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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you

Can it pull metadata from a Icecast radio stream? Also can it support AAC audio stream?

Hi, No it does not pull file’s metadata, but its API is very easy to work with and add your customised data. As this player is based on HTML5, then it plays any formats acceptable by HTML5. So if the AAC audio stream supports by the native HTML5 audio player then this item will support it as well.

fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks mate :)


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great player, well done Ds will give it 5 stars for sure

Thank you. I’m glad you like the player.


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hi Ds, quick question is it possible to have a playlist on one player ? like instead of one song can you have more on a single player ?

Hi, This version of the player does not support any playlist since there is another version that does it. The designs are exactly the same. You can find it in my portfolio.

Let me know if you need any further help :)


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thanks for quick reply ds, ive bought your other player to now, great player to and so easy to get up and running, keep up ggod work

Thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoy using the player. :)

It’s possible to add more than one song from souncloud and get a “playlist” ?

Hi, Each player takes only one track. but you can have multiple player within the same page.

If you require a playlist, you can have a look at https://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-audio-player-music/14953592 product which you will have one player with a playlist within each page.

Let me know if there is any further questions. ;)

hello… support AAC audio stream?

Hello, Yes since it is based on HTML5, it does support AAC and any format that HTML5 supports.

Hi I have no coding experience and not even basic one. I’ve just purchased this to add to my radio station. The site is weebly based, i just assumed it was a single line of HTML5 to add. Please help :(

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Yes the plugin really requires one line of code, unless you want to implement advance option through the API.

Please email me a link of your work so I can see where the problem is. :)

PS. there are examples for radio streaming in the source files, you just can copy and paste it.

Hi, Nice work but why it loads all the live streams when page loading ? can it be change so every live stream will load only when pressing on play?


Good question actually. The fact that it starts streaming once page loads, is what your browser does automatically, so this player does not interference that. Of course it is possible to make it download the file once it is clicked, but it would be problematic with limited internet speeds. Therefore, I think it is best to stick to defaults and let the browser handle that (as browsers will respond differently based on different internet speeds). Still with customisation. it is possible to add this behaviour to the player.


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I was wondering what URL I would have to put into the config file if my stream is a shoutcast stream that looks like:


Please advise as I do not manage to get this done.

I tried http://mydomain.com:3055/listen.pls?sid=1 http://mydomain.com:3055/listen.pls http://mydomain.com:3055/

All without success

Hi, Thanks for your purchase.

The URLs you provided are broken and do not open even in the usual browser. mydomain.com is not registered as a domain. Therefore the player will not access your stream data. You can simply copy the URL and open it in the address bar of the browser and test if the browser is valid. The player is featured to play Shoutcast.

Kind regards,


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I managed to find out what the issue is. The player does not work with shoutcast and the latest chrome version. Could you look into this? It would be a shame not to support Chrome.

Since the player is based on HTML5, therefore it accepts HTML5 formats, for that reason you need to add ’.mp3’ to the URL of your Shoutcast files. such as http://mydomain.com:3055/stream.mp3

The player works with Shoutcast & all modern browsers such as Chrome. It only requires to be provided VALID URLs. (Ending with mp3 or so)

Even on Shoutcast’s official website it states that it does work with HTML5 players. ttps://www.shoutcast.com/BroadcastNow

If you need any help you can provide me the Shoutcast URLand I will test it for you.

Hope it helps.

DS :)