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Hello everyone I bought this plugin and the license does not even work following the instructions of the FAQ, I tried and tried again but barely lost, I always got a blank page after the validation of the plugin on my authorization One drive Microsoft account. in the url of that blank page I noticed a long series of numbers and letters, so I decided to remove it from “& state” I typed in and that’s all working!

the url in question https://monsite.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ShareoneDrive_settings&code=X4J900g1z-g8d0-450l-ni2m-b5c378984w10&state=aHR0cHM6Ly9jbGllbnRzLWltYWdlczkxLmNvbS9kZXZwcm8vd3AtYWRtaW4vYWRtaW4ucGhwP3BhZ2U9U2hhcmVvbmVEcml2ZV9zZXR0aW5ncw%7E%7E

which gives: https://monsite.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ShareoneDrive_settings&code=X4J900g1z-g8d0-450l-ni2m-b5c378984w10

Note that I sent a message to the plugin support and I still await a response to date


Hi there, I am finally back after a long period (reason why I was away for a while). Do you still have the same issue? If yes, please create a support ticket (or leave your ticket number here) and I will directly look into it!

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Can I Set featured image (on posts and pages) from my onedrive without uploading the image to my media library? This plugin is compatible with Wp job manager?

Thank you

Hi there, Share-one-Drive can currently not be used to set featured images. I am not not familiar with WP Job Manager, so I am not sure if it is compatible with that. However, it should be possible to add a Share-one-Drive shortcode in MCE editor in this manager. If you need some more information, just create a support ticket and we can find out if it is compatible.

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Hi Floris,

For some strange reason my plugin will not update from version 1.3 to 1.31 (gives the “bijwerken mislukt error in the plugin screen)

Sys info: WordPress version: 4.6.1 Plugin versie:1.3 PHP versie:5.3.3 cURL PHP extensie: You have the cURL PHP extension installed and we can access OneDrive with cURL Is allow_url_fopen enabled?: Yes, we can access OneDrive with fopen Version OneDrive API Client: 1.0.0 Is de TMP folder beschrijfbaar?: TMP folder is beschrijfbaar Is de CACHE folder beschrijfbaar?: CACHE folder is beschrijfbaar Is het CACHE-index bestand beschrijfbaar?: CACHE-index bestand is beschrijfbaar Bestanden downloaden als ZIP: Je kunt de ZIP functionaliteit gebruiken

Any clue? my purchase code is visible in the system, so that ca’t be it…

Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a look at the issue?

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Does this plugin have any support for OneDrive for Business yet?

Unfortunately there is still no support for Business :( A few important API calls are still missing for the Business Accounts.

hi can embed pdf into de wordpress with this plugin thanks

Sure! Just take a look at the demo page for an example.


diebaf Purchased

Hi Floris, the zip feature stopped working. It gives me a 500 error every time I try to download 2 files as a .zip

I can’t reproduce it here on my demo site, so perhaps it is something server related. Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can look into your problem?

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I use gallery mode and I want to put the name of the folder over the gray semi-transparent layer like the demo ( abstract-nature http://www.florisdeleeuw.nl/wordpress-demo/share-one-drive/demo/ ). How to do that?

That should be done automatically :) If that isn’t the case on your site, just create a support ticket and I will try to find out why!

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therene Purchased

can the layout of the gallery be modified by CSS? I would like to only show the images from an album but nothing else ie start or search.

If there are videos in the gallery mixed with pictures, will the videos play? in your demo they don’t play in the gallery only in the video player.

Some of the layout changes can be done direclt via the Shortcode Generator of the plugin. If you need help with hiding some additional elements, just let me know and I can provide you with the CSS rules. The galley can only show you the pictures,.

I hope this answers your questions. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me again!

I have a pre-sale question. I have bought your Google Drive and Drop Box plugins, and they are great. The problem with Google Drive is that PDF’s open in Google’s own PDF viewer, whereas Dropbox lets you open PDF files in users default PDF app. Does OneDrive behave like Google or like Dropbox? I need a solution that allows users to be able to open PDF’s directly in their default PDF viewer. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your question. By default Share-one-Drive opens the PDF file in the OneDrive Viewer. The reason why the plugin doesn’t open in the default PDF viewer is to have cross-browser preview support for those files (yes… there are still devices around that can’t show PDFs :S).

However, if you want to present the raw PDF file, you can always modify the plugin a little bit to change the output. As far as I now can see, this can be done for both the Google Drive (Use-your-Drive) version and this one.

If you need some help with that, just create a support ticket and I will try to provide you with some modification (instructions) as soon as possible.

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Hello, really cool plugin. Is there any way to print directly the .docx files on the shared files box? The first option is to print as pdf. Can that be change to print as first option, with my personal printer?

Hi there! Thanks for your comment but, unfortunately, I am not completely sure to which print option you are referring. Could you perhaps share a screenshot of your problem? You can create a support ticket in case you don’t want to share the screenshot in public.

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My plugin displays error 500 intermittently. I deactivate and active again, and the plugin work back. After a while it returns the same error.



Can I just confirm before I purchase…

With this plugin you can view one drive files and folders in wordpress, then choose to view, download, edit in office online then save back?

Also, is it possible to use office online with office documents stored in wordpress rather than one drive?


Share-one-Drive can indeed show your files and folders on your Personal OneDrive Account. The plugin can be used to view, download and upload files and with the right sharing permissions you can also directly edit Office Document online.

The plugin doesn’t store any files on your WordPress site so you can only use files located on your OneDrive.

OneDrive for business support please. How much longer?

I will add support for Business Accounts as soon as all the API calls that I need for the plugin are implemented by Microsoft. That isn’t the case yet but it is almost there!

Hi, I’m currently using the Use-your-Drive and waiting for the One Drive for business, but I’m wondering about how to display the documents meta-data and the effect on the SEO of those plugins. Are the documents taken into account by Google and other while browsing your website? Thanks

Only the File name and description can be indexed by search engines, but the content of the files are not and cannot be seen. Does that answer your question?

Yes Thanks !