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I like your scripts (Universal Banner Manager), but I need bank transfer options in payment.

Unfortunately, I don’t plan to add this option.

Hi Ichurakov. What file and which lines should I change the size of the String boxes? I need 728×90 and 468×60. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. You can use standard “style” attribute with shortcode. For example:
<div class="uss-string" data-id="1" style="width: 728px; min-height: 90px;" />
<div class="uss-string" data-id="2" style="width: 468px; min-height: 60px;" />
But, please rememeber, that user’s ad string can be long (up to 128 symbols) and takes 2 lines. In this case height might be higher.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Nice script, thinking about purchase. Any chance you would be integrating Ogone payment provider? (in Belgium that’s the biggest one).

Unfortunately, I don’t have such plans.

Thanks for your quick response! Do you plan to add any other payment provider at all?

Right now I don’t have such plans.

This will me make it able for the customors to directly download the file they bought, right?

This plugin is to sell and display ad on website.

hi .. i want more Option and more payment mthode u can do it ?>

Hi. Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance work.

i allready use your universal banner manager and would like to use the simple string script alternatly on the sites . is this possible ?

Hi. I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. You can use both on the same website.

sory i ment do you think about a script where i can use both solutions. the advertiser can choose if he wants a banner or a string

No. There is no such option.

Is it possible to create a string on a per-day transaction instead of per-x-1000 shows?

Unfortunately, no.

Hello from Athens :) the script is great!!! Please can you tell me where to change the limit for the words in string for customers because when you put some more words the script said the script is too long. At admin page there is not problem for longer strings. Thanks

Hi. Thanks for pruchasing the script. Please edit file ajax.php, line #318 which is:
if (strlen($title) > 128) $error .= '<li>String is too long.</li>';

Thanks a lot!!! again : your script is great! with costum font size is perfect! soon i will give a try to your banners script :)

Thank you.

is it possible to select CTR [Click Through Ratio] option / package for advertiser / through admin panel ?

Hello, very nice script!

How can I show this alert “Publish your link here for 1.00 USD” as I can see in your ads string?


Hi. In admin area on “Settings” page set parameter “Sign up page”.

Hi Ivan,

I am planning this product to buy and use it next to your Universal Banner Manager I have bought in the past.

Is it possible to create a format of 300×250 so that there will be a max of three string displaying in the format 300×250?

So basically I only would like to show a max of 3 string in a 300×250 (banner) format.

Thank your in advance.

Hi. There is no feature to set format of the string box.

Hello again :) can we have the Strings in rotation stats in this php script like your wp strings plugin?

Yes i know about this, it works fine :) in the wp strings plugin anyone can see public the stats of the campaingns under the uss-form. There is something like this in php stings script?

Unfortunately, script doesn’t have such feature.

ok thanks :)


i am getting this error message as i try to connect to admin board

Could not connect: Unknown MySQL server host ‘localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock’ (1)

is the /** MySQL hostname port */ define(‘DB_HOST_PORT’, ’’); really needed ?

because i dont know which after mistake could be responsible for this error message

can you please help me

Hi. You may leave port blank. Regarding your message. It means that you put wrong MySQL credentials. Please make sure that you put correct ones. ;-)

fixed it

is it possible not to show the Publish your link here for xxx USD link ?

found it

Our provider don’t let us to work with php mailer , only smtp email, can you help us to change the scripts to send mails with smtp? we have both php script and universal banner manager. http://apn.gr Thanks a lot!

Any news about the smtp email? it’s very important for us, please!

Thanks for reminding. It’s still in queue to develop. Hope I’ll do it during week or two.

thanks !

Is it possible to put an image in the string eg Or is there a workaround for doing it?

When the impressions in a string have been used up can the user reactivate the string with more money or is it always necessary to make a new string?

How often are the statistics emails sent to the user?

1. No, records are not deleted from uss_shows. 2. User must create new one. 3. Only when string expired.

How do I accept Bitcoin as payment method?

There is no such feature.

Then, you should remove this from the “Features” list to avoid confusion.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just fixed it.

do you think about the option to show the banner like in simple strings by impressions. so client can choose for example 10.000 impressions for xy $

At that moment I don’t have such plans. But thank you for idea.

HI, I have a Question: Does this code Simple String also works on Blogger (Google Blogspot?) installing it on a custom domain and a xxxxx.blogspot.com domain AND manage other Blogspot sites (owned by me)

Thnx! Marty

Unfortunately, I don’t know about Blogger. I’m not familiar with this platform and don’t know what control options they give.

Hi – I have just installed this script and I LOVE it – so straightforward. Thank you! One question: I see your other banner script supports Stripe – any chance of that being an option with Simple String? Thanks

Hi. I’ll include it into todo list. Unfortunately, I can’t tell exactly when it will be implemented, but it will be.

One more question (I’m still loving Simple Script!): is there a way to count the clicks on the default strings as well as the paid-for ones? (Other than paying for them and then refunding them.) Thanks

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.