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Nice work!!! ; -)

Thanks friend!

hi, I looking for a game for brand campaign contest, i want to ask if I need to send the score and time to database, is it possible to do with this game? thank you.

Hi! Yes, it is possible. But the game is not ready for it. You must know how to work with Construct program, to make the interaction with the database.

If there are any questions, you can contact me.

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you my friend!

hello , i want to buy this code , but i don’t know how can i export it to android

Hi! My game is developed using Construct 2. To export to Android it is necessary to have the license of that program. See more details:

Hi I love your girl Santa runner I know it says you don’t do customizations and all that but would you be willing to do a reskin of this app for me I’d be willing to pay a lot more than $18 please get back to me as soon as possible either through phone 951-464-6874 or through email thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi! I’ll answer you by email. Regards!

Can you send link for game mechanic like PokemonGo? I remember that you was upload it on stock, but after remove. I want to see how it work. Pls send me link, very glad you for that.

Hi! I replied by email =)


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Hey guys, another awesome game. Can I somehow add frames to the enemy (cube) object so it looks like its shaking from coldness? I plan to put something else.

Hi. Sorry, this is not possible to edit this without editing the game in Construct. You need to have the program. If it does not, you only change the images, but you can not put animations.


salebgd Purchased

I actually have construct 2 with paid license. What i am asking is if i add 6 frames of spikey box enemy for exemple, with little differences so its looks like its shaking will all 6 frames be played as animation or?

Now I understand what you want. Since you have Construct, this is very simple to do. See these links with various tutorials. They help in detailed ways. Try to do it, and if it does not work, you’ll come to me.

Site Scirra:

Tutorial simples: