Slider Maker

Slider Maker

Premium Visual Slider Builder for non-coders with Admin Area

Slider Maker – Create jQuery Photo and Video Slideshows, Galleries, Carousels in no time !

Multilanguage – Responsive – Lightweight – Multipurpose

Slider Maker creates Layered Slideshows, Galleries, Carousels, Slideshows using a beautiful & easy graphical tool.

Slider Maker is ready to use : no install, no database. Tutorial and tooltips make it user-friendly even for beginners.

    Quick start :
  • upload package on your server
  • open authentification setup page on your browser to set your login & password
  • go to slider maker’s admin url and start building hyour slideshow

Documentation is available here :

Fully functional demo available here
including demo sliders and total admin access

Awesome Native Features

  • Material Design Themes
  • Animated Layers
  • Live Preview
  • Build Image and Video slideshows
  • NEW “Ken Burns” effect
  • Login System

Freelancers, Agencies

Slider Maker is the perfect jQuery Slideshow Maker to be integrated to any admin area for your clients

Adaptated to any screen & device

  • Fully responsive
  • Retina-enabled
  • Creates Well-adaptated images for each screen & device
  • Touch-swipe
  • Lazy Images Loading
  • Loaded with ajax

Login System with High Security level

  • Login system included
  • Maximum security with PHP’s latest encryption technology
  • Can be replaced with your own login system
  • Can be disabled to generate your slideshows on localhost and upload them on server

Multilanguage Sliders & User Interface

  • Language files for UI (i18n)
  • Language dropdown for sliders (add any)

File Explorer / Images Lists

  • Drag & Drop Images from one slider to another
  • Move / Copy / Paste Images with all settings (Captions,Titles, Legends, Layers with all langs)
  • Automatic Standard File Names
  • Drag & Drop to Order
  • Copy / Paste Animated Layers

Animated Layers

  • Awesome text animations CSS3 Powered
  • Timeline with drag & drop
  • Google Fonts
  • Live Preview
  • Multilanguage Layers
  • Use Inline HTML & Icons
  • NEW Tooltipped Layers
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive (Auto-adjusts font-size)
  • Numerous settings :
    • Tag
    • Position (+ drag & drop)
    • Color
    • Padding
    • Background
    • Text Shadow
    • Rounded Corners

Numerous CSS prebuilt themes

  • Material Design Themes
  • Built with SASS (well-organized sources included)
  • Build your own themes or customize easily
  • CSS3 only (no images)
  • Smooth transitions

Multiple options

  • Captions (multilanguage)
  • Titles (multilanguage)
  • Legends (multilanguage)
  • Links
  • Autoplay
  • Pause on Mouseover
  • Full Width and Full Screen
  • Arrows
  • Thumbnail arrows
  • Thumbnail pointers
  • Top / Bottom / Side Thumbnails
  • Image Sizing options (Contain / Cover / Exact)
  • Slider Sizing options (pixel / percent)

Live Preview

  • Instant preview with themes dropdown
  • Auto-add your custom themes in dropdown list
  • Choose Preview background

Easy publish

Just copy/paste few lines of code to your page


  • PHP 5.3+
  • PHP 5.5+ for login system (can be switched off)

Customer feedback :

This tool is very awesome! highly recommended, thank you!
Very good quality and very nice and easy to use design. Highly recommended
Excellent interface to configure the banners.


Version 1.4 (09/05/2017)

    New Features :
        - cross domain support :
          use same slideshows built with a single admin panel on external websites & domains
        - add support for youtube and vimeo videos
    Improvements :
        - improve javascript code and performance
        - add logout button
    Bug Fix :
        - fix several minor bugs

Version 1.3.2 (18/01/2017)

    New Features :
        - Add new template with tooltips on hover images

Version 1.3.1 (02/01/2017)

    Improvements :
        - Update image list without refreshing page on settings update
        - other minor improvements

Version 1.3 (13/12/2016)

    Bug Fix :
        - fix pause on mouseover non working
    New Features :
        - add Secure module with Login page
        - add new Templates

Version 1.2 (21/11/2016)

    Bug Fix :
        - fix php warning in ElFinder
    New Features :
        - add "Ken Burns" effect
        - add new Templates

Version 1.1.2 (23/07/2016)

    Bug Fix :
        - solve error using Imagick
        - delete all server image files when removing image from slider
        - correct layers font size error from int to float
    Improvements :
        - add "Add New Image" button in images browser
        - add new Templates
        - improve included Templates

Version 1.1.1 (14/07/2016)

    Bugs Fix :
        - correct non-working guided tour with custom languages
        - correct layers edition bug due to previous update
    Improvements :
        - improved several sizing behaviors

Version 1.1.0 (25/04/2016)

    Improvements :
        - optimize several files/settings/script for even faster page loading
        - add ENVIRONMENT (development/production) in conf.php
        - use of original unminified js/css in development mode
        - use of compacted minified js/css in production mode
        - add default environment : development on localhost, production on server
        - improve responsive behaviour, optimize calculations
        - improve security :
            - add Content-Security-Policy
            - improve uploaded file checking (mime type)
            - block php execution in slider's dir

Version 1.0.1 (29/03/2016)

    Bugs Fix :
        - Fix non-working loop

Version 1.0 (22/03/2016)

    Initial Release