Discussion on Slider Maker - slideshow creator with admin dashboard

Discussion on Slider Maker - slideshow creator with admin dashboard

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Reaper Purchased

HI, Purchased the slider maker and works perfectly locally, but on our server under the media tab no items are visible on opening a slider folder

Have checked the documentation and there are no errors in the console. We run php 7.4.16

Is there some further step we need to take?

Hi Reaper,

Thanks for purchase.

I have to test to understand why you have this problem, could you please email me your URL and FTP access?



Hi, can you make custom changes to the Script? Are you available for that?


It depends on the kind of customization you need. Could you tell me more please?

Hello I don’t understand anything! When I click on index HTML I get to “Welcome”. OK, this is a guide but it doesn’t explain anything to me. How does it work?

I unroll the explanation: ” How to install the Authentication module Open slidermaker/admin/secure/install/do-install.php in your browser” OK, I get a beautiful code page. What should I do?

Further “Main Screen (Explorer & media)” Where is this “Main Screen”? I don’t have any of this or any access to anything readable…

I am frustrated and depressed!

Alexandre e7e1dcfe-c9d8-4f2a-907c-2f6e0e517791

Thanks to you Alexandre, I appreciate.

The comments are public, so it’s not a good idea to write your ftp access here. I’ll flag your comment and ask Envato to remove it for your security. Then I’ll write you back here soon.

Everything is perfect now. You didn’t have any problem with PHP, but it threw an error because some files were missing on your server.

Your slide/sliders/.xmlfiles/ directory was empty, which is not normal. I also saw that the files were missing in the package on your server, so I’ll publish my package on Codecanyon to make sure the files are inside it.

You can now open the admin at [your-domain]/slide/admin/index.php and create your sliders.

Important: I noticed another small issue: there’s a missing ending slash when you get the sliders code. Please add it manually. Here’s an example:

<-- code generated by Slider Maker -->

<-- add the missing ending slash -->

Here’s a test:

If you need anything else, you’re welcome,

If you appreciate Slider Maker, any rating is welcome too (go to “downloads” in your Codecanyon account)



Please forget about the missing ending slash. You won’t have to make the change, I edited the source code, it’ll generate the correct code for sliders

Is it responsive?


Yes of course

Good luck with your sales

Hi Migli

I read another post that says your great Slider maker with admin is for WP and Joomla CMS, but it can be used in a regular HTML as well I suppose?

I want to use it in a Muse site, or NicePage or perhaps in Blocs app. They are all HTML static site builders, not dynamic.

Please your advice if that’s possible. Have a nice day,


Hi Andries,

Slider Maker can be used in any situation, any CMS.

It has a standalone admin panel that generates your slideshows.

Then you click the “Publish” tab, it gives you some code to paste in your page.

The code is built in 3 parts.
  • The 1st part must be pasted in your page’s “head” tag (css)
  • The 2nd is the slider, must be pasted somewhere in your page
  • The 3rd must be pasted just before closing “body” (Javascripts)

You can add the sliders to any html page (they’re called in Ajax, so your page doesn’t have to be php)

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Purchased your script..

Embed Option Does Not Seem to work..copy and past code, does not work on any website?

Please Advise or Refund.



Thanks for purchase.

The code is supposed to work on any website. Please could you email me your url and ftp access?

I’ll see what’s wrong and make it work as soon as I receive


Hello, I have purchased your slider. Good work, really like it. Works all well except the “caroussel” then the whole design breaks :( I need a slider where I can see a part of the previous and the next image too. I see that this works on your demo.

Thanks, I have mailed you

Hello again, I have mailed you earlier…but I had no very good example…but now I found this one .Ho wdo I have to configure the settings to achieve this? Thank you in advance :-)


I answered your email, please solve the errors on your page & admin then we’ll see for any other question

hi migli..sorry about late question..

i already used your slider-maker for 3 years..and it’s working good ..i very satisfied about that..

but now i use this slider-maker (offline). i’m ready download jquery-2.1.3 put it local..and works fine..but all icons not showing up..

can u help me?? TQ

Hi & thanks for usding Slider Maker.

It’s not easy to help you on your localhost, could you please open your browser console and tell me if you see any error?

Th urls are correct and lead to an existing page. Please try to empty your browser cache.


Is it possible to set the slider links to open in a new window?

Unfortunately I got Slider Maker as a free monthly file from Envato, so I think I’m not entitled for this service.

That’s ok, I just suspected that you got it nulled, sorry :)

I got your access, if you want to support my hard work you’re welcome to buy, but I’ll help you in any case, don’t feel obligated

I should give you news on tomorrow,


No problem. I can understand your concerns. I downloaded it on 20 Sept 2019 from Envato. Thank you.

I installed the module at

And its not working. Only squares can be seen


Please replace data-root=”” with data-root=”” and it’ll work

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, I just purchased the JQuery Slider Maker from you. May I know what is the version that you used for the “elFinder” for the latest purchase ? Currently the demo admin shows UI : 2.1.4/1.11.4. My understanding the newer version of elFinder will have Cloud storage connection. Is this also existed in my purchase?

Please send me your email so that I can send you the server login credential.

You can contact me here

I received your email, I’ll have a look asap, it may take a few days, sorry I’m in a rush.

Hi. I bought your slider make some time ago and I have never got it to work. Have a look at and you will see what I mean. I am stuck at this part page.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jim,

I just answered your email, all’s working fine

Great service by theway. Many thanks!!

You’re welcome

I got your product from Envato a few months ago as a freebie. I know that I’m not entitled to get support from you in this way, but I just wanted to tell you, that it’s not working for me on the production level at all.

The admin is fully functional, I chose one of the provided templates (I didn’t change it at all), then I pasted the required code, uploaded the page, but when I try to load it, I can only see the for colorful squares spinnning forever.

I have PHP 5.6, and the page contains only the Slidermaker code, the basic html codes and nothing else. I have version 1.5.1

Could you help? Thank you

you’re welcome

Two more notes: 1. Can I choose different fonts for each slides? It seems that I can, but then I see that that font will applied to all slides. Am I missing something? 2. When I’m in admin, and I choose a layer to edit, an error message appears at the top of the page: “Notice: Undefined index: carousel in [my_path]\slider-maker\php\Slider.php on line 646” Does it effect something?

Thank you.

1. No, just a single font for all slides 2. Please buy & I’ll spend more time for you

Hi I try the demo mode and I don’t know how this working. I try to go to:

There I put this code: <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title>Title of the document</title> </head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""> <!-- Paste in your page where the slider will be displayed --> <!-- Available Languages : en --> <div class="slidermaker" data-dir="beatles-video" data-root="" data-debug="false" data-lang="en" /> <!-- jQuery --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <!-- Slider Content Ajax Request --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

I only get a animation. Can you please tell me how I innsert the code?

Please try to add an ending slash to the data-root:

I try to add a ending slash like this. data-root=”” its the same

Can you please contact me and send me your url & ftp?

You should have a look to your browser console to see if there’s any error message – there should be one.

hi migli

can load on fullscreen function ?

scheduling timer function ?

About line breaks: good question.

Have a look at:!/animated-layers

You’ll see that you can insert inline tags in your texts. So you can wrap parts of your texts into spans for example, and style them with css.

The 4th layer at is a good example.

tags won’t work because of the animations.

2nd question (scrollbar): I don’t know exactly what scrollbar you speak about, but scrollbars depend on your settings & I cannot help with this if you don’t give me the slideshow url.


Tq for your support.. all problems have been resolved…

But 1 thing about text caption .. no display..howto setting it?? Tq

You’ve just got to enable captions in the settings tab, nothing else.

I’d need to access your Slider Maker admin to help more – feel free to contact me & send me your url

can it work with elementor?


Go to, click the “publish” tab and you’ll see the code you have to paste inside your page to add your slideshow.

If you can add code in the head and body it’ll be perfect.


I am receiving a “not found” javascript error. in this line of code

var scriptUrl = $(‘script[src$=”slidermaker.min.js”]’).get(0).src;

Has anyone else reported this?

Hi PatriaCo,

This part of the script looks for the script tag which gets slidermaker.min.js

It should be something like

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

(with your custom url).

If you use the unminified slidermaker/assets/js/slidermaker.js it’ll not work, or you have to change this way:

var scriptUrl = $(‘script[src$=”slidermaker.js”]’).get(0).src;

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Very much appreciated Cheers! :)

Thanks to you Toneeeeee,

I worked a lot on this Slideshow Maker & I think it’s has quite unique features – Building jQuery Slideshows with a very simple admin dashboard -

For Every users who read this comment:

I need a little help with SEO, feel free to share or write any articles, reviews, ...

Thanks to all,


Hi, Is there a private way to get support for install issues? Thanks.

Sent you details via your contact form Thanks.

We figured out the problem, everything seems fine now.Thanks.


Thanks for purchase.It seems all is ok now, feel free to contact me for any question,



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