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Where is the file to edit the “finalise” button text?

Hi, you can change this word adding a custom translation or using a plugin like “Say What?”

I would rather change it than use another plugin. Another plugin adds more weight to the page and something more to worry about. Can I have the directory of the file to manually change it? I would assume that its a PHP file correct?


drios01 Purchased

Hi, I received an email on May 5 that it has updated to the new version (3.12) but the new version available is only 3.11, which I already have installed. Is there a 3.12 download? Thank you

Hi, it’s strange … anyway it should be arrive a 3.12.1 in the next hours we are waiting the codecanyon approval

Hi. Would like to know can you make the serves you made have different set of required deposit instead of overall having ever services have to pay a percentage

Hi unfortunately not

Pre Sales Question : Is there a way to make the calendar offline at given intervals, such that in case the internet is not working, and there is no ability of hotspots on the phone, then atleast the calendar is available to ensure smooth client servicing.

Hi, it’s not yet possible

Pre Sales Question : I don’t want to oblige customer to register when they fill the form. Is it possible ?

Yes you can enable “force guest checkout” option

Hi, great plugin.

On the booking_my_account page, when the client can not log in, it is redirected to the default wordpress login page. But this is not good. Is any of the alternatives possible?

1 – Use Ajax to authenticate on the booking_my_account page, in order to avoid redirecting on the login page of wordpress? As is done in a booking page, at the time of registration.

2 – “Force guest checkout”, however, keeping the login with facebook? The client could enter as a guest or log in with facebook, without creating a wordpress account.



thank you for your feedback.

1 – we will work on this issue

2 – if you want to use “force checkout” option you should not enable facebook login

Thank you. I wait anxiously for these login updates.

Taking advantage of the occasion, there is a small correction to be made in the code. We are from Brazil. When setting the currency to BRL (Brazilian Real), the symbol that appears is “B$”. The correct one is “R$”. We already fixed in the file “Currency.php”, however, it would be good to correct in future updates.

Thanks again.

Thank you for the feedback we’ll fix it in the next release

How can I translate the plugin without changing the WP language?

Hi you can use WPML or Loco Translate


fozaki Purchased

Hi. It’s so nice plugin. I want it to be modified a little bit. I’ve just bought the PRO version to change booking form steps order (A – “Assistants” B – “Services” C – Date/Time). but it seems like to be the same to the free version on the official Wordpress site. Can you tell me how do I change its order?? (or”I am afraid to say” to ask for cancellation. )

No, just two sequences, sorry


fozaki Purchased

THANKS! I got it! I have a last question. Can Attendant list be displayed using a shortcord?? This is the biggest issue for me..

↑div class=”sln-attendant-list”

Hi, unfortunately there is not this kind of feature

Hi Where can I change the text of the button like ” Next step”?

Also, I have problems with button text: The text on button ” Next step”, The word “next” inside on the button and the ” step” outside of the button.

Hi we cannot provide support to change the code but I could suggest you two ways to overrides the default wording: 1) use a custom translation 2) use a plugin such as “Say What?” ... hope it helps

Can’t believe this plugin having a lot of problems and bad support. I think I should thru it to garbage thanks anyways.

hello , i need help please please , i would like know how its possible to change the duration of each service, its not possible to have like 35min or 45min and so on… please i need you

hey its ok i have found the solution thanks , NOW i want to know how to upgrade the plugins? i am still on version 3.9 and wordpress 4.72 very old help please

you can update the plugin downloading the last version from your codecanyon account

thanks for your reply , my problem is that when i bought the plugin , i didn’t creat an account on code canyon , i only have the licence code by email and the download link had expired. do you have a solution for me? thanks a lot for your help

Hello maybe a simple question. I’m trying to use the salon booking with high end booking rules. I have two assistants: A1 and A2, A1 can do services S1 and S2 and A2 can do S1 only. I made one reservation with A1 for S1 at 10am (no availability constraint on assistant and online booking). Now I do another reservation at the same time. I have the following message if I try to book S2, no assistant available, which is what I expect.. However if I try to book S1 I have the following message “The service for 10:00 is currently full”, I don’t understand why as A2 can do the job ? Thanks for your help. Regards. Jerome

Hi you need to set “unit per hour” option inside the single service. “Unit per hour” means technically “reservations at the same time”. So if you have 2 assistants that can provide the same service at the same time then you need to set to “2” the “Unit per hour” option. Hope it helps

OK understood. I have modified the unit per hour option. Now I can select the service S1. Something strange: the service S2 becomes available when I tick service S1 (the message “no assistant available” is removed). I don’t understand why?

Can i check can i use your form to do booking for multiple date and select the time from 8-10pm then proceed to make payment together for those dates and services. thank you.