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Hey, i have an question.

How can i add iframe from ?

We will check

Already saw something?

we can make it work by url but you will need to add thumbnail after posted video in edit page

please respond to my support issue in support forum titled “Royal Theme mobile display” I need urgent support.

Email sent Titled: Follow up from the envato market place Royal theme issue. Thanks

Please reply my mails. I have sent multiple emails without reply


Awesome job!


i want your help i use the Theme right now but i cant uploade files not anymore. On the other Themes there was imageupload.js

but in this Theme i cant see it. Please help me i want to uploade Pictures.

Check your page url in admin >general

Working right now thank you Sir. Can you activate my support Account? Greetings


Hello Where can I set the maximum upload size for the multiple uploade?

In admin >viewing

we can google drive

<iframe src=”” width=”640” height=”480”></iframe>

It’s not supporting google drive videos for now but we will try to add

Is there a way to have one color for Royal show, example – blue?

Add this css in admin>layout>custom css

.leftmenu { background-color: #000000 !important; }

Thank you! Is there a list of possible things that can be changed?

optimized to kingmedia v3.2

Hi, Can I help him? Why do you show me this on the home page?

Send your page url and ftp login details,

Your information has been sent


Hello, Is there anyway to change the layout of the Media page into similar layout like the default theme ( I really like the Royal theme style and homepage layout however I’d prefer, if the media page is like the default with sidebar. Please let me know. Thanks

1) What I meant was if I can change the both the Icon and Icon colour Not the Menu background. For example, my Menu background is black, but I want the Icon to be white (Like homepage icon)?

2) I added page “About Us” to the Left Menu but the currently Icon is Paper Clip. Is there anyway to change to another icon?

it’s located in royal/img/menu-icons.png you can change the icons

hocam tema olarak bunda karar kıldım ama bir ricam olacak. Diğer temalarda gönderi eklerken add new item butonu yok bunda. ekliyebilirmisin bu temaya resim gönder ve video gönder bölümlerine ?

görme imkanımız varmı acaba resim atabilirmisin ona göre bir proje çıkaracağım kafamda…

tamam hocam istediğim gibi olmuş.. domainleri aldıktan sonra tekrar görüşeceğiz


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Hello, I can’t work on this theme while I’m on this theme.

It suggests: A King-Media database query failed when generating this page

be sure that you have uploaded all the files and database informations in king-config.php


MCBBC Purchased

The problem has been fixed


MCBBC Purchased



Where is the name and password? To experience ..?

You can see admin panel here:

Usr: admin Pass: admin

hello can you put plugin search videos from youtube engine and download ? i waiting your good reply from you

We will create a plugin for this soon

thanks i need to buy it


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I need help, nick : zerocu

Contact with message box in my profile


zerocu Purchased

Yesterday I sent a message from your profile, I await your response, thank you very much

We will reply as soon as possible

when i click the magnifying glass icon it will redirect to the post instead of new window will open

Not working thanks

We will check

okay , im waiting and i like your royal theme

I installed completely, First time I use it show error like this

PHP Version : 7.2.1

How can I fix it?

We can’t see screenshot

I want royal theme same thing like this

How can I do that?

You can make it in king-theme/themename/king-theme.php


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I report a lot of bug in email. I waiting 1 week but you not reply or answer anything. please check your mail.

Already replied your email


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After upload -20180228-WA0014.mp4ERROR: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0


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How to setup the size i have awnsered in your support forum


etic_wum Purchased

6.5 MB

Send us your page url in support forum , we will check as soon as possible