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After 3 min disconnecting radio hart player. Press play and then pause. Not live stream any more.

Thanks for your purchase. Please bear in mind that, this player is based on HTML5 and does not do any manipulation of data streaming. Basically it works as a skin. The problem you describe could occur based one the browsers bugs or most likely the server’s side. otherwise by it’s own the player does not change how data is received and it follows the HTML5 tradition for audio streaming. Hope it helps. BTW, You can check the error in console to get more information about why it happens. :)

Do you think that you can integrate it to bemusic script (by Vebto) ?

Well, of course it is possible, I just need to contact Vebto for it, and do the customisation for you.


Mazeek Purchased

hi, How to integrate the player to a wordpress page?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. The procedure for setting it up on Wordpress is almost the same as a normal HTML page, but you will also need to register the plugin on configure.php as well. Other than that, all links will go to the header of the template, which you can do it manually or by specific plugins that are available on Wordpress Plusgins site.

Hope it helps..


Mazeek Purchased

Excuse me I am French, and I did not understand your instructions. Can you give me the exact process for integrating this plugin into a wordpress theme, please? thank you

Hi. Unfortunately we do not support WordPress, and this plugin is just HTML5. However many users has previously bought this for WordPress and installed it successfully. The steps is the same. 1- Use a third party plugin to place the supporting link inside the header of the template. 2- Register the players folder in wp-config.php 3- Place the JS code in the footer (before tag) in the template. Again you can use plugins for that, just like item 1. 4- place the HTML code in in the webpage.

Have a look at this link as then can explain it more for you. https://www.satollo.net/plugins/header-footer

Hope it helps you. :)

Hi, how are you? How can I find the documentation for the API using? Also for make a play or pause with jQuery?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Have you checked the main/root folder of the item. There is a PDF file that explains everything. There is a section and a chart specifically for the API, and everything with examples are explained there. I do not know what you mean by making a play and pause. The player has already these buttons.

Make sure you have a look at the item carefully, it has various features ;).

Thanks DS


tylerat Purchased

HI there, I just purchased the player to use for SoundCloud, however it seems I am unable to use it due to SoundCloud no longer issuing app client ID’s.

The player is appearing fine on my page, I just can’t get SoundCloud to work through it. Any suggestions on how I can get the player to work without the client ID?



Hi, Thanks for your purchase. The player comes with a default Client ID which you can use it.

But if you prefer to have a private client ID then apparently SoundCloud currently does not accept any new requests. Ref: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNxc82RJuzC0DnISat7n4H-G7IsPQIdaMpe202iiHZEoso9w/closedform

However, it is only temporary and I believe very soon the service will reopen for new app requests. I will investigate it more and let you know any updates. But again, you can use the client ID that is included in the player, until you can get a private one.

I just purchased your item and I was looking for help in putting the right code on my website.

Following your instructions, I’ve currently come up with the following code to add to my website.

<script src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.2.4/jquery.min.js ”></script> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/DSSinglePlayer.css” /> <script> $(”#radio”).MusicPlayer({ title: “Track Title”, artist: “Artist name”, artwork:”img/cover.jpg”, track_URL: “audio/mySong.mp3” }); </script>

I’m trying to add my Internet radio station website information into the code, but I’m not sure where to add it. I’m broadcasting with a SHOUTcast v1 and my stream address is http://listen.sonixfm.com/9885

I believe you have not read the manual correctly. In the manual first page, step 1, it says, insert the following code inside body tag which you have not done it.

<div class="SingleAudioPlayer" id="player1" />
Again in page 2 step 3, it says, insert the JavaScript code at the end of the body tag. Example:
<script src="js/xxxxx.js" ></script>
title: "Track Title",
artist: "Artist name",
track_URL: "audio/mySong.mp3" 
In the above code you provided, you put this part in the header! which is wrong.

It is only two page, and if you read it carefully, you can install it successfully. it only has 3 simple steps which clearly you have not done it. There are even sample codes that you can copy and paste it and change it based on you needs.

Is there a way I can send an example of what I have? This isn’t working for me. I’ve followed your instructions, but it doesn’t come up. Is there an email address I can send you the html file?

Yes, You can send me a link of your website using the following link and contact form. https://codecanyon.net/user/danialsabagh#contact

Hello. I’ve just purchased the “Single jQuery Audio Player (Music and Radio)” player code.

2 things:

1) The PDF help file does not indicate where to insert the stream URL for radio. 2) The PDF help file does not indicate where the folders should be uploaded on the buyer’s server to facilitate loading of graphics.

Help is appreciated.

Thank you

Your second comment responded.


Upon reading your comments to another customer, I’ve noticed that you’ve accused them several times of not reading your instructions carefully and not following them completely.

Page 1, step 1, your instructions clearly indicate to “place the following lines of code in the header of the webpage”. But while scolding a customer, you clearly state: “In the above code you provided, you put this part in the header! which is wrong. It is only two page, and if you read it carefully, you can install it successfully. it only has 3 simple steps which clearly you have not done it. There are even sample codes that you can copy and paste it and change it based on you needs.”

Why are you scolding customers who have spent money on your product? That is not how customer service works. In addition, the product is incomplete because the instructions are replete with errors and lack uniformity.

I’ve read your instructions several times, mentally piecing together missing steps.

-It appears you did not proofread before publishing. Page 1, Step 2, “players” is plural. You include an apostrophe, declaring it singular possessive. Step 3, third paragraph, “so these settings ‘are form that instance’ of the player”. Something is wrong in that sentence. Step 3, fourth paragraph, “there are more settings and option in the API” should read “options in the API”.

Between needing to jump up and down, piecing together instructions between steps, I find the PDF barely legible and barely useful. I have no idea where to insert a stream URL, based solely on the PDF provided. It is simply not clearly indicated. What is useful here is not a scolding of people who have paid actual cash for your product, but a gentle admission that possibly it was your writing that was incomplete and more willingness to help customers. Your manual should be uniform in labeling, and impenetrable to criticism before attempting to scold paying customers.

Thank you.


Don’t doubt for a second that I have, in fact, read your manual. No less than ten times.

I’m requesting that your interaction with me be less condescending and critical, and more analytical as a means of reaching a solution.

Pointing it out that so many other customers have had a great experience with your product, while just a few of us is not, gets us nowhere. My download hasn’t yet installed successfully. “Smoothjazzandmore” also had trouble. What your customers are seeking is technical assistance without condescension.

While I value your explaining where to put the URL, I’m still lost as to where the files within the zip folder I downloaded go, on my server. I asked that in my first comment.

I paid $12 for your product which has not yet been a successful installation for me. I’m asking for your assistance as outlined in the terms of purchase, paid through Paypal and my credit card.

Exactly. Also for you pointing out grammatical errors or either you paid through credit card or etc does not solve your problem. So probably you would reduce the essays and get comments more professional and technical.

You can email us directly through the contact form and send us the link to the item. Then we can see what you have done wrongly. Please do not leave a direct link to the item here on comments as it is against copyrights of the items.

P.S On CodeCanyon you only pay for the product and a manual for installing it. It is up to the buyer to read the manual carefully to install the item. Just to clarify that this is not a scam or anything. It is just the matter of reading the manual and minimum HTML knowledge to install the product like the majority of the buyer.

Your product has not installed correctly on my system. The support you promised has not been provided. There’s also no way for any viewer of this thread to see how many of your customers you’ve had to privately assist because your manual lacks uniformity and is replete with errors and missing steps. Don’t even think about being bossy with me about giving feedback, reducing “essays” or being more professional. Let’s get one thing clear here. I purchased your product. My mistake.

There’s only one reason why you think you can get away with that kind of ridiculous conduct with a customer: I’m not in front of you right now.

Hi, does this player play shoutcast v2 AACP?

Thank you

Hi, It should play with SHOUTcast, However if you are looking for automatic fetch for song title and artist name, then there are other product in my portfolio that does it for you. However, this product only play the radio. You can send me your radio station address and I’ll double check it for you.

Hi, does this player play shoutcast v2 aacp?

Thank you

Yes. Your streaming id is
It is fully working. But as i said there are other products in my portfolio that retrieve title name and artist name automatically from your SHOUTcast server. such as this one: https://codecanyon.net/item/shoutcast-and-icecast-radio-web-player/20179903

Anyways your radio fully works on all of our players.

P.S May I know what radio service provider are you using? It is really great.

www.elicast.com.br they have resale, with panel in Portuguese, English and Spanish

Hi, can I use this in a domain to my private use only? Something like the spotify web player. Thanks!

Hi, If I understood your question currently. Yes, you can place the player in a private page, where users need to login to access the player in that page. Or internal domain.


Is there any way to reproduce music from youtube videos?

I don’t need to show covers or track names, just want to play music from this player.

Hello. Thanks for your purchase. This player does not do it by default. However, we can customise this item for you to do such function. You can contact me directly through the contact form in the following link and let me know about your requirements.


Hey, does this work with Shopify? If so, am I just modifying the theme header and body? I modified my ‘theme.liquid’ file, but nothing is showing up. I feel like this is what I would modify since the theme is the “skin” for my webpage.

Please let me know.

Hi, if you have access to the body tag and the header tag then you can install it. I believe Shopify gives you that access. So basically you have three steps to install it. first put the supporting files in the header. then the js file will be in the body tag (just before ). and finally locate the html line in anywhere in your page (inside body tag). It will work then. The manual explains it more.

Basically it is the same method for all platforms as long as you have access header and body tags.

Hope it helps. Dan

Thank you for the reply. So for troubleshooting purposes, if the audio player is not displaying on my webpage, is it most likely that I haven’t placed the supporting files in the header properly?

Yes. most likely the CSS or JS fine is not linked currently so it does not show up in the page. In the browser, if you right click on the screen and select “show page source”, you’ll be able to see the source code and double check if the path of the files are correct.

Hi, I’ve recently bought some radio live streaming script for HTML5 and found out that I only can edit css, not html. Does your plugin offer a full customization to fit any design I want?

Hi, If you have knowledge of JS then you’ll be able to modify it. Also you can let me know so I modify it for you.

I bought but with my streaming it does not work …. http://radiomadreterra.no-ip.info:9556/listen

Thanks for the purchase. The provided link is a streaming link. You need to provide an index page of the SHOUTcast/Icecast station. something like this: http://80sbeats.cyberbeats.net:8000/index.html?sid=1

Good evening, I’m having a problem with incerting my HTML into Dreamweaver. Need Help.

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Could you please tell me what the issue is?


gibbs3g Purchased

How do I auto play my shout cast radio ? any code change I need to do?

Please help

Hi, for shoutcast radio, it will only play it and does not retrieve information from the website. If you would like to have the metadata as well such as song title and artist, you can purchase this player which is a radio version of your player: https://codecanyon.net/item/single-jquery-audio-player-music/17007992

Hi, I emailed you regarding an issue with the display this last monday . The volume, play and somo other icons are missing, please answer my email. thanks

hey man any news?

Hi I have replied your email on Tuesday. I thought it is sorted that you didnt reply! If it hasnt fixed, please give me you email so I can resend it.


jsbls Purchased

Hi! I have a couple of questions:

- How can I add a higher opacity to the part that has already played? I tried changing .rs-range-color and .rs-path-color (the second one does change the color but it does so on the part in front of what’s already played).

- What’s the best way to increase the padding for the track? I succesfully changed it but the .rs-handle doesn’t get centered to the track, even if I increase its width and height.

- Where’s the documentation for the API? Also, I want to know if there are methods or events for the player (for example on.player.playing, or something). This is because I’m changing the icons for Font Awesome. I can do it using JS but it would be better to do so with native code.


Hi, For question one, you need to play with classes ‘rs-block’ and ‘rs-inner rs-bg-color rs-border’. As one element overlaps the other. If one has a solid colour, the other one will have the same.

I am not sure what you mean by padding for the track? do you mean the slider and its handle? For that one .rs-container can give you some idea. but the slider runs through a third party plugin that is kind out of the scope of this player. So the settings are predefined in the player. At the button of the JS file of the player you can find the API settings for the slider.

For the third question, please check the manual. There are few pages about the API and how to use it and along with a list of all elements and attributes. Of course the API does not support customised functions such as on.player.playing or etc as the player does not need it. If you would like to have access to those functions, you may need to do it using JS or request us to get certain functionalities for you, as customisation.



MWCD Purchased

Is it possible to remove the share button from the player easily?

Hi, well you need to make changes in some part of the HTML and JS codes to remove the share button. If you like we can customise it for you.