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Hey im trying out this plugin and i love it so far but i’m having a problem with the service categories. I want it to display the description for the service categories when people are booking. I found a bit of a work around where i just put the description in the service category name but its all caps and very bold and i hate how it looks. Can you tell me how to display the service category description or failing that can you tell me where to go to change the style of the service category display text to it wont be all cap locks please? I don’t mind digging around a bit to do it. Thanks.

Hi, at the moment we don’t have a solution to display the category description

Hi there! I have a problem with the booking logic. Lets say i have 3 services: service A, service B, service C. And i have 2 assistants: assistant A and assistant B. Assistant A can do service A. Assistant B can do service B and C. All services need the assistant at hand (so they cant do any other at the same time) All of them got priority 1 and 1 hour length. The shop has 2 seats so “Customer per session” is set to 2 and only 1 service can be choosen per booking. “Availability mode” is set to the highest

Now the problem: First I book service B. But than on a new booking i can book service C for the same date and time but it should not be allowed because assistant B is already “busy” with the booked service B.

I’m running on the newest build (3.19.1) and ajax is working so the problem should lie in the logic probably.

Hi, I’ve answered to you already from our support desk.

hi. a pre-sale question.

can i display all staff or assistants on the back-end calendar in one page for the day view ?

yes but can i display all assistants on one calendar like in bookly ?>

Hi, I suggest you to download our free version to see how it works exactly: https://wordpress.org/plugins/salon-booking-system/

i want to use it for a client of mine which owns a beauty lounge. they need to be able to see all assistants appointments on one page so they can make multiple bookings at one time. i thought you might have this feature in your pro version. can you help ?

Hi, I didn’t understood your question..


A pre-sale question:

Is it possible to add another method of payment (with credit card)?

Best regards,


Hi, we have some add-ons to integrate other payment methods: https://www.salonbookingsystem.com/official-add-ons/ if you don’t find the desired payment method you can request a custom development

Hello. This is not what I want. Is it possible to integrate directly the bank module paiement (french bank)? We are developers, is it easy to adapt the code of your plugin?

Hi we provide some guidelines for custom payment methods, you can find it inside the plugin folder inside the custom_payment_gateway.txt file


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Hello, I would like to change the label for the form. I’m using Loco translate but its not working. Also, how do I register for your forum?

Hi, I’ve answered to you in a private message.


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Thank you for your help! This is the best booking plugin that I’ve used thus far.

Thank you very much :)


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how to change places to buttons because buttons not shown after placerad widget

Hi, I’ve answered to you in a private message.

Hello, using the free version for testing, I installed locally and it worked perfect, but after going up to the server online presented this error on the front and the back does not load the calendar. Can you tell me what it could be? The error persisted even in a new installation. Https://gyazo.com/de28bca5418abac635594f0ea09c27b5

Thanks for the feedback, but it wasn’t that. I found out what it was, in my domain this active SSL, but not configured in Wordpress, with this it was being blocked. After activating SSL correctly it worked.

Are the features of the free version the same as the correct pay? Only limited the number of schedules?

Yes, are the same, FREE version has 100 reservations limit

Hi again, the prefix of the currency here in Brazil is (R $) It presents only as ($), within the currency. PHP It is correct, but the display within the Backend and in the frontend it presents wrong? https://gyazo.com/5e45741f47d068548e45fd9ce82d84e7

How to disable report emails?

Hi, at the moment there is no option to disable this feature

My client want add an extra payment gateway to this plugin . Can you make for me pricing? How much cost for this integration?

And How can I disable report email programatically?

Hi I have recently bought your product but when I installed I did not get the pages that is mentioned in the tutorial please help

Hi, send me your wordpress credentials at support@wpchef.it