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I would just like to ask how can I set custom time durations? (for example, some services will only take 15 minutes, 120 minutes and so on)

Thank you

Hi, first you need to se your “average session duration” inside “settings > booking rules” then go inside each service and set their duration


Pre-sales question. Is it possible to create recurring bookings? With or without recurring payments, either way.

Hi, not yet

Hi there! I’ve bought Salon for a client and for the moment it’s quite brilliant! But I have a problem: when someone books a service, I would like my client (the boss) to receive a notification mail for him to know and to confirm the booking. Unfortunatly, it’s not working. Could you give me hand on this please?

Hi, please verify that your wordpress install is sending out emails correctly

Pre-sale question. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible for the client to cancel or reschedule the reservation made before it is to a clinic. This is configured within a time interval before the scheduled and limited query. Integrates with woocommerce? Thanks!

Hi, user can “cancel” an appointment not reschedule.. the booking cancellation can be done within a time frame selected by the administator. Is not integrated with woocommerce.


JohnnyQ Purchased

Outstanding platform, bought it yesterday, we have a transportation company and we would like to ask if you will add the following features in the future:

- print PDF orders/reservations (a button where you can print the details of the reservation, in our case transportation order) - live pop-ups for logged in admin users, when a order comes in (it will help us know how many orders are incoming, when we are on transit, logged on mobile devices) - custom checkout fields (so you can add more then “name, mail, phone number”) - option for location pick-up, in our case our client has multiple stores, a dropdown or something so we can choose from added locations. - the option to book/reserve via intervals like “reserve 10-16:00 or 16:22:00” not by hourly interval 11:00, 12:00, etc.

Thanks mate.


JohnnyQ Purchased

Oke, how much time and money will this cost then ? And if i add those custom fields via functions when the plugin will update, will i still retain the fields or i need to do it all over again ?

- option for location pick-up, in our case our client has multiple stores, a dropdown or something so we can choose from added locations.

This is much specific need a custom development is needed..

- the option to book/reserve via intervals like “reserve 10-16:00 or 16:22:00” not by hourly interval 11:00, 12:00, etc.

As above..


please send an email to support@wpchef.it


JohnnyQ Purchased

I figured this out via dropdown functions.php settings :) waiting for the PDF export and the pop-up, when do you reckon that will be available ? Also, any ideea how can i add a space between my value and currency ? like 5(space)$ now it’s like 5$. Regards

pre sales question, i just wanted to ask, is it possible for you guys to help me with the rest APi’s to build an app on top of it, i know that you are already creating Api system for it, however i am urgently looking for it. regards, Ashwin

Dear author,

Are you still considering your promised multi-vendor salon booking script which you have said long ago that a beta version was ready and being tested?

Kind regards,

Yes, but due to a lack of financial resources at the moment we don’t know when we’ll complete the final testing process.. I’ll keep you posted anyway..

Hi, I want to charge independent service providers to advertise their own services. The service providers are independent businesses. Is that possible?

Hi, our plugin doesn’t have this kind of feature..

Is this the PRO version or the none PRO version ?

Hello , since i made the last update , no more email received by our customer , what happened?

Hi its possible to create sub categorys it mean iphone repair and sub ist iphone 7 repair thanks best regards

Pls add this Feature !!!!!!! you Plugin is awesome but without this i can use it

or is it possible i link a button directly to the booking , i mean i make a button that linked direct to iphone 7 battery repair

Hi, have a look at “direct booking” paragraph https://www.salonbookingsystem.com/salon-booking-3-11-going-arrive/

Its been over a week and I have not received a response about my ticket yet and the issue is still persisting. Now I have to come here to get your attention. Please send me an update ASAP.

I would like to purchase but need “Lime Cellular SMS”.

Can your script work with:
Lime Cellular: Home


Use this example to test the API:


Will this work?

Hi, you need to request a custom integration for this provider. Send an email to support@wpchef.it