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Hi I bought your plugin, but it does not at all look like on the screenshots, did not help anything and does not even clean the wp options table (which is the reason why I bought it bc I have so many orphaned things there). Please give me instruction what might be wrong or refund me my money!!

If you have read the description for the plugin, all (and absolutely all) plugin features – cleanup tools are lists there, and there is nothing saying that it can clean options table. And screenshots are all correct, I am not sure what is looking wrong.

Options table can’t be cleaned directly, and I have other plugin for tracing usage of options table (that is the only way to do it) – Smart Options Optimizer, and that plugin is more complex and requires more work.

Hi, I just bought it, but after install i have those messages:

Notice: Undefined index: header in /home/gobeletsfc/www/wp-content/plugins/smart-cleanup-tools/forms/shared/status.php on line 74

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/gobeletsfc/www/wp-content/plugins/smart-cleanup-tools/forms/shared/status.php on line 74

I will check it out. Do you see these errors on page (and for which tool) or in log only?

On the smart cleanup tools dashboard only

OK, I think I have found the problem, I will release update on Monday.

We are hosted at wpengine and they only let scripts run up to a minute. Will this be an issue, or does the plugin use ajax requests to do what it needs to? I would hate to buy just to have the tools timeout.

If the timeout is the problem, only first run might cause problems. From experience, when you cleanup database first time there will be most garbage to remove. But, you can run it partially, one or two tools at the time.

Later with regular cleanups, it takes few seconds usually to clean.


Great plugin, and thus far has been well worth the money.

Feature request: looking for the ability to set a limit of post / page revisions and to delete the revisions more than that number. Yes, there are other plugins that do the job, but it would probably be an easy tool to incorporate into the already-excellent job you have =)

Thanks! As for the feature, check out my other plugin that has over 70 tweaks included, with the posts revision control: Smart Admin Tweaks – .

May I know if your plugin will fix something like this? I removed a banner and the code that calling the image wasnt removed. Making my site loads so slow. See screenshot from pingdom. Thanks!

No, my plugin can clean database. What you have here is the problem with the theme or some plugin adding the code that loads that image.

I see. Do you have a plugin that can solve this? Thanks!

No, there is no plugin for something like that, you need to inspect your theme (or plugin that might be doing it) to find what loads that image.

Hi, I use your plugin every day. It is one of the best plugins ;-) Nevertheless, I have a suggestion: in the scheduler there should be an option to remove attachments (missing parent posts and unattached images).

The process is fast, and if it is that slow on your website, something is wrong. Plugin depends on WordPress to delete files, and it does get slower when you have a lot of images (WordPress does few things when removing images), but it can’t be that slow. I used that tool last week to remove 500 images, and it took 3 minutes on VPS server.

Maybe you have some plugin that is hooked into WordPress deletion or something else to cause the process to be so slow.


I wrote you an e-mail.


PHP info is not helpful here. As I explained, WordPress is actually used to delete images, and the process can be slow because WordPress is not only deleting files, it is also making changes in database and checking some things too. But, it can’t be that slow. Since you have managed server, you can see if there is a way to determine what exactly is slow part of this process, where does the script looses so much time on. Also, I remember some instances where WordPress is configured to use FTP layer to write files (due to file system access restrictions), and in that case deletion is very slow, since each time it needs to open new FTP connection, and deleting on attachment file is not deleting one file only, it is deleting multiple thumbnails WordPress generates for each image.

We need to determine why the process is so slow, and as I said, it doesn’t have much to do with my plugin, since my plugin is not doing the deleting, it is done by WordPress.


Ever since i used this plugin and the clean plugin woocommerce and wc vendors pro stopped functioning properly – every sale made on the site is not recorded in commisions or shown into wc vendors pro – it woked perfectly before using your plugin. I just used your defaults/ I must have my site back to work as I have many vendors and none of them sees their selling . I am so sorry i purchased your products and used them as it ruined my life’s work. I have no way to fix it now. Please assist asap. Thank you

There was an issue with previous plugins versions with a cleanup tool removing empty meta records, but that tool is removed in plugin version 4.4. And plugin documentations and options panels state that you should always create database backup before running any of the tools to avoid issues with lost data. If you did not created backup, you can’t restore lost data.

ok i understand. thank you for your reply. the only problem is that 2 weeks has passed and users registeered to the site and i cant just roll back. i found out about that issue now because its something very specific. i didnt do any other chnage to the site. In that case i guess that the least i can do is get refunded for these plugins. I will need to hire a programmer to fix the issue as well. do you do such projects?

I don’t take any new projects right now.

Whatever problem is, most likely it is related to post meta table, and you can compare backup with current table to get post meta data missing for the posts at the time of using the Cleanup Tools.

As I said, plugin no longer removes empty records from postmeta table, and that was most likely the issue.

Pre Question -

Will this plugin find and remove unused WooCommerce images? We regenerated thumbnails and have 160,000 images that are unused in our files.

There is no way to remove these images with complete certainty. My plugin can clean things based on the database, it can’t know what files on your system belong to what or if they are used or not.

Hello, Is the plugin still working with the latest wordpress version? Is it complitable with wp super cache and yoast seo plugins? Is it still being updated?

Yes, plugin is very much alive, and there will be new update next week. Plugin works with any plugin you might have, it is not dependent on any third party plugin.


Can the plugin detect orphan tables?

No. There is no way to do that really, there is no central way to know which tables belong to which plugin.


Does your plugin delete orphan tables from deleted sites on wpms? Tks!

Not right now. I hope to have this added for next major update.

Is this still working on newest version?

Newest version? If you mean WordPress, then yes, that is already stated in the list of supported versions on the plugin description page.

Looking to purchase this plugin today… I am using WP Super Cache will your plugin do the same as this Cache plugin that i wont need it anymore or it;s better to have both

Please, read the plugin description before buying. It has nothing in common with WP Super Cache, and it does a completely different things.

no problem… I will purchase this since I need to clean and also get my site faster. I am not a total beginner but this is not a complicated plugin to work with right?

No, it is simple to use, but make sure to read the information provided with each cleanup tool. To be extra safe, backup your database before the cleanup, and read the PDF included.


mfyp Purchased

Hello, this might be a very useful tool. But it seems that it doesn’t work. Maybe there is an update needed. After clicking Run Cleanup button the screen dims and the counter is displayed. But then it doesn’t stop and I have to reload the page. Afterwards there are no results or any changes. Please have a look into that. Thanks

Plugin works fine, I use it almost daily on various websites. But, if the counter never goes away, it can be due to the error on the server side that causes for the process to fail. Check the server error log for errors, and let me know, and I will take a look.

Hi GDragoN, Smart Options Optimizer is a great plugin, I use it regularly. Will you provide an update for this?

Hi, Optimizer plugin is retired, and it will not get any updates.

Hi, “Database Overhead” is always 0 B since some time. 6 months ago, there was always something to clean (1 MB or more). Something might be wrong there, but I can’t specify what exactly …

Nothing is wrong. Your database is using InnoDB engine, and tables using InnoDB don’t have overhead due to the way InnoDB works. Previous standard engine was MyISAM and for tables in that format, there was overhead to clean.

yes, everything innodb, thank you for the answer

do you have any future plans to integrate options to clean up the Options Table and/or specifically Orphan Data in the Options Table?

Your plugin seems to handle A LOT of cleaning up, but finding a cleanup/optimizing plugin that handles left over Orphan Data is ultimately my deciding factor in my decision.

There is no way to know what in wp_options table is orphaned. There are no rules about using that table, so you can’t know what records have each plugin or theme added and what you need to remove later. There is no plugin available that can do that, because it can’t be done.

I had a plugin ‘Smart Options Optimizer’ that was made for this purpose, but it was not easy to use (because the task is not easy to handle), and it required tracking use of the options to determine if it is in use or not (really the only sure way to know what in wp_options can be removed).

I notice that when using it on a multisite setup you have to network activate the plugin to enable it and then clean each site individually.

Is there no way of cleaning ALL sites on the network in one go via the network admin interface? I have other plugins that work this way and it would make using it so much easier.



Right now, this is not supported. It is planned feature, but I don’t have ETA when that will be implemented.

Regards, Milan

Okay, thanks for quick reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the implementation (I have very large multisites…)

Really like the plugin. However, can we have one extra option to clean up redundant options and data in WP_Options table? Many shitty plugins store their data and fail to clean it up when deactivated or deleted. This REALLY slows down websites and cleaning up improves site performance drastically. Please add this option as no other plugin is efficiently doing this at the moment.

This plugin is still being recommended surprisingly –

You can build up from there …

The plugin you mention can’t cleanup the wp_options table. It can show you some records and you decide to delete it.

I have explained this many times in this comments, there is no way to cleanup wp_options from orphaned records, because there is no way to know what records are no longer in use. I had plugin made for that, but even that plugin had complex tracing mechanism to track used records. It was very complex to maintain and develop, so it is gone now.

Until WordPress standardize use of wp_options, there will be no way to automatically know what records are no longer in use to remove them.