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Hi, thanks, great script!

I found 2 small bugs: 1. When I enable/disable Caption,Legend,Layer,....etc.. It does not update field on “media” tabs, an example: - in your demo site open slide “black-and-white” - you can’t choose Caption,Legend,Layer,....etc because are disabled and this is OK - go to tab “settings” and enable for example “Captions” - return to tab “media” and you can’t choose Caption for images!!! you need to reload the page

2. When you add a Title and Link in some media there is something of wrong in the admin view, please test it because it is so difficult to explain, you need only to add Title and Link in some image :P



Thanks for purchase, and for reporting.

I’ll test, make corrections and come back to you very soon.



Hi Fdesanto,

I solved the first issue (not really an issue, but an cool improvement) But I tested Title & Link as you told me and didn’t find anything wrong.

Could you please send me a screenshot, or try to explain more what happens ?

I’ll publish the update later, so please contact me using my contact form : I’ll send you the 2 files to replace to solve 1st issue, and this way you can attach screenshot or anything you want.




I really like your plugin. I’ve seen the admin, but i haven’t seen if I can use it like another jquery plugin, instead of using data-dir=”dirname”, place a list of images.

Hi Azuanet,

You have to use code generated in admin panel. Images are those inside data-dir, and all settings come from json file.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, I have some questions before buying. Can i customize or create a template similar to this – http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/17/hotels/luxury-vacations-mexico/index.html

Thanks, Regie

Hi Regie,

Yes, it’ll be easy. You can try live demo at https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/admin/login.php

And of course I’m available for any help request.


Hello, pictures on the slider are placed on the right but everything is centred. Can you help centring the pictures without getting pictures too large?

I just answered you, it should solve your problem (issue comes from your style.css).

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Gilles solved my issue from my css quickly! Thank you.

Thanks so much for your good rating !

Come back to me at any time,


Our system is showing google ads before the slidermaker, but we got the Regular License. how can we remove this ?.


Thanks for purchase.

This is not Google ads, but just the preloader I choosed for Slider Maker !

You’re right, colors are Google’s ones, this is because Slider Maker uses Material Design

If you want I can work to add an option to choose other preloaders.

Just tell me & I’ll take time for this.

Except this remark, is all ok for you with Slider Maker ?


how to install ? simply explain how the script be installed ?

Hi Ikmansri,

Thanks for your advice : I thought it was clear, but I’ll update description to explain.

There’s almost nothing to install : you just have to upload package on your server.

Then open authentification setup page on your browser to set your login & password, and go to slider maker’s admin url.

Documentation is available here : https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/#!/quick_start_guide



could you please help me how can i use your product to another dashboard? I have a real estate cms (php script) and i would like to hava e an option with slider maker for home page in a specific div.

With you script i have a publish code and i have to copy and paste it to the code. The problem is that the admin in the future should have the option to create by his self a new slider without me to take the code and paste it.


If I understand you have 2 different things to achieve :

- integrate Slider Maker admin panel into your existing admin - configure somewhere the slider to use for homepage and add code to homepage to load it automatically

Is it correct ?

Can you please contact me here : https://www.miglisoft.com/#contact and send me your ftp access + url ?

I cannot help more until I see your code.


Hi, I need to animate this https://www.corobori.com/sos/picSlideFading.jpg.

What I want is to see picture fading in and out. I do not want the pictures to be sliding from left to right or vice versa. Just showing a bunch of 7 logos (all of them are individual pics), make them disappear and show another bunch of 7 logos, etc.

Is it possible with your slider ?


Yes, that’s easy. You can test with online admin demo here: https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/admin/

1/ Add a folder to create your slider

2/ Upload your images inside your new folder

3/ Go to the Settings tab, and select transitions: fade in/out

4/ Go to the preview tab and you’ll see your slider in action.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Merci pour votre réponse. J’ai trouvé ce que je voulais avec un autre auteur.

Bonne chance avec votre produit, merci de m’avoir informé

Hi , i have a questions. In the back end menu Would you like to remove the buttons it is possible? thank’s best regard


Thanks for purchase. Which buttons do you mean?

You can customize many settings in /slidermaker/conf.php
conf.php allows to disable login and “take a tour” buttons.

If you need something more specific, please contact me, tell me a bit more and send me your ftp + url




really like your script. very easy and good. only thing is when using on local network with ip adresse the images in the admin site is not showing.

furthermore it would be really cool/nice if you could implement so that we could set different duration time on each image/video. ie an video lasting 2 min should have other duration time than image.

regards Martin


Thanks for purchase and for your compliments (please rate if you like the script, it helps for SEO & visibility)

I’ve no problem with admin on my localhost, and cannot solve this without more information. Would you contact me and send me a screenshot of browser’s console ?

If you want we can have a Teamviewer session – send me your ID and pass, I’ll try to connect. This way I’ll be able to test on your localhost.

About different duration time on each image/video, you’re right, this would be a good (and required) improvement. I add this on top of my TODO list. I don’t have so much time to achieve it these days, but I’ll do as soon as possible.


Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?


This is not a built-in feature, but you can easily program this with php on your page. If you don’t know how to proceed I can make it for you.

I’d love to add this kind of features and many others to Slider Maker, but I’ve got to wait for more sales and benefits to invest more time in this for now.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello migli,

Sorry for the late reply, I just got home…I appreciate your return message, and I will check back with you in regards to this as I am really trying to find something like this as a built-in feature, but if I don’t find anything, I will likely come back here to you.

Thank you Brian

You’re welcome

Hi, Looks good. Two questions.

How easy/difficult is it to add play/pause buttons to control the movement? Is it possible to have more than one implementation on the same page?


Philip Bolt

Hello Philipp,

1/ Yes, you can have several slideshows on your page. Example here: https://www.slider-maker.com/slidermaker/demo-files/slideshows/several-sliders-on-same-page.php

2/ The play/pause buttons can be done with a few lines of Javascript. I can help you for this if you give me your ftp.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi migli,

Very impressive code – I hadn’t expected this much sophistication.

I now have a couple of sliders on one page, what do I need to do to get the ‘play’ and ‘pause’ buttons?


Hi Wendy,

Thanks for purchase and for your encouragements.

Here’s how to setup your play/pause buttons.

Let’s say you have a slider in a folder named “my-slider”.

  1. add your play/pause buttons below your slider div:
    <p><a id="pause-btn" href="#">Pause</a><a id="play-btn" href="#">Play</a></p>
  2. Add this script on your page (I’ve just done it & tested for you):
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var playSlider = function() {
                timer = setTimeout(playSlider, 3000);
            pauseSlider = function() {
        var sliderMySliderCallback = function () {
            slider = $( '#my-slider0' ).data('sliderPro');
            $playBtn = $('#play-btn');
            $pauseBtn = $('#pause-btn');
            $playBtn.on('click', function() {
                timer = setTimeout(playSlider, 3000);
            $pauseBtn.on('click', function() {

Quick explainations:

- When a slideshow is loaded, it automatically looks for a callback function named slider-[YourSliderFolderName]Callback, where “YourSliderFolderName” is the camelcase name of your slider.

- The div which contains the slideshow (”#my-slider0”) in the js code must be the name of your slideshow + “0”, or the index of your slideshow if you have several slideshows on your page.

- If you need more help you can try to catch me on chat at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro, or by email, and send me your url & ftp.



Thanks for quick reply.

I’ll give this a go and get back to you in the week.


Thanks to you

is there a way to customize this to use subfolders for the sliders? Before I start digging through code, i figured to ask you first to save some time and headache. Be great if we could organize things with subfolder management.


Thanks for purchase. I’ll have a look at this on tomorrow morning and try to give you a cool solution.


cool thanks. Also I second the ‘option for choosing a different preloader’... but for now is there a way to override it vs. adding it as an option in the UI?

This is a cool product too, good job.


I’ve been thinking about the subfolders. Depending on what you need, there are two ways to do it (the first fairly simple, the second more complicated).

1. The slider folder is defined by a constant in slidermaker/conf.php: define(‘SLIDERS_DIR’, DIR .’/sliders/’); The idea is to remove this constant from the configuration file, and define it in slidermaker/admin/index.php. In this way the directory to use can be sent by a form (the user chooses his directory in a drop-down list, or you can define it yourself if there are several users with different accesses.

Only the selected directory will appear in the file browser, with its own sliders.

Important: each directory must contain a subdirectory.xmlfiles, containing itself a template.xml file on the slidermaker/sliders/.xmlfiles/template.xml model.

So when a slider directory is created you have to create.xmlfiles/template.xml inside.

So far I’ve tested it and it works well, but I haven’t gone any further.

2. The 2nd solution allows to display directly all parent directories with sliders directories inside directly in the file browser. It’s more complicated because you have to access the El Finder API.

In slidermaker/admin/index.php you will find this line: if (hash !=’undefined’ && elfinder.parents(hash).length == 2) {

“2” means we have to be in a direct child file from El Finder. If you replace “3” it will list the images in the subdirectories and display the “add image” button.

Where it gets complicated is that you have to send the files to El Finder’s connector. Currently the sent folder is “object.cwd().name” in the listImages function. You have to find a way to send something like “parent/” + object.cwd().name

About the preloader: It’s just a css: slidermaker/assets/scss/core/_core.scss

You can perform a global search/replace in slidermaker/assets/css and replace with the css of your choice (loading gif or other).

That’s all for now, I hope it helps.

Please if you like Slider Maker don’t forget to rate it at http://codecanyon.net/downloads (login to your account and go to download page), it helps with Google & sales

Thanks !


Great slideshow! One of the best I’ve seen.

I got two pre-sales questions:

1. When I add an image to the “full window black-and-white” slideshow (with the clock), my image doesn’t show up in the demo. Is that only in the demo or a bug?

2. Is it possible to add a lightbox option for every slideshow? So when I click on the image it will appear fully visible, because now when I set a desired size for the slideshow to fit my template the images are not completely visible also not when I click on them. And for my clients it’s important they can somehow see the entire image eventually. Or do you already have another solution for this?

Thank you very much

I actually found the solution on my previous problem myself. I can tell my client to rename multiple images simultaneous with the F2 button (in windows) before uploading them. Again, really awesome and clean slideshow!

I actually found a solution for my previous problem myself. I just ask my client to rename multiple images simultaneous with the F2 button (in Windows). Again, really awesome and clean slideshow!

The problem doesn’t come frome the slideshow maker, but from the browser, which keeps images in cache.
As you may have seen, images filenames are automatically cleaned, and they’re indexed. if you upload the same image (or 2 different with the same name), they will be renamed as img.jpg, img-1.jpg, ... etc.

You may suggest to your client a browser extension to clen the cache, or to keep the dev tools open to avoid the cache.

Can you provide some instruction on how to create a Carousel? I just purchased the Slider Maker … but no Carousels were included as samples and there’s no instructions on how to make one. Please let me know. Thanks!

Ok, I’ll reinstall it today sometime and make sure it’s working and let you know. Thanks!

There’s something quirky about installing it again. But, I’ll let you know when I have more time exactly what is going on. Thanks!

You’re welcome