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Hi, thanks, great script!

I found 2 small bugs: 1. When I enable/disable Caption,Legend,Layer,....etc.. It does not update field on “media” tabs, an example: - in your demo site open slide “black-and-white” - you can’t choose Caption,Legend,Layer,....etc because are disabled and this is OK - go to tab “settings” and enable for example “Captions” - return to tab “media” and you can’t choose Caption for images!!! you need to reload the page

2. When you add a Title and Link in some media there is something of wrong in the admin view, please test it because it is so difficult to explain, you need only to add Title and Link in some image :P



Thanks for purchase, and for reporting.

I’ll test, make corrections and come back to you very soon.



Hi Fdesanto,

I solved the first issue (not really an issue, but an cool improvement) But I tested Title & Link as you told me and didn’t find anything wrong.

Could you please send me a screenshot, or try to explain more what happens ?

I’ll publish the update later, so please contact me using my contact form : I’ll send you the 2 files to replace to solve 1st issue, and this way you can attach screenshot or anything you want.




I really like your plugin. I’ve seen the admin, but i haven’t seen if I can use it like another jquery plugin, instead of using data-dir=”dirname”, place a list of images.

Hi Azuanet,

You have to use code generated in admin panel. Images are those inside data-dir, and all settings come from json file.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, I have some questions before buying. Can i customize or create a template similar to this – http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/17/hotels/luxury-vacations-mexico/index.html

Thanks, Regie

Hi Regie,

Yes, it’ll be easy. You can try live demo at https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/admin/login.php

And of course I’m available for any help request.


Hello, pictures on the slider are placed on the right but everything is centred. Can you help centring the pictures without getting pictures too large?

I just answered you, it should solve your problem (issue comes from your style.css).

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Gilles solved my issue from my css quickly! Thank you.

Thanks so much for your good rating !

Come back to me at any time,


Our system is showing google ads before the slidermaker, but we got the Regular License. how can we remove this ?.


Thanks for purchase.

This is not Google ads, but just the preloader I choosed for Slider Maker !

You’re right, colors are Google’s ones, this is because Slider Maker uses Material Design

If you want I can work to add an option to choose other preloaders.

Just tell me & I’ll take time for this.

Except this remark, is all ok for you with Slider Maker ?


how to install ? simply explain how the script be installed ?

Hi Ikmansri,

Thanks for your advice : I thought it was clear, but I’ll update description to explain.

There’s almost nothing to install : you just have to upload package on your server.

Then open authentification setup page on your browser to set your login & password, and go to slider maker’s admin url.

Documentation is available here : https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/#!/quick_start_guide