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Can edit image ? Have you used any third party tool ?

Yes, you can add/edit/delete images. Documentation for add/edit/delete image is given. We haven’t used any third party tool.

The app has push notification functionality to notify the users about new products or new versions of the app

where you have integrate

We have provided text box to write the message. You can write anything in text box and notify the users. We have given separate admin panel for Push Notification.

sir app crash on open on 4.2 AVD, crash on select image of gallery and camera on motog 4.4.4 cool app

cool update add send apk i like buy

Is it crashing for all images OR for specific image ? If it is for specific image then please email us that image. Please add us in skype: guru.technolabs

We checked it in 4.2 AVD and in 4.4.4 too. It is working fine.

Hello :

1 – Is it easy to change the packname ! 2 – Is it easy to add/change AD MOB ID 3 – Is it support to add more frames by my self

BTW , i using Andorid ST


1 yes 2 yes 3 yes

We have mentioned everything is documentation with screenshots.

The code is in eclipse.

Startapp ads available ?

yes…start app and admob both are there.

do not buy anything from this author he was a fraud last month i purchased one item no support he is always rubbing

Excuse me sir, will you please tell us which item did you purchase and what support we did not provide you?

Content is different from the application that is to buy it

I’ve got something strange seems to have a problem of codecanyon

After purchasing “Selfie Time”

I found app”Backup and Restore Point”

Please ensure that the code It seems you put another code by mistake

See image http://cdn.top4top.net/i_25b3566b6a1.png

We have placed correct code sir otherwise code canyon simply rejects it. There is no any mistake in code. Kindly discuss with Code canyon support team if this really has been happened with you.

We have updated code. Please download latest code.

Hello, after buying, you give me Eclipse files?

Hi, I have little custom requirement regarding this app. How can i contact you?

Reach us at skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

My Dear , software is eclipse or android studio??

It is android studio files. If you want eclipse files then we can provide that also.

Android 6 Support?

We are testing it in android 6. If you found any problem then also let us know. we will surely solve it and update it

hello, i cant see android studio documentation,, on your documentation is for eclipse

We will provide the android studio source code and documentation. Please provide us your mail id OR contact us on Skype. Our skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

Mail has been sent. Please check it. :-)

Can I get the android studio source code and documentation

Yes. It’s in Android Studio and documentation is also available.

hi sir i would like to app and try it but i m not familiar with eclipse so can you provide me android studio? also another question is that if i can add more photo frame option by myself? ı mean the code is allowing me to do so ?


Please add us on Skype at help.gurutechnolabs

Hi I am very interested, Just want to confirm: 1) This is Android Studio? I saw in a comment above it was eclipse but main page says Android Studio? 2) I can add more frames and how many more? Thanks looking forward to your reply.

1. Yes. It’s in Android Studio. The confusion is because first it was on Eclipse and then we updated the code so now it’s in Android Studio.

2. Yes. You can add more frames.

Please contact us on Skype for 2nd issue. We will guide you for it. Our Skype id is help.gurutechnolabs

Hello, There is photo orientation issue within frame , after taking selfie the photo comes in to the frames in wrong orientation it suppose to be fit within the frame.

Please provide solution ASAP.

Issue : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8dmJMgvrvNVRkI3Ti1Qam5CSEk/view

We will check the issue with our code. Thanks for your comment.

We have updated the code on Codecanyon. Once it will be approved, you will get an email and you will be able to download updated source code.