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hi. I have this need: I have 3 print centers (plotter, printers, etc). So I’d like clients to upload files and even file’s upgrades (it is very very common to make changes on PSD files for final design, for example). So I’d like customer to go physically to my place and one of my staff open him a new account. In this way, the customer can send us files from his office or home in order to print them. It would be great to have a system that let customers pay before upload any file (like making a new order), an then if the client send different versions of the same file, have a kind of control of this versions (like file_v1.jpg, file_v2.jpg, etc.). So my question is: what part of all this process I can make with this plugin? basically, I need to find several plugins to have the entire process so please let me know. thanks.

What you need is the WooCommerce plugin and the Share-one-Drive plugin.

You use WooCommerce to create a shop where your clients can place new print orders and can pay them. The Share-one-Drive WooCommerce Upload integration allows your customers to upload files after the order has been placed via their own Order Page.

For the version control: Share-one-Drive will automatically rename files with the same name to ,(3),etc.. instead of overwriting the old files.

I hope this information helps!

ok, thank you very much. I’ll read all the information in the links. thanks.

ok I see what you mean. I already have your plugin for dropbox, so I suppose I can do same. In fact, I got it like 1 month ago but I’ve not use it yet. So in this configuration you told me, I create a product in woo commerce, let’s say “poster 10×4 bond 75gm glossy… for $5” and when people buy it you plugin attach files to that order, correct?


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hello I have a movie page, if I buy a storage plan on one drive, can I play all the movies from one drive on my website? no problems for it, please give me all the necessary details to stream from one drive to a page dedicated to videos

The plugin uses the Graph API of Microsoft to stream your content on your site. That is the only way to perfectly stream your videos. As long as you apply to their terms and conditions, Microsoft will not throttle or restrict your OneDrive account.


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Hi, could you speed up the ticket responses? send a ticket and it takes 48 hours to give a meaningless answer which does not solve my problem, send access to my site on the ticket and ask me where the problem is, please I need to solve the error as soon as possible, the time is money

I replied to your ticket #5084. Please note that during weekends the response time can be a little bit longer.


Pre purchase question.

Is it possible to allow public website users to upload files to a shared folder on my one drive, without them seeing the contents of the folder?

Also by embedding videos from one drive is it possible to hide the url of the file to prevent unauthorised downloads?

I also need to make sure other sites won’t beable to discover the code to embed on their site too.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your interest in Share-one-Drive. Let my try to answer both your question:

  1. Yes, you can just add a simple Upload Box which will allow your public website user to update files to a folder on your OneDrive. The users will not be able to see the contents of this folder if you only use the Upload Box.
  2. Video files can only be embedded via the Share-one-Drive Video Player (Demo). This player streams the content via a call to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=shareonedrive-stream which will check if the user has permission to view the file
  3. The code that Share-one-Drive creates is dynamic cannot be simply copied to another site. If you have a specific concern, just let me know and I will my best to let you know what the plugin is capable of

I hope that answers your questions!

- Floris

Thanks for your fast response. Is the video player included with share-one-drive plugin as I notice you’ve said (Demo).

Sure! I just forgot to add the link: Demo :-)

Hi I am getting a error (Error Details: Could not json decode the token). How do I fix this?

Couple of weeks ago I got an authorization error just like Joshwebguy (https://codecanyon.net/item/shareonedrive-onedrive-plugin-for-wordpress/11453104/comments?utf8=✓&term=cache&from_buyers_and_authors_only=0#comment_18533275)

Last time I deleted the cache of the plugin and reauthorized it and it came back to normal. Now I cannot access the dashboard items and the plugin has an error on the front end. Why does this keep happening?

I can give you a testing login if needed.

Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the plugin! You can probably solve the issue in the same way as last time. Just remove the .accesstoken file in the /wp-content/share-one-drive-cache folder. That will completely reset the authorization process and this should allow you to reauthorize the plugin again.

I am not sure why this error happen again. Are you already using the latest version of the plugin (1.7.3)? If yes, feel free to create a support if the issue persists and I will gladly take a look at it!

- Floris

Create Support Ticket

Hi – Presales question. I was wondering if you could give me more details on this plugins integration with Gravity forms. My use case is I want to build an Application form using Gravity forms. There is a requirement for the user to submit a video. I don’t want to use the Gravity forms file uploader due to server restrictions.

So my question is…

1) Can I integrate the file upload functionality of this plugin with my Gravity form (so it looks like they are both part of the same form) but when the user submits the form the video is sent to One Drive to be stored (not stored on my server)

2) If this is possible are there any demos available so I can see in action and how it would look before purchasing (I can see the file upload demo but not how it would work integrated with Gravity forms)


Thanks for your interest in Share-one-Drive and your questions. The answer is pretty simple: Yes, you can integrate the plugin in Gravity Forms so that they are part of the same form.

You can see a demo of a very basic Gravity Form on the Upload Demo page, but you have to scroll down to the ’ Create your own Upload Form’ section. The upload form you see in that section is actually a Gravity Form with the Share-one-Drive field.


I hope this helps! If you have any questions remaining, just let me know!

- Floris


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Hello friend, could you please answer my messages left through the support, I need the modification that I indicated, I am willing to reach an agreement, but I need it as soon as possible


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I need the option to add individual videos to my page: https://www.hentaid.tv/ in an easy and fast way since many videos will be added, one in each URL and it is indispensable that the videos are integrated individually.

I replied to your ticket #5084.


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friend I am waiting for your answer of a ticket for days

I’m selling a graduation video through woocommerce. Is it possible to use this plugin to provide downloadable virtual products through woocommerce?

Yes, that is indeed possible. The plugin can serve the digital downloadable product directly from your OneDrive. For some more information about the WooCommerce integration, just check the Documentation.

Will this also work with SharePoint Drives?

The Share-one-Drive plugin supports OneDrive Business Accounts which can be used in combination with Microsoft SharePoint. Drives for Groups and Sites are not yet supported