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Simple Map Locator has been developed entirely in php, html and jquery.
It’s simple and intuitive: just use the backend to create as many maps and markers you want!
Based on OpenStreetMap, no need api key and annoying quota limits! Ready to use!!

- Administrator Login (user: demo / passw: test1234)

View demo map here

Open a ticket here


- map with different styles
- unlimited markers with clustering and icons
- markers list
- marker’s sheet detail with images
- marker’s connection with lines
- story
- globe view
- reviews and ratings
- directions and street view links
- social share
- geolocation
- geoJSON
- custom logo
. password protection
- google analytics integration
- responsive


- simple installation
- built-in upgrade
- dashboard
- create / edit customers, editors and administrators (multi users)
- create / edit maps (logo, style, name)
- duplicate maps
- add / edit markers (details, icon, position, images)
- draw geometries
- preview
- publish (link or embed code generator)
- responsive
- multi-language




easy, and guided with a wizard, read the readme.txt for more info


- added the ability for markers to open the details window or not
- added the ability for markers to view the popup or not
- added the ability to set the marker popup image height
- added the ability to set the marker popup background and color
- added more bulk actions for markers
- upgraded the map rendering engine
- organized the markers edit page into tabs
- improved the import of the marker file exported from another map
- fixed categories not showing on adding a new marker from map
- fixed hours and description font sizes
- added the ability to auto-approve markers added from map
- added the ability to select multiple categories into markers added from map
- fixed scroll issue on sheet detail on mobile
- improved security
- added the ability to draws geometries on map
- added shortcuts to simplify adding extra field values
- added bulk delete markers
- extended search for all fields
- updated map access graph into statistics
- fixed geojson colors not being applied
- fixed an issue filtering by category sometimes gave empty results
- added Globe view
- added Categories Filter Type (AND / OR)
- added some graphical changes to the backend
- added the ability to share and open the link of a map into the Publish section
- added the ability to set meta tags of the map
- fixed an issue with the default language
- added weather
- added Indonesian language
- added the ability to massively assign an icon style to markers from the map or category
- now you can drag the marker to change its position on the add/edit marker sections
- when you add a new marker the map is now centered based on the previously added markers
- update the core map library
- fixed an issue with search box when geolocation is on
- added support to geoJSON
- added pop-up details when moving between markers in the story
- added an option to publish the map as the first page of your domain
- added the possibility to set the order of the markers by priority, name or city
- when adding a new marker from the map you are now asked whether to use your position or not
- fixed search issue when geolocation is on
- added featured markers
- added the ability to highlight the position of the markers when you hover the mouse over the search results
- fixed a flickering issue when there are many icons
- fixed an issue preventing review texts from wrapping
- now adding a marker from the map takes the default style set in the settings
- added the possibility to select the category in the new markers mode on the map
- added the possibility to delete images in the new markers mode on the map
- fixed an issue with editor permissions
- fixed add marker not working when geolocation is enabled
- fixed an issue that prevented the display of the marker list when the city search was active
- added Korean, Thai languages
- added the ability to search location / city into maps
- added attributions for maps
- added the possibility to set for each marker the zoom level in which it must appear
- added default style parameters for markers in map settings
- added the ability to duplicate markers
- increase quality of image icons
- fixed an issue on geolocation
- fixed an issue for some systems not displaying the markers list on the backend
- redesigned the search box which is now always visible on the map
- added the story feature that allows you to scroll through the markers in a narrative way
- added the ability to disable/enable search, list and categories filter
- added the ability to change font for maps
- added the ability to change the default view for maps (street or satellite)
- added am option to set the quality of the map
- added an option to activate geolocation on map load
- added an option to set the default zoom for geolocation
- increased number of extra fields to 20
- now import excel can also update markers if the id is provided
- improved the click of markers on mobile devices
- improved the performance of the list and the search with many markers
- fixed an issue on saving settings
- fixed an issue that prevented some markers from displaying in the backend
- restyled the viewer
- added controls arrows to loop through the markers
- added the ability to sort markers
- added the ability to add markers directly from maps
- added the validation of the markers inserted from the map
- added the ability to individually disable directions, street view and reviews buttons for markers
- added a customizable button to each markers that open a modal with an html content such iframe text or others
- added toggle button to show or hide marker connections
- on the map with a single marker some controls are hidden
- hide connection between markers not visible
- added fullscreen mode
- added parameter to set the density distance that allows you to group markers together
- added the possibility to center the map on a selected marker
- added edit next / previous marker buttons into edit marker's page
- redesigned the selection of marker icons in the backend
- added editor role with permissions
- added captcha verification for reviews
- added marker zoom's option into maps to control the zoom level when the marker is clicked
- removed empty image space from popup and sheets
- the icons in the marker detail tab have been moved and grouped under the name
- added street view link
- added popup to marker connections with customizable title and description
- added edit button shortcut near map selector
- fixed an issue with category filters
- added customizable items on backend's footer
- added Romanian language
- move delete into the marker's list
- fixed bug on adding marker
- added the ability to update the application automatically (only for administrators)
- added marker's connections to draw a line between them
- added custom map style
- added zoom controls to map
- added the ability to set background, color and size of each individual marker
- added icon preview in marker's list
- added the ability to set marker's custom fields values with html content
- added the ability to duplicate maps
- added Swedish language
- modified the import template excel with all the markers parameters
- fixed bug hide rating when review is disabled
- fixed bug on import markers
- fixed upload of icon with size too small
- fixed encoding on export csv
- added multi-language backend / viewer
- added language switcher for backend
- added the ability to change language for maps
- added the ability to change font for backend and viewer
- added the ability to change theme color for backend
- added custom logo for backend
- added custom image for login page
- added the ability to edit profile for change username, language and password
- added custom css editors for backend and viewer maps
- added whatsapp field to markers
- added preview box when hover the markers
- added pinned flag to markers to shows on top of the list
- added sub categories
- added the ability to assign a marker to multiple categories
- added categories in exported markers file
- added statistics
- added gif compatibility for icon markers
- added a button to toggle categories filter
- fixed map not showing
- fixed a bug that deletes the icon library when saving marker
- added the ability to administrators to change the user owner of the map
- added markers size
- added review system with ratings
- added cursor pointer to markers
- click the grouped markers to expand them
- added url variables &coord=xxxxx,yyyyy&zoom=z (xxxxx = lat, yyyyy = lon, z = zoom)
- improved search with also description and custom fields
- added direct links to markers and categories
- added satellite view switcher
- fixed import of markers
- fixed bug on generating thumbs
- fixed bug on duplicating images when saving marker multiple times
- added density color toggle to maps to displays different colors based on the density of marker grouping
- added checkbox and counts on map's categories
- reset the sort order of the marker list when geolocation is off
- added a flag to the categories to be selected as default
- the map is centered on the position of the first geolocation
- added password to protect the map
- added custom icon library
- added extra fields to markers
- website url in sheet is now clickable
- the address fields are now not mandatory
- adjust zoom on click categories to fit the markers
- fixed bug on sorting list
- fixed bug on search
- added categories to markers
- added filter by category on maps
- fixed a bug on geolocation not working on iframe
- ignoring not valid coordinates on viewer
- added an option to maps to auto show marker's list
- added default zoom option to maps
- added a search box in the marker's list
- added possibility to change single marker color
- added a button to convert marker's address to its coordinates
- fixed a bug on import excel markers
- added an active parameter to markers to enable or disable it
- added possibility to get coordinates with gps to set marker position
- added possibility to delete users
- bugfix on initial map loading
- added to dashboard a chart with num markers grouped by maps
- added possibility to export all markers of a map
- added possibility to activate / deactivate maps
- added friendly url to publish link with a custom url
- added google analytics integration
- minor bugfix on import markers
- import massive markers with excel
- added users menu backend (only for administrator): manage customers and administrators who can use the application
- added possibility to input lat / lon manually
- added marker icons (fontawesome)
- added directions button
- fixed gallery images
- maptiler integration
- initial release

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