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I see that this is one way sync. But I’d like to know if SB takes booked hours in Google calendar into account when a customer is booking on the frontend? Thank you in advance

You can’t make any booking on Google Calendar – you can make reservations only from Salon Booking. Anyway by the end of March we’ll add a possibility to make reservations from Google Calendar ( as Salon administrator )

Awesome! If I purchase SB now, I will still get that new option in the update?

of course


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Nice plugin, question how can the administrator manage all booked appointments without having to go to the administration panel?


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OK question for your next update could you add sound notification when a new reservation have been made also what about sending a text message when the reservation has been cancel?

Hi, well we have already new features for the next release but we can consider your suggestions for the future. Thanks!


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hi, it’s possible integrate the sms service only with plivo and twilio providers?

sale 30€ every year?

yes, if you don’t renew you can use it but you can’t update or get support.

ok grazie


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hello i recently purchased the plugin and have been trying to set it up. for some reason when i type description under items and assitants it does not appear on the front end. also the check boxes becomes missing. the website is postiveredstudio.com


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i have tried the deactivate of all plugins but i still can seem to find a resolve to the problem. email notifications are not being received to client or administrator.

If you try to switch to the free version what’s happen?

Hi, any news on multi-shop?

Hi, unfortunately not .. too busy with the new releases of the main plugin but we are still working on multi-shop

Hello, I am wanting to set up stripe and was just wondering what the difference between the “stripe API key” and “Public stripe API key?”

I have signed up for stripe and have two API’s: “Live secret key” and “Live publishable key”

Do i enter both of these in? or just one?

Thanks! Can’t wait to start using your plugin :)

Hi :)

Is it possible to let clients choose a service first and then choose day/time depending on how long the service will take?

For example, when i choose a day and time first and then choose a service which takes 3hrs, it comes up with “this time is not available”. So then I have to go back and choose another time and try to guess this time will let me book for the long service. If it was the other way around, I will be able to choose the service and then when i go to day/time, it could cancel out the slots where the service cannot fit? Saving me having to go back and choose different times.

I hope this made sense haha!

Thanks! Beck

Hi, you can enable “Change” order option inside “Settings > Booking rules”

Awesome! I have changed this over. For some reason now when I go to choose a service first, the categories wont expand. Looks like a glitch.

I have to press “next step” for it to reload and pop up with “must choose a service” and then the categories expand.


I have just tried your debugging using your steps avail. I turned off all plugins, updated salon booking and it still wont dropdown the services. I didnt have this issue before when I had to choose date/time > service.

Hi really like this plugin installed the free version played around with it a lot about to purchase it have a few questions 1. Can i change the duration to be in minutes rather than 00:30 looks wrong. 2. Is there way to stripe away the styling so it can inherent the default theme(no a requirement but would be nice) 3. Is there a way to get rid of 2 shift just have one time for each day or those shift one override it if longer? 4.I would like deposit to be an amount not percentage is this possible?

Hi, here my answers: 1) not yet.. maybe in the next versions 2 ) you can use the default style and override it with your own CSS anyway there is not possibility to remove the whole css of the booking form, 3 ) just set first and second shift in the same way 4) this feature is not yet available but it will be soon

Thanks also have a few other questions but guess I can raise in support as I want to change the title from Book an appointment and What do you need?

Just move the mouse over the titles that you want to change ( logged in as administrator) and click over them.. then change the text


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I managed to get real time notification with voice and redirect to the booking page using jQuery and PHP with but i can’t get it to check only Salon latest Booking ID. I know this may not straight up related to your codes but can you please provide a solution? here my check for update PHP codes. With the following code I’m getting the latest ID from anything is done on WordPress but all i want i the latest Booking ID. <?php

$conn = mysql_connect(‘localhost’,’salon’,’salondemo’);

mysql_select_db(‘salon’, $conn);

$query = “SELECT MAX FROM sa_postmeta”;

$result = mysql_query($query,$conn);

$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

mysql_close($conn); header(‘Content-Type: text/xml’);

echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>';
echo '<response>';
echo "{$row['MAX(post_id)']}";
echo '</response>';


Hello – pre purchase question.

Is it possible in the first step “select days” and “select hours” to select more than 1 hour? – if so, how?


Hi what do you mean “select more than an hour” ? could you make an example?

Hi there, i have a pre-sales question. I have been looking at this plugin for a while and everything seems to be in place, with exception to multiple locations. I read that younger building a multi shop add-on .. Is this something that is going to be available soon ? It is critical to my requirements. Thanks !

Hi the “multi-shop” feature is not yet available

Hi, i’m aware of that, but do you have an estimated time frame ? I’m using a different Booking System but i want to change to yours, but this feature really is a requirement for me. Thanks !

Hy! Is your plugin supports subdomain. As i have three barber shops and i used wordpress multisite and created 3 subdomains for 3 shops i want to purchase your plugin if it supports multisite and want to have customers of each shop in its subdomain

Hi yes


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HI – Will you be adding tip option to the booking system? Also a option to customize the question form?


Hi, it’s quite probably but I’m not able to provide you an ETA


Every time I try to create a new ‘Customer’ within the plug in, it automatically sets the customer up as a ‘user’ on my Wordpress site, giving them access to the back end of the website. How do I stop this from happening? thank you :)

Hi, you can force “guest checkout” or install a plugin to prevent users to see the dashboard.. what’s your goal?

Hi thanks for your reply. Slightly different question then, is it possible for clients to log into an account to see their appointment history? If this is possible I’d like guests to be able to create an account with contact details if they wish. I have activated guest check out for guests that don’t want to create an account. My client will then have a database of her clients and clients can see appointment history. But I don’t want them to be given access to the website Dashboard which is what seems to be happening at the moment. The system is generating and sending emails to guests asking them to update log in details for the website dashboard. Thanks


“Slightly different question then, is it possible for clients to log into an account to see their appointment history?”


to prevent users to access the wordpress dashboard you can install a plugin linke this:


You can also install a plugin to disable the “welcome email”..

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible for the visitor to pay with stripe right away when finializing the booking, on the website and not thru a confimation email?

Yes it’s possible.

Great! Out of the box possible or does it need any customisation? There is no sandbox stripe on any of the demos to check out? :D

Yes of course, download and install our DEMO version https://wordpress.org/plugins/salon-booking-system/