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Hi CodeFactory – if you had only listened, you wouldn’t be in this mess. Gave you two days to sort it out. Now everyone of us cannot get it working. Cannot activate the services etc and all you want to do is charge us for setup.

I think you need to admit there is a problem and try to help everyone rather than keep telling us that there is nothing wrong with the Code – as there obviously is.

Now contacting you on a Sunday is an issue – if it is, don’t answer until the Monday.

Not causing waves or noise as you put it – just trying to get to to pay attention.

You have 9 customers with all the same problems – so who is wrong, us or your code ? I am leaning towards your code.

It’s not 9 it’s 2 . We able to make the same code work. If codecaynon need proff we can install same code on my machine to codecaynon using teamviwer. Further to this I may not able to reply you .

Yes the tapnstyle plugin are not working, i try it on 2 different server but no one works. I try it also with your updated file from 26.11 from here

Stop writing this by creating different username . This will not be entertained.

What is wrong wrong with you ? Your are Crazy when you thing we would only buy these file too make a Bad comments Tapnstyle are Not working and that is true. I buy so many files Here on codecanyon and no one ja a so Bad documantion like you. Also we are two differnt People from two Countries, i am from Germany and ihmunro is from canada. Jetzt schreibe ich dir einfach auf deutsch, dass wirst du ja eh nicht verstehen. Also dein Code ist voller Fehler und wir möchten einfach einen funktionierenden Code, wofür wir ja auch bezahlt haben. Du kannst dir weiterhin deine dummen Geschichten ausdenken oder einfach mal das richtige liefern. Es gibt hier niemanden bei dem es funktioniert und diese Lügengeschichte das es bei den anderen funktioniert kannst du dir auch sparen. Danke

documentation is given upfront before buying . Why dont you people check that and then make comments like this . I can atleast assure you that it works . If you want i can demo you on teamviewer but you have to pay 25$ AND HOUR only if the code exactly was on codecayno works , NOW ? Now only contact me if you are intrested in this offer ?

To all those that purchased. If the script is so bad and all nine of you guys have problems, why isn’t anyone giving this app a bad rating yet?

I am simply asking a question for people who purchased your script that if it is so bad, why haven’t you received any bad ratings. I am concerned because I was about to purchase your script. All you have to do is look at my account (opened since 2010) and realize I am not whoever you think was making 9 accounts.

ok . Do this . look at my updated document and if that helps you can then buy it .

Please help us or give a refund, we will write to codecanyon, you are stolling people. Why you are like this?? the code is not the same just give us the solution, we dont want that you install, GIVE THE SOLUTION!! thanks

what solution you want me to give ?

OMG – CodeFactory is Crazy – he thinks I have created nine accounts and bought his code 9 times just to make nine comments. I dont need to, I will make all my comments under one account.

Now that’s how you deal with customer service.

I only have one accounts – you have 8 others to deal with.

Why not just get the code to work and everyone will be happy.

strancali – how do you give this a bad rating – negative stars ? or comments ? I thought you only gave Stars for a good rating, if no starts, no rating. Let me know and I will be more than happy to do that.

1500 for installation ? Lol….Good good . Now I will not support you in this . Read document it’s updated.

When I asked because you kept pushing it, you said so I asked. You emailed me with $250 USD to Host it and $1500 to reskin – which would essentially fix it.

Nothing appears to be updated – just lousy documentation and code.

It will be better if you used Swift to develop this new app. Do you have plan to switch from Obj-C to Swift?

No plans to switch . Objective – C as of now is stable and we have made apps which were in top charts using objective c and functioning flawless since years.

Thanks Rupen now you have solved for me.

Thank you !

What was the solution – would you mind sharing with all that purchased unless you think I am ams1974 as well :)

check the document updated on google doc . Also please note i got 5 – star rating as well for this code :)

Will do and thanks. Good to hear about your 5 star rating.

Hey Rupen, did you get my messages? Your wordpress plugin TapNStyle is NOT letting me add new users/artists to the site. I’m stuck, please send me the cleaned and fixed plugin folder please.

What you have is the same thing which is on my server . I am sure it some php.in setting getting wrong .


ihmunro Purchased

C’mon Rupen – you have the same answer for every customer that has the same issue – it is not you its us.

When are you going to man up and fix the issues ?

Look at rating , they got it working and rated me 5 star . It still only you :)


ihmunro Purchased

Your new customer above – buraktango cannot get it to work either, or do you think that is me as well ? According to this page, there is no rating on this App.

Just checked the Android one and see similar comments in there about how crappy the support and software is. It looks like you still havennt learned anything about customer service.

I see you beg for ratings.

The rating is at 3.67 – so not good. Someone gave it a 1, so that must tell you something.

You just mind your job. He will rate five-star for sure. Just wait and watch.


ihmunro Purchased

Even after my comments warning people about this code, everyone went ahead, so do your part now and rate this code – the lowest you can give is a one star, so do it now before others are not duped by this developer.

Hello @ihmunro , You are hearing good about me from other people , i think you should check the code once again or read the document again .That ’s what i personally advice .

Waiting to hear back from you .

Thank you

ihmunro, I understand your concerns. I’m communicating with Rupen, so far everything is fine. I’m getting in to the code right now, I will let you all know about it. Stay tuned please.


ihmunro Purchased

buraktango – excellent. That is good to hear. If you get a fix for being able to add new artists (i.e. making them active), please let me know.

@ buraktango . Please also confirm that you got it working and there is no issue with script .