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Hi i have a presale question: i run a wordpress listing website for beauty salon and spa and i would like to know if your script can be use for booking for each beauty salon listed on my website? Is the script multi-salon?

Hi, unfortunately not.

Hello a question Do I have to pay annually for the plugin? And with a license I can install on how many multisite wordpress sites? regards I wait for your answer to be able to buy

Hi, no it’s only one time, on codecanyon, only the support service need a recurring payment every six months. With one license you can install on one website: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular

Hi there I am currently trialling the free version of your product for a client but it seems to be a few bugs 1. it seems to be conflicting with Yoast SEO. When both plugins are active I can not access the Yoast SEO dashboard or see/edit the Yoast section in each page/post.

2. it will not display the services if I select the option “Change booking form steps order”

Apart from that it seems pretty great and I will for sure be buying it if I can get it to work with Yoast

To pick the service first you need to activate “Change order” option, about Yoast conflict we are investigating

Service Order – Yes I clicked that option and saved but when I went to test it at the front end it showed my service categories but did not display the drop down of my services.

Yoast – Many thanks, I hope you find a resolution soon.

as soon as you have your website online share the url with me in order to have a look at it

Ok then if I want to install on a multisite wordpress in several subdomains that is what I have to do? In its page says that for 69 euros I have 6 installations You could clarify me to make my purchase Thank you

Hi, if you purchase our 6 installation package on our website you can install Salon Booking on 6 different websites..

Hello, Sir, I bought this plugin and installed on my website but there is some errors are there. 1) The Subtotal of selected services not coming. 2) When I click on the Back button showing error popup and form stops working. 3) When I clicked on Manage Bookings in Email the button for Cancel Booking is not showing. Website – http://nailsonboard.com/booking/ Please check into this.

Hi, did you followed these steps in order to debug your problem? http://salon.wordpresschef.it/how-to-debug-salon-booking-plugin/

i want to used this plugin for cat grooming. Do you have option for user to choose for how many cats etc?

Hi, unfortunately not

Hi I bought your plugin and im interested in the multiple shops feature, over a year ago you said that it would be release ten days in advance, but i cannot find it. Can you tell me where can i find it? and if it doesn’t exist, can you tell me when are you planning to release it?

Hi, we were not able to complete that add-on even if is on our agenda, we focused on improving the single shop version adding valuable new features, as we finish this process we’ll dedicate our efforts on the multi-shop add-on

so you have no release date even if its very remote

so you have no release date even if its very remote

Hi, what do you mean?


Where i have to add this codes?

1) add a init

add_action(‘init’, ’custom_payment_init’);

2) init method

function custom_payment_init(){ SLN_Enum_PaymentMethodProvider::addService(‘custom’’, ‘Custom’, ‘CustomPay’); }

3) custom payment class

class CustomPay extends SLN_PaymentMethod_Abstract { /** * define here your custom fields for settings */ public function getFields(){ return array( ‘pay_custom_text’ ); } public function renderPayButton($data){ return $this->plugin->loadView(‘payment_method/‘.$this->getMethodKey().’/pay’, $data); } }

public function renderSettingsFields($data){
    return $this->plugin->loadView(‘payment_method/‘.$this->getMethodKey().’/settings’, $data);

and how can i set custom payment select button in admin payment section

Please help me, and send clear document ASAP

Thank you.

Hi, this is only a guideline for developers that need to develop a custom payment gateways


Please could you confirm we can select an option not to make a payment on the website instead choose offline payment?

Yes you can disable online payments


I bought Salon Booking Wordpress Plugin last time.

I creating the booking system for the new client.

My client want the sms service from: https://www.smsapi.pl

The drop down list in plugin settings include the Plivo and Twilio only.

How Can I add smsApi configuration?

Question 2: How can I block any days that users can not make reservations?

Best Regards, Michał Rusek

Hi, did you look at Plivo sms logs?

Hi, where I find plivio sms logs?

Hi inside your Plivo account > SMS logs tab


is its updated ?

where is change log /

Thank You.

Hi there, are the payment addons included in this pro-version? I cannot see the big difference between the pro and the free version.

Hi, the add-ons are integrations of the pro version, free version is identical to the pro version except for the limit of 100 reservations


jawdesign Purchased

Hi there, so if i buy the pro version the add ons are included correct?

no, add-ons are not included in the PRO version

hi there, is it possible to set conditional? as example: john is available at 10am but the service machine he has to use is blocked by Cathy at 10am -> so block also john for this service at 10am…. thx for quick info…

Hi our plugin doesn’t consider “machine” but only services and assistant versus booking rules and current reservations, anyway I suggest you to install and try our free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/salon-booking-system/

hi I am using free version but now I am getting this message Booking is not available at the moment, please contact us at . how I can fix it or because of free version ?


Hi! did you get more that 100 reservations?

yes I did. I need the same service prices to be different by the assistant, is that possible? regards

I have 91 bookings right now! maybe some of them have been deleted when I tested it.

I would like to use this to following setup: the service is available only certain days with dates defined in the rules.

IMHO this should be straight forward: give the rules in Settings/Booking rules On-line booking available days. But it seems it is not so, the On-line booking available days have to be defined second time in the Services. Or what am I missing now? Seems really complicated.

How to resolve the problem that services have 15 minutes or 25 minutes? Other services have 30 minutes. Do I should set session to 5 minutes?