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How to made a automatic connection with $_SESSION ?

Some simple alterations needed in the PHP files. If you have further questions, please contact me via email, thank you.

Can i add the shoutbox to a website page instead of using the page above

Yes, simple include it via an iframe into any of your pages.

HI, do we need to have two (2) files customized (colors, fonts, etc) – one for desktop, and one for mobile? Or is this shoutbox ‘responsive?”

The shoutbox is responsive, it only needs modification in the main.css file (for desktop as well as mobile, tablet etc) to change colors, fonts etc.

Hi, Are there any commands ? example /ban, ... No check Nickname ? duplicate accepted.

suggestion : Add BbCode image : img , Video youtube : iframe

Bug bbcode [url] Result : (07:24) Nickname: rel=”nofollow”>

What is the variable max Messages ?

maxMessages: 500, if $shoutboxMessageContainer.length = 500 ,can not access chat (bug) ?

thank you

aw500 Purchased

Can the named SQL database be changed? I can’t create a named SQL at all but have to use the one I’m given. Thanks Alan

I can’t guarantee this one is good enough because most of its script is done with javascript which can be modified by the client.

I tried to use google chrome to modify the javascript and i am able to remove the spam protection and spam like hell in the shoutbox.

Seem i need to rewrite this shoutbox before implementing it into my CMS

Hello, I bought the script and already installed and adapted it. Everything worked out fine – now a wish: Is it possible to load the “Chat” automatically, and to ask for the username only afterwards? I would like to give the users the possibility to already read without having to log in. if they want to write, they have to assign a username afterwards.