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hello sir, after i install laravel in my locahost xampp, then put the smartend on it, after that i got stuck at login page, i can’t login even i had change the users details at database, can you help me? thanks before :)

Default login information:
Password: admin
Password code in database: $2y$10$BlTQz0NAWdSdz/r1uC7np.FglyUFF3mx894uCz6m7.2umlNMTux.q
All defaults info stored in : database » seeds » UsersSeeder.php

You can’t get users password from the database as it is encoded ( Just replace the encoded passwed in the table and use : admin as a password ).
OR, You have to drop all tables and then reimport the database from the SQL file.

Also, You can rollback migration and migrate it again using (php artisan).
From your terminal » Point to the project folder and then run these 3 commands one by one :

php artisan migrate:rollback
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

Hi, sorry for this question but i dont find the .env file. Where is it ? Thank you

Hi, the .env file may be hidden on your machine .. I think you have to show hidden files.

Your demo login doesn’t work

Oh Sorry for that.
Repaired .. You can try agin now.

hello sir, i want config the admin page with my html web, i had try put the html web to public/frontend and resources/views/frontend but still not work,

do you know where should i put my html web, so it will connect with admin smartend page?

Hi , I have sent it to you by email (yedidasadewa01) before one day.

i haven’t received the email from you sir, can you resend it?



eweber Purchased

Hello, I purchased the product a few minutes ago and didn’t realize it requires PHP. We wanted to use the controls inside our app and we don’t use PHP. Can you please refund my charge, unless you have some html/css controls that do the same thing.

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. 4eb2e776-ea26-4f14-8a18-c91c14dcca44 – 1 Feb 2017 EXTENDED LICENSE

Hello, What you mean you need the html/css only.
Please contact me from here

dvorak Purchased

Hello there! It’s included any frontend page theme?

Sorry, no frontend included .. my be next release.


dvorak Purchased

Would be great if can includ even if a simple frontend page. Any idea if that would be possible and when? Thanks

Yes i’m working to add a simple bootstrap frontend to this project may be available after one month.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in C:\wamp\www\laravel5.3\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation\helpers.php on line 478

Is the Error.

It’s Php Configuration Error. Can you please inform about the php module & configuration details . Thus i can resolve this issue

So, i can use 5.2 version right ??Let try 5.2 version

FatalErrorException: C:\wamp\www\laravel5.2\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Container\Container.php line 698

this error happned

Please check this:
Steps to install Laravel on windows machine, I think this will help you more.

Hi, i cant find .env file and how to build this project to make working on normal webserver like on plesk folder?

Hi, the .env file may be ( hidden file ) on your machine .. I think you have to show hidden files.
Here is a video can help you to upload Laravel project to cpanel or other servers like that.

Thanks , can you reply my next comment pls

Hi, I install and got Login-Screen. After Login I get following ERROR : ErrorException in UrlGenerator.php line 314: Route [Home] not defined. (View: /var/www/vhosts/x/x/resources/views/backEnd/includes/header.blade.php)

How to fix this?

there is only 1 Result at line 32 : href=”{{ route(“Home”) }}” – dont think this is the problem its only a HTML-Link

ok this is solved the problem, why this is like that? You have maybe Github repo to be updated with smartend?

Yes this route used once time only on :header.blade.php
You can replace it by the direct link to you website home page. But to be know: It shouldn’t be an error to use it.
I don’t know why that make error only with you. :shocked:
Sorry for that.


dvorak Purchased

Hello there

Would be great if we can publish news on minimal 2 languages at once Will be available on new update?

It’s Easy just a class (summernote) can be added to the text area and it will be the editor.
Can be updated on : resources » views » backEnd » banners » ( On create and edit files ).

But you have to know ( No Frontend ) available. This is only admin dashboard . Frontend/Site view may be available next release.


dvorak Purchased

Yes. But I was refering to adapt the each photo concept from banner in to news :D

I can use the banner module to write news but if there is a specific module to do that job – wich I supose that includes friendly url creation (right?) – the best option is to use it. :)

Regarding to next release, I know. You answer me that before. If you can consider this request, I will appreciate.



eliasit Purchased

Hey. I had to implement JQuery 1.8.2 in the backend, i found it came in conflict with app.html.js so i had to disable it. Suddenly it worked, performance was increased and the menu working properly with auto close/open. However sub-menus in the menu stopped to work. Any ideas on this issue. Thanks for help.


eliasit Purchased

Its seems like app.html.js has all dependencies needed. However when i trigger alert(jQuery.fn.jquery) it returns, but when alert($.plot.version) it says its not defined. I made sure to load after app.html.js. Dont no what cause this issue yet

This because it dons’t load all files every time But it use :
to load files when needed. For example it will load (plot) when a div has this attribute ui-jp=”plot”.


eliasit Purchased

I understand. you know anyway to force loading? (beside manual plot and reference) What lib/ext is this part of? Thx