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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you. :)

I am interested in using this plugin but was wondering if it has the following features which I am also looking for as part of the plugin.

1) Ability on a page/post to specify an override to re-enable a script for that page so in effect we could dequeue across the site but not dequeue on specific pages.

2) The ability to do the same thing for the admin area as many of the front end enqueued scripts are not required by the backend and cause the admin area to be very slow.

If these options are available or if you could add them quickly then I would look at buying this plugin and also for future client sites.

Thanks for the quick reply and starting on the additions. Regarding the admin area, I fully agree with you that this could be really bad if used incorrectly but maybe you look at this as a separate plugin (would be happy to pay again) so that those who know what they are doing can use it as an addition to your current plugin. The way around the backend becoming unaccessible which is the risk is that you either have a separate URL that is displayed on the settings page for your plugin that the user goes to and it disables the backend dequeue or you have it that if you pass a parameter on any URL it looks for a secret key (random when the plugin is first created) that if correct causes the dequeue for the backend to turn off. For example


Hello Nathan,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Your feedback has been very helpful in improving it’s functionality. I am able to add ‘exclude’ options per dequeue list item (including post and pages). If it goes fine, I will release an update very soon.

The idea of separate plugin for back-end seems good as it will be a direct approach without conflicting front end functionality. I will look into this too once the front-end features are done. :) Thanks once again.


Hello Nathan,

The backend scripts dequeuer is available for sale now.


Hey Saurabh – I am interested in trying this out but is there anyway I can pretest the benefits of dequeuing on the site speed of my website i.e. i dont want to pay for this and not see any benefit.

also, your ahref on “message box at, or comment on the item comments ” has the comma included which is resulting in a 404 :)

Hello SM-DEV,

Thanks for browsing the plugin. You can check site speed on any online checker like pagespeed tests or GTMetrix. Then subtract the file size and load time of files (which you wish to dequeue) from the total load time and total page size. That shall give you an approximate idea about how much your site will improve.

You can also check by manually dequeuing those files in theme’s functions.php using some code snippet. But above method will work fine too.

P.S. Thank you for reporting the broken link. I will correct it. :)



Can this be used on the admin side of WP also ?

We have alot of plugins that use various versions of FontAwesome and Jquery that we would like to reduce to a single instance of each being called.

Hello pcheroes,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. I am working on a separate plugin for admin dequeue feature. It will be available in few days depending upon approval time. Hope to see you as buyer of that plugin. :)


Hello pcheroes,

The backend dequeue plugin is available now. Please check out at


Hello that benefits me this plugin, I use wp rocket on my website. Regards.

Hello mferro1984,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. WP Rocket is a caching plugin, which gives many features for site optimization. But it doesn’t have dequeue option for scripts and stylesheets. Scripts Dequeuer is another tool in the field of site optimization. It will work seamlessly with caching plugins too.


I am interested in both of your plugins (for Frontend and Backend). I know this might be a hard question to answer but can you give me some examples of what type of performance increases you are seeing after applying your plugin?

Hello nopez4you,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. I have created a demo site for showing plugin performance. Check out the following links:

1. Page with redundant CSS files and multiple instances of jQuery: Link: GTMetrix:

2. Page optimized using Scripts Dequeuer frontend.: Link: GTMetrix:

Comparison of performance improvement:

The main difference will be seen in “Serve resources from a consistent URL”. You can see that it improved from F(32) to A(100).

Screenshot of redundant files:

Screenshot of main improvement:

This is one example case. Files may be different on your site, depending upon number of plugins, and the files added by current theme. Improvements are significant only if redundant files are more in number.


Hi, just bought and installed Scripts Dequeuer but doesn’t detect ANY scripts! I suspect it has something to do with https Can you help please? The site’s at:

Hello paulzz,

Can you let me know what URLs are being added for the detection process? OR you have kept it as default? If you can send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, I will check and fix it.


What makes this plugin different from Plugin Organizer on (I can see your interface is much better.)

Thank you for consideration. :)


I’m using WP Rocket with cdn from keycdn. My css/js files are served from keycdn. Is there any compatibility concern I should consider?

In that case, once the CSS and JS files are dequeued, you will need to update the cache/resources so that previous instance is removed. It works with caching plugins and CDN without any issue.


this frontend also look good, does the plugin will let us know which script or css had a same name? do they had sorting for much easier to find it? someone who work with alot of themes and plugin might be difficult for them to find it which script or css that cause redundant, because they need select that manually right? this plugin had potential.. but not sure if I see something like this before in free section wordpress plugin.. maybe this one is different?

Hello diden,

The plugin will list script handle name, source and it’s dependencies. Right now there is no sorting option for the generated table. You will need to use browser’s Search feature (Ctrl + f) or scroll manually to check files. Sometimes, handle name may be different, and even the source file may be different. So you need to find out which one to disable. The plugin will only list them.

As a precautionary measure, the plugin highlights some files with red background. These are the files on which other files are dependent. You can force dequeue these files too using Plugin settings option.

I can not confirm if a free plugin with similar feature is available. But at the time of creating this plugin there was no such plugin in free or premium repos.


Hello, the plugin was working however now it will not detect the scripts.

Backend message is;

No files to show

Either all files are dequeued, or there are no JavaScipt files on front-end, or there was some error detecting the files on front end.

Hello FlightDepartment,

Kindly send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the issue.


I am really interested in this plugin.. but one major question.. there are aome plugins like sliders which are moatly needed in site homapage not other sections like posts and pages.

Would you please mention if this is possible to restrict some js/css files for different sections like posts and pages. And alao sometime there are aome plugins like contact us pages which load bunch of files which are only needed for contact us pagea so again it is possible to restrict those files only for specific pages which require these filea?

Sorry for a long question. :)

Hello AiONets,

Thank you for browsing the plugin.

Yes it is possible to dequeue scripts on selected pages or posts. See this screen shot. You can select pages or posts on which dequeue operation shall be skipped. Those will load files in normal way.


Sorry maybe I do not get it but I want the exact oppposite of this. For example I want to dequeue example.js from all pages and posts but homepage or contact page.

Thankbyou for your support.

In that screen shot, the scripts will be dequeued on all pages except the selected ones. So if you wish to load example.js on “Contact” page only, you need to select Contact page. The example.js will be dequeued on all pages except the contact page.



silverz Purchased

I contacted you at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com regarding an issue with the plugin

Hello silverz,

The issue has been resolved now.



knance Purchased


The scripts dequeuer plugin is breaking the opening of my menu bar when the plugin it is activated even before dequeing any scripts.

Hello knance,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Is it possible for you to send me the site URL and login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will need to log in and check the issue. Please also include a screen shot of the menu bar in question.


Hi there, I am interested to buy this theme, but have a question in advance. You offer the Scripts Dequeuer Frontend but also a Scripts Dequeuer Backend. Please clarify for me what the difference is and which one I would need to let websites load/open faster. Do I need both, or does they have both different optimizations? Thanks in advance.

Best regards!

Hello ddcom,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. If you want your website to load faster for visitors, you will need front end version. If you want it faster when you are logged in (i.e. in admin area) then you will need backend version. In backend of WordPress, there are not many unnecessary scripts, so you will only need the front end version.

Also check on your front end if the number of scripts to dequeue is large. For dequeuing just 1 or 2 files, the plugin will be an overkill. This plugin is feasible/useful when your site loads many JS files and you need to selectively dequeue at least 5-6 of them.


Thanks for this descriptive reply. When it comes to the “selectively dequeueing”, is it possible to get help in this case later? And my last question is: I can see that the last update was made in 2016. Are the scripts up to date or are they going to be continued/further developed from your site? Thanks Saurabh!



In selective dequeueing, the back-end will show a list of all available JS and CSS files. You need to click the file rows and save changes. Then those files get dequeued and listed separately in a side panel. See backend screenshot for reference.

The scripts and native functions are up to date as per latest WordPress version 4.9.5. If any compatibility issue arises, I will release and update for that.


last updated 2016? does this work still ?

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. Yes, it still works and is fully compatible with latest WordPress version 4.9.5.



jucapuna Purchased

I’m interested in this plugin but I see that years ago no update or some kind of support is given.

jucapuna Purchased

hey friend, install it on my site but can not find anything….....

Hello jucapuna,

I am awaiting your response on email which you sent to me.