Discussion on RoyalSlider - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Discussion on RoyalSlider - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

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Hi. Saddly, I have a lot of trouble making responsive slider. The layout of the slider on the mobile keeps breaking and the image size keeps changing… Can’t I use a demo sample to refer to all the settings?


You can select any of demo presets from the general section of options. If you’re having an issue – please link to the page with the problem.

I am looking to purchase this for a project but I cant figure out how to make a slider that shows the entire image in the slide – they are always cropped or often not showing at all. Do you have a guide for the Wordpress settings somewhere?

I just want a slideshow that is responsive for different screens (so not having to scroll for shorter screens) and that shows the full image (portrait or landscape) Is this possible? What combination of settings do I need?


If you want to place the caption below slider container, you may use this snippet

You may also move it to another element of your page, as shown here

I think perhaps I didnt explain well, sorry – I dont want the title and description under the entire slideshow. When I first tried the slider it was showing the slide as Image, text, thumbnails. NOW it is still in that order but the text is overlapped by the thumbnails

I did try adding the snippet but it did not change anything

When you click a slide with an image it has fields for Title, Description. This is the text that shows under the image but is being covered up by the thumbnails

Hm, I’m not sure what might be causing this. Can you please send a link to the page with the issue? You may use contact form on my profile page, or email me directly.

You can try to reset the template to one of the default ones from General Options section.

licence key does not work


The plugin can display multiple individual videos, but not a playlist.

licence key does not work

Please email me license key that you’re trying to use and I’ll check what’s wrong (or use contact form on my profile page).

Hello, just a question before buying : Is it possible to automatically generate sliders of POST content ? define a slide that integrate the last 6 POST news of the website for exemple ?


Cioka Purchased

Hi there,

Today, when I added a new slide into a slider, I have realised that I could not reorder it as I used to.

Is this a circumstance you are aware of it? How could I reorder slides inside the slider now?

Thanks in advance,



Reordering images in the media gallery is a core WordPress 5.9 bug, you can track it here It’s already fixed, so it’ll be up with the next WP update soonish. So please check for WP updates.


Cioka Purchased


Thanks for the info.

See you

Slider with vertical carousel


I really like your sliders. I would like to buy your app but need a vertical carousel. Is it possible to create a slider that looks like this one:

This kind of carousel slider is often seen when presenting product features. I think it comes from adobe. I can immediately think of 5 pages where I have seen such a slider. Even and especially with narrower screen resolutions this slider looks very good. The content that is displayed at large resolutions to the right of the slide list “jumps” between the slides. In the Office 365 example, you can see this when you drag the page narrower.

Is it possible to create a slider that looks and works like this one with your app?



It’s possible, but it’ll likely require some CSS modifications, there is a similar pre-built template –

Hi: i updated to php 8.0 and your plugin returns a fatal error it breaks the website :

[04-Jan-2022 10:22:24 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of M_NextGen_RoyalSlider::define($context = false) must be compatible with C_Base_Module::define($id = ‘pope-modul…’, $name = ‘Pope Modul…’, $description = ’’, $version = ’’, $uri = ’’, $author = ’’, $author_uri = ’’, $context = false) in /usr/home/xxxx/web/wp-content/plugins/new-royalslider/classes/sources/nextgen/modules/nextgen_royalslider/module.nextgen_royalslider.php on line 13 [04-Jan-2022 10:25:30 UTC] PHP Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/home/xxxx/web/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 471 [04-Jan-2022 10:25:34 UTC] PHP Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/home/xxxx/web/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 471 [04-Jan-2022 10:26:48 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of M_NextGen_RoyalSlider::define($context = false) must be compatible with C_Base_Module::define($id = ‘pope-modul…’, $name = ‘Pope Modul…’, $description = ’’, $version = ’’, $uri = ’’, $author = ’’, $author_uri = ’’, $context = false) in /usr/home/xxxx/web/wp-content/plugins/new-royalslider/classes/sources/nextgen/modules/nextgen_royalslider/module.nextgen_royalslider.php on line 13 [04-Jan-2022 10:26:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of M_NextGen_RoyalSlider::define($context = false) must be compatible with C_Base_Module::define($id = ‘pope-modul…’, $name = ‘Pope Modul…’, $description = ’’, $version = ’’, $uri = ’’, $author = ’’, $author_uri = ’’, $context = false) in /usr/home/xxxx/web/wp-content/plugins/new-royalslider/classes/sources/nextgen/modules/nextgen_royalslider/module.nextgen_royalslider.php on line 13 [04-Jan-2022 10:26:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of M_NextGen_RoyalSlider::define($context = false) must be compatible with C_Base_Module::define($id = ‘pope-modul…’, $name = ‘Pope Modul…’, $description = ’’, $version = ’’, $uri = ’’, $author = ’’, $author_uri = ’’, $context = false) in /usr/home/xxxxxx/web/wp-content/plugins/new-royalslider/classes/sources/nextgen/modules/nextgen_royalslider/module.nextgen_royalslider.php on line 13


There was a very recent 3.4.2 update that fixes this. The issue is related to the NextGen gallery plugin, so you may deactivate it temporarily. So please update –

If you won’t be able to resolve – feel free to email me or contact through a form on my profile page with more details.

Thxs!!! solved and runing with Nex tegn Gallery and php 8

Can I use one image for a thumbnail and another for the large image? Or it must be the same?


It must be the same, but you may use “HTML content” tab to add custom HTML markup to slide. Or use WordPress PHP filters to override the thumbnail.


Hi, just a quick pre-sale question: can i put different images and orientation for mobile and desktop viewport?


Yes, you may put different images. If you need to adjust size of gallery viewport in a non-linear way, you may use media queries.

Thanks for the quick reply! This link is referring to jQuery plugin, for WordPress there is an option to change the image for different viewports?

It applies to both versions, in WP version there are just options to configure stuff like image scaling.


I am just wondering if this plugin can be used from the WordPress Visual and Text mode of the editor? Basically, if sliders can be inserted by clicking an icon from the WordPress Visual Editor?


If you’re using “classic” WordPress editor, you just need to paste the shortcode. The plugin does not add any extra icons.

Also you may override the default WordPress [gallery], which is added via Add Media button in visual editor.

Before I buy: Is it possible to export the sliders and import them to a new site? I am currently relaunching a site with many sliders from your plugin and I cannot find a way to import them to the new site.


The data is stored in the database, so if you’re migrating database – sliders will be moved as well. You may also always manually move the database table via any management tool like phpmyadmin.



When I implement the following in htaccess for security purposes, the royalslider has rendering issues,

Header set Content-Security-Policy “default-src ‘self’;”

I assume there is some external call somewhere, but I cannot find it. Do you know which address or how to modify the above to prevent rendering issues?

Thanks much!

For strange reason the zoom has stopped working, I’m already using the latest version, what could be wrong?



Styling of your theme prevents slider from getting on top of other content. If you are not experienced in CSS, you may use such code: (may be added to your theme functions.php).

The code works like a charm! Thank you for the speedy reply!

Hello. Just bought your plugin. I have “black screen” problem. I opened a support ticket. Thank you!

Hello, replied on forum.

Can you set a link to each slide? And that link is the whole slide? (not a text)

Hello, yes (Edit slide > Link).

Gallery with Fade and Vertical Thumbs…Is it possible to choose a hover trigger? Looking for hover trigger…and frankly vertical thumbs simultaneously on both sides so it’s easy up to 10 thumbs without a click, for example.


If you’re referring to changing the slides when user mouse-overs the thubmnail, there is no such option. You’ll need to use slider JS API for that.

Hi there,

We are interested in your slider plugin. However, we cannot find a demo on your website that matches what we want.

Can we use your plugin to make a slider like the one on the home page of When you click on say the first tab “feature fencing”, the slider image above changes with the tabs below being separate from the content.

Look forward to hearing from you shortly. Thanks a lot!

BR, Tom

also, can we make the slider full-width instead of boxed?

Thumbnails can be veritcal or horizontal. Autoplay can be enabled for any slider. Each slide and each thumbnail can contain any content. Width depends on your theme structure and can be set in Size & Scaling section.

thanks a lot! we’re sold! have a good one.

pre buy question 1. do we have money-back guarantee if the plugin doesn’t work with our site? 2. how many images can we add per gallery? 3. how many galleries we can create? 4. is there any facility to add captions on every image? 5. is there any sorting option?


The amount of images or galleries is not limited. Plugin doesn’t lazy-load HTML content, only images themselves, so maximum size depends on many factors like settings that you use or size of images. Captions can be enabled. There is no sorting option. Plugin uses default refund policy

Hi, I am using the plugin and instead of showing me the slider correctly, the sliders are shown one below each other. I am testing all of the templates. What could be the problem? I have the last update of Wordpress and plugin thanks, Francisco


I’d need a link to the page with the issue. This also may help

Thanks, using the block Royal Slider it worked!! (I was using shortcode)


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