I bought this item to help me save time developing an admin dashboard application, but now I have to rewrite all the frontend script or learn AngularJS to be able to add or remove stuff from javascript file(s)...

the frontend not Angular. It is Bootstrap v3.1.0 no any Angular code use in the frontend.
Also the Backend/Dashboard is an Angular JS converted to normal Jquery and bootstrap it is use only some little techniques from Angular JS. So you don’t have to code with Angular any where in frontend or backend.

I get this erro ErrorException in FrontendHomeController.php line 37 in installation proccess

ops now is Route [adminHome] not defined.

Hi, adminHome Route is defined in routes>>web.php.
Please be sure your machine meet the Laravel 5.4 requirements:
PHP >= 5.6.4
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
This also may help you if you want to upload your project to Cpanel If you still get errors please contact me direct from here with full error code.

Look u mail pls, i sent a bug

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Hi, You can allow attach files to any page that from webmaster settings > site section > edit any section and check allow attach file. If i got it right this may help you.