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Buyanbat Purchased

Is there any option for user login and can see some pages when logged in?

Login available only for the admin dashboard. You can create a new permission group with the permissions you need and move the user to the new group. You can set the user to see & update his own topics only… and so on.


kin9aziz Purchased

Your installation Doc is not clear and is given me You don’t have permission to access /smartend/ on this server.


kin9aziz Purchased


i have bought your project but is not clear for installation it gave me You don’t have permission to access /smartend/ on this server.

help to get 5 start or 0 for bad support

Hi, Sorry if the documentation not clear for you. I thing you find it difficult to install Laravel projects, So you can check this video for how to install Laravel projects on Cpanel:

Or If you you want I can install it for you for free, just contact me direct from here with your hosting details.
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kin9aziz Purchased

please help images not show at all

is there a crud feature here? or some way to add crud feature manually and add it to the backEnd feature? i think the product overall are good, but lack crud :(

You need to move your route to be before this one: Route::get(’/’, ‘FrontendHomeController@HomePage’)->name(‘Home’);

hey thank you for your helps, i need some more help i made a site sections, link and put a site menu to it, how do i manually customize the front end? i want to put my table view there(i only need to copy it to the front end view), so someone can see some list of name etc

2.How do i remove created by and share on each category of product and other page?

3.How do i remove the Directory Indicator at the top of each sections?

4.How do i remove the header? i deactivate it through the settings, it show errors

5.How do i remove the Bar on the top, the dashboard, contact and email things on the very top

thank you before, exactly a 5 Stars support

1. You can update the homepage view or create your own view in views/frontEnd
2. you can remove created by from these files:
views/frontEnd/topic.blade.php // topic page
views/frontEnd/topics.blade.php // list of topics page
try to search on these files for “created_by” also “frontLang.share” to find them directly
3. Try to search on the same files for “inner-headline” and you will find the head Directory Indicator div to remove it

4.You can change the header at this file

5. On the same file you will find div “site-top” to update it
Thank you for rating


Buyanbat Purchased

Where can i see your changelogs

Version 3.0 (September 18, 2017)
- Feature: Update to Laravel version 5.5 ( Requires PHP >= 7.0.0 ).

Version 2.2 (September 18, 2017)
- Resolve : Automatic adding permission while creating new site sections.
- Resolve : title for new site sections on main menu (if no translation).
- Feature: Adding ability to activate expire date with topics of any section.
- Feature: Adding ability to activate attaching more files with any topic.
- Feature: View attached files links to download on topic page of frontend.