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So from the comments this isn’t a good theme to choose for my salon booking. O well…once you get it working or if you need help email tiffany@salonidmhq.com. I am a developer

This one is for a taxi driver? I was talking about the one for a salon.

Hi Author, I tried to test the demo on googleplay, but it seem its not working… kindly fix the issue as im keen on purchasing …... its the saloon app its in question

Googleplay app is not allowing to login or register…...

the admin panel is not working printing error…..kindly fix so i can test

I cannot get ahold of Rupen for fixing the issues since I wrote the review. each time, he asks me explain the issue and he says he will get back to me after he talks with his developer, but this exchange repeated weekly 3 times so far.

DO NOT BUY THIS TEMPLATE until the author fixes and updates the template.

The author responded to my ONE star review And he said he checked the code and fb app ID was different, and it was my private blemishes if I tweaked the code. However, My issues were - forgot password option doesn’t work on the login screen (where in xcode project i have to change it?) - artist in any zipcode doesn’t show up in search from the app (I also checked the ones in CMS it’s entered as demo when you installed it. and none of the artists comes up. I entered my name as new contractor with zipcode 94108 and I cannot find myself from the app.) - user login issue (CMS side doesn’t recognize the username)

let’s do this. If this is an issue with your server and not my code . Will you pay 35 usd an hour which we spend on this ? Reply me only if you want agree.

I do not recommend dealing with him he was a crook Only gets the money and does not work Rating of customers is the evidence The dialogue between us is the evidence https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-bacend-cms-coded-with-native-android/18474824/comments

Thieves returned my money

This crook stole my money I transferred $ 500 to complete the project and did not do the work and Does not want to return the money


I want to purchase but i need test account to show the features and i need link to review the responsive site.

Thanks :)

FEEDBACK COMMENT: I have not, I can write true.. when ever I want. Maybe in india is not working something like free of speach. So feel free report me on Envato :-)

ok its upto you. But in this case you have to fix it yourself . First watch your language and attitude and then we can talk further .

No I will not talk to you further and I was never ask for any support from you, because you have to WATCH (your favorite world) what support you providing to your customers. you are total idiot and you should be banned. About the code I can make a list of bullshit, but mainly I can tell, you have no Idea what you a re selling, so you can not provide ANY support, all you can so is ADD ME ON SKYPE… stupid.

Ok its upto you .


ihmunro Purchased

Rupen – you have to start listening to your customers. We all cant be wrong

Hi I am really interested in buying this but have a couple of questions: 1. are you able to restrict number of bookings on the system? So 2 people can’t book the same person at the same time etc? 2. is the demo available? i cannot get access to any of your live demos for any of your apps

Thanks Adam

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) for live demos and we can demo you offline .

Hi, i have added you on skype.


ihmunro Purchased

Ha Ha – All I can do is laugh. I tried warning everyone, but you all still went ahead and purchased the code.

It is interesting, you can sell crap here, don’t bother supporting, abuse the customer and still make money – it’s a funny world.

ok there are people who has installed and using this script :)


ihmunro Purchased

Can you name them ? I thought you said you would have five stars by now.

Please, I need the developer certificate to build an ipa. Can you provide me with that.

you need to have your itunes account to get that .

There have been a lot of negative comments and reviews. Are we sure this code is functional as advertisted?

Thank you.

Perfectly functioning . :)


ihmunro Purchased

@Fobulis – don’t waste your money. If you do, you will be in the same position as the rest of us.

Hi guys, 1 month and I completly rewrite whole code, without that it is not possible run. If you see there some positive feedback,it is most likely because of his fake feedbacks. This guy have no idea about this, he probably does not even know how basic php/sql stuff working. What I have now done to get it work? -> I deleted whole worpress stuff and create own CMS to run that (for providers) -> Rebuild all DB tables and added some fields -> Rebuild whole include folder -> Fixed errors and versions and grandle problems -> Fixed currency ->Changed slider in apps, colors and completly removed all their shit. -> Changed payment gateway (securetrading.com) to Stripe & PayPal

and more..

Basicaly this have nothing to do with ready to run soluction. If you contact “author” :-) about customization or install you will maybe get it to work someway, but remember on me – this version will far a way from really working version due to chaos, crazy code, bugs etc. You can contact me at: webextra@mail.com

Please developer, I need json api to fetch barbers, couldnt find it in the api folder. Please advise

@webextra do you have a sample after your fix?

Your api is not working properly. the booking made on the app doesnt go to tp_booking. It remains in tp_booking_temp. Secondly the portfolio upload doesnt work either.

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) i will fix this for you .

I have added you on skype. Thanks


ihmunro Purchased

@WebExtra – I emailed you. No response

@WebExtra – I emailed you. No response

Have you ever wondered what the correlation between poor customer service, support and sales looks like ?

If you are doing your MBA, here is a text book case for you.

As a result, sales have slowed to a halt and expectations of ratings in excess of 5 have now become a dream, not a reality of the programmer.

All that time and effort wasted developing a product with potential to die on the heap of useless apps because the developer has not customer service or support skills.

This app work or not work?? If work you have some Demo??

Our server is down temporarily . i can demo you locally on screen share if that helps . My skype is rupenm ( Bangalore) .