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How is the invoice after the payment?

There is no invoice but a confirmation email – anyway try out our free version: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/salon-booking-system/

Hallo wordpresschef. I know that you are very busy but still I wanted to ask you if you kindly respond to my short polite prepurchase inquiry I have sent to your email few days ago. Thank you for your possible nice reaction.

Hi, could you tell me about that again?

Hi, could you please remind me your question?

Hi there. Just one simple question.

1. If the website owner/administrator connects service providers and service users through the website, then how can the web administrator earn some money to cover expenses, especially when service providers, such as dentists, hairdressers,etc, are not in-house employees of the website owner?

Can the website owner charge some commission and or fixed payments from service providers who make money by selling their services to service users through the website facilities?


Hi unfortunately our plugin has not this kind of purpose


The plugin is really excellent. But there is one problem. The site is in 3 languages, with a plugin WPML. In the section of the booking rules I put up the parameters of the pages of the booking, thank you, account. And if the reservation takes place in a language other than English, then the transition goes to the thank you English version. This entails the following errors. If the client in the received letter to the mail presses the button to pay the deposit – goes to a non-existent page, an error. Pages Booking, Thanks and Account are translated. What can be the error and how to fix it?

Thank you

Hi, we’ve fixed this issue and we are going to make a new release


It’s great when the update plug-in will be released?

Thank you,

Hi, by the end of this week

Hi, we never tested that app

Hello! This reservation system is brilliant. Can I book a service for a week or 2 weeks? I find this solution.

Hi, unfortunately not.


Sundlof Purchased

Seriously, where.. is… the… shortcode? I have looked everywhere inside the plugin, the documentation, the comments. Nothing. How do I get the calendar on my page!?

Shouldn’t this be something everybody would need and should be as clear and easy to find as anything?

Hi, [salon/] is the shortcode .. anyway when you activate the plugin some pages are created automatically, one of this “booking” has already this shortcode


Sundlof Purchased

Hi, I search through the code to find this shortcode at last. The problem was that I already had a page called “Booking” so that page was never created.

Hi, it sounds strange as the normal behavior of the plugin is the one I’ve described to you.

Hi ! Do you know when the “multi-shops” add-on will be released ? Thanks

Thank you for updating and solving my problem.


BNLPros Purchased

Having issue getting google OAuth to connect. :-(

For some reason, every time I click “Get authorization” it completes the authentication, it goes right back to saying “To get the list of your Google Calendar you need to log-in with Google OAuth. At the moment you are not logged-in.”

Everything else looks good. I set it up for a client months ago, and it all worked like a charm. now that I purchase a license for me, it’s acting up. LOL.



BNLPros Purchased

Went back in and reset the secret and re-tried. (for the 5th time) it’s working now…

Ok great!


Is it possable to add custom reservetion for specific day?

Hi, could you make an example?


BNLPros Purchased

How do I enable “pay entire amount” instead of the deposit? I will be delivering an online service that needs to be paid for in advance in this case. %90 is not sufficient.


Nice plugin. I have a question. Can you make the credit card required when booking, but not charge the card? Just make an authorization so we can capture payment at a later date when the client shows up at the barbershop?