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Hello, presales questions…first please see , the first picture with the text and down arrow is what I want to create. Just one picture, with text and and arrow that goes to next section, and responsive so on Desktop full image is shown. On Tablet/Mobile, the sides of the image get cropped, and/or option to load another image for mobile. Also that handles Landscape mode well. Basically I need to make sure Image and Text look good on any device and orientation. But the main thing needs to be speed, I need a fast loading slide…Can your plugin do these things? Please let me know, thanks!


Yes, the plugin can create a similar layout, just note that you’ll need some CSS knowledge to position the text, as well as to create non-linear scaling for the slider. If you’ll have some specific question during the implementation – feel free to open a ticket at


Is it possible to have thumbnail images in another row?


It’s possible, but only without scrolling and you’ll need some CSS knowledge to style them this way. Check this reply


thank you for answer :D

Hello, I’ve just discovered that a gallery in fullscreen mode doesn’t adapt properly on iOS mobile devices (10.3.2) when the device is rotated. This happens in Safari, Chrome is ok. The fullscreen example showcased on your website suffers the same issue. Is it a Safari bug or do you think it’s possible to fix?

Hi Semenov, thanks for your reply.

Here’s a screenshot of your gallery in fullscreen started in portrait mode: As soon as I rotate the device in landscape mode I got this:

The gallery becomes cropped and doesn’t work as expected. Actually it’s impossible to switch from vertical to horizontal view (or vice versa) in full screen. I remember that your plugin-in didn’t have this issue.

Do you get the same behavior? Thanks in advance.

Might be related to this webkit bug , even though I can’t replicate on my phone for some reason. Try adding the code that updates size after orientation change with delay


Your fix works. I’ve noted that the bug is quite recent. Hope Apple will fix it. Maybe with iOS 11 or through a minor Safari related update. Thanks again for your valuable support.

Dear sir,

can i reach this:

(left text block right img)

Any solution?




Yes, you may control HTML structure of a slide via Slide Markup Editor. But you’ll need some CSS/HTML knowledge to style it this way.


with additional fee can u help me? The numbers also must increment left.

Sorry, I don’t take any custom work for now.


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The PHP7 Compatibility checker from WPEngine reports this error from RoyalSlider for WordPress (version 2.1).......



14 | ERROR | Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and forbidden in PHP 7.0


The 2.1 is very old version of the plugin. You can always get the latest version from your CodeCanyon downloads page,


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Thanks, sorry about the huge text! I just copied and pasted it was not big until it posted. Does the slider not have the ability to auto update? No message about a new version in my WP backend.

The auto-update is available since v3.2

If you’ll have further questions, please use support forum at

Hi Semenov,

I don’t get the activation e-mail from your support forum. Can you help me?


I already did that on 28.06.17, 21:25 but got no reply.

Oh, I replied to your email that day and got auto-reply “550 MFE: Message detected as spam”. You might want to check your mail server, as I replied from Gmail account with simple text message.

Your account is already activated for 2 days, you can login..

Please forget my email from one minute ago. Did not get notified of this answer from you. Aargh.

Login was successful. Thank you very much! :)

The mail server from my hoster seems to have problems with Gmail from time to time.

Now everything is fine. Thumbs up!

hey there. I have a problem. I want to use the plugin on a site i am currently building and always get the error message: Unexpected output generated. when i want to preview the slider. I am using avada theme. Any Idea what i going wrong?


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i want to change the block background color…text color. is it possible to add custom css?


Yes, you can change the color of a block via CSS, for example:

.rsABlock {
   background: #000;
   color: #FFF;

Styles can be added in any CSS file that is present on page with slider, for example in style.css of your theme (also, some themes have special textfield for custom CSS, usually in theme options section).

If you have further questions – please open a thread on support forum.


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Hi, I do have 1920×1280 resolution very good quality image. But in the gallery, it reduce the quality way too much. May I know how to retain it’s original quality? Thank you.

Have you tried adding the code to functions.php from above link ( )? If you won’t be able to resolve – please open a private discussion on support forum and link to the page with the issue and to the original image.


sthambi Purchased

Hi, I just didn’t want to use the full resolution using this method as my images are over 200kb each average. If I put the image options settings and regenerate thumbnails, that would take care of it well. But image options didn’t work as expected. Meaning, default 1024 looks sharper than 1400 is odd. Right? Here is the page if you’d like to take a look at

This can happen if your theme or one of the plugins overrides image resizing settings.

If you don’t want to use WordPress “large” image size or “full” (original) image size, you may create custom size via plugin like , more info at the end of this guide

I have text only flashcards that I need to do for a website. There may be up to 1,000 words with 1,000 definitions. Is there a way to do a quick upload of the questions and answers?


There is no such option. Try looking for plugins that allow to bulk-create posts (create custom post type for your QA -> import content -> use slider to show posts).


Is there a way to know the skin that this website is using ?


It uses non-WordPress version of the RoyalSlider, it’s custom designed skin. I added a bit more to your thread on the support forum ( ).

Hello, I want to know if this plugin can display numbers in the slider, instead of bullets or arrows. For example, something like this: 1/12 if we have 12 slides; I want to display arrows and the number of slides. Thank you

Hello! I have a presale question: Is it possible to have a static layer / a static block, which is displayed above all slides? Or can u only assign a block to one slide?


No, but you can manually wrap the slider with some HTML element and place your overlay inside it.


Hi, just have a few questions before we purchase.

1) How does this integrate with NextGen? Can we use NextGen as our image manager and RoyalSlider as our image browser/slider?

2) Do you have an example of an image gallery with long captions/descriptions? How will image captions/descriptions appear when using the image gallery template?

3) When using the image gallery template? Does viewing each image count as a page view?



1) The plugin adds single display type for Nextgen gallery, so yes.

2) By default the caption is just placed in the bottom-left corner, on top of the image. If you have JS/CSS knowledge, you may move caption to another element of page. Or use other templates, like

3) it’s a JS gallery on a single page, it doesn’t refresh a page or modify the main part of URL.