Slice - Responsive jQuery Slider, Carousel and Parallax Plugin

Slice - Responsive jQuery Slider, Carousel and Parallax Plugin

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Slice is a Responsive jQuery Slider and Carousel Plugin, everything you need in one plugin. In addition to classic horizontal sliders and carousels, it provides fully functional vertical sliders and carousels. Slice provides enourmous amount of options and examples of it, that can fullfill some sophisticated tasks. All options can be set directly in HTML via data attributes in a simple way. Easy extendable and themable, comes with 5 pre-styled themes too choose from.

This product includes CSS, HTML and Javascript, it’s not a Wordpress plugin.


  • Slider and Carousel
    Two in one product.
  • Vertical Sliding
    Fully functional vertical slider and carousel.
  • Slide Everything
    Supports images, textes or HTML content sliding.
  • Parallax Effect block
    Add scrolling and cursor parallax effects to your blocks.
  • Cover Block
    Make your image cover your block nicely and managable.
  • 100+ Options
    A lot of options to customize your Sliders and Carousels
  • 6 Pre-Styled Themes
    Few themes to choose from.
  • 10+ Ready-to-Use examples
    Sliders examples to copy to your site.
  • Slide Content CSS Animation
    Animate you slider content with CSS3 animation.
  • Control keys
    Manipulate slider with keybord keys.
  • Themable
    Create own themes or quick to use sliders and carousels collections.
  • Slider Layers
    Layer system to simplify slider and it’s elements customization.
  • Banner sliders and fullscreen sliders
    Top banner and in-content banner sliders with all set of features at your disposal.
  • Lazy and smart image load
    Load your slider images when they are required.
  • Autosize Slides
    Make slides follow it’s content size.
  • Adaptive Height
    Stick slider height to the current slide.
  • Center View
    Align current slide to the center of your carousel.
  • Stage Padding
    Make user see part of previous and next slide.
  • Stage Size
    Limit space taken by active slides.
  • Slide Aspect Ratio
    Make slides follow aspect ration you set.
  • Current Slide Size
    Make current slide stand out by makind it smaller or bigger than other slides.
  • Autoplay
    Make slider slide automaticaly.
  • Free Play
    Automaticaly move throught all slides with set speed.
  • Slides Spacing
    Set space between slides directly with no CSS.
  • Mouse and Touch Draggable
    Dragg or swipe slides freely.
  • Free Draggable
    Stay where you drag.
  • Slide loop
    Infinite sliding and slide dragging.
  • Rewind
    Move to oposite side on reachin the end.
  • Responsive
    Customize slide options for any device size.
  • Modular
    Use only functionality you need.
  • Data Attributes
    All options can be set directly in HTML.
  • Documentation
    All options are documented and described.
  • Regular Free Updates
    More features, options and themes in future updates.

Future Plans

Second big update is out – Slice v1.2!
There will be a serie of mini updates that will include:

  • Documentation – extending options documentation, changelog file – done
  • Livepreview and demo – extending, for now reworking it is put to another major version
  • Drag and freeDrag – extending with more functionality
  • Autoplay and liveplay – extending with more functionality
  • Parallax effect – extending with more functionality – added cursor parallax effect
  • Animate.css – update to new version of it – done
  • Slider Themes – few more themes – done, added Circle theme, Minimalistic theme
  • Ready-to-use sliders and carousels – more examples – added 5

Also, some ready to use sliders and carousels will be added in next update, and every update, to copy-paste to your website.



26 May 2021 – Version 1.2.4.a

  • Fixed touch dragg preventing page scrolling on mobile devices: now horizontal slider only prevents horizonal page scrolling, vertical slider – prevents vertical page scrolling.

5 September 2020 – Version 1.2.4

  • Added autoplay start and rewind delay options link.
  • Added sliding animation and speed options, added fade sliding animation link.
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider link.
  • Created separate standalone library Slice Core. It contains a lot of helpfull stuff to make JavaScript plugins development easier.
  • Internet Explorer 11 bug fixes.
  • Updated Bootstrap to the latest version – v4.5.2

7 July 2020 – Version 1.2.3

  • Added control keys options link.
  • Added Minimalistic theme link.
  • Added 3 ready-to-use sliders link, link, link.
  • Added slice-slider-inline style to remove extra spacing link.
  • Small bug fixes for vertical mode.
  • Small bug fixes for cover plugin.

18 June 2020 – Version 1.2.2

  • Added cursor parallax effect link.
  • Added parallax animation options link, link.
  • Scroll and cursor parallax effect can be combined link.
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider link.
  • Added code examples copy/paste buttons to the documentation.
  • Added changelog file to the documentation folder.
  • Small bug fixes for adaptive mode.

27 May 2020 – Version 1.2.1

  • Changed folder structure, to separate assets and libs folders
  • Added Circle theme link
  • Added 1 more ready-to-use example link
  • Updated Animate.css to the latest version. Please make sure to follow their migration guide
  • Added 5 new slider options.
  • Added play rewind, rewind delay, reverse, resume on inactive options. You can find examples in all themes, for example for circle theme link, link, link, link, link, link, link.
  • Added drag treeshold type option. You can find examples in all themes, for example for circle theme link, link, link, link, link, link, link
  • Fix un-stick slides adaptive bug.
  • Fix autosize slides imposible to drag to last slide bug.
  • Fix parallax script bug, that in some cases messed up drawing image when speed is set as range or auto-speed.

16 May 2020 – Version 1.2

  • Total code rework. Code optimization and standartization with eslint.
  • Added 15 new slider options.
  • Added freeplay mode. You can find examples in all themes, for example for square theme link, link, link, link, link, link, link.
  • Added freedrag mode. You can find examples in all themes, for example for square theme link, link, link, link, link, link, link
  • Reworked slider speed calculations.
  • Added slider speed types: slider, sliderfixed, viewport, uniform, static, etc.
  • Reworked how stage movement works:
    • now it’s possible to apply current slide proggress, for example with playLive and liveDrag options
    • adaptive height mode works when you move stage, i.e. when you drag it with mouse
    • loop mode will recalculate position every time you reach cloned elements, i.e. you can drag with mouse throught the same slide few times, to say more infinitely
    • in loop mode it will try to apply current element styles even if you see it’s clone
  • Due to stage movement reworks, now draggable space is not limited to slider element.
  • Reworked next/previous slide. Now, when current slide is partly visible and you click on next slide arrow slider will move to it and not to next slide, same goes with previous arrow but, vice versa.
  • Total javascript code commenting.
  • Fixed adaptive mode, autoplay, etc. bugs.

18 March 2020 – Version 1.1.3

  • Added parallax plugin, example page link
  • Fixed adaptive height bug, that made slider have wrond size, when image was loaded after initialization.

5 February 2020 – Version 1.1.2

  • Added overflow area options to cover plugin
  • Added cover plugin example page link
  • Now slice will hold slider and carousel autoplay on inactive browser tab/window

30 January 2020 – Version 1.1.1

  • Added 7 more ready-to-use examples link, link, link, link, link, link, link
  • Added userInactiveClass and userInactiveDelay to customize slider elements, for now it can be used to hide arrows navigation when user is inactive
  • Minor animation and other bug fixes

14 January 2020 – Version 1.1

25 October 2019 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release.

Notes: Images used in the livepreview are not included in the Downloaded Package.


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