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Discussion on Simple Map Locator

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Hello Andrea, when comes the next Update ?


Hi, I’m working on it on these days, hope to finish this month.

Hello, how do I remove or hide the social media icons that appear in the bookmark?

Hi, please open a ticket here

Ciao! sarebbe comodo poter ricevere una notifica via mail quando qualcuno aggiunge un marker, per poi poterlo approvare…

Ciao, lo segno come possibile funzionalità per un prossimo aggiornamento.

Hi, Pre-Sale Question, 1. can I use my custom csv data to create marker and the info window? 2. is there option to always show the info window in each marker? 3. can I create line without marker?

Hi, 1) No, you need to convert your csv to the import format. 2) No, to see the information screen you have to click on the marker. 3) Yes

Friend, good morning See if that works for me. I have routes created in kml files and I need a self-hosted system that is publicly viewable. I need a system to create several routes and each route needs to have a line traced to each street and several points demarcated with names. I’ll give an example similar to what I need, imagine several static bus routes without tracking, each route has a different name, and each boarding bus stop also has names, this needs to be public for any user to search without login

Hi, currently my application does not support KML files and tracks, but if you send me a private message with the KML file I will try to see if it is possible to do something.

Good morning friend, I bought it to test and I was surprised by the quality of your application, the KML will only be necessary to not need manual creations because I already have the files in KMZ and KML, but your application is excellent and I managed to get a little knowledge Internally loading more than 40,000 tables in seconds, I made some adjustments and word changes with poedit and it worked very well. The application is ultra-fast, there are no errors at any time, there are no crashes or delays in hosting. Thank you and congratulations for the quality of the code and availability of resources.

Hi, thanks for purchasing it and for the compliments, really appreciate it.


weeface Purchased

Virus found when install the script!!!! virus : {HEX}Malware.Expert.generic.file.put.contents.4.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

The application doesn’t contain any viruses, the file_put_contents function is a PHP function to write content to a file, and your antivirus detects it as a virus, but it’s not.

Hi, can you please check your support site, I can’t sign in using my username and password that I have used the last 2 times. The sign in popup does nothing.

Hi, I’m just logged out and logged in without problems. Try login with Envato directly.

This script use external Google Fonts ITS Not allowed in a Europe country can you make the Fonts local please?

Thank you Love your Produkt :)

Great Happy for this new Update but i See blank map in Admin area under “Marker” If i try to add/edit a marker is this a Bug? Thanks

Hello, after the last update I can’t get the maps to load properly on my website. It is usually necessary to reload the page a second time for the map to appear. You can check it here:

or here:

My support license has expired, but I think it may be a problem with the script itself.

If you think it is a problem related to my websites, I renew the support. Thank you

Hi, I inspected the code on your page and it looks like your server automatically joins all the css and js files, messing up the scripts. So it’s not an application issue, but you should check your server settings or ask to your hosting provider.

Thank you so much. You pointed me in the right direction and I found the problem. In case it happens to someone else, I had to disable the pagespeed module of Apache Web Server Settings in Plesk (in my case)

Thanks for sharing.

Can we change openstreet map to Google map ? I mean by coding

Hi, once you buy the app, you have all the code, and so you can change whatever you want.

I mean about the complexity

Of course, if you’re not a developer, it’s not easy to do. You need to replace the entire map library.

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hi, we want to offer directions on our own website. Can we pay you to develop this?

Hi, sorry but I don’t do customizations. That feature is in my to-do list, you need to wait and soon or later I will implement it.

because this is a small group project. In the next update, you can add functionality: - 1 map can be managed by multiple members. - When viewing the map, you must log in as a member. - Show member’s online location on a common map for everyone to see. - Log add, edit, delete member’s map (admin can see that).

thanks for the suggestion, I will evaluate them

​new version not update markers how to fix?

Hi, please send me a private message

cloud9 Purchased


i bought, installed and all seemed fine.

i have set a map and begun to add markers. Why when i load my main URL it does NOT show a map with markers it shows:

Which is just okay.

Can you help??

Hi, replied in support system

I have a problem… we created a Google Sheet with all the data (by the way, the thumbnails for each location are missing… I have to manually create them :( ... is there a way to import them?).

Now, when I import the list, I have to go into each individual marker/location and then click the “Location” button to execute it… in addition, I have to adjust and save further settings…. With 450 entries, this is very tedious… is there something I have overlooked?

Is there a possibility to mark a location as green if I have been there? And otherwise, mark it as yellow, and perhaps even show the path I have taken….

Hello, thank you. I’ll check if there’s a way, but I’m afraid you have to distance them a little from each other.

Is there no way to add a PIN before and after at the back? What does “Ordering in the backend” mean?

What do you mean by a PIN before and after? Sorting the markers is used to sort the position of the markers in the search list on the map.

Hi, How do I activate the directions, or from Point A to Point B and the amount of time it will take?

Hi, there is no builtin directions at the moment. There is only a button to open the directions on google maps.

is this is omething that you may consider in future

Yes, I will consider it.

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Please check PRIVATE TICKET #3392435. It’s urgent

Hi, replied.

jeho82 Purchased

Thanks working fine now

What’s the meaning of “Add Marker to Story” what does it mean

On my demo you can see the story by clicking on the middle right “list icon”

when 2 markers have exact same latitude longitude, (example when we duplicate a marker) then map zooms to max level when we choose “Fit Markers”. None of the markers are clickable as they are overlapping each other

1. Can you provide a way to identify if two markers are close by a specific distance?

2. Need to be able to click the markers as they might have been set with different information. Maybe a pop up to select from the overlapping markers will help.

replied in the support system


Previs Purchased

1Unique php script on envato ~ looking forward to subsequent updates . 2Would like to add weather forecasting (using api like and travel planning (like as a saas service ?

1) thanks. 2) will look at it


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