Discussion on Slice - Responsive jQuery Slider, Carousel and Parallax Plugin

Discussion on Slice - Responsive jQuery Slider, Carousel and Parallax Plugin

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Hi, any way to uniformly scale the whole slider set? So, that if the outer wrapper is scaled, the whole slider set scales uniformly to it?

Hi, thanks for a great plugin! I’m looking to add a caption to the focused element only, what would be the best place (in the js) to insert this?

  • This was solved by custom jquery *

Hello, thank you for the great plugin! Is there a way to random sort the images in a slice? I can’t do it via server side like php because my site is static html site.

Thank you! Andrea

Hi, unfortunately such feature is not implemented.

Best regards, shininglab

Hi downloaded this plugin or w/e just today and already I’m not happy with it.

Where exactly is the ‘slice’ folder, there are only TWO folders visible upon download and extraction:

I see just: demo / documentation

just two folders.

I have built sites in the past and have used file paths but yours are incredible misleading and/or plain confusing I am unable to find the files for css and js.

in other words – I feel i’ve been scammed and mislead.

Where are the files please ?

neither of these two have been found from the downloads.

I am angry at the moment if truth be known.

I want this resolved inside 24 hours or I want a refund.


folks why is it showing regular lisence when I paid this author extra money for teh so called 6 month extra support ??

i cannot for the life of me find the required js and css files…this is a joke!! a sick one at that!! whats worse is envato are hiding and dont let people contact them in situations like this one.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, You can find examples of sliders at demo folder and other required files. At the documentation folder You can find index.html file and open it in browser; there You can find file structure table for demo folder with description of folders/files, and quick installation guide.

Best regards, shininglab

I was able to place the slider on the homepage on mobile responsive view i can’t scroll down ,

Hi, can You send me a link?

Best regards, shininglab

Thank You for reporting, found same problem on livepreview and will try to fix it asap. It happens because of touch dragging functionality, for now You can disable it by setting touchDrag:false

Best regards, shininglab

Hi, this is fixed in new version.

Best regards, shininglab

Hi, There’s a problem with the documentation. There’s sort of a table of contents permanently displayed over the content. Thanks for fixing. Looking forward to implementing the slider. Best regards.

Sorry, my mistake, larger browser window fixes the issue ;-)

Looks great. Would this work in a Drupal site with jQuery 1.7.2?

Hi, thank You. Unfortunately it won’t work with jQuery 1.7.2, it requires jQuery 3.x

Best regards, shininglab

Hello, I see you write the plugin is compatible with IE 11 but when i open it in IE 11 I get some console errors, no sliders are shown:

Do you still support it? Thank you in advance

Hi, yes, thank you for reporting it. I will check it and fix it in next update.

Best regards, shininglab

Hi, new update is out and as promised IE 11 bugs are fixed! But, if You encounter some please report it here, Thank You!

Hi, in the documentation, i don’t found the option for a fade option on slides : not right to left .. can u help me ^^ ? Best regards

Hi, there is no fade functionality for now… if You can describe what you need I might add it in the next update, so please contact me by email, you can do it from

Best regards, shininglab

Hi, new update is out and now fade sliding is officialy included. You can check it here

Best regards, shininglab


Can I add parallax effect to the page using your slides?

Hi, for now such feature is not available.

Best regards, shininglab

Hi, now it has scrolling parallax effect, you can check it here

Also, cursor parallax effect is in future plans, but it may take a month or more to be added, cause now I’m working on other features.

Best regards, shininglab

Thx. Nice Work.


I love this plugin!

I would like to dynamically change the img src and slide title. Is this even possible? Please see the variation I am using.

Hi, thank You.

If you need to change it on current slide or active slides (visible on the screen), than you can do it by duplicating image and title elements and writing some styles for showing/hiding image and title, for this you can use slice-current and slice-active classes that are added to the slide root element when it becomes current selected or active slide. If you need an example for it, please contact me by email, you can do it from contact form.

Best regards, shininglab

it look like perfect. i will buy. Welcome to codecanyon.

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you


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