Discussion on Smart Cleanup Tools - Plugin for WordPress

Discussion on Smart Cleanup Tools - Plugin for WordPress

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I use the plugin’s attachments removal tool, and after clicking the “Prepare data for removal” button the progress doesn’t seem to stop, it’s been 8 hours but it still hasn’t changed. My website has about 80gb of storage. Give me advice.

Thank you!

Can you check PHP error log to see if there is something there. For so large website, it is possible that process timeouts, and even with plugin attempting to set very high timeout, maybe your host doesn’t allow changing timeouts.

Dear, I actived this plugin or domain A, if I dont use domain A later, can I active it for domain B? Tks!

One license is for one installation. You can have it on A, and later when remove from A, use on B, but you can’t switch between. If you are in doubt about the usage rights, check with Envato Support.

I realize this is a warning and not an error, but it’s starting to flood our logs. Can you take a look at it to fix in your next release? We’re currently using php7.4.

PHP Deprecated: Unparenthesized `a ? b : c ? d : e` is deprecated. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d : e` or `a ? b : (c ? d : e)` in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/smart-cleanup-tools/clean/parent.php on line 100 PHP Stack trace: PHP 1. {main}() /public_html/wp-admin/admin.php:0 PHP 2. do_action() /public_html/wp-admin/admin.php:259 PHP 3. WP_Hook->do_action() /public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php:484 PHP 4. WP_Hook->apply_filters() /public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:316 PHP 5. sct_admin->menu_front() /public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:292 PHP 6. sct_loader->init_cleanup_methods() /public_html/wp-content/plugins/smart-cleanup-tools/core/admin.php:387 PHP 7. sct_loader->get_tools_site() /public_html/wp-content/plugins/smart-cleanup-tools/load.php:352

also, FYI… i tried to create an account on your support forum (two different times), but never received a confirmation email for my new account.

Thanks. This will be fixed next week in the minor update.

As for the website registration, it is possible that your mail server sorted emails from as spam or junk.

Hello, is the plugin compatible with PHP 8.0? As far as I see, the Cleanup Tools section is not working correctly.

I have started testing with PHP 8, and some of my plugins are compatible, but some are not yet. WordPress 5.6 is the first WP version working with PHP 8, but it still has issues, so I don’t expect everything to settle until the next WP is released. I will be updating my plugins with PHP 8 compatibility fixes in the next 3-4 months.

Thanks a lot, Milan


is it somehow possible to add support for pending posts / comments and remove them?


Thanks for suggestion. I will add this as feature request, but doing this automatically is usually bad idea, because pending posts and comments should be checked before removal.

Regards, Milan

Hi Milan,

funny to see you here, too. Thanks as always for your prompt reply.

Iam fine if it when could be set as scheduled task inside the plugin and / or execute it manually. Akismet is moving a lot of spam comments into pending. Moving them all to spam takes ages as no browser is able to mark them all and move them.

Regards Maximilian

I have added this to the list. I still don’t have timeframe for next release, but I will have this in mind.

We are getting an error while cleaning attachments “End of script output before headers: admin-ajax.php, referer:"

Thanks for the report, I will try to find the source of the problem.

Hi, can you add “Delete attachments” to scheduler ? Thank you.

Hi, we’ve got the impression, that the plugin is not compatible with PHP 7.3.12. The server goes down while cleaning attachments (missing parents posts). This is new, before it worked without problems. Can you check? Thank you.


Can you check server PHP error log and get me errors to check out? My server uses PHP 7.3, and I run cleanups each week, I have not seen any errors logged so far related to cleanu plugin.


I can’t unfortunately. It was always difficult to delete more than let’s say 300 attachments. When there are 50000 attachments, we need to start the job over and over again.

That is a huge number of attachments, and your problem is timeout most likely. My plugin attempts to set high timeout, but that might not work on every hosting. The only way to delete so much attachments without timeout issue is special background process that can split into batches, but my plugin doesn’t have such feature.

Are you no longer updated?

Plugin is regularly maintained, last update was few months ago.

I just try to clean and this tool delete all my pending comments. what that hell? How to recovery it? Disappointed. How to clean without delete something like that?

You have enabled the tool to remove all Unapproved comments. And on the multiple places (including plugin description here, and the cleanup panels in the plugin) it states that you should keep backup before using cleanup tools and avoid problem with the accidental removal of data you later might need.

Hey can you tell me if the plugin can clean my website


Plugin can clean up database for any WordPress powered website.


Hi guys, can i remove data from my odl themes from database. We change 5 themes and have old data in postmeta tablet. Thx

There is no way for plugin to know what each theme left behind (or if it is in use or not) to remove it with any certainty.

Hello! What are the main advantages of this plug-in over WP Optimize? My database is 3GB+ and I need to run a proper clean. WP Optimize only cleaned 167kb.


Here is the the test I did while back: and you can see how effective was it. But, I can’t guarantee that you will get same (or similar) results, especially if you have custom tables from various plugins that hold large amount of data.

Regards, Milan

Really like the plugin. However, can we have one extra option to clean up redundant options and data in WP_Options table? Many shitty plugins store their data and fail to clean it up when deactivated or deleted. This REALLY slows down websites and cleaning up improves site performance drastically. Please add this option as no other plugin is efficiently doing this at the moment.

This plugin is still being recommended surprisingly –

You can build up from there …

The plugin you mention can’t cleanup the wp_options table. It can show you some records and you decide to delete it.

I have explained this many times in this comments, there is no way to cleanup wp_options from orphaned records, because there is no way to know what records are no longer in use. I had plugin made for that, but even that plugin had complex tracing mechanism to track used records. It was very complex to maintain and develop, so it is gone now.

Until WordPress standardize use of wp_options, there will be no way to automatically know what records are no longer in use to remove them.

I notice that when using it on a multisite setup you have to network activate the plugin to enable it and then clean each site individually.

Is there no way of cleaning ALL sites on the network in one go via the network admin interface? I have other plugins that work this way and it would make using it so much easier.



Right now, this is not supported. It is planned feature, but I don’t have ETA when that will be implemented.

Regards, Milan

Okay, thanks for quick reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the implementation (I have very large multisites…)

do you have any future plans to integrate options to clean up the Options Table and/or specifically Orphan Data in the Options Table?

Your plugin seems to handle A LOT of cleaning up, but finding a cleanup/optimizing plugin that handles left over Orphan Data is ultimately my deciding factor in my decision.

There is no way to know what in wp_options table is orphaned. There are no rules about using that table, so you can’t know what records have each plugin or theme added and what you need to remove later. There is no plugin available that can do that, because it can’t be done.

I had a plugin ‘Smart Options Optimizer’ that was made for this purpose, but it was not easy to use (because the task is not easy to handle), and it required tracking use of the options to determine if it is in use or not (really the only sure way to know what in wp_options can be removed).

Hi, “Database Overhead” is always 0 B since some time. 6 months ago, there was always something to clean (1 MB or more). Something might be wrong there, but I can’t specify what exactly …

Nothing is wrong. Your database is using InnoDB engine, and tables using InnoDB don’t have overhead due to the way InnoDB works. Previous standard engine was MyISAM and for tables in that format, there was overhead to clean.

yes, everything innodb, thank you for the answer

Hi GDragoN, Smart Options Optimizer is a great plugin, I use it regularly. Will you provide an update for this?

Hi, Optimizer plugin is retired, and it will not get any updates.

Hello, this might be a very useful tool. But it seems that it doesn’t work. Maybe there is an update needed. After clicking Run Cleanup button the screen dims and the counter is displayed. But then it doesn’t stop and I have to reload the page. Afterwards there are no results or any changes. Please have a look into that. Thanks

Plugin works fine, I use it almost daily on various websites. But, if the counter never goes away, it can be due to the error on the server side that causes for the process to fail. Check the server error log for errors, and let me know, and I will take a look.

Looking to purchase this plugin today… I am using WP Super Cache will your plugin do the same as this Cache plugin that i wont need it anymore or it;s better to have both

Please, read the plugin description before buying. It has nothing in common with WP Super Cache, and it does a completely different things.

no problem… I will purchase this since I need to clean and also get my site faster. I am not a total beginner but this is not a complicated plugin to work with right?

No, it is simple to use, but make sure to read the information provided with each cleanup tool. To be extra safe, backup your database before the cleanup, and read the PDF included.


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